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					Thailand Dental Holidays A Travel Guide With All You Need To Know
Download Thailand Dental Holidays A Travel Guide With All You Need To Know | Ebook or Software Here
?Would you like to go on a Thailand holiday and?return with an amazing smile??
Well I went to Thailand with my partner for dental care and we saved thousands of dollars!
Not only did we save money, but the dental work was actually better then what we could have gotten in our home country!?
"If you are interested in travelling to Thailand for dental care ... then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read!?

There is an amazing new e-book called, "Thailand Dental Holidays: A Travel Guide with all you need to know! " It covers nearly
everything you need to know about travelling to Thailand to fix your teeth at hugely reduced prices!
Imagine if you could have an amazing overseas holiday in Thailand, staying at a 5 Star resort by the beach, and come home with an
amazing smile, looking better then when you left? How good would that make you feel?
It?s not as scary as it sounds. Its actually quite safe and once you have read this e-book, you will realise that thousands of people from
around the world are already coming home with amazing, brilliant white smiles from Thailand.
My girlfriend was quoted $8000 in Australia, so we decided to go to Phuket and got all her dental care done for $1500!!
And a 2 week holiday including flights only cost another $1700! Still much cheaper then the cost quoted by Australian
dentists... Thailand really is the land of opportunities (and smiles ;)
This e-book is so rare. No one else has the information that I can offer you in this e-book.

Simply, every section in the book is there because "I needed to know it?. We didn?t have a useful resource like this e-book then, so I
had to do huge amounts of research to find out if it was safe and what the quality was like. A lot of the Thailand clinics had information
on the website but I didn?t know how much I could trust it, so I did research on my own to find out the real truth about Thailand dental
care, and it?s all included my book.
This e-book answers all the questions about travelling to Thailand for Dental Care!
How to choose a Thai dental clinic and book in for treatments - all from the comfort of your own home! Important questions you
must ask your Thai dentist to check their qualificationsAn un-biased review of the benefits and negatives of getting dental work
overseas. There are some risks, and this chapter covers these (important reading on its own!)REVEALED! The hidden truth behind
why dental care in Thailand is so cheap compared to western countries such as USA, Great Britain, Australia and EuropeWARNING!
?Can I relax on the beach after getting 6 implants..?? An overview of how realistic the ?vacation? aspect of your dental holiday will
really be if you have major dental workWhat to do in the days following your procedure - this chapter is crucial reading before
organising your days after your operation! Tips and tricks for the Thailand dental traveller: little things you might not know now,
but you need to know! (Read this, and there will be no surprises!) How do I get to the dental clinic? An insider?s look at ways
to travel to and from the clinic and hotel for very cheap prices (and always arriving on time!) Database of online internet websites
including Thailand Dental Holiday forums and blogs, hotels and resorts, cultural tips, currency convertors and much, much more What
you must request from your Thai dentist before you leave the clinic - a must read chapter about discharging from the dental
centreThe customised comprehensive travel planner, tailored for dental tourists ? designed to make your holiday stress free!And
that s just a fraction of what you ll find out in the ebook "Thailand Dental Holidays: A Travel Guide with all you need to know!? Full of
glossy, colour images and easy to read, plain English, you could be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!).
Still not sure what topics the e-book covers?
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Owning this book could save you thousands of dollars...
To do all this research yourself will take you hundreds of hours (I should know, that s how long it took me!). Particularly laser-guided
accurate information like this - SPECIFICALLY for Travelling to Thailand to get dental care. This is high quality, well edited, easy to
read material.
Which is why "Thailand Dental Holidays: A Travel Guide with all you need to know!" is such a bargain at $27.00
This book is being offered exclusively online.
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Hey, you re my customer. And if you re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you re not happy with what you discover from "Thailand
Dental Holidays: A Travel Guide with all you need to know!" I don t expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply whip off
an email to me and I ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I d be embarrassed to keep it).
But... the e-book is yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from me!
Okay? So you really can t lose! The e-book s yours no matter what.
That s about as fair as it gets, don t you agree?
Well let me tell you what I ll also do to make this the best investment you ever make. I m going to throw in some free bonuses
that are literally worth more in money terms than the e-book itself!
Simply grab your copy of "Thailand Dental Holidays: A Travel Guide with all you need to know!" right now, and here s
what I ll throw in:

FREE BONUS #1: Top 25 Tips for the Dental Traveller: What you need to know!
????????? Tips for before travelling (like how to make contact with the dental clinic, and what important information to
send over to them before you arrive!)
????????? Tips for arriving in style (how to avoid jet-lag, where you should and shouldn?t convert money into local Thai baht, and
when to check in to the dental clinic)
????????? and the MOST IMPORTANT question you need to ask your dentist before dental work starts!

FREE BONUS #2: Exclusive Interview with a Dental Traveller: An Insiders Story on a Real Thailand Dental Experience
This Interview is with C. Murphy ? a 22 year old girl from Australia who travelled to Thailand to get extensive work done. She reveals all
in this interview, such as: sickness or discomfort? This Bonus reveals:
????????? Her first impressions ? What she thought about the hygiene and safety of the dental care

????????? What the dentist was like, and the standards of English
????????? How long it took to recover ?how long it was before she was able to start sunning herself at the beach!

????????? What she would do different if she went back again (IMPORTANT READING!)

FREE BONUS #3: Customised Travel Planner: The Ultimate Checklist for Dental Travel
Do you This check-box travel planner provides an in-depth list of everything you will need to organise before you leave!
No chance of being underprepared for your dental holiday if you follow this SAFE and PROVEN checklist. This is your guarantee for
a stress-free holiday!

FREE BONUS #4: Don?t Drink the Water! A Guide to drinking and eating safely in Thailand during your dental holiday
Do you want to know the essentials about eating safely in Thailand, so that you don?t come down with any travel sickness or
discomfort? This Bonus reveals:
????????? What you can and can?t eat on your Dental Holiday

????????? The NUMBER 1 food type YOU MUST AVOID if you travel to Thailand for Dental Care
????????? The types of laneway food and footpath restaurants you will come across (the things to look out for, and what
to be stay clear of..)
FREE BONUS #5: Stress Free Transport Options: How to arrive on time and in style to all your dental appointments
This amazing bonus is all about getting to and from your dental clinic. An outline of your available options, including approximate costs
and other considerations to think about.
You ll discover:
????????? What your options are for getting around, and what option is best for you

????????? When you should and shouldn?t barter fares with the locals (this can be stressful, but not if you have this guide)
????????? What you need to know about hiring private vehicles, before you actually hire one (an important read!)

????????? How to make sure your transport is always on time so that you NEVER MISS an important dental care appointment

FREE BONUS #6: Travelling with a Friend? The Travel Companion Guide and what they need to know!
Travelling with someone who is getting dental work done can be stressful even for you! This bonus highlights what you
need to know and also, what your responsibilities are (and yes, you have certain responsibilities!)

FREE BONUS #7: Don?t Stress! Relaxation and De-stress Techniques for on your Dental Holiday
You don t know it yet but, at the end of this bonus you ll know everything about how to de-stress in foreign surroundings through the
long known ways of calming one s inner self.
Here s a short list of what this amazing bonus contains:
????????? So you just had your teeth fixed, and are feeling quite sore and stressed? Read this to de-stress during your
holiday (after all, it wont be much of a vacation if your stressing over your dental work, will it?)
????????? How to form mental images in your head of peaceful and relaxing places, to help you reach a calm place in your mind
(particularly important when you?re in the dental chair, am I right?)
FREE BONUS #8: THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL GUIDE: Thailand on a shoe-strong!
This bonus is amazing in itself and is suited for anyone travelling to Thailand. Here s a short list of what it contains:
????????? When the cheapest times to travel to Thailand are ? you could potentially save thousands with this info!

????????? How bartering with the locals work and some of the un-written rules around this (IMPORTANT READING!)
????????? Accommodation options for your holiday (so much cheaper than your expecting!)

????????? Where to find amazingly cheap massages and body pampering ? all starting from $5 per hour!
????????? Where you should (and shouldn?t) exchange money in Thailand

Wow...that s some list of FREE Gifts, right? A total of $295.00 in bonuses!
They re each worth every cent. But hey, they re yours FREE. Congratulations!
And hey, don t take my word for it on how great this package including the e-book and bonuses is. Listen to what people just like you
have to say about it:
"This travel guide is really great. I travelled to Thailand for dental care in September 2009 and wish that I had such a comprehensive
guide to follow. Instead, I did about 30 hours of internet research, none which was as good info as this book"
C. Murphy, Sunshine Coast AUSTRALIA.
?Hi Peter,
After reading this guide book, it really did make everything about Thailand Dental holidays become clear. I was concerned about the
safety aspects, but because of how detailed the information is, I know longer have any concerns. Thanks Heaps!?
H. Dowling, Queensland AUSTRALIA.
As you can see, these people are super happy with the time and money they have saved by reading this book.
You can t leave this page empty handed, can you?
Still not sure? Download a sample of the e-book no strings attached to see the quality of the information.
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Wishing you great success.
Peter Nastrom
P.S. Don t forget, you re getting $295.00 worth of bonuses for just a fraction of that price. Everything to get you started in planning your
Thailand Dental Holiday. So if that s what you want to do, this is the opportunity you ve been waiting for.
P.P.S This E-book is a great information resource for the dental traveller. Keep in mind that any type of overseas travel involving a
medical operation has inherent risks. Use this reference guide as only a guide, and most importantly, seek specialist advice from your
doctor before getting any procedures done. The author expressly disclaims responsibility for any adverse or undesired effects that
may or may not arise from the information contained within this e-book.
Best of luck in the future with your travels!
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Download Thailand Dental Holidays A Travel Guide With All You Need To Know | Ebook or Software Here
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