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        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                           PATA Thailand Chapter Secretariat
       January 2010 – December 2011                                                                   Tel: (66-2) 237-5195 to 9
             Suraphon Svetsreni                                                                       Fax (66-2) 237-5190
        Tourism Authority of Thailand
                Hon. Adviser
                                                                                                      E-mail: pata@asiaaccess.net.th
               Bert Van Walbeek
        Chairman, Executive Committee
               The Winning Edge
      Email: bert@twe-winningedge.com
   Tel: (662) 3210522-3 Fax: (662) 7227195

                Luzi A. Matzig
                Vice Chairman
                Asian Trails Ltd.
         Email: matzig@asiantrails.org
    Tel: (662) 6262000 Fax: (662) 6518110

          M.L. Hathaijanok Kritakara
                                                                   PATA Thailand Chapter
        Accor Asia Pacific Corporation
   Email: Hathaijanok.Kritakara@accor.com
                                                               Annual Membership Renewal Form
    Tel: (662) 6594500 Fax: (662) 2645758

                  Bob James
                                                  Your membership in PATA Thailand Chapter entitles your organization to two contact
           The Sheer Bravado Group
                                                  persons per member organization plus one person under the Young Tourism Professional
     Email: bobjames@sheerbravado.com
    Tel: (662) 6327144 Fax: (662) 6327143
                                                  category (below of 35 years of age)
                                                  (Note: Please check the Membership List in the PATA Website www.pata-thailand.org for
                 Blair Speers
            Chairman, IT Committee                the present representations for your organisation)
        Email : Blair@HotelTravel.com
Tel: (6676) 282808 ext. 700 Fax: (6676) 282346
                                                  Member Organisation ____________________________________________________
                   Ken Scott
           Chairman, P.R. Committee
     ScottAsia Communications Co., Ltd.
           Email: Ken@ScottAsia.net
                                                  Address _______________________________________________________________
    Tel: (662) 8608227 Fax: (662) 8608227

            Dr. Jutamas Wisansing                 ______________________________________________________________________
       Chairman, Education Committee
          Eureka Consulting Co., Ltd.
        Email: perfectlink1@yahoo.com
    Tel: (662) 6755371 Fax: (662) 6755370         Tel. No. ___________________________ Fax No. ____________________________
               Duncan Jamieson
      Chairman, Membership Committee
           Asian Highway Co., Ltd.
                                                  1) 1st Contact Person ____________________________________________________
      Email : duncan@asian-highway.com
               Tel: (662) 6555181
                                                    Position _____________________________________________________________
             Chureerat Kongtragul
              Committee Member
         Tourism Authority of Thailand
            Email: america@tat.or.th                Email _______________________________________________________________
Tel: (662) 2505500 ext. 1280 Fax: (662) 2500509

           Chollada Pasutanawin                   (NOTE : Please forward a photograph for 1st Contact Person - “.jpg” format at a size
             Committee Member
  Thai Airways International Public Co., Ltd.     of 100 pixels wide x 125 pixels high to pata@asiaaccess.net.th for the PATA website
     Email: chollada.p@thaiairways.com
             Tel: (662) 5451905                   www.pata-thailand.org
                Marcel Sawyer
              Committee Member                    2) 2nd Contact Person ___________________________________________________
       The Ambassador Hotel Bangkok
           Email: gmbkk@amtel.co.th
    Tel: (662) 2540444 Fax: (662) 2547506           Position _____________________________________________________________
             Phornsiri Manoharn
        Pacific Asia Travel Association             Email _______________________________________________________________
           Email: patabkk@pata.org
    Tel: (662) 6582000 Fax: (662) 6582010

           Apichai Sakulsureeyadej                3) Young Tourism Professional ___________________________________________
       Tourism Technology Association
       Email: apichai@mslsoftware.com
    Tel: (662) 6634600 Fax: (662) 6635255
                                                    Position _____________________________________________________________
           PATA Secretariat Office
                                                    Email _______________________________________________________________
      c/o Convention Organisers Co., Ltd.
 15/13 Anarak Building, Soi Pipat, Silom Road
      Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand            NOTE : Please submit the above Membership Renewal Form immediately in order that
   Tel: (662) 2375195-9 Fax: (662) 2375190
         Email: pata@asiaaccess.net.th            we can update the Membership list in the PATA website and to be able to ensure that the
        Website : www.pata-thailand.org
                                                  2010 Membership invoice for your organization is addressed to the correct person.
                                                  PATA Thailand Chapter Mission Statement
                                                  The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Thailand Chapter is a voluntary not-for-
                                                  profit membership organisation that supports the responsible development of the travel
                                                  and tourism industry in Thailand. The Chapter organizes tourism training seminars,
                                                  disseminates useful information to its members and the media. The Chapter comprises
                                                  both private and government sectors. More Information is available at www.pata-

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