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         Electromagnetic Measurement While Drilling Tools

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      Measurement While Drilling (MWD)
    National Oilwell Varco is a world leader in downhole tools,
    services and technology. Our state-of-the-art BlackStar
    Electromagnetic (EM) MWD system sets the standard for
    downhole data acquisition. Combining the latest in EM
    technology with the most durable and efficient design on the
    market, BlackStar provides you with a cost effective solution
    for EM MWD applications. We offer purchase with qualified
    training and 24/7 engineering support, as well as lease and
    rental options.

    BlackStar EM MW T       D ools
    MWD applications involve the sending of measurements
    made by instruments located at the bottom of the hole back
    to the surface to allow the driller to understand such things
    as the location and orientation of the drill bit. Traditional
    MWD systems transmit information to the surface by
    sending pressure pulses through the drilling fluids or wire

    EM systems send information to the surface through the
    earth’s crust utilizing low frequency electromagnetic waves.
    Information is received at a surface antenna, decoded then
    processed by a computer and distributed to the driller’s
    readout display without the encumbrance of mud or wire

    BlackStar Applications
    Since BlackStar’s EM transmission is continuous, survey
    data can be transmitted during connections resulting in
    considerable savings in rig time.

One company … unlimited solutions
      Measurement While Drilling (MWD)
                                         Featur es / Benefits
      EM systems are the preferred MWD   As a result of many years of field tests and design
      strategy in many applications,     applications, the BlackStar EM MWD offers many key
      including:                         advantages over more traditional MWD systems.
      • Under-balanced drilling          Some of these include:
      • Coal Bed Methane (CBM)           • Key data points including:                   • Programmable to meet local field
      • Under-pressured formations         · magnetic/gravity tool faces                  conditions
      • Lost circulation                   · inclination                                • Variable data transmission speeds
      • Vertical control drilling          · azimuth                                    • Separate steering and survey frames
      • Directional drilling               · gamma (Directional and 360¼) and           • Compact and battery powered
      • Horizontal drilling                  annulus pressure                           • Electronic design eliminates
      • Re-entry wells                   • EM MWD will work in a variety of fluid         mechanical parts
      • Contaminated mud systems           conditions such as:                          • Does not require pump pressure
                                             · aerated mud                              • Data output in standard WITS format
                                             · while pumping LCM material               • Can be used with a variety of tubular sizes

                                                                                        Every BlackStar kit is carefully packed and transported
                                                                                        in durable, water-proof cases and available for rent,
                                                                                        lease, or purchase with qualified training and 24/7
                                                                                        technical support available.

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         BlackStar Geosteering Gamma Tools
                                    The BlackStar EM-MWD system provides the user with three Gamma Module options for their logging
                                    and geosteering applications; a 360o Gamma Module, a Directional Gamma Module, and a Dynamic
                                    Rotational Gamma Module. The 360o Gamma Module or omni-directional Gamma Module is the better
                                    choice for correlation logging because it offer greater sensitivity over the Directional Gamma Module,
                                    and it is much less susceptible to damage due to shock and vibration. The 360o Gamma Module is
                                    normally used in the vertical or build section of a well, not in horizontal geosteering applications. All
                                    BlackStar Geosteering modules contain an integral annular pressure sensor, axial & radial vibration
                                    sensors, temperature sensor and logging memory.

                                    The BlackStar Directional Gamma module (PTG) contains a gamma detector that is mounted within a
                                    tungsten shield which substantially attenuates the naturally occurring gamma radiation that is being
                                    emitted by the surrounding formations in all directions except in a location where a 1/2 inch wide by 5
                                    inch long slot has been cut axially into the shield. The slot in the shield allows the Gamma rays to enter
                                    the detector with minimum attenuation within a window that is approximately +/- 60 degrees wide
                                    centered about the long axis of the gamma detector. The slot in the tungsten shield is physically aligned
                                    with the High Side of the MWD tool allowing its position relative to the gravity high-side of the hole to be
                                    controlled by the directional driller. This tool configuration is then used to try to determine bed boundary
                                    locations by utilizing the amount of naturally occurring radioactive materials that is contained with the
                                    formations of interest. Normally, a coal will contain fewer of the naturally occurring radioactive elements
                                    than an adjacent shale or siltstone.

                                    The BlackStar Dynamic Rotation Gamma Module (DRG) provides the ability to make an accurate
                                    measurement of the natural radioactivity emitting from either the high side or the low side of the well
                                    bore while drilling. Currently with the NOV Directional gamma tool, this measurement is made by
                                    stopping the drilling operation and physically orienting the focused gamma sensor to either the high side
                                    or the low side of the bore. The (DRG) technology will allow the driller to make more rapid determination
                                    of the approaching bed boundary changes and make corrections to adjust his drilling program to stay
                                    within the desired zone thus provides an improved method of geosteering by adding the ability to record
                                    oriented gamma measurements while the drill string is rotating or stationary.

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         BlackStar EM MWD TOOLS
               Geographic Regions of Current Tool Deployment

                              Optimum operation in formations where resistivities
                              are between 3 to 200 ohm-meters

One company … unlimited solutions
         BlackStar EM MWD TOOLS
                                     Probe Length
                                         directional only 21.3 ft (6.5 meters)
                                         MWD Gamma, and Annulus pressure ft. 32.4 ft
                                          (9.88 meters)
                                     Does not require pump pressure.
                                     Data output standard WITS format.
                                     Compact size.
                                     Can be used with a variety of tubular sizes.
                                     EM-MWD will work in a variety of fluid conditions such
                                         Conventional Mud Drilling
                                         Multiphase fluids – Aerated Mud
                                         Under-balanced Drilling

One company … unlimited solutions
         BlackStar EM MWD TOOLS
                                    BlackStar Business Model
         NOV is proud to offer the BlackStar EM MWD for either sale or lease to
         the major Oil & Gas Service companies, and the Independent
         Directional Drilling & MWD Service companies.
         Services provided by the BlackStar EM Division include:
                  •Equipment: Sales, Rentals and Leases
                  • Operators for customer training and field support.
                  • Fleet Management. All Customer tools are serviced at the
                  Stafford facility.
                  • Engineering.

One company … unlimited solutions
         BlackStar EM MWD TOOLS
                                                      Features and Benefits:
                                       Modular Design for Gamma/Annulus Pressure
                                          Includes 360° gamma, 120° focused gamma,
                                             and DRG gamma.
                                          Adjustable annulus pressure range 500-15,000
                                             PSI FS.
                                       Continuous monitoring of annulus pressure while
                                        drilling and tripping.
                                       Used to drill thin bedded formations.
                                       Stays in target zone, eliminating possible sidetrack
                                       Cost effective high speed alternative to mud pulse
                                        MWD technology.

One company … unlimited solutions
      Sensor Specifications                                                                   Gener al Tool Specifications
      Parameter Range                                  Resolution            Accuracy         Length                   30.75 ft. (9.373 meters)
                                                                                              Size                     1.875" OD (0.5715 meters)
      Inclination             0 - 180°                 0.05°                 +   /- 0.2°
                                                                                              Pressure rating          20,000 psi (137,895 kPa)
      Azimuth                 0 - 360°                 0.18°                 +   /- 1.0°
      Tool Face               0 - 360°                 0.18°                 +   /- 1.5°      Power Lithium Battery;   80 to 130 operating hours depending upon borehole
      Dip Angle               0 - + /-90°              0.1°                  +   /- 0.2°                               conditions and transmitter power selection. Dual
      Mag Field               0 – 70,000 gamma         100                   +   /- 200                                Battery Option available on 2006 series tools providing up
      Gamma Ray               2000 cps                 1 cps                 +   /- 1                                  to 260 hours of operation.
      Annular Pressure        0 - 15,000 psi           1 to 8 psi depen-                      Operating                -20°C to + 150°C
                                                       ding upon Selected    1% Selected      Temperature
                                                       full-scale range      FSR
                                                       (6.89 to 55.15 kPa)                    Downhole Data            Up to 144 hours of Gamma, Annular Pressure, Total
      Temperature             -20 – 150°C (-4 - 302°F) 0.07°C (1°F)          + /- 1.0°        Storage                  Vibration, and Temperature stored at 1-minute intervals.
      Total Vibration         0 – 50 g rms             0.01 g rms            + /- 0.5 g rms   Downhole Data            Up to 144 hours of Gamma, Annular Pressure, Total
                                                                                              Storage                  Vibration, and Temperature stored at 1-minute intervals.
                                                                                              Downlinking              Pumps On/Off cycling sequence to change tool's mode
            Well information
                                                                                                                       of operation.
         and options access                                   Signal verification windows

                                                              Detailed logging data

                 EM MWD data                                  Database verification window

                                                              Tool face histogram
                   Survey data

         EM MWD surface
         amplifier used for
          signal detection
            and decoding

One company … unlimited solutions
 Oper ating Specifications                         Envir onmental - All Tools                        Well information
 and Limits                                        Shock     Operating-1000 g, .05 msec, ½ sine   and options access      Signal verification windows
 Data Transmission                                           Survival-2000 g, .05 msec, ½ sine                            Detailed logging data
 Type            Low frequency                     Vibration Operating:                                                   Database verification window
                 electromagnetic waves                                                                    EM MWD data
                                                             Sine Vibration – 15 g peak,                                  Tool face histogram
 Operating       Field Programmable,                         50 to 800 Hz
 Frequency       2 Hz to 12 Hz                                                                              Survey data
                                                             Random Vibration – 10 grms
 Data Rates      1, 1.5, 2, 2.4, 4, 4.8,                     maximum
                 and 6 Bits per Second
                                                             Vibration Survival:                  EM MWD surface
 Parameters      Field Programmable                          Sine Vibration – 30 g peak,          amplifier used for
                                                             50 to 800 Hz                          signal detection
 Data Update     18 sec @ 1 baud:                                                                    and decoding
 Rates           3 sec @ 6 baud                              Random Vibration – 20 grms

F mation Par ameter s
Formation Resistivity     3 ohm/meters to 1000
                          ohm/meters depending
                          upon Formation Strata,
                          and Borehole
EM Signal Modeling        EM signal modeling
                          program available
                          for pre-job planning

One company … unlimited solutions
  System Size                                          Pr essur e Dr op at Maximum
                                                       Flow Rate with 8 lb mud                                                     Mud or Fluid Par ameter s
  3.750 " (95mm) OD X 2.313" (58.7 mm) ID              180psi (1241kPa) @ 160 gpm                                                  Conventional     Mud Flow Rate:
                                                       (0.60m /min)                                                                Drilling         Maximum dependent on NMDC ID,
                                                                                                                                                    Fluid velocity flowing past tool not to
  4.750 " (121mm) OD X 2.688" (68.3 mm) ID             76psi (524kPa) @ 370 gpm
                                                                                                                                                    exceed 40 ft/sec (12 m/sec)
                                                       (1.40m 3/min)
                                                                                                                                                    Mud Sand Content:
  6.500 " (165mm) OD X 3.250" (82.6 mm) ID             39psi (269kPa) @ 700 gpm
                                                              3                                                                                     Maximum 0.5% for continuous
                                                       (2.65m /min)
                                                                                                                                                    operation at maximum flow
  8.000 " (203mm) OD X 4.000" (101.6 mm) ID            21psi (145kPa) @ 1200 gpm                                                                    rate/higher content tolerable at low
                                                                                                                                                    flow rates
                                                                                                                                   Underbalanced/   Minimum fluid injection rates:
                                                                                                                                   Air Drilling     30 gpm (114 l/min)
  System Size               Hole Size                  Max Dog Leg - Degr ee/100 ft
                                                       (Degr ee/ 30m)
                                                                            Sliding         Rotating                      Computer Requir ements
  3.750" OD (95mm)          4.750" to 5.875" ID (121 to 149mm)              60              20                            Windows NT, 2000 or XP                 Serial port (DB9 connection)
  4.750" OD (121mm)         5.875" to 7.875" ID (149 to 200mm)              28              12                            Pentium III (Min)                      CD ROM or CD RW
  6.500" OD (165mm)         7.500" to 9.875" ID (191 to 251mm)              20              10                            10 GB Hard Drive (Min)                 256 MB RAM
  8.000” OD (203mm)         9.875" to 12.50" ID (251 to 311mm)              12              7                             Parallel Printer port                  LAN 10/100 base T connection

For a complete list of specifications and current availability of these tools, please visit our website at

    One company … unlimited solutions
            Technology, Manufacturing / Service

                                                                                                              Manufactur ing / Ser vice
Contact Spring                        At National Oilwell Varco, our focus is taking technology               The BlackStar EM MWD tool is manufactured, assembled and tested in
                                      downhole. We are committed to providing BHA solutions                   National Oilwell Varco’s Houston facility. The system is carefully packed in
                     Battery Collar   that are rugged and reliable, from design through repair and            sturdy shipping containers and ready for delivery at a moment’s notice. This
                                      maintenance. Combined with our responsive customer                      compact packaging allows for ease of handling and the assurance that all
                                      service and support, this translates to increased BHA                   parts arrive in an orderly and reliable condition.
   Transmitter                        performance and reduced drilling costs for our clients.
                                                                                                              As a worldwide leader in downhole drilling tools, NOV is dedicated to serving
                                                                                                              the oil and gas industry with quality equipment, reliable service, and the most
                     Gap Sub                                                                                  experienced and knowledgeable people in the business. Our commitment to
     Tool Gap        Assembly                                      Our QA/QC and product testing              leading edge technology, precision manufacturing, and rigorous quality
       Battery                                                     procedures ensure the delivery of a        assurance allows us to focus on providing the most cost efficient tools
                                                                   structurally sound and reliable tool kit   available, around the clock and all over the globe.
                                                                   for every application.
Contact Spring

                                                                                                                      Corporate                       Downhole Tools
                                                                                                                      Headquarters                    Headquarters
    Assembly         Instrument                                                                                       10000 Richmond Avenue           7909 Parkwood Circle Drive
                                                    All tools are manufactured                                                                        Houston, Texas 77036
                                                                                                                      Houston, Texas 77042
                                                  and assembled in our state-                                         United States                   United States
                                                  of-the-art facility by the most                                     Phone: 713 346 7500             Phone: 713 375 3700
                                                               experienced and                                        Fax: 713 346 4493               Fax: 713 346 7306
  Gamma Ray
     Battery                                      knowledgeable technicians
                                                                in the business.

  Gamma and
    Assembly         Orienting
                     Pressure Sub

 Pressure Port

  One company … unlimited solutions
         Complete Software Package
                                       The BlackStar EM Systems are complete to
                                        include Prejob signal modeling software and
                                        an intelligent database data acquisition and
                                        log plotting package that can be customized
                                        with the customer's logo and company
                                       The system can work with either a NOV
                                        furnished stand-a-lone depth tracking system
                                        and or with standard WITS based systems
                                        such as Pason, Petron and Chimo.
                                       The intelligent database data acquisition and
                                        log plotting package is fully automatic,
                                        requiring minimal operator interface.

One company … unlimited solutions
         Graphic User Interface
                                     The status of the downhole
                                      tool, drilling, surveying and
                                      logging information is
                                      continuously available to the
                                      operator through a graphical
                                     Signal reception,
                                      synchronization and decoding
                                      is automatically controlled by
                                      the BlackStar System.
                                     Survey and logging data is
                                      continuously broadcasted on
                                      the rig’s WITS network.

One company … unlimited solutions
         EM Signal Modeling Software
                                     By using a Resistivity log of an
                                      offset well or a well in the
                                      immediate area, and
                                      information from the proposed
                                      well plan, a very good
                                      estimate of the EM tool’s
                                      performance under a given set
                                      of circumstances can be
                                     With this model the customer
                                      can optimize the drilling and
                                      well bore parameters to
                                      maximize EM transmittance,
                                      or make a determination
                                      whether or not EM tools are a
                                      good choice for a particular job

One company … unlimited solutions
Everything Needed for the Job is in the Box
                                     Everything that an operator needs to
                                      conduct a normal EM-MWD job is in the kit
                                     Complete with dual tool strings and surface
                                      equipment, cables, antenna, special and
                                      conventional hand tools, the BlackStar EM
                                      Kit can be rapidly deployed to locations
                                     NOV provides fleet management services
                                      and fast kit turn-a-round service to its
                                      customers. Normally an EM Kit can be
                                      serviced and returned to the customer
                                      within 48 hours.

One company … unlimited solutions
                 New Technology
Contact Spring
                                         NOV is continuing to develop its EM-MWD technology
                                          and plans to provide upgrade paths to its customers.
                       Battery Collar

       Battery                            This path will allow customers to take advantage of the
                       Gap Sub
                                          new technological developments as they become
     Tool Gap
                                          available while maintaining maximum utilization of their
Contact Spring
                                          existing assets.
                                         For more information on new technology
    Assembly           Instrument
                                          developments, please contact the EM Stafford, Texas
  Gamma Ray

  Gamma and
    Assembly           Orienting
                       Pressure Sub

 Pressure Port

    One company … unlimited solutions
One company … unlimited solutions

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