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                                                  iNTrO lETTEr
                                                                                                                 By steven hechtman

                                       Dear UMSolar Enthusiasts,
         TO All Of OUr SUppOrTErS...   Following Continuum’s impressive recovery in the 2007 World Solar Challenge this past October, over
                                       100 students have taken on the task of creating the next great chapter in Michigan Solar Car history.
                                       For the first time in the team’s 20-year existence, two vehicles are being developed simultaneously
                                       for two separate races. This July, Continuum will compete in the 2008 North American Solar
                                       Challenge hoping to win Michigan’s 5th National Championship. At the same time, the team is
                                       developing its next car, Infinium, for the 2009 World Championship.

                                       The 2007 race regulations introduced new design challenges by decreasing permitted solar array
                                       area and requiring that the car’s driver sit upright. This summer, the 2008 North American Race
                                       brings a similar class of competitors, but presents a broad range of new trials for all teams.
                                       Between the start in Dallas, Texas and the finish line in Calgary, Alberta, Continuum will navigate
                                       2400 miles of rural and urban highways—a far cry from the desolate Australian Outback. For the
                                       first time in race history, Michigan will be racing against teams from outside of North America to
                                       defend its North American title.

                                       In order to achieve Michigan’s 5th national championship, Continuum sports a number of new
                                       innovations and optimizations. Mechanical and electrical parts have been redesigned to further
                                       increase the car’s performance and reliability. Advances within the team’s strategy division have
                                       improved the accuracy of our weather and route data for race simulations, re-defining the way
                                       the race will be run. With these revisions, Continuum is more prepared than ever to take on the

           THANK YOU!
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          iNTrO lETTEr
                                                                              by steven hechtman

intro letter (Continued)                                                                              What’ inside?
While one group of students prepares Continuum for the National Championship bid, a second
group of students has undertaken the design of Infinium, the team’s tenth-generation vehicle.
                                                                                                      Letter from Steven Hechtman                       2
The team is expanding upon the technological innovations introduced for Continuum with the goal
of winning Michigan’s first World Championship. During this past semester, engineers have taken       Letter from Jeffery Ferman                        5
initial ideas and sketches and have successfully transformed them into the first set of designs for
the next vehicle in the Michigan Solar Car tradition.                                                 Race Preparations                                 7

Inside this issue you will find in-depth coverage of this summer’s North American Solar Challenge     Weather for NASC                                  9
and our entry, Continuum. You may find additional race updates posted on our blog at
http://www.umsolar.com/blog. I hope you all follow our race progress and help support us in our       Mock Race                                         11
quest for the National Championship.
                                                                                                      Returning Race Crew Member                        13
Go Fast, Go Smooth, Go Blue!
                                                                                                      Race Crew Bios                                    15
Steven Hechtman
                                                                                                      A New Driver’s Perspective                        23
Project Manager

                                                                                                      The North American International Auto Show        25

                                                                                                      Success After Solar Car: an Alumni Perspective    27

                                                                                                      platinum Sponsors

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               NASC 2008                                                                                            NASC 2008
                                                                                   by jeffery ferman                                                                                      by jeffery ferman

To all our sponsors, friends, teammates, and alumni, thank you!
It is an exciting time for solar car racing. With a race every year, the team has dramatically
increased its exposure and community involvement – and will only continue to do so in the upcoming
years. With both the 2008 North American Solar Challenge and the 2009 World Solar Challenge
quickly approaching, our team has faced many new challenges brought on by the expenses of
running two projects at once as both are in demand of the same personnel, resources, facilities,
and finances. We have reorganized our business team to focus on involving team alumni, utilizing
university resources, and community outreach. We greatly appreciate all the support the team has
received as we move forward into this new era of racing.

While the race schedule changed from the North American Solar Challenge (NASC) and the World            is one of the strongest the Michigan Solar Car Team has ever had. Sixteen members are returning
Solar Challenge (WSC) being back-to-back to having a six month gap between races originally             from the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge Race Crew, one has joined us from another team,
provided our team with many new and difficult challenges, it has also given us new opportunity.         and two have the experience of participating on three previous races. Even with two simultaneous
Continuum is a world class solar car that overcame the odds. After a devastating crash the team         projects, the focus and dedication the leaders on the team have shown has prepared the team for
came together to repair the car and was able to return from last place to pass over 25 teams, to        the competition this July.
not only finish the race, but to place seventh in the world! Having successfully completed one race
and over 4,000 miles of testing, the 2008 team has the advantage of using the gap between races         I am honored to introduce you to the University of Michigan Solar Car Team’s entry into the 2008
to revise designs and build a second iteration of the car before the race. This is something no other   North American Solar Challenge – to both our talented race crew and our world-class car. Along
Michigan team has been able to do.                                                                      with updates on our progress and bios of the race crew members, this issue of SolEx will provide
                                                                                                        you with perspectives from previous team members and unveil our 10th generation team, Infinium.
This upcoming July we will not be taking the same Continuum that raced in Australia a year ago,
but a modified version built strategically for the North American route. With new race regulations      I hope you will track our progress during the 2008 North American Solar Challenge. The race
for NASC, the innovative solar concentrator system that benefitted the team in Austalia is no longer    begins July 13 in Dallas Texas and will travel over 2500 miles to Calgary, Alberta, ending on July
permitted. With the assistance of engineers at General Motors, we were able to fit the concentrator     23, 2008. Our progress will be updated throughout the race, with team members providing daily
window with a conventional cell replacement. Facing steep hills along the North American Route, the     updates on our team blog. I encourage you follow our progress and leave us a message at
team turned to one of our most talented machining sponsors, Viper Technologies, to form an all-new      http://www.umsolar.com/blog/ Enjoy this issue of SolEx. Thank you again to all our sponsors,
front suspension for Continuum. This will allow us to switch between a high-efficiency motor for the    friends, teammates, and alumni.
flat roads across the prarie and a high-torque motor with increased power for hill-climbing. With an
unprecedented number of miles on the road and the new modifications, Continuum is ready to take         Go Fast, Go Smooth, Go Blue!
on the competition to bring home a consecutive Michigan championship.

A world class race car requires a world class race crew and this past January we selected 20            Jeff Ferman
students to create the 10th University of Michigan Solar Car Team Race Crew from. This Race Crew        Race Manager

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   rACE prEpArATiONS                                                                                       rACE prEpArATiONS
                                                                                  By Brooke Bailey                                                                                     By Brooke Bailey

race preparations
By Brooke Bailey
This year I will be leading the Race Operations Division along with Richard Ho and Deanna            year the team will be traveling in style with four hybrid Tahoes! The cars will be prepared for
O’Clair; three returning members from the 2007 Australian Race Crew. Preparations of the             the race by Richard Ho and John Federspiel. Preparation includes anything from adding light
logistics for the North American Solar Challenge (NASC) this summer are well underway. These         bars and tire racks to modifying the wiring of the vehicle and installing mobile workstations.
responsibilities include procuring food, uniforms, tents, and lodging, along with outfitting the     Richard has found the support of many companies which will help with this effort, including
semi-trailer and GM caravan vehicles, in addition to other small daily tasks.                        Targus, Whelen, Leupold, and Wagan. They will also be ensuring that all of our vehicles
                                                                                                     have communication with each other. Motorola, a long time sponsor, will provide much of the
SYSCO, the nation’s leading food distributor, will again sponsor the team as they did in 2007.       necessary equipment, along with additional products from Plantronics and McKay.
They will provide almost all of the food needed for NASC, including burgers, marinated chicken
breasts, sandwich supplies, and much more. Many companies throughout the nation will                 The division as a whole is extremely excited to get back on the open road and continue racing
provide additional food, including two new companies, OrganicByTheCase.com who is providing          this summer. Having all raced in Australia, we feel much more prepared and are looking
all of our drinks and breakfasts, and Zevia who supplied us with soft drinks for the entire race.    forward to seeing the differences between the World Race in Australia and the National Race
                                                                                                     here in the United States.
Several hotels have agreed to sponsor us with a night or two of lodging, including AmericInn of
Moorhead, MN, Hilton Garden Inn of Effingham, IL and Embassy Suites Dallas Love Field, while
our search for additional lodging sites continues. This year we also made a large change,
replacing many small, old, and worn tents with two large (18’ x 25’) tents provided by Base-X.
Base-X is the leading provider of rapid-deploying mobile infrastructure and their tents are a
huge asset to the team. In addition to the two large tents for sleeping and for working on the
car, they have provided us with a third smaller side-less shelter that will be used when there is
limited space.

Last summer we made major renovations to the team semi-trailer, replacing the floor, cabinets,
and interior paint, along with the graphics the semi. For this summer we will be adding
additional sponsor logos to the outside and making some necessary annual repairs. In addition
to restocking all of the supplies we need for the race, these repairs and renovations should
prepare the semi to travel the required 6,000+ miles this summer. We are fortunate to have
the support of David Menke, the President of American Transportation Resources, who provided
a driver for both the mock race in June and NASC in July. Exel also joined us for the first time
this year, providing us with a cab to pull the semi for the months of June and July.
GM has once again loaned us four vehicles which will transport us all across the country. This

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prEDiCTiNg THE UNprEDiCTABlE                                                                      prEDiCTiNg THE UNprEDiCTABlE

                                                                             By Brad Charboneau                                                                              By Brad Charboneau

predicting the Unpredictable
By Brad Charboneau
Clear, cloudless skies are the perfect fuel for a solar-powered car like Continuum.
Unfortunately, due to the constantly changing weather in the central United States, the
weather forecast is rarely that simple. As a result, it is essential that Race Crew has the
ability to accurately monitor and forecast the weather. As the Head Meteorologist, I am
proud to say that the team is prepared to handle almost anything Mother Nature has in store.

In the spring of 2007, Nate Lehman was given the task of reimagining our team’s weather
forecasting scheme for WSC ’07. Working diligently on a tight schedule, Nate was able
to successfully change the way the team monitors the weather, giving the team a huge
advantage in the Australian Outback. Nate has since graduated, and I am eager to take over
where he left off.

With the vast differences in climate between the Central Plains of the United States and
the Australian Outback, predicting the weather for the North American Solar Challenge will
present a whole new set of challenges. Cloudy skies and rain will not be a surprise, and
we will go into the race anticipating both. Thanks to our sponsors, our team will be able
to monitor these conditions directly from our caravan using some of the best technology           Severe weather is also a significant threat to both the car and the safety of the crew
available. Using our WeatherHawk base, we will be able to measure winds, humidity and             members, who will be camping roadside along the race. Because of this, I have added Mobile
solar radiation. In addition, I will be launching weather balloons using a portable upper air     Threat Net to our inventory, which will help us monitor local radar and regional weather
sounding system from InterMet. These measurements will play an integral role in making            conditions throughout the race.
sure that my forecasts are accurate, and will also allow me to adjust them if necessary
(hopefully this won’t be the case!).                                                              Even with some of the most advanced technology available, it will take an experienced
                                                                                                  forecaster to make accurate predictions. Although this is only my first year on the team, I
                                                                                                  bring years of forecasting experience and the skills needed to provide the team with the best
                                                                                                  information possible. Combine this with an amazing Strategy division that makes crucial race
                                                                                                  decisions based on weather and route data, and the team is equipped to handle whatever
                                                                                                  weather comes our way!

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           MOCK rACE                                                                                             MOCK rACE
                                                                  Excerpts From The Team Blog                                                                        Excerpts From The Team Blog

Mock race                                                                                           Day 1: Plano, Texas to Neosho, Missouri
Excerpts from the team blog                                                                         The morning went very smoothly starting at precisely 9am from the race start in front of the
                                                                                                    Plano Center. It was wonderful to see Continuum travel at the speed limit on the road and pass
Throughout our Mock Race, a practice run from Dallas, Texas to Fargo, North Dakota, our team
                                                                                                    “normal” cars!
members posted nightly updates to the team blog from the side of the road. The following
pieces are excerpts from entries made on the blog. During the upcoming North American Solar
                                                                                                    The public enjoyed watching the car on the road as many cars slowed down to cruise next
Challenge we will be making daily posts to the blog to keep our supporters updated. Be sure
                                                                                                    to the car with windows down and camera phones out. Thank you to all that emailed us kind
to visit http://www.umsolar.com/blog/ to track our progress—we look forward to hearing from
                                                                                                    notes and pictures from different places along mock race! We appreciate your support.

                                                                                                    Day 2: Neosho, Missouri to Topeka, Kansas
Pre-Mock Race Preparations: Ann Arbor, MI
                                                                                                    We started the second day in Neosho as an official stage start at 9am (although we left 25
The weeks leading up to mock race kept the team and Continuum quite busy. We amassed
                                                                                                    seconds late). Following this we took off at a fast pact and headed north. About 60 miles later,
many miles on the open road as well as doing testing at Michigan International Speedway.
                                                                                                    Alex’s phone rang. It was Brad, our meteorologist, telling us to get off the road and head south
During our testing, Continuum has proven to be an extremely reliable car. Reliability is the key
                                                                                                    immediately. Storms were closing in on Nevada, MO and two cells in particular were about to
in this 2500 mile endurance race. Every minute spent on the side of the road fixing a problem
                                                                                                    hit. These cells were made up of golf-ball sized hail, 70 mph winds, and tornado warnings. We
costs valuable race time.
                                                                                                    decided in the best interest of the car and the team to store the car and head south avoiding
                                                                                                    the two storm cells.
The mock race, a simulated version of the 2008 North American Solar Challenge, was the
next step in testing. While a majority of the team has had quite a bit of experience racing in
                                                                                                    About 2 hours later the storms had passed and we received the all clear sign from our strategy
Australia, the 2008 North American Solar Challenge (NASC) is quite different. With reduced
                                                                                                    division. We put the car back on the road and we were off. At first we were traveling through
sunlight, increased traffic, a more detailed, complex route, and new regulations, this race
                                                                                                    the remnants of the storms and under full cloud cover, but after pushing through this final
brings about new challenges. Mock race will give our team the experience it needs to race in
                                                                                                    batch of clouds we hit clear skies and those continued until the end of the racing day.
these different conditions.

Eve of Mock Race: Dallas, Texas
After two full days of driving covering nearly 1200 miles, the team arrived in Dallas, Texas, the
start of our Mock Race and the start of NASC. The scenes of the Midwest and the South on the
drive down were a distinct change from the Australian Outback…

In the morning, engineers performed checks on Continuum, while strategists made final
revisions to code and studied the weather for the days of mock race. The Operations crew
shuttled around Dallas to ensure that the whole team was ready for the race.

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             MOCK rACE                                                                             rETUrNiNg rACE CrEW
                                                                  Excerpts From The Team Blog                                                                                    By Kristine Cramer

Mock race Blog Excerpts (Continued)
Day 3: Topeka, Kansas to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
We completed day 3 of mock race and ended just outside of Sioux Falls. The day didn’t go
quite as planned. Overheating problems took us to the side of the road where we waited to fix
a few problems with the motor controller.
Throughout the day we faced a few other challenges that gave us good practice for the real
race. From detours, to construction zones and poorly marked roads, we were able to face the
new challenges that we didn’t have to face in Australia.                                          racing Again After WSC 2007
                                                                                                  Kristine Cramer
Day 4: Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Fargo, Fargo North Dakota
Day four of mock race finished strong. Our strategy team was planning on ending the day with      For the majority of our current Race Crew members, one of the most prominent memories over
an empty battery pack as if it were the end of the race, and they did just that. Despite some     the past couple of years is rebuilding Continuum after it crashed at the beginning of the World
route issues (route materials we received in the middle of mock race differed from the route      Solar Challenge. In the month of October, 15 of the current 20 members were part of the
materials distributed to our navigators), the Fargo checkpoint went extremely well. Our support   group that came together to rebuild the front end of Continuum. This group spent 20 straight
vehicles were ready to receive Continuum as it rolled in. As opposed to Tuesday [Day 3], we       hours completing repairs until it was time to start racing again at 8am the next morning in
spent less time on the side of the road--we had one tire change and one driver swap (no driver    Darwin, Australia. Once back on the road, Continuum performed better than we ever could
may be in the solar car for more than six hours in a row for a single day).                       have hoped—our team ended up passing 24 teams during the race and finishing 7th overall.

Rolling into Fargo,the car checks were completed, the semi was loaded and then we were            Everyone felt satisfied   by how our car held up in the crash, and that our driver walked away
off to dinner. All in all, mock race was a great success. We were able to practice many of the    with only a scratch on    his leg. After this, our team came together like never before and
situations not occurring during routine testing, and learned a great deal about the race route.   finished the race. But    even with those great achievements, many felt some bitterness for not
Although we faced some difficult weather along the route, both Continuum and the team             being able to prove to    the world how amazing Continuum truly is.
performed extremely well. We are prepared for the race in July, and are all looking forward to
it!                                                                                               After returning to the U.S. there were still mixed feelings from team members about racing
                                                                                                  Continuum again. For most of us, Continuum stood for two years of extremely hard work
                                                                                                  and dedication that went unnoticed by other teams during the WSC. But after a few weeks
                                                                                                  of physical and mental recovery, almost everyone returned to join Continuum’s Race Crew for

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Executive Committee
                           Brooke Bailey is originally from Okemos, MI and is majoring in Industrial and Op-                                       Jeffery Ferman is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, completing a
                           erations Engineering. She has been a member of the Operations Division on the Solar                                     Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering in Computer Science with minors in Math, Physics,
                           Car Team for a little over two years and was the Operations Director last Fall during the                               and Classical Archaeology. From Huntington Woods, MI, Jeff has been a member of
                           WSC. She will keep that position this summer as well as joining the team of drivers for                                 the team since his first semester at the University. He spent his first year as a member
                           the race this summer. She hopes to help drive the team into its fifth National Champion-                                of the Strategy Division and joined the 2005 Momentum Race Crew, racing in both the
                           ship. She is expecting to graduate in December, 2009.                                                                   2005 North American Solar Challenge and the 2005 World Solar Challenge. For the two
                                                                                                                                                   years following, Jeff moved throughout the team gaining experience in all divisions, and
                                                                                                                                                   returned to the Strategy Division as the Head Strategist for the 2007 World Solar Chal-
                                                                                                                                                   lenge. Following his return from Australia, Jeff has assumed the role of Race Manager
                                                                                                                                                   for the 2008 North American Solar Challenge. In his free time, he enjoys playing violin
                                                                                                                                                   with the Michigan Pops Orchestra, as well as skiing, hiking, and traveling.

Alexandre Curaudeu            is a Junior in Aerospace Engineering. Halfway through
his second project with the team, Alex started as an aerodynamicist two and half                                        Julia Hawley has considered the University of Michigan to be her second home
years ago and is currently the Engineering Director of the 2009 project. Alexandre                                      since she was born. A native of Ann Arbor, Julia was often around campus and always

focuses his skills and time designing the aerodynamics of the next vehicle as that                                      dreamed of being one of the studeZnts she saw walking through the Diag. Julia will

is his true passion and helping the mechanical engineers fabricate and assemble                                         be a Junior in the fall and is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from the

systems on the car. Alexandre is a huge fan of racing, and follows formula 1 and the                                    Ross School of Business as well as a Spanish minor. She joined the team the fall of

world rally championship. His goal is to either head into the advanced research and                                     her Sophomore year as the Marketing Director and is now the Business Director for

development field of aerodynamics or join a top racing team aerodynamic engineer-                                       the 2009 team. Julia was initially attracted to the team because she wanted to get a

ing division. In his spare time, Alex likes to stay active by playing basketball and                                    more “real world” business experience to supplement what she learned in the class-

tennis.                                                                                                                 room. Now she realizes that her passion for the team actually comes from her “inner
                                                                                                                        geek” and loves that the team gives her an opportunity to learn about something

                            Alex Dowling        a Chemical Engineer from Saline, Michigan, joined the Solar Car
                            Team just weeks into his college career. Alex’s interest in the team originated in his                                Steven Hechtman, originally from Vienna, Virginia, is entering his fourth year of
                            desire to apply his knowledge of engineering and computers in a “real-world” setting.                                 studies in electrical engineering. He has been a member of the Solar Car Team since his

                            Alex’s dedication to the team quickly lead him to a position as Head of Strategy. He                                  first semester, working on the micro electrical division of the team for the 2007 Aus-

                            will continue to lead the Strategy Division in the NASC this summer. Outside of so-                                   tralian Race Campaign. Steve now serves as the Project Manager for the 2009 project.

                            lar car Alex is active in Tau Beta Pi and the American Chemical Institute of Chemical                                 Steve was one of the three drivers of Continuum during the World Solar Challenge, and

                            Engineers. He also assists with research in the Woolf group in the Chemical Engineer-                                 looks forward to competing in the North American Solar Challenge this summer.

                            ing department. Alex also uses his practical computer skills to write simulations for the
                            everyday needs of his teammates.

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                                                                                                                        race Crew
                          Doug Lambert is from Novi, Michigan, and is finishing up his fourth year studying                                      Gerald Chang         is a first year Mechanical Engineer. He has always been a Wolverine
                          Mechanical Engineering. He joined the team in the Fall of 2004 and has been actively                                   at heart and was excited to get involved with campus life right away, joining the Solar
                          involved since then. Although his unofficial title is “Chief Dongleologist.” A term he                                 Car Team in the first few weeks of arrival. Gerald is on the mechanical division of the
                          created because of his love of tinkering, he will be serving as the Race Crew Chief for                                team and helps maintain components such as the suspension and braking systems. He
                          the race this summer. Doug will be graduating in the winter of 2008.                                                   enjoys working on the solar car because it involves the development of cutting-edge
                                                                                                                                                 technology while working on the common challenges of building and racing a car. He
                                                                                                                                                 feels that the experiences he gained from the Solar Car Team are invaluable and things
                                                                                                                                                 he could never learn in the classroom. He is very excited to put his studies to work in a
                                                                                                                                                 practical application.

Maura Lynch        joined the team upon entering the university, in fact, when deciding                                Brad Charboneau was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a third
which college to attend, the Solar Car Team tipped the scale in favor of the University of                             year Meteorology student in the College of Engineering. Brad has a passion for severe
Michigan. Maura quickly invested herself in the team and is now the Operations Director                                weather, and enjoys the thrill of storm-chasing even while everyone else is taking cover.
for 2009. She has worked closely with past team members to gain knowledge about the                                    Introduced to the team by last year’s Meteorologist Nate Lehman, Brad is the excited
team and she will be participating in the North American Solar Challenge this summer as                                to be Head Meteorologist in his first year as a member the Strategy Division and looks
a member of the support crew. She is excited to gain more experience on the team by                                    forward to helping the team in it’s mission to bring home a fifth national championship.
seeing a race. She says that although originally from Orlando, Florida, the land of theme
parks and roller coasters, “the Solar Car Team has been more exhilarating than any of

                                                                                                                                                  Kristine Cramer , originally from Saint Clair Shores, is a third year Mechanical
Keyvan Mirsaeedi-Farahani             will be a Senior this fall pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from
                                                                                                                                                  Engineering student at Michigan. Kristine joined the Solar Car Team after during the
the Ross School of Business as well as a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the College
                                                                                                                                                  middle of her Sophomore year after declaring her major. During the first few weeks
of Literature, Science, and the Arts. He joined the team’s business division as a sophomore, served as the Head
                                                                                                                                                  on the Team, Kristine worked on the design and construction of the chassis for
of Corporate Relations and is now the Business Director for the 2009 team. He has found his participation on the
                                                                                                                                                  Continuum’s second test vehicle. Later that year, she started working on procurement
Solar Car Team very valuable and has enjoyed building relations with various corporate sponsors as well as the
                                                                                                                                                  for the Mechanical Engineering Division, and the following summer she took over as
university. Keyvan has been interested in cars long before he could drive them, and his interest in the team stems
                                                                                                                                                  the Interim Engineering Director. In the fall, she started the new school year as the
from this automotive passion. Some day he hopes to design his very own sports car.
                                                                                                                                                  Engineering Procurement Director, and was a member of the 2007 Race Crew within
                                                                                                                                                  the Mechanical Engineering Division.

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John Federspiel was born in St. Louis, MO and has lived in the state of Michigan                                     Chris Hammond hails from Clarkston, Michigan, and is a second-year Computer
since he was 8 years old. Just recently he declared Mechanical Engineering and will                                  Engineering student. He joined the Team in his first few weeks at the University of
be graduating in the spring of 2011. John has been on the team since his first year                                  Michigan, taking the next logical step from his FIRST Robotics experience in high
in college and traveled to Australia for the World Solar Challenge (WSC) in 2007. On                                 school. Chris is on the Power Electrical Division of the Team, and he was in charge
the 2007 race his primary responsibility was to sit backwards in the lead vehicle and                                of design and construction of the battery pack. He also assisted in the implementing
keep his eyes on the solar car at all times. He also helped develop the new Solar                                    the wire harness and solar array. In his free time, Chris enjoys programming, learning
Concentrator system used for Continuum in the 2007 WSC. For the 2008 race he has                                     Ninjutsu, playing with electronics, and making a mean cup of coffee.
been a valuable member of the engineering procurement team. John enjoys reading
and has been known to risk his life in the name of a favorite song.

                            Josh Feldman is a Sophomore in the College of Engineering at the University                                         Richard Ho , a native Californian, is currently a fourth year student in Industrial and
                            of Michigan where he plans to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Originally from                                  Operations Engineering with a concentration in Law. He made his first appearance on
                            Long Island, New York, Josh joined the Solar Car Team during his first month at the                                 the Team during his freshman year, joining the Strategy Division after attending a mass
                            University. On the team, Josh is part of the Strategy division focusing on route data                               meeting. Feeling the need to explore the team in its entirety, Richard quickly dipped
                            analysis and procurement. He also creates software to aid in vehicle strategy. Josh is                              his toes into the Engineering and Business Divisions. Besides helping with the test
                            passionate about computers and looks forward to implementing his knowledge in the                                   chassis, he assisted in coordinating and staffing the 2007 North American International
                            North American Solar Challenge.                                                                                     Auto Show. Last year, Richard finally found his place with the Operations Divisions
                                                                                                                                                and traveled to Australia as an Operations member on the Race Crew. He will be on
                                                                                                                                                Race Crew again this summer to represent Michigan in his first North American Solar
                                                                                                                                                Challenge. Upon conclusion of NASC, Richard plans to continue his undergraduate
                                                                                                                                                studies and to attend law school to become a patent lawyer.

Gerald Giarmo is a part of the Power Electrical Division. As a young boy he played                                   Michael Kezelian is a third year Mechanical Engineering student from
with Tonka construction toys, built wooden railroads, and made anything he could                                     Birmingham, Michigan. He joined the Solar Car Team in February of 2007. Michael
dream of out of Legos. In his spare time Gerald would design everything from tanks                                   served as weather hardware specialist in WSC ’07 in Australia last October. This year,
and airplanes to fortresses. For the last eight years or more, Gerald has been tinkering                             he is concentrating on the Mechanical side of the Engineering division. He is excited
with, dismantling, and troubleshooting computers and electronics. After a semester at                                to participate in a more hands-on way in the upcoming race. This achieves his first
the University of Michigan, he was convinced to work the North American International                                goal in joining the team, which was to gain real engineering experience. Since joining
Auto Show for a day with the Solar Car Team. After only three meetings, he applied for                               the team, however, he has developed a new goal: to bring home a fifth National
the 2007 World Solar Challenge Race Crew and was accepted, launching himself into                                    Championship.
the world of solar power.

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Chiao-Ting Li is a mechanical engineering PhD student from Taiwan. She has                                           Jeff Rogers is a Senior in the undergraduate Computer Science Engineering
been “hooked” on solar cars since her Junior year in Taiwan, and raced twice in the                                  program. After spending his high school years competing in FIRST Robotics
World Solar Challenge with the National Taiwan University before joining the University                              competitions with his teammates in Rochester Hills, MI, he was excited to join the Solar
of Michigan team. She is now a member of the strategy division developing new                                        Car Team. He joined as a freshman, and was quickly sucked into the Micro Electrical
optimization algorithms for Continuum using what she has learned during graduate                                     Division. Outside of the Team, Jeff enjoys visiting with friends and tinkering with
courses at Michigan. She is very excited about racing in the North American Solar                                    technology. He is also an intern at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, where he
Challenge this summer because this is going to be her first official American outback                                works on cooperative safety systems for automobiles.
adventure, and “solar car is so much more interesting than research.”

                           Sarah Napier , originally from Clarkston, Michigan, joined the Solar Car Team when
                           she came to the University of Michigan in 2004. Her involvement grew in the fall of
                           2005, and since then she has spent a summer in California developing the technology
                           for the solar concentrator system used in the World Solar Challenege , and worked
                           with a variety of divisions including Power Electrical, Strategy, and Mechanical. Sarah
                           was a member of the 2007 Race Crew that competed in the World Solar Challenge in
                           Australia. She will be graduating from the University of Michigan in December 2008
                           with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree in
                           Biomedical Engineering.

Evan Quisenberry is finishing up his degree in Computer Science in the
University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. He joined the Solar Car Team in March
of 2007 and became a member of the Strategy Division. He has been developing and
maintaining the database systems that handle the large amounts of data used during
the races, including a satellite communication system created to communicate with Ann
Arbor from anywhere on Earth. He is also working on a simulation and optimization
software package that will help to predict the best possible way to bring back a fifth
national championship.

Page 21                                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 22
        A NEW DrivEr                                                                                                  A NEW DrivEr
                                                                                          by brooke bailey                                                                                              by brooke bailey

A New Driver’s perspective
Brooke Bailey
As I was busy tackling my new role as Operations Director in the spring of 2007, three drivers were
selected for the World Solar Challenge. As we moved forward to the 2008 North American race, two
of the three drivers remained with the team, but there was one open spot. I immediately jumped on
the opportunity and expressed interest in becoming the third driver. Feeling much more comfortable
in my role with Operations, I was confident that I would be able to juggle both tasks, so they took
my word and added me to the pool of interested applicants.
                                                                                                             While driving at the speed limit inches from the road in something your teammates built with gawkers
On April 5th Spencer Bailey held a mini-course for anyone interested where he talked about some of           constantly staring at you as you’re cramped in a 100° F cockpit is occasionally scary as hell, it’s also
the essential techniques of good driving. After that, each of us had the chance to practice what he          a rush I wouldn’t trade for anything. I still remember my first time on the track and how great it felt
had taught us in a video game simulator he had tweaked to handle like the solar car. The next day            to be going faster than 25 mph, especially when we got up to the speed limit during the race of 65. I
he told us that Gerald Chang and I were the two selected to participate in Ford Driver Training on           am still learning though. After the first day of mock race I found out I had amassed hours of penalties
April 9th.                                                                                                   due to mistakes such as not using a turn signal. I calmly raised my hand and asked if someone could
                                                                                                             show me how to use the turn signal, and the problem was fixed that evening.
Come April 9th Gerald and I woke up very early, skipped our classes and headed off to Romeo, MI
for the 8 hour training course. These 8 hours were some of the most exciting 8 hours of my spring            The very first time I sat in the car we discovered that my arms were actually too short to reach the
semester. When else are you offered a chance to truly take a car to its limits, speeding around              brake handle, which an extra seat cushion quickly fixed. While none of us quite fit in the car, we all
corners so fast that the tires typically need to be replaced after only 3 days of training? Both Gerald      have our own aches and pains at the end of the day. The two other drivers are a bit taller than I am,
and I passed the course and were awarded with certificates. Eventually it was decided that Gerald            so they tend to feel the most pain in their knees and their backs. While my knees are a bit wobbly
would be the official driver of lead (the car directly in front of the solar car), and I would join Steve    each time I get out of the car, the true pain is in my hips, which are apparently about 2 inches wider
and Spencer as a driver of the solar car!                                                                    than the space in the car allotted for them. But aches and bruises aside we each swap out time in
                                                                                                             the car enthusiastically and are hoping to help drive it to first place. Fulfilling both of my roles on the
During each race day the three of us will rotate between driving the solar car, resting, and driving         team has taken a little extra effort from me, my division, and some people on engineering when I
chase (the car directly behind the solar car). Driving chase quickly became one of my favorite things        need a ride to the workspace in Ypsilanti, but we’re all making it happen and I’m proud to be a driver
to do during the day. The task is very simple: do whatever it takes to protect the solar car and its         of a Michigan solar car.
driver. It’s only appropriate this year that the solar car’s body guards are large hybrid Tahoes supplied
to the team by General Motors. Although nothing quite compares to driving the solar car itself.

Page 23                                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 24
           AUTO SHOW                                                                                                AUTO SHOW
                                                                       By Keyvan Mirsaeedi-Farahani                                                                           By Keyvan Mirsaeedi-Farahani

The North American international Auto Show
Keyvan Mirsaeedi-farahani, Business Director
More than 750,000 people attended the Detroit International Auto Show in January, where the
University of Michigan Solar Car Team proudly presented Continuum, the ninth generation Michigan
vehicle. This year’s display was a great success. It gave the team a chance to connect with
many of its existing fans and supporters while sparking new interest in the team. In addition to
Continuum standing at our display, Momentum, winner of the last North American Solar Challenge
and third place finisher at the 2005 World Solar Challenge, was presented in DENSO’s booth.

After a long journey over the Pacific Ocean, Continuum arrived in Detroit’s Cobo Hall shortly after
returning from the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Continuum was majestically displayed atop a
reflective turntable in the center of the display. The reflective surface was dreamed up for aesthetic
purposes, to complement the solar concentrator system, but its function naturally shifted to
unveiling the story of the team’s experience in the Australian Outback. The car was intentionally left
in the same condition as how it arrived from Australia. It was no longer the bright, perfectly painted
car that had left Michigan the previous summer, it was a car that had overcome the challenge of
getting back up after an unexpected crash and coming in seventh in the world. This is what the           and Show Services (CSS) greatly helped make this display possible. VistaPrint and Partner’s Press
display was focused on, that the Michigan team is full of creative and determined students, and this     supplied our fans with UM Solar magnets and posters to take home.
was a story we wanted to tell.
                                                                                                         Organizing this display was challenging, but it was a great lesson in time management and event
Organizing this display took considerable time and energy, but the final product was well worth it.      planning for all students involved. Personally, I was inspired by the magnitude of this event –
In preparation, students successfully obtained sponsorships for many display-related expenses and        thousands of people would view this display, and I wanted to make sure it lived up to the standards
also designed brand-new graphics and multimedia presentations for the exhibit. As the first day of       of the amazing team behind the car.
the auto show drew closer, students could be seen at the display space in the Cobo Hall from the
early morning until late at night making sure the display was perfect.

Of course, this display would not have been as magnificent without the help from some key
sponsors. The Detroit Auto Dealers Association ensured that we had a great display space. Bowne
provided us with print materials for the display, while Bluewater Technologies was happy to provide
us with multimedia equipment. McNabb Flooring laid the carpet, and the Royal Roofing Company
cut the reflective metal laid under Continuum. On a logistical level, Penske Trucking and Convention

Page 25                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 26
   AlUMNi pErSpECTivE                                                                                  AlUMNi pErSpECTivE
                                                                                 by maggie hayes                                                                                     by maggie hayes
                                                                                                    After returning from the World Solar Challenge, my goal was to find a job where I could
Translating Solar Car Experience into industry Success                                              continue the type of work I did for the team. In my search, I came across International
Maggie Hayes, Solar Car Alumna, 2002-2005                                                           Truck and Engine Corporation, a sponsor that we worked with in 2005, and provided a
I started at the University of Michigan with the goal of being a Mechanical Design Engineer.        semi tractor for the 1999 and 2001 teams. My experience with the International Truck
Like many students, I wanted hands-on engineering experience to supplement my core                  and Engine Corporation was helpful during interviews, and the leadership and operations
curriculum. The Solar Car Team seemed like the perfect opportunity. This idea started an            experience I had from the Solar Car Team made me a great candidate for their Operations
adventure that took me across the globe and completely changed my career path.                      Management Development Program. Through rotations at their corporate HQ, Engineering
                                                                                                    and Manufacturing facilities I discovered that the automotive industry was more comparable
I was an active member of the 2003 Spectrum team, where I was a Mechanical Engineer or,             to my Solar Car experience than I thought. Companies have many similar tasks: procure
“ME” Tech. I worked on chassis design, and continued to become more involved as the project         components, manage warehouse facilities, secure transportation, and meet production
progressed, doing body lay-ups, testing runs, and performing maintenance on the completed           schedules. Just on a larger scale. One group I worked with had a structure that paralleled the
car. As part of the race crew I was selected to be one of the passengers of the lead vehicle. It    solar car team. With Engineering, Strategy, Operations, and Business divisions, I was surprised
has exhilarating facing backwards, while traveling over sixty miles per hour, keeping my eyes       how close my solar car experience was to a company in the “real world.” I often called on my
focused on the solar car. Unfortunately our larger two-person design proved too difficult to turn   Solar Car experience of saving cost, meeting tough deadlines, and creative problem solving
in a figure-8, and the car did not pass scrutineering. We didn’t have the opportunity to race,      when working on a new project.
and although the project was a great learning experience, we didn’t have the satisfaction of
reaching our goals.                                                                                 I recently completed two years of rotations, and as my final placement I came back to my
                                                                                                    favorite Solar Car experiences. I chose a position in International Global Logistics group, which
With the last team’s disappointing end, most of the Spectrum team still had a burning desire to     mimicked many of the projects I had in Operations with the team. Every day, I work with
accomplish the previous goals, and jumped on board for another project. I decided to postpone       companies I interacted with on Solar Car, optimizing schedules and budgets, arranging shipping
graduation for a year to dedicate more time to the team. I had always enjoyed PR events and         from suppliers to our manufacturing facilities, and facilitating international customs and border
when the Operations Director position became open, I quickly accepted the position. The             crossings. My experience on the team prepared me for my position better than any internship
Operations Division focused on maintaining the workspace, coordinating the support vehicles,        could have. It helped me identify and practice skills that complemented my education, as well
arranging PR events, and arranging logistics for the races. Working with sponsors to organize       as introduce me to my future employer.
everything from food, lodging, and uniforms to international customs, shipping, and airfare was
the type of challenge I thrived on. With such a big task, things did not always go smoothly,        Joining the team was certainly the most important thing I did during my time at the University
but when everything did fall into place, it was the most rewarding feeling. Winning the North       of Michigan, and I know many other team alumni would say the same thing. When I joined the
American Solar Challenge was amazing, but now, we had a bigger challenge ahead. We were             Solar Car Team, I never expected it would change my career, but I am certainly glad it did. I
all focused on The World Solar Challenge. The weeks in Ann Arbor between the races were             am always excited to hear from current team members, and I try to share as much knowledge
a blur. All the effort was certainly worth it, as everyone and everything safely returned from      as possible from my past and current logistics experience. I am looking forward to cheering on
Australia. It also helped me realize that I really enjoyed tackling complex logistical problems     the Continuum team this summer, and hope they will bring home a 5th National Championship!
far more than using my mechanical engineering background.

Page 27                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 28
  AlUMNi pErSpECTivE                                                                   2007-2008 SpONSOrS
                                                                    by maggie hayes

2007-2008 Project Sponsors
We thank our sponsors for supplying the materials, services, and finances
that make our project possible. Their support allows us to construct our
dreams into reality, and for that we are truly grateful. Please feel free to
contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Page 29                                                                                                     Page 30
  2007-2008 SpONSOrS       2007-2008 SpONSOrS

Silver                 Bronze

                             A.F. Smith Electric, Inc. • Aeroprobe Corporation • Airtec Corp
                                 Airtech International • Arborhost • Arctic Cold Storage
                                   BluWav Systems • Buick • CAEN • Caflor Industries
                        Compressor Engineering Corporation • Computer Builders Warehouse
                               Convention & Show Services • Cyalume Technologies, Inc.
                          DAKA Manufacturing • Ecolite Mfg. Co • Electrical Terminal Service
                              Embassy Suites Dallas Love Field • Exel • Fantasee Lighting
                         Flinders Camping • Fortune Tool and Machine Inc. • General Electric
                         Harris • Intel • International Hardcoat Inc. • John Deere • Kaymont
                            Lambda • Leonard Machine Tool Systems • Leupold • Linotype
                            Logitech • Mckay Communications • McNabb Flooring • Merrell
                              Michigan International Speedway • Miller Parking Company
                              N & G Dunbar Tilt Tray Service Pty Ltd • New England Wire
                            NextEnergy • Omax • Opposite Lock • OrganicByTheCase.com
                                 Performance Staging • Plantronics, Inc. • Plascore Inc.
                          Potomac Field Gear • Pro-Gard • Resin Services • Roush Industries
                           SAE World Congress • Scientific Brake • Seagate • ThyssenKrupp
                                   Toyota • Toyota Technical Center • TrucknTow.com
                           University of Michigan Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences
                        University of Michigan Credit Union • University of Michigan Materials
                             Science and Engineering • University of Michigan Mechanical
                          Engineering • Viledon, Industrial Air Filter Division • WAGAN Corp
                                       Wilson Student Project Center • Wolverine

Page 31                                                                              Page 32
     2007-2008 SpONSOrS                                                                      2007-2008 SpONSOrS

Crew                                                                                    Crew (continued)
    2006 Cleveland Autorama • Abtrex Industries • Acer America • Advanced Circuits              Havis-Shields Equipment Corporation • Hilton Garden Inn - Effingham, IL
   Aearo Safety • Agilent Technologies • Air Sea Forwarding Inc. • Airgas Great Lakes             Hilton Garden Inn - Oakdale, MN • Hirschmann • Holiday Inn Express
        Allied Electronics • Alro Steel Corporation • Altec Lansing • Altech Corp.            Huron Technologies • International Truck and Engine Corporation • Jef Pavlat
       Alternative Wireless • American Drilling • American Italian Pasta Company              Jimmy Johns Gourmet Subs • Joshua Rock • Joyce Julius • JP Morgan Chase
America’s Transportation Resources • AmericInn - Moorhead, MN • Amphenol Corporation           Judco Manufacturing, Inc. • KA-BAR Knives Inc. • Keith Bailey Photography
      Analog Devices, Inc. • Anderson Paint Company • Anderson Power Products              Key Bank • KG Technologies • KP Sales • La Quinta Inn & Suites - Weatherford, TX
           Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center • Ann Arbor Hills School              Leading Edge Cutting Solutions, Inc • Linda Hutchins • Linear Technology Corporation
   Ann Arbor Paint & Wallpaper • APEM Components Inc • Arctic Silver Incorporated        Longacre Racing Products, Inc. • Lumberg Automation • M&M Metals • Madison Electric
 Baron Services • Baron Services, Inc. • Baymont Inn • Beaver Packaging & Crating Inc                MagnoliaHotels.com • Magnum Manufacturing, Inc • Mark Berg
        Belden Electronics • Belmont • Best Buy of Ann Arbor • BI Technologies                  Marling’s Home Furnishings and Appliances • Maxim Integrated Products
    Big George’s Home Appliance Mart of Ann Arbor • BLACKHAWK! • Bob Goodsell                      Merkury Innovations • Meyer Plastics, Inc. • Michael Vanwoerkom
   Boeing Company • Budget Lodging - St. Clair, MO • Buffalo Wild Wings (Ann Arbor)        Microchip Technology Inc • Midland Radio Corporation • Molex • Motor City Electric
               Cables Unlimited • Cannon St. Backpackers • Carlisle Belts                         Motul USA, Inc. • Mr. Pizza • Murata Power Solutions • Nature’s Path
         Clarion Hotel & Conference Center • Cleveland Auto Show • C’mon Inn                NeuroNexus Technologies • Newark • Nippon Express • Omega Engineering INC.
Comfort Inn & Suites - Joplin, MO • Cooper Bussmann • Cooper Tires • Copeland Gibson               OMLPatches.com • Omron Electronics LLC • Optus • Organic Valley
             Crest Motel • Curbell Plastics, Inc. • Dakota Growers Pasta Co.                OSRAM Opto Semiconductors • Paramount Browns’ • Partners Press / Copy Quick
             Damascus Protective Gear • David C. Smith • David W. Jordan                Paulson Manufacturing • PCBexpress • Pelonis Technologies • Penske • PFD Food Services
      Day’s Inn of Traverse City • Dearborn Group Technology • Depco Pump Co.                PIAA Corporation, USA • Pint on Punt • Plasticoid • PPG Industries • Pro-Hands
    Detroit Store Fixtures • Digi-Key Corporation • Diverse Freight • Domino’s Pizza      Quaker Oats • Qualitek • RBR Tactical Armor Inc. • Red Barn Computers • Redd Dawg
 Donald D. Walker • Duffelbags.com • Dummies on the Run • Earthbound Farms • Eaton             Robert Culver • Robert L. Reid • Rosalie Wattrick • Schroth Safety Products
   Electrolabs • Eppley Laboratory, Inc. • Fastenal • Fingerle Lumber • Fireaway LLC         Sell My Timeshare Now • Shat R Proof Corp. • Sign Style • Signs by Tomorrow
        FK Bearings, Inc • Flashlights Unlimited • Fortress Stabilization Systems               Sleep Inn • SOS Marine • Speed Bleeder Products • SportsCounters.com
  FOTO 1 Imaging • G T Fab & Welding Inc. • Goodridge Torrance • Grado • Grainger           St. John Ambulance • Stadium Hardware • Stark Industrial Inc. • Sugar Tree Inn

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      2007-2008 SpONSOrS                                                                            2007-2008 SpONSOrS

Crew (Continued)                                                                              Special thanks
   Sunbelt Snacks • Suoliang Kang • Super Vacuum Mfg. Co., Inc. • Sysco • Tapeswitch              All Solar Car Team Alumni • Betty Aliko • Bob Allan • Bob Culver • Bob Whiting
       Target of Ypsilanti • TEPS/ABB • The Plains Hotel • The Plaza Hotel & Suites              Bobbie Simson • Brian Ignaut • Byron Roberts • Charles Eichhorst • Chito Garcia
           The Westin Calgary • Thor Labs • Thunder Power RC • TKO Graphix                          Chris Churchill • College for Creative Studies • Craig Trojan • Daryl Weinert
  Torpedo Specialty Wire, Inc. • Total Electrical Power Sales Incorporated • Trijicon, Inc.     Dave & Jamie Abbas • Dave Brigolin • David Miller • Dean Degazio • Dean Munson
       Tyco Electronics • Ulbrich Stainless Steel & Special Metals, Inc. • UltraMotion            Don Whitsitt • Dr. Frank Marsik • Dr. William Kuhn • Gary Grube • Gen Lehman
 UM Club - Flint • University of Michigan Biomedical Engineering • University of Michigan                 Glenn Davies • Governor Jennifer M. Granholm • J.J. Faulhaber
          Chemical Engineering • University of Michigan Chemistry Department                         Jack and Christy Federspiel • Jason Kramb • Jean Dougherty • Jeff Terry
 University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit • University of Michigan Naval Architecture    Jennifer Wegner • Jim Croce • Jim Stokes • Joe and K.C. Harrison • Joe Lambert Joe
  and Marine Engineering • University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological         Rohatynski • John Buchalo • John Denman • John Keedy • John Leyland • John Love
                 Sciences • University of Michigan Office of Development                        Judith McNeeley • Judith Pitney • Kaleb and Kevin Waterman • Kalitta Motorsports
       University Productions Lighting Director: Mark Berg • Vicor Express • Viledon                 Karen Hasten • Kathi Compton • Kurt Hill • Larry Derousse • Lori Burger
   Virgin Blue Freight • Vixen Optics • Wavecrest Labs • Whitmore Lake Middle School            Maggie Hayes • Mark Giuffrida • Mark Marling • Michael Brackney • Michael Drake
       WiLife, Inc. • xpressmyself.com • Yellowstone River Inn • YuHua Liu • Zevia              Michael Hall • Mike and Donna Giarmo • Mike Baker • Mike Butler • Molly Freeman
                                                                                               Office of the Governor • Paul Doetsch • Paul Ivacko • Pete Washabaugh • Robert Vogt
Buy-A-Cell                                                                                         Rohatynski PR Consulting • Ronald Gibala • Roscoe Shelton • Russell Dekema
  Alan and Jean Holcomb • Alumni Club Charlotte North Carolina • Andrew Klesh                 Scott Low • Steve Cook • Steven Antalics • Thomas Curran • Tim Allan • Tony England
       Barbara & Richard Zimmerman • Barbara Amos • Carole and Rick Brown                                       Trevor and Ann Marie Philbey • Wilson Center Staff
          Cheryl A. Summers • Douglas Czinder • Dr. And Mrs. Harry Kezelian
           Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bailey • Gary J. H. Zajac • Jean Strzyzewski
       Joyce M. Hammond • Karen and Keith Williams • Keith and Sandy Bailey
    Kenneth Michalzuk • Linda Dokas • Louis Castelli • Martin and Denise Ferman
  Mary and Jack Brennan • Max & Linda Kirk • M-Club of Greater Flint • Mimi Kezelian
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morykwas • Phillip Shishmian • Rita & Dean Wisniewski
                                                                                                Thanks to all of our Sponsors
                 Sarah Good • Stuart W Rosenberg • Thomas Costaras
                             UM Alumni Club Atlanta, GA

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                                                                                                                          JULIA HAWLEY
               BUY-A-CEll                                                                                             STEVEN HECHTMAN
                                                                                                                             MEG DAVIS
                                                                                       U-M Solar Car Team
                                                                                                                        SPECIAL THANKS:
The University of Michigan Solar Car Team is one of the biggest student projects on campus                       GUILLAUME CURAUDEAU
and our goal is to design, finance, build and race the best solar powered vehicle possible and                           LUKAS PANKAU
to enter the best Team into two different solar car races. Our current project vehicle, Con-
tinuum, began in the fall of 2005 and will be finished by the fall of 2007. We will race across
the continent of Australia in October of 2007 and also across the US into Canada in July of

Every single solar cell gives Continuum more power and brings the team closer to winning the
next championship. By purchasing a solar cell for Continuum’s solar array, you will not only be
directly contributing to the success of our team, but you will also be expressing your commit-
ment to education and interest in meeting environmental objectives in our society. We hope
that you will buy a solar cell and help the UM Solar Car Team rise above the competition.
                                                                                                      Cut here

Print this form and return this portion with your donation to the UM Solar Car Team!

Name         ________________________________________
                                                                          Please send checks to:
Address ________________________________________
                                                                          University of Michigan
____________________________________________________                      Solar Car Team
                                                                          3411 EECS
____________________________________________________                      1301 Beal Ave.
                                                                          Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone        ________________________________________

E-mail       ________________________________________                     Checks are to be made out to
                                                                          University of Michigan with a note
Signature ________________________________________                        “Gift For Solar Car Team”–––

Price              $50.00

Quantity     __________________

Total        __________________

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