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    Dear Policyholder,


    The Motor Claims Framework (MCF) is an industry-wide initiative aimed at enhancing the level of
    service for all motor policyholders. The MCF was announced by the General Insurance Association
    of Singapore in March this year and shall take effect on 1 June 2008.

    With this framework, insurance companies or their authorized representative or approved workshops
    will provide a comprehensive claims service to handle the repair of vehicle damage and to assist
    policyholders who are not liable for an accident to make claims against Third Party insurers (known
    as Third Party Claims).

    As a motor policyholder, you are required to do the following after the occurrence of an accident
    involving your motor vehicle:

         a) report the accident to us with your accident vehicle (whether damaged or not) via our
            approved reporting centres or approved workshops within 24 hours or the next working day
            of the accident; and
         b) contact us or the approved reporting centres or our authorised workshops to arrange for
            towing of your disabled vehicle to our approved workshops.

    Please note that with effect from 1 June 2008, our main office at 22 Martin Road will no longer
    accept reporting of accidents. A list of our approved reporting centres and/or approved
    workshops may be found on the certificate of insurance. Alternatively, you may call our
    24-Hour AIG Auto Assist hotline at 6338 6200 for the approved reporting centres in the event
    of an accident.

    Please do not allow your vehicle to be taken away to any other workshops and do not sign any
    agreement given by any unauthorised tow-truck operator.

    To reiterate, the MCF is an industry-wide move to help motorists deal with all motor accidents and in
    particular, third party claims. In return for providing a comprehensive service to motorists, insurers
    now require motorists to report their accidents within 24 hours or the next working day to their
    insurers and/or their approved reporting centers.

    This is an industry-wide best practice and we as your insurers strongly encourage you to observe
    this requirement.

    Please note that failure to comply with this condition will result in you losing all or part of
    your No Claims Discount and/or a denial of your claim in respect of that particular

    This new condition will be incorporated in the policy terms and conditions upon renewal of your
    existing motor insurance i.e. in your renewed motor insurance policy.

    Should you have any queries on this matter, kindly visit the MCF online at or contact
    us at 1800 419-3000.

    Yours faithfully,

                       Authorised Representative

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