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                                   MICHIGAN SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL SURVEYORS
 2006 BOARD OF
                                             SOUTHEAST CHAPTER

James W. Isaacs, Jr, PS
248-454-6304 (office)
248-454-6312 (fax)

Robert E. Hornyak, PS
Vice President
586-254-9577 (office)
586-254-9020 (fax)

George Jerome, Jr., PS PE
586-774-3000 (office)
586-774-3502 (fax)                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES
David P. Smith, PS
                                                     March 16, 2006
Treasurer                                         Hubbell Roth & Clark Inc
248-363-1515 (office)
248-363-1646 (fax)
                                                  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Craig P. Amey PS             The March meeting of the Board of Directors of the Southeast Chapter of the
586-726-1234 (office)        Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors was called to order at 6:00 PM by
586-726-8780 (fax)           Jim Isaacs. Board members present were James Isaacs, Jr., Robert Hornyak,
George H. Reichert, PS       George G. Jerome, Jr., David Smith, Craig Amey, George Reichert, Donald
Director                     Ross, Kelly Fedele and Mike DeDecker.
248-651-0592 (office)
248-656-7099 (fax)
                             Secretary’s Report
Donald W. Ross, R.L.S.
Director                     The February meeting minutes were approved.
810-227-5196 (office)
810-227-2163 (fax)
                             Treasurer’s Report
Kelly M. Fedele, PS PE                a) ASSETS
734-675-8251 (office)                    Current Assets
734-675-8504 (fax)                              Checking/Savings Petty Cash                          50.00
Joseph Kapelczak, PS                            150 – On Group Prime                              9,484.06
Director                                        219 – money available
248-348-2680 (office)
248-348-2777 (fax)                              220 – General Checking                           3,706.41
                                                Total 219 – money available                3,706.41
Mike F. DeDecker, PS
Past President
Chapter Representative                          Total Check/Savings                              13,240.47
248-844-5400 (office)                           Accounts Receivable
248-844-5404 (fax))
                                                       1200 – Accounts Receivable                    -2.70
                                                       Total Accounts Receivable                     -2.70
Survey Technician
Council Representative
Richard L. Goldszer, PS PE                      Total Current Assets                            13,237.77
734-455-3111 (office)
734-455-3127 (fax)
                                                       TOTAL ASSETS                             13,237.77

                                          LIABILITIES & EQUITY
                                                       1110 – Retained Earnings                  5,576.77
                                                       3000 – Opening Bal. Equity                8,209.36
                                                       310 – Christmas Fund                      1,255.00
             60- Scholarship Fund                      -1, 226.98
             Net Income                                   -576.40
             Total Equity                              13,237.77

TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                             13,237.77

b) Dave handed out hard copy of the budget report.
c) Board passed a motion to transfer $12,000.00 to a short term CD to generate
d) We formalized the banking access process as to who is provided said access at
    the request of the bank.

State Report
a) Ray Donnelly sent an email request for State to pay for promotional items to be
   used by Chapters.
b) M.S.P.S. was approached by N.S.P.S. to provide funds to make a safety video.
   M.S.P.S. declined to participate.
c) Our Board moved to request the State Board to obtain input by the local
   Chapters on this.

a) STC report will be discussed next month.
b) Ken Wilkerson sent an email regarding MDOT Survey records. Don Ross will
   contact John LaRock about obtaining these records.
c) Ray Donnelly sent an email regarding several issues.

Old Business
a) April meeting will be at Big Buck Brewery and John Matonich will speak about
   legislative issues. At the May meeting Marty Dunn will speak about several
   topics including remonumentation.
b) The Big Buck menu will be slightly modified to control costs and/or provide
   drinks with the dinner.

New Business
a) Craig will get the Bylaws into a form that can be modified easily.
b) Jim Isaacs provided a list of books the Chapter owns. The Board approved
   bringing a selection of books for sale with one given away as a prize.
c) We will bring up resuming donating to the foundation and a charity at next
   month’s meeting.

The meeting was adjorned at 7:35 PM

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