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					Course: BAT3O/BAT4O
Activity: Culminating: Flash

Flash Culminating Activity
This is an opportunity to show your stuff! What can you make with Flash? This activity
consists of four main parts:
    Proposal
    Process
    Product
    Presentation

Details of each section are indicated below.

Important Dates

Activity Details
Prepare a half page proposal of what Flash animated movie you want to create. In
addition, you may have a storyboard showing rough sketches of the different parts of
your Flash movie and a rough timeline to help you and the instructor track your progress.

Possible movie suggestions include: story, game or user interface (e.g. for an MP3
player). Other suggestions may be acceptable, but check first with the instructor for

The process is not as structured as the proposal; however, it should include all of the
     identify artwork needed – characters, scenery, etc.
     identify skills required to complete artwork or animation
     identify additional skills or help needed to complete activity
     identify possible research you may wish to perform
     identify possible tests (e.g. have people outside of class view and critique work)

Final submission will consist of the proposal, process notes and Flash movie file.
Course: BAT3O/BAT4O
Activity: Culminating: Flash
To really get the most out of your Flash movie we want to see it! One class will be
provided for you to present in front of your peers. Each presentation should follow the
following guideline:
    1. 3-minute presentation
    2. 3-minute Q/A + suggestions

Each student will be expected to provide his or her peers with feedback (comments and
suggestions for improvement).

Checklist of Competencies
This is a list of things that should be present in your Flash movie. You may have more or
less items present in your movie; nevertheless the movie should reflect your knowledge
and aptitude in Flash and presentations (virtual, written and oral).

    Publish movie – swf + html
    Text
    Tween
     o shape tweening
     o motion tweening
     o motion along a path
    Effects
     o fade in/out (images, movie clips, etc.)
    Frame rate setting
    Drawing quality
     o neat
     o style
    Incorporate multimedia
     o images, music, etc.
    Objects/symbols
    Tools used to create movie

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