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					                                                                       The Wesleyan Church
                                                      Local Church Statistical Report to the District Conference
      District:                                                                          Developing Church             Established Church   Affiliate Church
       Church ID# office use only                                                      Report for Year Ending                                     2011
      Year church founded
      Church name                                                                     Pastor
      Mailing address                                                                  Phone
      City / Town                                                                     E-mail
      State / Province                                                                Web site
      Postal code
                                                            PART I - GENERAL STATISTICS
                            Section I - Church Membership                                               Section II - Church Ministries
                                    Student Membership                        Total worship service average attendance [including children's 27
     If no student members do not leave blank, type "0" in spaces 1 to 5      church] (48 highest Sundays)
Total number members reported last year on line 6                1            Avg. number children attended Sunday school (all classes)      28

Total number added this year                                     2            Avg. number youth attended Sunday School (all classes)         29

Number transferred to community membership                       3            Avg. number adults attended Sunday School (all classes)        30

Number transferred to covenant membership                        4            Total Sunday school avg. attendance (add lines 28, 29 & 30)    31                0
Number removed for other reasons                                 5            Number of persons saved thru local church ministries           32

Total Present Number Student Members (add lines 1 & 2;                        Number of persons sanctified                                   33
                                                                6     #VALUE!
subtract lines 3, 4 & 5; should calculate automatically)                      Number of persons baptized (including infants)                 34

                                  Community Membership                        Number of infants/children dedicated                           35

    If no comm. members do not leave blank, type "0" in spaces 7, 8, 10 & 11  Number declaring call to ministry/missions during year         36

Total number members reported last year on line 14               7            Number of women involved in church sponsored women's
Number received by confession of faith                           8            ministries
Number student members received as community members                          Number students from local church enrolled in Wesleyan
                                                                9         0                                                                  38
(Same as line 3 above)                                                        colleges & universities
Number transferred to covenant membership                       10            Number students enrolled in other colleges & universities      39

Number otherwise removed                                        11                        Section III - Responsibility List Statistical Summaries
Total Present Number Community Members (add lines               12    #VALUE! Total children's discipleship responsibility list              40
7, 8 & 9; subtract lines 10 & 11; should calculate automatically)
                            Covenant Membership
                                                                                        Total youth discipleship responsibility list               41
Total number members reported last year on line 30                     13

Number received by confession of faith                                 14
                                                                                        Total adult discipleship responsibility list               42
Number received by transfer from other Wesleyan Churches               15

Number received by transfer from other denominations                   16

Number student members received as covenant members (same              17     0
as line 4 above)
Number community members received as covenant members                  18     0
(same as line 10 above)
Number removed by death                                                19

Number removed by transfer to another Wesleyan Church                  20

Number removed by transfer to another denomination                     21

Number removed by voluntary withdrawal                                 22

Number removed by expulsion after trial                                23

Total number of covenant members removed (add lines 19, 20,            24     0
21, 22 & 23)

Total Present Number Covenant Members (add lines 13, 14, 15,           25   #VALUE!
16, 17 & 18; subtract line 24; should calculate automatically)

Total Present No. All Members (add lines 6, 12 & 25; should            26   #VALUE!
calculate automatically)
    Page 2
                              Section IV - Church Ethnicity                                                                Section VII - Cash Disbursement
Primary make-up of congregation must be 65% or more to qualify for ethnic grouping. Check                                          Local Purposes
the appropriate box below.                                                                      Salary paid to pastor                                              73
                 Asian                        White            43                               Pension paid for pastor                                            74

                 Native Amer.                 Hispanic                                          Housing allowance & utilities paid to/for pastor                   75

                 Black                        Integrated                                        Allowances & benefits pastor not otherwise listed        76

                                 Section V - Property                                           Salary paid to associate/assistant pastor(s)                       77

Value of church, land & auxiliary buildings                   44                                Pension paid for associate/assistant pastor(s)                     78

Value of parsonage(s) [If owned by the church]                45                                Housing allowance & utilities paid to/for associate/ assistant     79
Indebtedness on all property & buildings                      46                                pastor(s)
                               Section VI - Cash Income                                         Allowances & benefits paid to/for associate/ assistant
                "Assessable" Contribution Income (for USF/EIF)                                  pastor(s) not otherwise listed
Tithes & offerings                                            47                                Paid to Global Partners missionaries and ministries                81

Sunday School                                                 48                                Paid to "non-Wesleyan" missions (such as World Hope)               82

Adult Ministries (do not include Wesleyan Women, or youth)    49                                Paid for local benevolences & all other compassionate
Youth Ministries (do not include registration for international or regional                     ministries not otherwise listed
youth conventions)                                                                              Paid on indebtedness including principal & interest                84

Childrens Ministries                                                          51                Paid for property, new construct. & major remodeling               85

Wesleyan Women (WW) (do not inlcude Heart-of-Ministries offering)             52                Pd. for local operation, maintenance, staff, salaries, supplies
All other assessable income not included in one of the                                          & all expenditures not otherwise listed on this report
categories above                                                                                Total paid out for all local church purposes                       87   $             -
Total "assessable" contribution income                                                          (add lines73 thru 86; should calculate automatically)
                                                                              54   $        -
[add lines 47 thru 53; should calculate automatically]                                                           District and General Church Purposes
             " Non-Assessable" Contribution Income (for USF/EIF)                                Amount paid on USF-EIF and district assessment                     88

Global Partners offerings                                    55                                 Paid to district or General Department of Evangelism &
Annual WW Heart-of-Ministries offering                       56                                 Church Growth for church plant projects
Hephzibah Ministries Inc. offerings                          57                                 Paid to Wesleyan Native Ministries                                 90

Wesleyan Native Ministries offerings                         58                                 Paid to Hephzibah Ministries Inc.                                  91

Easter offering to General Department of E & CG              59                                 Paid for all other district and general purposes not otherwise
Youth registration paid at area and/or International Wesleyan                                   listed on this report
Youth Conventions                                                                               Total paid for all district & General Church purposes              93   $          -
DBA approved building and remodel project offerings                           61                (add lines 88 thru 92)
                                                                                                Grand total paid for all purposes (add lines 87 & 93; should
District/denomination approved church plant project offerings                 62                                                                                   94   $         -
                                                                                                calculate automatically)
Total "non-assessable" contribution income                                    63   $        -
(add lines 55 Thru line 62; should calculate automatically)
                                                                                                                          End-of-fiscal-year reporting process
Total assessable & non-assessable                                                                Pastors are now able to submit their annual local church statistical report
contribution income (add lines 54 & 63; should calculate                      64   $        - electronically. The report must be submitted in time to include in the combined
automatically)                                                                                     local church statistical report to the district conference. Instructions for
                   Other "Non-Assessable" Income (for USF/EIF)                                 logging on to The Wesleyan Church web site and completing your report will
Grants received from General Department of Evangelism &                                            be sent from the district office on or before April 15th. If you do not get
Church Growth or District Evangelism & Church Growth                                          instructions by this date contact your district office. This hard copy is provided
Borrowed money                                                                66              for those who do not use computer. Please see that this report is mailed to the
                                                                                               district office in time to be included in the district's combined statistical report.
Sale, rental or lease of property                                             67

Daycare centers, day school, retirement home, nursing home,
Wills, bequests and estate contributions                                      69

Interest and investment earnings                                              70

Total "other non-assessable" income (add lines 65 thru 70;                    71   $        -
should calculate automatically)
Grand total all income (Add lines 64 & 71; should calculate                   72   $        -
Districts             January          1   18
                      February         2   19
                      March            3   20   2009
Atlantic              April            4
Central Canada        May              5
Central New York      June             6
Chesapeake            July             7
Colorado-Nebraska     August           8
Dakota                September        9
East Michigan         October         10
Eastern NY/New Eng    November        11
Florida               December        12
Greater Ohio                          13
Indiana Central                       14
Indiana North         Canada          15
Indiana South         United States   16
Illinois                              17
Iowa-Minnesota                        18
Kansas                                19
Kentucky                              20
North Carolina-East                   21
North Carolina-West                   22
North Michigan                        23
Northwest                             24
Pacific Southwest                     25
Penn-Jersey                           26
Shenandoah                            27
South Carolina                        28
South Coastal                         29
Southwest Hispanic                    30
Tennessee                             31
West Michigan
Western New York
Western PA

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