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					                                         The New Frontier
    Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

PRESENTER BIOS                                                                1990 where she conceived, developed and presented the People’s
                                                                              Law School, an educational activity of the Bar Association to help
                                                                              citizens with law related problems. She has been awarded the
Elizabeth Ahern, MA                                                           Madge Bradley Award, presented by Lawyers Club of San Diego
                                                                              County, the 2005 Attorney of the Year award by the Bar Association
Elizabeth Ahern is a Ph.D. candidate in developmental psychology
                                                                              of Northern San Diego County and the prestigious Norby Award
at the University of Southern California. She researches children’s
                                                                              in 2002, given by the Family Law Specialists and the Family Law
disclosure of maltreatment, truth induction methods, and emergent
                                                                              Judges of San Diego County in recognition of outstanding service
lie telling ability with Tom Lyon, JD, Ph.D.. Elizabeth is also a child
                                                                              to the Family Law Bench and Bar. She currently serves on the
interviewing specialist, and she has conducted trainings on child
                                                                              President’s Council for California Statue University, San Marcos.
forensic interviews, provided guest lectures at the USC child
interviewing seminar, and leads monthly child forensic interview
peer reviews.                                                                 Isaac Berman, Ph.D.
                                                                              Dr. Isaac Berman, Ph.D. holds an AB in Psychology from UCLA
Meredith Alexander, JD                                                        and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern
Meredith Alexander is a Staff Attorney at the Harriett Buhai                  California. He is a Professor Emeritus of Counseling at the
Center for Family Law and the Legal Instructor for the Center’s               California State University, Los Angeles and Dr. Berman has
Mothers Behind Bars Project. Ms. Alexander provides direct                    practiced psychotherapy since 1966 (specialty: family therapy)
legal services and representation to low-income individuals with              offering also consultation and supervision to therapists. From
their family law matters. The majority of her clients are survivors           2002 to 2004 Dr. Berman was Clinical Director of The Women’s
of domestic violence. As the Legal Instructor for the Center’s                Clinic Family Counseling Center. He is an approved Continuing
Mother Behind Bars Project, she teaches classes to incarcerated               Education provider with the Board of Behavioral Science and
mothers at the Los Angeles County Jail on the Dependency, Family              currently offers a seminar on the “Clinical Issues in Co-Parenting.”
and Probate court systems with a focus on the best interests of
the child standard. Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Alexander                Gita Bhatia, Psy.D.
was a domestic violence legal advocate for 1736 Family Crisis                 Dr. Gitu Bhatia, a former family mediator for the Los Angeles
Center in Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Alexander received her J.D. from               Superior court, is a psychologist in private practice and adjunct
UC Hastings College of the Law (2010) with a concentration in                 faculty at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology at
public interest law and a certificate in child advocacy from Legal            Pepperdine University. She teaches cross-cultural psychology
Services for Children. .                                                      and supervises students in their clinical work. Dr. Bhatia is on the
                                                                              Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Psychological Association
Honorable Lorna Alksne                                                        and chairs the Diversity Committee. She has also been on the
The Honorable Lorna Alksne is the Supervising Judge of the                    Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law
Family Law Division of the Superior Court in San Diego. She was               Association and remains active in providing diversity trainings.
appointed judge in 2005, having been a Family Law Commissioner
for four years prior to that time. She also serviced as Civil                 Honorable Aviva K. Bobb (Ret.)
Course; to the District Attorney for San Diego County and was                 Judge Aviva K. Bobb (Ret.) is in the private practice of dispute
a pro tem Juvenile Court referee. She has most recently been                  resolution. She was appointed to the Los Angeles Municipal
a member of the Elkins Task Force and is a current member of                  Court in 1980 and to the Superior Court in 1994. She served
the Elkins Implementation Task Force. She has made numerous                   as Presiding Judge of the Municipal Court (1991-1992), and
presentations at judges and family law educational activities. She            Supervising Judge of the Family Law Courts (2000-2004) and the
was the recipient of the Distinguished Judge of the Year award in             Probate Courts (2005-2009). She has served as a member of the
2009 by the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.                                   Judicial Council of California and of the Judicial Council’s Probate
                                                                              and Mental Health Advisory Committee and the Family and
Honorable Irma Poole Asberry                                                  Juvenile Law Advisory Committee. She is a graduate of Wellesley
Judge Asberry is a Superior Court Judge in Riverside County in                College and Boalt Hall School of Law.
Family Law, in Dept. F402 at 4175 Main St., Riverside, CA.
                                                                              Honorable Jerilyn L. Borack
Charlene S. Baron, JD, MA                                                     Judge Borack was appointed to the Superior Court by Governor
Charlene S. Baron practice Family Law for 30 years prior to her               Davis in June, 2002. Prior to her appointment she was in private
retirement in 2007. She was a Family Law Specialist from 1998                 practice for nineteen years specializing in family law and was
until she retired. She is the co-founder of the High Conflict Case            a Certified Specialist. She had served as Judge Pro-tem, court
Management Program in San Diego County. She served for                        appointed attorney for minor children, and court appointed
many years as problem judge in the Superior Court, Family Law                 referee/Special Master in the Superior Courts of Sacramento,
department and was frequently appointed Minors’ Counsel. She                  Placer and Yolo Counties. She was an active member of the
was the President of the Northern San Diego Bar Association in                Sacramento County Bar Family Law Section, serving on their
                                            The New Frontier
    Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

Executive Committee from 1991 to 1995.                                             Ms. Brown obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of San
During her tenure on the bench she has been active in statewide,                   Diego School of Law in 1994, where she received the 1994 Award
court, and community activities. She was appointed by the Chief                    for Excellence in Trial Advocacy. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts
Justice to the Statewide Elkins Task Force, and is currently a                     in Political Science, with a Minor in Spanish, from the University
member of the Implementation Task Force. She was a member of                       of California, Riverside in 1989, and as a Rotary International
                                                                                   Scholar, she studied Politics and French at Macquarie University
the Domestic Violence Practices and Procedures Task Force and
                                                                                   in Sydney, Australia. Ms. Brown was also an exchange student to
currently serves on the Domestic Violence Implementation Task
                                                                                   London, England through the British Universities North American
Force. She co-chairs her court’s Standing Committee on Domestic
                                                                                   Club and worked as a legislative analyst and writer for the UC
Violence, and is an active member of the Court Community Focus
                                                                                   Federal Reporter in Washington, D.C.
Committee. She has served as Supervising Judge of the Family
Law and Probate Departments of the Sacramento Superior Court                       Ms. Brown was admitted to the State Bar of California and the
and has served on the court’s Executive Committee. She is the                      Federal District Court for the Southern District in 1994 and she
current co-chair, since 2005, of the Judicial Counsel Advisory                     became a Certified Specialist in Family Law in 2002.
Committee on Family and Juvenile Law, having served on the                         Ms. Brown serves as a Judge Pro Tem for the San Diego Superior
committee since 2003. She is active as well in California Judicial                 Court Family Law Division and is a member of the San Diego
Education and Research (CJER), having chaired the Family Law                       Certified Family Law Specialists mediation panel. Ms. Brown also
Education Committee as well as serving as faculty at several                       serves as a Judge Pro Tem in Small Claims Court.
educational institutes and programs.
                                                                                   Ms. Brown is an Advisor for the Executive Committee of the State
Judge Borack remains an active member of the Milton F.                             Bar of California, Family Law Section (FLEXCOM). Ms. Brown
Schwartz Chapter of the American Inns of Court (since 1997), and                   was an elected member and Affirmative Legislation Chair for
has served as President of the Board of Directors of the California                FLEXCOM for three years, where she co-authored several family
Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She                  law bills that have been enacted into law. She has worked with
has been a member, and chair, of the Board of Directors of the                     members of the State legislature on family law bills and has
Sacramento Youth Symphony, and has served on the Board of                          testified before the California State legislature on family law bills.
Directors of Sierra Adoption Agency.                                               She has written several articles for the State Bar’s Family Law
                                                                                   News and the family law E-Newsletter. Ms. Brown is also on
Linda Bortel, Psy.D.                                                               the San Diego Regional Standing Committee for the State Bar of
Dr. Linda Bortell is a clinical psychologist in private practice in                California, Family Law Section.
South Pasadena. She specializes in treating child trauma victims,                  Ms. Brown is on the Board of Directors for the Association
co-parenting, families and high conflict divorce. She serves as a                  of Family and Conciliation Courts, California Chapter (AFCC)
Parent Coordinator.                                                                and serves on the membership committee and the 2012 AFCC
Dr. Bortell is on the adjunct faculty and clinical staff at Rose City Center       Conference Committee. Ms. Brown also serves on the Legislative
in Pasadena and Wright Institute - Los Angeles. She does training                  Advisory Committee for the Association of Certified Family Law
and supervison of post doctoral fellows at both institutions. She                  Specialists (ACFLS).
frequently lectures at regional and state conferences on high                      Ms. Brown was an elected member of the Executive Committee
conflict divorce, infertility, ethics and child development in an age              of the San Diego County Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS)
of technology. She has been an expert on national television and                   for three years and is currently the Chair of the San Diego CFLS
has been quoted in local and national publications.                                Legislative Committee and Rules Committee. Ms. Brown serves
Dr. Bortell serves on the Board of directors for the California                    as a mentor for the San Diego County Bar Association for new
Psychological Association and the Los Angeles County                               family law attorneys. She was Chair of the Winter 2009 Certified
Psychological Association. She chairs the CLASP (colleague                         Family Law Specialists Seminar and co-chaired the Spring 2007
support and assistance program) for CPA and is on the Political                    and Summer 2009 Certified Family Law Specialists Seminars. Ms.
Action Committee (PAC) Board of Trustees. She is a past president                  Brown has been a speaker at Certified Family Law Specialists
of LACPA and the Wright Institute Alumni Association. She is the                   Seminars and has written articles for the Certified Family Law
past co-president of San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association.                 Specialists Newsletter.
                                                                                   As the Family Law Floor leader for the San Diego County Bar
Michele Brown, JD, CFLS                                                            Association Conference of Delegates, Ms. Brown authored several
Selected as one of San Diego Daily Transcript’s Top Family Law                     proposed Family Law bills and has volunteered for the annual
Attorneys for 2009 and 2007, Our City San Diego’s Top Family Law                   KNSD Ask-A-Lawyer program fielding questions on family law.
attorneys for 2009 and 2010 and San Diego Metro’s Top Family                       Ms. Brown is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association,
Law Attorneys for 2011, and with an attorney rating of Superb (10                  the Family Law Section of the San Diego County Bar Association,
out of 10) on the nation-wide legal network AVVO, MS. BROWN                        the Family Law Section of the State Bar of California, the Association
is a Family Law trial attorney with the Law Offices of Beatrice L.                 of Certified Family Law Specialists and the Association of Family
Snider, APC.                                                                       and Conciliation Courts (National and Local Chapters). Ms. Brown
                                       The New Frontier
   Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

also serves on the Board of Directors for the North Park Community        Donald Eisenberg, JD, CFLS
Association and the North Park Toyland Parade Committee.                  Donald Eisenberg, JD is an AV-rated, Certified Family Law
Ms. Brown is conversant in Spanish and French.                            Specialist with over 33 years devoted to family law. Mr. Eisenberg
                                                                          practiced for many years in Beverly Hills, relocating to Long
                                                                          Beach in 1999. He is a recognized expert in international child
Sharon Burnett, Ph.D., MFT                                                custody matters and high conflict divorce, having served as
Sharon Burnett, Ph.D., MFT is a licensed marriage and family              counsel in Rose v. Richardson, Prato Morrison v. Doe, Marriage
therapist in Tarzana, CA. She has many years of experience in             of LaMusga, and Marriage of Seagondollar. He has been on
working both as a treating therapist and a mediator with non-             the Board of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts,
traditional family units. She is the founder and director of the          California Chapter, and has done numerous presentations on
West Valley Counseling Center in Tarzana.                                 child custody issues. He has extensive experience in complex
                                                                          pension and property issues. A Viet Nam Veteran and graduate of
Commissioner Michael J. Convey                                            UCLA Law School, Mr. Eisenberg is happily married for more than
                                                                          41 years and has three adult children. Southern California Super
Commissioner Michael J. Convey sits in the Family Law                     Lawyers 2011 Southern California Super Lawyers 2010 Southern
Department of the Los Angeles Superior Court in Van Nuys. He is           California Super Lawyers 2006. Admitted to bar, 1976, California.
a member of the California Judges Association, California Court
Commissioners Association, and is on the Domestic Violence                Karina Estrella
(Special) Committee.                                                      Karina Estrella is a Staff Paralegal at the Harriett Buhai Center
                                                                          for Family Law and the Spanish Language Legal Instructor
Honorable Marguerite D. Downing                                           for the Center’s “Mothers Behind Bars Project.” Ms. Estrella
Judge Marguerite D. Downing serves on the Los Angeles Superior            provides direct legal services under attorney supervision to
Court. Appointed August 21, 2007, she presides over dependency            low-income individuals with their family law matters. She
cases at the Edelman Children’s Court. Since January 2009,                specializes in working with survivors of domestic violence.
Judge Downing has chaired the Incarcerated Parents Working                As the Legal Instructor for the Center’s “Mother Behind Bars
Group for Los Angeles County working to address issues effecting          Project,” she teaches classes to incarcerated mothers in the
                                                                          Los Angeles County Jail, which focus on how to best navigate
this population of parents and the effect incarceration has on
                                                                          the Dependency, Family and Probate court systems. Prior to
dependent children in the child welfare system. Judge Downing
                                                                          working with the Harriett Buhai Center, Ms. Estrella spent ten
has lectured and trained on this and other dependency subjects            years as the Supervising Paralegal for the CalWORKS Domestic
within California and in such far flung places as Beijing, China,         Violence Program at Community Legal Services in Compton,
Dubai, Guam and Saipan. She has been an active member of both             CA. She interviewed CalWORKS eligible victims of domestic
the National and American Bar Associations as both a lawyer and           violence, drafted legal documents and pleadings in family and
as a judge. Currently, Judge Downing serves as a Commissioner             immigration law matters, drafted restraining orders for those
for the ABA Commission on Youth at Risk.                                  seeking protection from their batterers at the Compton Court
                                                                          House’s Domestic Violence clinic and also provided individual
Leslie Drozd, Ph.D.                                                       pro per litigant assistance on a wide variety of legal issues at the
                                                                          Compton Court House’s Self-Help Center. Ms. Estrella received
Dr. Leslie Drozd is a licensed psychologist and marriage, family, &
                                                                          her A.A. from Cerritos College (1999) with a concentration in
child therapist specializing in family violence, trauma, substance
                                                                          Family Law.
abuse, & consultations in child custody. She trains judges,
attorneys, and mental health professionals and has a myriad of            Honorable Michael Gassner
professional publications. She is the editor of the peer-reviewed
                                                                          Judge Gassner is a Superior Court Judge in San Bernardino County
Journal of Child Custody.
                                                                          in Family Law, 351 North Arrowhead Avenue, San Bernardino, CA.
Dr. Drozd is clinician, teacher, researcher, and forensic expert
with expertise in issues related to child custody including partner       Honorable Barry Goode
violence, alienation, substance abuse, and attachment. She                Judge Goode is a Superior Court Judge in Contra Costa County
has written a myriad professional books, chapters, and articles,          in Family Law, in the Martinez Superior Court-Wakefield Taylor
and is the founding editor of the international peer-reviewed             Courthouse, Martinez, CA.
Journal of Child Custody. She has served on advisory councils
for the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and the             Diane M. Goodman, JD, CFLS
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Dr. Drozd           Diane M. Goodman is the owner of the Law and Mediation Office
performs custody evaluations, co-parenting therapy, parenting             of Diane M. Goodman in Encino. She is a member of the California
coordination, reunification therapy, and expert consultations to          State Bar Family Law Executive Committee (FLEXCOM) and the
attorneys.                                                                past chair of the adoption subcommittee of FLEXCOM. She is also
                                        The New Frontier
   Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

a fellow in and the Past President of the Academy of California             James M. Hallett, JD, CFLS, CCLS
Adoption Lawyers/Academy of California Family Formation                     James M. Hallett is a lawyer in Manhattan Beach certified by the
Lawyers. Ms. Goodman is the author of the parentage chapter                 State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, in both family
of Practice Under the California Family Code published by CEB.              law and criminal law. Jim attended Yale and then the University
Ms. Goodman regularly drafts assisted reproduction agreements               of California, Berkeley School of Law (formerly Boalt Hall), and
and mediates disputes between non-traditional family members.               taught high school at San Quentin Prison while in law school. He
                                                                            was a deputy public defender in Los Angeles for nine years and
Jon Gould, Ph.D.                                                            has been a sole practitioner since 1981. He has appeared three
Jon Gould, Ph.D. is a nationally-recognized expert in forensic              times before the California Supreme Court, and he has handled
psychology and specializes in issues related to family law,                 at least 25 death penalty cases (including six penalty phases, all
including child custody. Dr. Gould is the author of numerous                focused on family systems). Because of his crossover specialties
publications including The Art and Science of Child Custody                 of family/criminal law, he has been involved in numerous domestic
Evaluations with David A. Martindale. Dr. Gould performs custody
                                                                            violence cases, usually (but by no means always) representing
evaluations and frequently consults with other mental health
                                                                            the alleged perpetrator in both family and criminal courts. Jim
professionals and attorneys throughout the United States in
                                                                            is AV rated and has been named a Super Lawyer since 2007. He
the areas of child custody, child abuse and other forms of child
                                                                            has spoken on domestic violence at numerous seminars, and has
maltreatment as well as advising with regard to professional
ethics and standards. Dr. Gould resides in Charlotte, South                 written on the subject, most recently in the Summer 2011 issue of
Carolina                                                                    the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate Magazine. He is
                                                                            the married father of four grown children (all four kids, including
Honorable Dianna J. Gould-Saltman                                           a DA, an MFT, an ER physician, and a chef, have influenced his
                                                                            thinking on family issues).
LAW OFFICES, LLP. A certified family law specialist (The State
Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization) and a fellow of the       Shirley Ann Higuchi, JD
American and International Academies of Matrimonial Lawyers,                Shirley Ann Higuchi, JD is the Assistant Executive Director of
Ms. Gould-Saltman received her B.A. in psychology from the                  Legal and Regulatory Affairs at the American Psychological
University of California, Irvine and her J.D from Southwestern              Association. She is responsible for advising and developing
University School of Law. She is on the Board of Directors of the           policy and strategy on behalf of the Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and the Leadership            Department while integrating effectively into other programmatic
Council of the American Bar Association’s Family Law Section.               areas. She has established the first ever Office of the Parenting
                                                                            Coordinator in the Washington DC Superior Court Family Law
Lyn R. Greenberg, Ph.D.                                                     Division where licensed psychologists supervise doctoral level
Lyn Greenberg, Ph.D., is Co-Chair, Joint Working Group on                   psychology students to provide services to low-income, high
Representation and Advocacy for Children, American Psychological            conflict family. She has successfully developed and marketed an
Association (APA) & American Bar Association and of the                     HIPAA privacy rule compliance product for APA members. She
Forensic Specialty Group, Division of Family Psychology, APA,               currently serves at an appointee to the Commission on Judicial
and Chair of Continuing Education, Division of Family Psychology            Disabilities and Tenure. She is a member of the District of
(APA). She practices in Los Angeles California, specializing in             Columbia Bar and has served as its President.
child custody evaluations and treatment and consultation with
court-involved children and families. Her numerous publications             Carol Hirshfield, Ph.D.
and presentations include Greenberg, L.R., Gould-Saltman, D.J.,
Schnider, Judge Robert (2006) “The problem with Presumptions                Carol Hirshfield, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist who has over 25
– A Review and Commentary.” J. Child Custody 3/4, 141-174;                  years experience working with children, adults and their families
Greenberg, L.R., Gould, J., Gould-Saltman, D., and Stahl, P. (2003).        on both the East and West Coasts. Her special expertise includes
“Is the Child’s Therapist Part of the Problem? What Judges,                 child development, populations who have special needs (such
Attorneys and Mental Health Professionals Need to Know about                as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, developmental
court-Related Treatment for Children.” Family Law Quarterly,                disorders, and autism), and services for families who are engaged
Summer 2003, 39-69.                                                         in high conflict divorce. Her practice is in West Los Angeles, where
                                                                            she does psychotherapy and family therapy for children, teens and
Abbas Hadjian, JD, CFLS                                                     adults and is one of the few psychologists in this area who run
Abbas Hadjian, Esquire devotes a substantial part of his                    ongoing social skills groups for children ages 7-14 years, as well
family law practice to educating the Farsi‐speaking community               as an ongoing teen psychotherapy group. Her divorce services
on the comparisons between the American and Iranian legal                   include: co-parenting counseling and classes (known as COPE,
system and recently published “Divorce in California,” which is             co-parenting with your Ex), custody mediation, children’s groups,
written in Farsi. He is an expert on Iranian culture and laws.              and collaborative divorce coaching and child specialist work.
                                         The New Frontier
    Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

Jeffrey Jacobsen, JD, CFLS                                                   development, divorce and custody mediation, and parenting
Jeffrey Jacobsen is certified as a Specialist in Family Law by               coordination. She founded and was Director of the Northern
The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. He is             California Mediation Center for 20 years. She has published
a founding member of the West Los Angeles firm of Jacobson                   more than 80 articles and chapters in these areas of interest,
Scully Shebby, LLP. Jeff’s practice is devoted exclusively                   and is co-author of Surviving the Breakup: How Children and
to Family Law, with a special focus on Consensual Dispute                    Parents Cope with Divorce. Joan presents seminars and keynote
Resolution (including Mediation and Collaborative Law). Prior                addresses throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.
to starting his private practice, he was the Executive Director              Dr. Kelly has been honored for her work with many awards, including
of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center, a nonprofit law firm which              the Distinguished Mediator Award from the Academy of Family
provides family law services to low-income individuals in Los                Mediators, Fellow of the American Psychological Association,
Angeles. Jeff graduated summa cum laude from the University                  and the Stanley Cohen Distinguished Research and Meyer Elkin
of California at Berkeley and received his J.D. from UCLA Law                Awards from AFCC. Joan presents seminars and keynote addresses
School in 1996.                                                              throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Honorable Mark Juhas                                                         Sherrie Kibler-Sanchez, LCSW
Judge Juhas was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court                  BA in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters
in 2002 and has presided over a family Law department since                  in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She is
that time. He has served as the assistant Supervising judge for              a Family Court Services Mediator with LA Superior Court since
the family law departments for the County of Los Angeles. He                 1982. She has been active in the development and implementation
has served on various committees for the Administrative Office               of several special projects in the Los Angeles Courts, including
of the Courts, including Elkins Family Law Task Force. On many               high-conflict and pre-hearing educational programs, Divorce
occasions Judge Juhas has taught for the Center for Education                Seminars and Parent’s Days. She has been an intern training
and Judicial Research, the Los Angeles County Bar Association                supervisor and has performed numerous training presentations
and for AFCC. He currently sits on the AFCC-CA board.                        at conferences for the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)
                                                                             and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).
Stan Katz, Ph.D.                                                             She has trained incoming California Family Law judicial officers
is a forensic psychologist and custody evaluator with a practice             through CEJR, AOC. Sherrie has published with the Family and
in Beverly Hills California. He has been a technical advisor for             Conciliation Courts Review, the Family Court Review and has
several televisions programs on child abuse, been featured on                written articles for AFCC Newsletters. She is a lifetime member
two televisions series and appeared on several TV and radio                  of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and she is the
programs including Oprah Winfrey, 20/20 and the Today Show.                  immediate past-president of the AFCC-California Chapter. She
He is a frequent speaker to mental health, legal, and judiciary              was honored by the AFCC-CA Chapter with the Joseph Drown
groups. His publications include “Punish or Treat: the Case                  Award in 2006 for outstanding services to children.
for Multidisciplinary Treatment of Abused Children and Their
Families”, Crime Prevention Review, July, 1979, with co-authors              Seth D. Kramer, JD, CFLS
J.Kent and Anthrop; and books False Love and Other Romantic                  Seth Kramer was admitted to State Bar of California in January,
Illusions (1988) and Success Trap, (1990) Ticknor & Fields,                  1981. He has been certified as a specialist in Family Law by
co-authored with A. Liu.                                                     the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar Of California
                                                                             for over 20 years. He is currently Vice-Chair of the Family Law
Robert L. Kaufman, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.                                           Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association; Technology
Robert L. Kaufman, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. maintains a clinical and                  Coordinator for the Association of Family Law Specialist(ACFLS);
forensic practice in Oakland and Mill Valley, CA. Dr. Kaufman’s              and a member of the Executive Committee of the Family Law
clinical practice includes psychological and neuropsychological              section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. His practice is limited
assessment of children and adults as well as psychotherapy. His              exclusively to Family Law.
forensic work includes child custody evaluations, co-parenting,
mediation and attorney consultation, as well as civil and criminal           Jennifer Kresge, LMFT
matters. In addition, he is a senior trial consultant with the firm of       Jennifer Kresge, LMFT has degrees in psychology and a Masters
BonoraD’Andrea, LLC in San Francisco, CA, and is currently the               of Governance certification. She is a mediator and trainer of
President of the Board of Directors of the Family and Children’s             negotiation and mediation programs as well as an innovator in
Law Center in Marin County.                                                  the integration of neuroscience into the field of conflict resolution.
                                                                             She has been mediating for over twenty-seven years, resulting
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.                                                         in expert awareness of the complexities of dispute resolution.
Joan B. Kelly is a psychologist whose research, clinical, forensic,          Past President of the California County Boards of Education,
and teaching career of 35 years has focused on child and                     she was selected to serve on the legislative public policy
family adjustment to divorce, custody and access issues, child               making committee for California. Jennifer is the liaison for Napa
                                        The New Frontier
   Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

Superior Court’s Peer Court and Restorative Justice Programs is             Bay, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Long Beach. He
President for the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern            is the past vice-president of A Better Divorce: a group of
California, President of the Napa County Boards of Education,               collaborative professionals; he also serves as vice-president of
an advanced Practitioner/Trainer member of the Association for              the California Social Welfare Archives, on the advisory board of
Conflict Resolution, and a member of the Napa Valley Leadership             the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, and was
Council. For the past nine years, Jennifer has been involved in             honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National
neuroscience research and is a member of the Brainy Bunch.                  Association of Social Workers (NASW) California Chapter.
She feels passionate about understanding brain research and its
implications for purposeful thought and creating change.                    Donna A. Laurent, JD, CFLS
                                                                            Donna Laurent, CFLS graduated from Southwestern University
Mike Kretzmer, JD, CFLS                                                     School of Law, Summa Cum Laude, in May 1994. She became
Mike Kretzmer is a partner with the firm of Kolodny & Anteau, one           a Certified Family Law Specialist in November, 2000. She has
of the premier family law firms in the country. Mr. Kretzmer has            been practicing in all aspects of complex family law matters for
over 20 years of experience in handling complex child custody,              the past 16 years and has been a partner with Cari M. Pines, also
child abuse, adoptions and related matters as counsel in the                a Certified Family Law Specialist, at PINES LAURENT, LLP since
Family, Juvenile Dependency, Probate and Adoption courts. He                early 2009. The firm specializes in the representation of families
is a frequent writer and lecturer on issues pertaining to child             of children with special needs. While still attending law school,
custody and child abuse, including the representation of minors             Donna began volunteering in the Domestic Violence Clinic of the
in court proceedings. In addition, Mr. Kretzmer has served as               San Fernando Valley Neighborhood Legal Services. She has
a Special Master in custody matters, he is a member of the                  continued to advocate for domestic violence victims over the
State Bar of California’s Family Law Executive Committee and a              past 17 years and has a particular expertise in this area of family
Member of the Board of Directors of the California Chapter of the           law. Donna’s practice also emphasizes the representation of
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.                              families of children with special needs, including children with
                                                                            autism, bipolar disorder, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities,
Kathy Kuehnle, Ph.D.                                                        ADHD, etc. She has lectured extensively, both for various bar
Kathy Kuehnle, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department           associations and for the Association of Family and Conciliation
of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida          Courts on issues related to special needs children involved in
and has a private practice specializing forensic evaluations in             family law proceedings. Donna is also extremely active in local
family law and dependency courts and in the training of and                 bar association activities and does volunteer work for the Los
consultation to professionals in the judicial, child welfare, and           Angeles Superior Court’s Family Law Departments in a number of
educational systems. Her publications include Kuehnle, K., &                capacities. She has sat as a “Judge Pro Tem” in numerous family
Drozd, L. (Eds. 2006). Child custody litigation: Allegations of child       law and domestic violence courts throughout L.A. County since
sexual abuse. Binghamton, N.Y.: Haworth Press and numerous                  2005. She is a volunteer family law mediator for the Van Nuys
journal articles.                                                           branch court. She and Cari M. Pines are currently Co-Chairs of
                                                                            the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the San
Dr. Kuehnle received her doctorate from the University of
                                                                            Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA) and previous Co-Chairs
Minnesota; is a Florida licensedpsychologist; holds a faculty
                                                                            of the Family Law Section’s Programs. She is also a former
position at the University of South Florida, Florida Mental
                                                                            Trustee of the SFVBA. In her free time, Donna enjoys flower
HealthInstitute; and maintains a private forensic practice in
                                                                            gardening and practicing meditation.
Tampa, Florida. Dr. Kuehnle has written 15book chapters and 5
books, with two more books in process. She also has authored
numerous articles published in peer review journals.                        S. Margaret Lee, Ph.D.
                                                                            S. Margaret Lee, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist whose work
David Kuroda, LCSW                                                          focus is providing services to divorcing families. Dr. Lee performs
David Kuroda, LCSW is a former Division Chief, Family Court                 custody evaluations, does special master work, is a mediator,
Services, Superior Court of Los Angeles and directed the                    does consulting work with attorneys and provides therapeutic
Mediation and Conciliation Service, the first and largest court             services to parents and children. Dr. Lee has done research
mediation program in the nation. In his 18 years with the Superior          regarding psychological testing in child custody evaluations.
Court, he was responsible for the district courts, the PACT                 Dr. Lee is a frequent presenter at conferences in the area of
and Contemnors’ Programs, Divorce Seminars, and Visitation                  psychology/family law.
Monitors. Under his leadership, the services set high standards
for the mediation service and other Innovative programs serving             Honorable Michael L Levanas
children and families of divorce. He has services on numerous               Judge Michael Levanas sits in L.A. County Superior Court, Santa
committee with the Judicial Council, Los Angeles County Bar                 Monica, California in Family Law. Prior to being appointed to the
Executive Committee, Family Law Section, and has collaborated               bench in 2002, he practiced law with a specialty in Dependency,
on numerous programs with the bar associations of the South                 Family Law, and Personal Injury. Judicial officers described in a
                                        The New Frontier
   Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

Daily Journal article Judge Levanas work when he was a lawyer               professors, social workers, psychologists and reporters. His
in Dependency Court: “Levanas enjoyed enormous credibility                  work has been supported by the National Institutes of Health,
among the judges…He was one of the finest attorneys I had                   the National Science Foundation, the United States Department
the privilege of working with…They don’t get any better than he             of Justice, the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, the
was.”                                                                       California Endowment, and the Haynes Foundation.

Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis                                                A magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard
                                                                            Law School, Professor Lyon received his Ph.D. in developmental
Judge Thomas Trent Lewis sits in L.A. County Superior Court, Los
                                                                            psychology from Stanford University. He was an attorney for the
Angeles Central District, in Family Law. Prior to his appointment
as a judge, he practiced family law and served as lead appellate            Children’s Services Division of the Los Angeles County Counsel
counsel on 15 cases. He has been active in legislative matters              and a research associate at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center prior
concerning family law in California through his participation in            to joining USC Law in 1995.
the Conference of Delegates of the State Bar of California. He has
lectured frequently on family law topics at Los Angeles County              Karin Manger, LCSW
Bar San Fernando County Bar Family Law Section meetings and                 Karin Manger is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has more
conferences and at Continuing Education of the Bar trainings. He            than 25 years of experience working with children and families.
has been president of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association               Prior to joining Family Court Services in 1991 as a child custody
and Chair of the California Board of Legal Specialization.
                                                                            evaluator, she was the Program Director of the Aviva Center,
                                                                            a residential treatment program for adolescent girls and the
Lori Love, Ph.D.                                                            Clinical Director of the Germaine Lawrence Intensive Residential
Lori Love is a Clinical Psychologist in San Diego County with a             Treatment Program in Massachusetts. She has expertise in
specialty in child custody evaluations. In private practice, Dr.            working with children and adults with a wide range of psychiatric
Love accepts cases involving divorce, child custody and visitation
                                                                            disorders, as well as situational reactions. She has conducted
issues and will do family law related mediations and mediation
                                                                            over 700 child custody evaluations, both full and solution focused,
preparation. She frequently appears as a panelist at numerous
                                                                            and has taught the Parenting Without Conflict Program. Currently,
family law or child related seminars. With her husband, Miguel
Alvarez, Ph.D, she has co-authored Child Custody Evaluation and             she maintains a small private practice in West Los Angles. She
Mediation Preparation.                                                      also provides education groups for parents of children facing
                                                                            social and developmental challenges.
Mary Elizabeth Lund, Ph.D.
Mary Elizabeth Lund, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA, did            Diana L. Martinez, JD
a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Cambridge, England,              Diana L. Martinez, Esq, is the founder of West Coast Mediation,
where she did research on divorce and children. She started                 Inc., provides collaborative divorce and divorce mediation
a mediation and divorce therapy practice in 1985. In 1990 was               services in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange
chosen by Los Angeles Superior Court judges to do custody                   counties. Her mediation and collaborative training began through
evaluations. Her articles include original research and theory              the University of Southern California School of Law’s Alternative
on effects of divorce on children, parental alienation, divorced            Dispute Resolution program, and continued through mediation
fathers, custody evaluations, and mediation training. She trains            certification with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. She
incoming California Family Law judicial officers, is on the editorial       is an active member of the Los Angeles County Superior Court
board of the Journal of Child Custody, and is Vice President of the
                                                                            Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel, through which she provides
California Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation
                                                                            volunteer services in alternative dispute resolution for family law.

Tom Lyon, Ph.D., JD                                                         Amy L. Neiman, JD, CFLS
Thomas D. Lyon’s research interests include child witnesses,                Amy Neiman received her undergraduate degree from San
child maltreatment and domestic violence. He teaches courses in             Francisco State University, and her juris doctorate degree from
Evidence, Law and Psychology, and Child Interviewing.                       the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law
                                                                            in 1985. Ms. Neiman is a Certified Family Law Specialist and has
Professor Lyon is past-president of the American Psychological
                                                                            been practicing in the area of family law for over 20 years. Ms.
Association’s Section on Child Maltreatment (Division 37) and
a former member of the Board of Directors of the American                   Neiman has represented adults in dissolution proceedings, and
Professional Society on the Abuse of Children. He has published             children in high conflict custody and guardianship proceedings.
more than 30 papers in law reviews, psychology journals and                 Prior to practicing in the area of family law, Ms. Neiman was a
books; has authored or co-authored more than 50 research                    civil litigator at Latham & Watkins and Folger & Levin. She also
presentations at psychology and law conferences; and has                    worked extensively in the area of art law, emphasizing public art
conducted more than 100 trainings with judges, attorneys, law               destruction.
                                        The New Frontier
   Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

Judith C. Nesburn, JD, LCSW                                                 Extension and the downtown Los Angeles campus of the Chicago
Judith C. Nesburn, JD, LCSW is an experienced Family Law                    School of Professional Psychology. Through the offices of the
Attorney/Mediator and Collaborative Attorney who is also a                  Pines Institute, Dr. Pines is able to deliver training and technical
Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has lectured extensively               assistance to agencies in the best practices of mental health
throughout California and the US on Family Law, Family Law                  prevention and early intervention. Michael is Co-chair of the Los
Mediation and Collaborative Law and guest lectures in the USC               Angeles County Child & Adolescent Suicide Review Team and
Graduate Law and Social Work Program. Judith has served on                  for this initiative; the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
the California State Bar Family Law Executive Committee, as                 honored him on three occasions.
Continuing Legal Education Chair for the California State Bar Family
Law Section, and as Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution             Ian Russ, Ph.D., MFT
Standing Committee of the State Bar Family Law Association                  Ian Russ, Ph.D. is currently the chairman of the State Board
and has served on its teaching faculty since the inception of               of Behavioral Sciences. Licensed as a marriage and family
its training program. Judith has been actively promoting the                therapist, his practice includes both custody evaluations and
practice of Collaborative Premarital Agreements, and recently               psychotherapy. Dr. Russ is past president of the California
co-authored the article “Isn’t It Unromantic? Collaboratively               Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (CAPSAC). He is
Negotiating Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements” which was                     a co-author of Child Development: A Judges’ Reference Guide,
published in the Spring 2008 issue of Collaborative Review with             The Deskbook for Dependency Court Judges and the Judicial
co-presenter Sandra Rosenbloom, Esq. Judith received her                    Educator’s Guidebook for Implementing Medical Legal Training.
undergraduate degree summa cum laude from UCLA, her Masters                 Dr. Russ has a Master of Arts in Human Development from Pacific
in Social Work magna cum laude from Columbia University, and                Oaks College and a Ph.D. in Social-Clinical Psychology from the
her law degree from Loyola Law School, where she was admitted               Wright Institute Los Angeles. From 1976 through 1986 he taught
to the Law Honor Society. Judith received the highest Martindale            in the graduate program in Family and Child Therapy at Pacific
Hubbell peer review rating (AV) in legal ability and legal ethics,          Oaks College, and from 1986-1991 he was the Saul White Visiting
and has been voted a Southern California Super Lawyer for 2011.             Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of
Judith’s website is                                 Judaism.

Honorable Steff Padilla                                                     Nancy Satenberg, Ph.D.
Hon. Steff Padilla is assigned to the Los Angeles Superior Court,           Dr. Nancy Satenberg has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She
family law court in Van Nuys, CA. She has been assigned to family           works exclusively with families who are involved in the divorce/
law since Dec 2006. She has been on the bench for 11 years as a             separation process. Dr. Satenberg received a Masters in Social
Referee and Commissioner. She mainly sat in delinquency court.              Work from the University of Southern California and her Ph.D.
Commissioner Padilla worked as an attorney in dependency court              from the California Graduate Institute. She has California State
from 1991-2000. She represented hundreds of children, parents               licenses in Clinical Social Work and Marriage, Family and Child
and other caretakers during her time in dependency court.                   Counseling. For almost 25 years, Nancy worked for Family Court
                                                                            Services of the Los Angeles County Superior Court providing
Cari M. Pines, JD, CFLS                                                     child custody mediation for people going through a divorce
Cari M. Pines is a certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the        or separation.      She did training for new hires, worked on
State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization in 2004. Ms          the domestic violence committee and helped to plan Divorce
Pines currently serves as the Co-Chairperson of the Family Law              Seminars. She presented at conferences and Bar meetings on the
Section of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association where she                subject of mediation and divorce. Dr. Satenberg was instrumental
also serves as Chair from 2003 through 2006. She has been a                 in bringing the Parents and Children Together (PACT) program to
member of the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County                 the San Fernando Valley which she co-facilitated from 1993 to
Bar Association’s Family Law Section since 2007. Ms. Pines’                 2008. She retired from the Court in 2008 to go into private practice.
private practice is dedicated t the practice of all aspects of family
law and has a particular emphasis on issues concerning families             Elizabeth Potter Scully, JD, CFLS
of children with special needs.                                             A California native, Elizabeth received her A.B. in Classics (Latin)
                                                                            magna cum laude from Harvard in 1993 and her J.D. from the
Michael Pines, Ph.D.                                                        University of California Hastings College of Law in 1996. Her
Dr. Michael Pines, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist. In 2007,               practice includes litigation; mediation and minor’s counsel work
he retired from the Los Angeles County Office of Education,                 in both Probate and Family Law departments. Elizabeth is certified
where he managed the School Mental Health Center, providing                 as a Specialist in Family Law by The State Bar of California Board
training and technical support to school districts in response              of Legal Specialization. Los Angeles Magazine recognized her as
to critical mental health issues including risk-assessment and              a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011.
early intervention in response to crisis. Since retiring from               She is a Probate Volunteer Panel Attorney. Prior to becoming
public school work, he is engaged as Adjunct Instructor at UCLA             a founding member of Jacobson Scully Shebby LLP, Elizabeth
                                      The New Frontier
   Exploring The Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts

practiced first at Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, then          of expertise involve threat assessments and active threat
as a partner at Kaufman, Young, Spiegel, Robinson & Kenerson            management, and have been extensively used as a workplace/
LLP, then as a solo practitioner. Elizabeth currently serves on         school-place/personal violence and threat management
the Family Law Executive Committee of the Beverly Hills Bar             consultant throughout the United States since 1995. He also works
Association; on the Board of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center,          with many recognized federal, state, county, city and private
a nonprofit law firm serving the working poor; and volunteers as        organizations in the development of their violence prevention
a Pro Bono Attorney for the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law.        programs and the implementation of Threat Management Teams,
                                                                        along with providing expert consultation/testimony for attorneys
Leslie Ellen Shear, JD, CFLS, CALS                                      in the labor & employment, civil and family law arenas. Dr. Tau
Ms. Shear is a graduate of UCLA School of Law and admitted to           actively manages potentially violent situations with a continuum
the California Bar in 1976 and maintains her practice in Encino,        of intervention strategies, working with Human Resources
California. A frequent lecturer in custody matters, she has been        professionals, attorneys and law enforcement agencies. He
involved in a number of high-profile custody cases over the             has strategic partnerships with private security professionals
years – most recently, Marriage of LaMusga and Marriage of              to provide armed security, surveillance, executive protection,
Seagondollar.                                                           computer forensics and countermeasure resources to minimize
                                                                        vulnerabilities with a zero failure approach to active threat
                                                                        management. His background includes bachelor’s degrees
Honorable Scott Silverman                                               in Psychology and Biological Sciences, masters and doctoral
Judge Scott Silverman, Superior Court Judge of the County of Los        degrees in Clinical Psychology, and extensive clinical and forensic
Angeles in Family Law, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill St.,        training and services in the private and public sectors. He has
Los Angeles, CA 90012, Dept. 7.                                         over 10 years experience in the psychiatric hospital setting, and
                                                                        was the Clinical Director of an inpatient psychiatric program
Katherine Ojeda Stewart, JD                                             providing comprehensive services for psychological disorders
Katherine Ojeda Stewart is an Equal Justice Works Fellow/               and substance abuse. Dr. Tau currently serves on the Board of
Staff Attorney at the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law in Los       Directors for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals
Angeles, California. At the Center she is implementing a new            – San Diego Chapter, and has served on the Board of Directors
program, The Family Reunification Re-Entry Project. Through this        for the California Psychological Association, the Orange County
project, she provides direct legal services and representation          Psychological Association and Laura’s House Domestic Violence
to mothers in family and probate court to protect parent-child          Shelter. He has received several awards on both the state and
relationships and facilitate family reunification. Ms. Stewart          county levels for his contributions and efforts in the profession
also provides needed legal education to formerly incarcerated           of psychology.
women so that mothers can make more informed choices about              An experienced and dynamic speaker, Dr. Tau has presented
their children’s welfare and preserve their parental rights. Ms.        nationwide on topics related to threat assessments and targeted
Stewart received her J.D. from UCLA School of Law (2010) with           violence for professional organizations in the human resources,
a specialization in Critical Race Studies and Public Interest Law       risk management, security, legal and mental health fields, and has
and Policy. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Ethnic Studies         appeared in newsprint, radio, television and Internet media. More
from San Francisco State University (2007) and graduated from           information is available at
The Ohio State University (2005) with a Bachelor’s Degree in
Comparative Ethnic and American Studies and Spanish.                    Heidi S. Tuffias, JD, CFLS
                                                                        Heidi S. Tuffias is a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 20
Angus Strachan, Ph.D.                                                   years of family law and family law mediation experience in West
Angus Strachan is a clinical psychologist whose work focuses            Los Angeles, California. In 2000, Ms. Tuffias started her own law
on resolving problems between people. He mediates disputes              firm which specializes in family law alternative dispute resolution.
between family members or couples going through divorce. He             Currently she serves on the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s
performs custody evaluations and handles post-divorce disputes          Family Law Section Executive Committee as co-chair of the
as a Parenting Plan Coordinator/Special Master. He performs             mediation committee. She is a former board member of the
psychotherapy and co-parent counseling with individual children,        Los Angeles Women Lawyers Association and Association of
adults, couples and families. He consults to organizations and          Certified Family Law Specialists. Ms. Tuffias has taught, spoken
family businesses on team development, personnel selection              and written extensively about mediation, collaborative law and
and strategic planning. Angus Strachan has also conducted               family law.
research on family communication and psychotherapy process
and outcomes at UCLA and other universities.

Emanuel Tau, Psy.D.
Dr. Manny Tau is a California licensed psychologist (PSY14892)
with specializations in clinical & forensic psychology. His areas

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