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									Melissa Main                                                             Peer Mentors:     Jules Launi
Freshman Seminar (B) MWF 10:00 am                                                          Nicole Wells
Office: Lower Level McGowan Center
301-447-5820     ext. 4356
Office Hours: By appointment

                                              FRESHMAN SEMINAR
                                                   Fall, 2005

Freshman Seminar is a year-long course taken by all freshmen. The goal of this course is to initiate you, the
students, to membership in a Catholic liberal arts community dedicated to life-long inquiry in the pursuit of truth.
This initiation entails your engagement in a process of reflection which brings you to examine critically the beliefs,
opinions, and value judgments which inform your actions in both the Mount St. Mary’s community and society at
large. Freshman Seminar facilitates the development of writing, reading, critical thinking and speaking skills central
to such inquiry and prerequisite for academic success and responsible citizenship. You will develop these skills and
self-awareness as you explore issues relevant to work, education, and values. Faculty assists such exploration as
seminar instructors and as advisors who are attentive to the personal well-being of each of you.

Through such a design, the Freshman Seminar program promotes specific goals and objectives of the undergraduate

Goal #2: developing the skills of analysis, communication, and problem solving that enable students to appreciate,
critique, and contribute to the Western humanist tradition. Through such study, students are expected to become
skilled readers, writers, and speakers; to skillfully employ contemporary research methods, including the resources
of information technology; and to develop significant critical thinking skills.

                  Freshman Seminar promotes this goal by working tirelessly on discourse skills,
                  especially writing, reading, speaking, and critical thinking. These skills are
                  emphasized through small, seminar classes where everyone is encouraged to
                  speak, through treating writing as a process, and through detailed reading of
                  texts. Through Freshman Seminar, students become acquired with research
                  methods, and they are introduced to the various technological tools the campus

Goal #4: developing an understanding of the nature of the good and a commitment to its practice, particularly in
regard to justice, dignity, and freedom and responsibility in human communities.

                  A central theme of Freshman Seminar is what students choose, i.e., their
                  “choices,” and the course is organized around units dealing with education,
                  work, and values. Through the use of essays and narratives (fictional and
                  biographical), the Seminar descriptively approaches the question of human
                  goods and promotes in students a personal inquiry about the ends of human life:
                  How should we live? How should we be educated? How should we work?
                  How should we act as members of academic and social communities? What
                  goods ought to be promoted in a life well-lived? In this way, Freshman Seminar
                  promotes the goal of developing in students an understanding of the nature of
                  the good and a commitment to its practice.

Goal # 5: developing a personal synthesis of learning and the capacity for life-long inquiry that constitute the
ultimate goal of a liberal education. Such study encourages students to explore and connect their own intellectual
and vocational strengths and interests through study and co-curricular activities beyond the core and major, and to
connect the whole of learning to their lives as scholars, professionals, citizens, and people of faith.
                    Freshman Seminar promotes this goal by urging students to examine why they
                    have come to college and what they believe to be the value of their college
                    experience. Beginning from these fundamental questions, Freshman Seminar
                    asks students to make connections between their lives and the work they do in
                    class. Thus the program encourages students to engage in a personal synthesis
                    of learning which will last through their lives. In Freshman Seminar sections,
                    student visit the Career Center and explore issues related to their professional
                    and vocational future.

Course Objectives

By the end of the year, each of you will:
         1. Master and apply proficiently the technology and tools necessary for success in college, including:
                  a. Training on word processing, email, and the world wide web
                  b. Development of study skills and habits through discussions with Learning Services and the
                       Writing Center
                  c. Acquaintance with and working in the library.

         2.   Be able to write a college-level paper for the course and possess a methodology for approaching papers
              in other courses. Writing college-level papers include such skills as:
                   a. Outlining
                   b. Composing topic sentences
                   c. Constructing coherent paragraphs
                   d. Providing evidence for generalizations
                   e. Generating a conclusion
                   f. Writing grammatically
                   g. Being creative with writing
                   h. Synthesizing disparate ideas
                   i. Providing appropriate citations with conform to academic standards
                   j. Assessing writing of others

         3.   Be able to read and understand difficult texts and possess a methodology for approaching readings in
              other courses. Reading at the college level includes such skills as:
                  a. Analyzing a sentence
                  b. Paraphrasing sentences
                  c. Determining the structure of a paragraph
                  d. Determining the structure of an essay

         4.   Have developed other discourse skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and the ability to
              dialogue with others in the classroom

         5. Become an integrated member of the Mount St. Mary’s community. This includes:
                a. Understanding the Mount curriculum
                b. Understand the Mount’s Catholic culture
                c. Developing the ability to reflect upon who you are and the values you hold
                d. Beginning to come to terms with the career you wish to have at the Mount and beyond
                e. Becoming active learners
                f. Adjusting to college life

Criteria of success in meeting objectives
The following criteria relate to the objectives listed above:

         1.   Mastery of technology tools will be measured in the following ways:
                 a. Papers will be typed and edited on word-processors
                 b. All journal entries will be submitted through email
                  c.   At least one multi-draft essay will include world-wide web sources
                  d.   Attendance at Learning Services and Writing Center presentations
                  e.   At least one multi-draft essay will require library research

         2.   Mastery of writing skills will be measured in the following ways:
                 a. Four multi-draft and two single-draft essays (final exams) will be assessed in accordance with
                      the following criteria:
                             i. Outlining and writing with a sense of structure
                            ii. Composing topic sentences
                          iii. Constructing coherent paragraphs
                           iv. Providing evidence for generalizations
                            v. Generating a conclusion
                           vi. Writing grammatically
                          vii. Being creative with writing
                         viii. Synthesizing disparate ideas
                           ix. Providing appropriate citations

                  b.   Reflections upon a methodology with regard to writing will be assessed through journal
                  c.   Application of writing methodology to other courses will be assessed through discussion and
                       examination of a paper for Western Civilization or Western Tradition

         3.   Mastery of reading skills will be measured in the following ways:
                 a. Assessment of in-class exercises on the following skills
                             i. Analyzing a sentence
                            ii. Paraphrasing sentences
                           iii. Determining the structure of a paragraph
                           iv. Determining the structure of an essay
                 b. Reflections upon a reading methodology will be assessed through in-class discussion of
                      assigned texts and through journal entries focusing on reading for other courses.

         4.   Mastery of other discourse skills will be measured in the following ways:
                 a. Oral presentations
                 b. In-class discussions
                 c. Participation in small and large group activities

         5.   Being an integrated member of the Mount St. Mary’s community will be measured in the following
                  a. By assessing and evaluating your developing self-awareness in the context of the profile, the
                      journals, the final multi-draft, and the final exam
                  b. Participation in a visit to the Career Center and journal entries will require you to begin to
                      come to terms with the career you wish to have at the Mount and beyond
                  c. Your development into active learners will be measured by your ability to complete tasks in a
                      way which requires minimal intervention on my part

Personal Reflection Journal
During the semester, you will be keeping a journal. This journal should be written in a style with which you are
comfortable; don’t worry unduly about spelling or grammar; don’t worry about being formal or informal; just type
your thoughts in a fairly clear way. Since all journals will be on email, I won’t say “write at least a page,” instead,
I’ll ask you to write close to a full screen, fully answering the question or thought process. I won’t be too picky
about this unless I start to see one or two sentence replies all the time. The idea is to fully think and consider the
journal entries and to write a substantial amount for an answer. Most of the journal entries will be assigned; some
will be up to you. There will be two entries each week for the first semester. You will have one week to answer
each entry; therefore, if the entry is assigned on Monday, you will have until the following Monday to get that
emailed to me. With this grace period, there is no acceptance of “late” emails; therefore, those that come to me
after the expiration date will be considered a ZERO.
Resources for the Course
The fundamental resources for the course are each of you (both individually and in relation to one another), me, the
peer mentors for the class, other classes, the library, the Writing Center, and any book you utilize.

You are required to purchase the following texts:

Handbook:         Ann Raimes: Keys for Writers

Readings:         Choices, 7th edition
                  Working, by Studs Terkel
                  Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
                  Fish, by Stephen Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul and John Christensen

Dictionary:       Please have a collegiate dictionary

Newspapers:       Several times throughout the semester, you will be asked to keep in touch with the outside world
                  by writing a paper and discussing a newspaper article of interest. Newspaper articles can be found
                  by buying a paper at the bookstore, getting an online article or reading a paper in the library.

Policies and Expectation
         1. DON’T SKIP CLASS! Participation at each class is essential. Students are allowed no more than
             three absences. The fourth absence will lower the final grade by a half letter; the fifth absence will
             lower the final grade by a full letter, and the sixth absence will result in failure of the course (FA –
             Failure due to absence). Lateness will have a detrimental effect on your grade as well. I take
             attendance each class.
         2. Be prepared for each class. Do the readings and writing assignments, complete journal entries, etc.
         3. We’ll figure the rest out as a class.

Assessment and Evaluation
Our course grade will be based on your class work (oral and written), your journal, your mastery of the writing
process (especially in the context of single-draft and multi-draft essays), your group work, and the quality of your
writing. Grades on portfolio essays (single-draft and multi-draft) will count 50% of the final grade, all other work
will count 50%. At the end of each semester, you will receive a letter grade. The following breakdown will be used
in determining your semester grade:

         Portfolio Essays                     50%
         Journal                              13%
         Homework/Quizzes                     14%
         Oral Presentations                    8%
         Class Participation                  15%

Most of your daily writing will not receive a letter grade, for I want you to feel free and to experiment, take risks,
and develp as writers and thinkers.

Grades on portfolio essays are based on two criteria:
        a. The degree to which the essay responds intelligently to the task
        b. The degree to which the essay conforms to standards of academic writing

More specific criteria will be presented when the essay is assigned.

The writing portfolio will be used to determine whether you have satifised the core writing requirements. Of the six
portfolio essays, the four multi-drafts essays will be read anonymously by another Freshman Seminar instructor as
well as by me. We’ll rate the portfolio essay as:

         Unsatisfactory: the essay does not meet the minimum standards of core writing assignments
         Satisfactory: the essay meets those minimum standards

         Distinguished: the essay exceeds those standards to an exceptional degree

You will submit six essays to the portfolio, three each semester. To receive a satisfactory rating on your portfolio,
you will need to have four of those essays rated Satisfactory (at least two of them being multi-drafts essays). If your
portfolio is judged Unsatisfactory at the end of the year, you will be required to continue to work in a special
Writing Center program in your sophomore year. Therefore, in Freshman Seminar, you will receive a Fall and
Spring semester grade and a Pass/Fall Grade for your Writing Portfolio.

Class Schedule
The following is a tentative schedule of assignments for the semester. We may altar the schedule at times to meet
specific needs of the class. You, as students, are responsible for making note of any adjustments. Please follow the
schedule closely, making sure to keep up with assignments on a daily basis.

Please note that the following is not merely a list of assignments. This syllabus is constructed in such a way as to
allow you to see both the details of the assignments that you’ll be asked to complete as well as the larger picture of
the course within which these assignments fit. Please keep both in mind.

Please note that all writing assignments are not listed here. I will assign specific writing exercises on a class by
class basis.

         Date                                 Class Topic                   Homework Assignment             Journal
Orientation - Week 1          Introductions, ice breaker
                              activities, talk with peer
Monday 8/22                   mentors
                              Core curriculum, class
Tuesday 8/23                  expectations, Discussion
                              of The Pact
                                                                                              Journal #1: Reflect on
Wednesday 8/24                                               Attend Convocation and           your first three
                                                             Mass of the Holy Spirit at       days/nights here. You
Class meets 9:40-10:20        Discussion of syllabus         3pm in the ARCC                  might find it helpful to
                                                                                              discuss one thing about
                                                                                              your experience that
                                                                                              surprised you.

Friday 8/26                   College Expectation            Read Csikszentmihalyi
                                                             “Work as Flow” in
                              Profile assigned               Choices,
                                                             pp. 16-26

Week 2                                              1st Draft of Profile due       Journal #2: What do you
                       Discuss Csikszentmihalyi     on Friday 9/2 at               expect of yourself here at
Monday 8/29                                         Conference                     college? Be specific.

                                                    Read Csikszentmihalyi
                                                    “Work as Flow” in
                                                    Choices, pp 26/39
                                                    Write 1 Page: Define           Journal #3: Identify three
Wednesday 8/31         Finish Csikszentmilhalyi     “flow” in as much detail       things here at The Mount
                                                    as possible. Have you          that scares you the most.
                                                    ever experienced it?           Explore some possible
                                                    Where? How?                    ways to deal with them.
                                                    DUE Monday 9/5
                                                    Read: Sayers “Why
Friday 9/2             NO CLASS                     Work?” This reading can
                                                    be found on Electronic
CRAB FEAST & TIKI      Profile Conferences –        Reserve in the library
DANCE                  Bring 1st draft to           section of the Mount
                       conference in my office      website.
Week 3                                                                             Journal #4: You have
                       Discussion of Sayers                                        now attended your first
Monday 9/5 Labor Day                                                               full week of classes.
                       “Flow” paper DUE                                            Describe some of the
                                                                                   differences you have
                                                                                   observed between your
                                                                                   high school experience
                                                                                   and the college classroom
                                                                                   (Amount of work?
                                                                                   Syllabi? Reading
                                                                                   assignments? Professors’
                                                    Write 1 Page: Take any         Journal #5: How do you
Wednesday 9/7          Finish Sayers                one of the three points        read? Try to characterize
                                                    which Sayers makes about       it in as much detail as
ATTEND “STUDENT                                     work, and explain the          possible.
INVOLVEMENT FAIR”                                   point she is making.
                                                    Explain how she argues
                                                    for it, and indicate whether
                                                    you agree or disagree with
                                                    the point, and why.
                                                    DUE FRIDAY 9/9
                                                    Final Profile DUE
Friday 9/9             FISH Workshop                Monday 9/12

                       Sayers Paper DUE             Read FISH
Week 4                 Assign MD1                   READ “Billy” taken from        Journal #6: Provide an
                                                    Chicken Soup for the Work      assessment of your profile.
Monday 9/12            Discuss the book FISH        Soul                           Indicate two areas of
                       and the points made in the   READ: “Lost in Work”           strength, two areas where
                       workshop                     by Whitehead, in Choices       there is room to
                                                    pp. 310-312.                   improvement, and two
                       PROFILE DUE                                                 insights you had while
                                                                                  Journal #7: Characterize
Wednesday 9/14         Discuss both “Billy” and                                   your use of time over the
                       “Lost in Work”                                             first three weeks of school.
                                                                                  Identify areas of strength
                                                                                  and areas where you
                                                                                  would like to improve.
                                                     Read Who Moved My
Friday 9/16            Core Assessment               Cheese by Johnson
                       (no preparation needed)
                                                     1st Draft of MD1 DUE
                                                     Monday 9/19
Week 5                 1st Draft of MD1 DUE                                       Journal #8: Which
                                                                                  character in Who Moved
Monday 9/19            Discuss Who Moved My                                       My Cheese could you
                       Cheese                                                     relate to and why?
                                                     Newspaper Article DUE        Journal #9: Pick a parent
Wednesday 9/21         Library visit: Meet in the    Friday: Read a front page    and talk about his/her
                       library at 10am sharp         current world event, and     work. To what extent
                                                     write a one page             does their work meet the
                                                     discussion of the article,   demands which
                                                     including why it interests   Csikszentmihalyi lays out?
                                                     you, and how it relates to   Explain your answer.
                                                     your life here at the

                                                     Library assignment due
                                                     Wed. 9/28
                                                     Read Terkel:
Friday 9/23            Discuss newspaper articles    Mike LeFevre, p. xxxi
                                                     Carl Murray Bates, p. xiv
Enjoy Family Weekend   Assign Role Plays             Jack Hunter, p. 39
                                                     Terry Mason, p. 41
Week 6                                                                            Journal #10: Talk about
                       NO CLASS                                                   your weekend. What was
Monday 9/26                                                                       the best part about it?
                       MD 1 Conferences in my                                     What was the worst part
                       office                                                     about it? Explain. How
                                                                                  would you consider
                                                                                  configuring your
                                                                                  weekends differently in
                                                                                  the future?
                                                     Read: Terkel:                Journal #11: How did the
Wednesday 9/28         Introduction to Terkel        Nick Salerno, p. 101         conference with me on
                       Discuss the first four        Dolores Dante, p. 293        your multi-draft go? What
                       workers                       Eugene Russell, p. 317       did you like? What didn’t
                                                     Rose Hoffman, p. 483         you like? Was I fair in my
                       Library Assignment DUE                                     criticisms? Was I helpful?
                                                                                  What do you think I could
                                                                                  do better?

Friday, 9/30           Discuss Terkel                Plays begin on Monday
                       Assign time slots for plays
Week 7                                                                      Journal #12: What
                   Terkel Role plays (6)                                    relation do you envisage
Monday 10/3                                                                 between your education
                                                                            here at the Mount and the
                                                                            career you will eventually
                                                                            decide upon? Is your
                                                                            career set? If so, why did
                                                                            you choose this path? If
                                                                            not, how can going to
                                                                            college help?
                                                                            Journal #13: You are in
Wednesday 10/5     Terkel Role plays (6)                                    the middle of your seventh
                                                MD1 DUE Friday!!            week of college. Have
                                                                            you been able to adjust: to
                                                                            the academics? To the
                                                                            social life? To the personal
                                                                            pressures of college life?
                                                                            Be as honest as possible.
                                                Read: Newman, “What is
Friday 10/7        Finish Terkel Role plays     a University?” in Choices
                   (6)                          pp. 189-197

                   Final Draft of MD1 DUE
  FALL BREAK!!     ENJOY YOUR BREAK             ----SEE YOU ON -------      ---OCTOBER 17TH


Week 8            Discussion of Newman                                      Journal #14:
                                                                            Characterize your Fall
Monday 10/17      Application to the Core                                   Break. What was good
                  Curriculum                                                about it? What was not so
                                                                            good? Indicate what you
                  (Explain FS selection for                                 look forward to in the
                  2nd semester)                                             second half of the
                                                                            semester and what
                                                                            concerns you.
                                                                            Journal #15: You will
Wednesday 10/19   Discussion of Newman                                      soon have an advising
                                                                            session with me. What do
                  Students choose FS for 2nd                                you think of your courses
                  semester                                                  for this semester? What
                                                                            do you think of the
                                                                            courses that you’ll be
                                                                            taking next semester?

Friday 10/21      Set up advising              Begin research for MD2

                  Assign MD 2
Week 9                                         Read: “The Banking           Journal #16: Open entry.
                  NO CLASS                    Concept of Education” by      Write about anything that
Monday 10/24      Advising and Pre-           Freire in Choices, pp. 66-    you would like, but try to
                  registration Conferences    73, #1-26.                    connect it with life at the
                                              Read: “The Banking            Journal #17: Compare
Wednesday 10/26   NO CLASS                    Concept of Education” by      Freire’s description of
                  Advising and Pre-           Freire in Choices, pp. 73-    education with your
                  registration Conferences    80, #27-49.                   experience of education.
                                                                            How are they different?

Friday 10/28      Discuss Freire
Week 10                                                                     Journal #18: How will
                  Finish Freire                                             you approach MD 2
Monday 10/31                                                                differently from MD 1?
                                                                            Explain in detail.
                                                                            Journal #19: Have you
Wednesday 11/2    Alcohol and College         Work on MD research           begun to be engaged in
                                                                            any activities on campus?
                                                                            If so, what? If not, why
                                              Complete assignment you
Friday 11/4       Career Center Day           began in the Career Center.
                  Please meet in the Career   DUE on Monday 11/ 7.
                  Center (McGowan Center)
                  at 10am                     Newspaper article (one page
                                              write up) DUE – Monday
Week 11           Newspaper Discussion        Read Hirsch “Cultural         Journal #20: How are
                                              Literacy” in Choices, pp.     you and your roommate
Monday 11/7       Career Center Assignment    112-117.                      getting along at this point
                  DUE                                                       in the semester? What
                                              1st Draft of MD2 DUE          strengths do you see in
                                              Wednesday 11/9.               your relationship? What
                                                                            problems are there?
                  Discuss Hirsch                                            Journal 21: How are you
Wednesday 11/9                                                              feeling about your MD2
                  1st Draft of MD2 DUE                                      at this point? What kinds
                                                                            of things are you worried
                                                                            about, and what kinds of
                                                                            things are making you feel
                                                                            good about it?

                  Discuss Literacy survey
Friday 11/11      (Ways of Learnning)         Literacy Survey

                  Clip of Dead Poet’s

Week 12                                                                     Journal 22: Open Writing
                  NO CLASS                    Finish Literacy Survey        – Choose a topic of
Monday 11/14                                                                interest to you.
                  MD Conferences

                                                                            Journal 23: What were
Wednesday 11/16   Literacy Survey Results     Work on MD2                   some of the reactions of
                                                                            people with the Literacy
                  Begin Stand and Deliver                                   Survey? What are your
                  (time permitting)                                         thoughts on those

Friday 11/18      Stand and Deliver           MD 2 DUE on Monday
Week 13
                  Stand and Deliver
Monday 11/21
                  MD 2 DUE – Final Draft

Wednesday 11/23   NO CLASS                    THANKSGIVING                  BREAK

Friday 11/25      NO CLASS                    THANKSGIVING                  BREAK
Week 14                                                                     Journal 24: Talk about
                  Discuss Stand and Deliver                                 your overall reaction to
Monday 11/28      and compare it with Dead                                  the movie “Stand and
                  Poet’s Society                                            Deliver.” What deep
                                                                            feelings did it bring to
                                                                            surface? How would you
                                                                            have handled the situation
                                                                            if you had been the

Wednesday 11/30   Connecting Newman,          Newspaper article (one page
                  Friere, Hirsch and the      paper) DUE Friday 12/2
                  movie clips

Friday 12/2       Discuss newspaper

                  Single Draft Topics
Week 15                                                                     Journal 25: What does
                  Preparation for Single                                    your exam schedule look
Monday 12/5       Draft                                                     like? When will you have
                                                                            the opportunity to do the
                                                                            most studying? Do you
                                                                            have a schedule set up?

Wednesday 12/7    Evaluation of Fall          Single Draft Essay Friday

Friday 12/9       Single Draft In-Class       Check Exam schedule for       Final Exam Time

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