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Emill Ministries


									                                 Emill Ministries
                         Evangelist Jarvis “Emill” Bridges
                           Praise And Worship Is Who I Am

Evangelist “Emill” is an anointed preacher, teacher, song writer, and praise and
worship psalmist/lead worshipper. Emill’s ministry as a platform psalmist,
conference soloist, and music director is well known throughout the body of Christ.
Emill is frequently called upon to minister with the praise team of the world
renowned evangelist, Morris Cerullo. Emill Ministry teaches praise and worship is
not just a song or an act, but true praise and true worship is a life style. Evangelist
“Emill” is a true servant who helps lead the saints of God into throne room worship
where God Himself is present. Rev. 7:11

                      Going beyond the gift and the gift holder
                              to get to the gift Giver.

                               Available Products:
                         True Praise True Worshipper – Book
                                 An Altar Call – CD
                          Worship, Prayer, and Praise – CD
                                Send the Rain – CD
                                  Alright Now – CD
                           Just Praise and Worship – CD

                               Booking and Contact Info:
                                  P. O. Box 960715
                                 Riverdale, GA 30296
                                    (706) 819-2123
                                    (770) 309-0395

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