Day 1 after the Fast - February 5_ 2011 Spiritual Awakening Lesson by panniuniu


									                  Day 1 after the Fast - February 5, 2011
                           Spiritual Awakening
                                 Lesson 1

Welcome. This marks the beginning of our journey in Spiritual Awakening.
We will be led where the Lord wants us to be. We will be prepared to
possess the land and the heart, with an understanding of who the Lord
is, and of who we are in Him. The enemy knows who the Lord is and
who we are in him, but do you know? The Lord wants us to know who He
is, and be assured in who we are in Him with faith, hope and confidence to
face the battle to come.

Joshua - Chapter 2. Please read the second chapter. Joshua sent out
spies to view the land they were to conquer. When they went to Jericho,
they were welcomed and sheltered by Rahab, the harlot. I asked the Lord
the question, "Lord, why did you let them go to a sinner's house, one
who had the reputation of being a known harlot?"

The first answer in our study is this: God will do as He will. In our conquests
for his Kingdom, we will be used strategically as He wills and as those
chosen of God for the Kingdom. We must be careful to not have a
judgmental heart nor question God in times we do not understand, but
be confident that everything He is doing in our journey is to possess
the land. He wants the one person, you, the individual, whom He knew
would be a part of His plan, to fulfill His purpose in this season.

Rahab, being a sinner, began to share with them in Joshua 2:9, "I
know that the LORD has given you this land and that a great fear of
you has fallen on us, so that all who live in this country are melting in
fear because of you."

Rahab recognized the Lord had given them the land by the manifestation of
fear around her:
    Everyone had fear - distressing emotion, anxiety.
    Everyone was fainthearted - lacking courage, cowardice.
    Everyone had no courage - could not face the danger.
    Everyone saw how Great and mighty our God is - HE IS GOD.
This was a sinner who recognized that our God is Great!

When God is present in our midst and, as Rahab saw, people begin to see
the awesomeness of who He is, they will testify of His greatness to
others. We must have the Presence of God in our midst. We cannot do
these things if He is not abiding with us.

               We want the manifested presence of God.

Everything she described to the spies in verses 9-11 were the opposite of
what Joshua was instructed by God to be and do:

     The enemy had fear - we must have faith.
     The enemy was fainthearted - we must be courageous.
     The enemy had no courage - we must be able face difficult times.
     The enemy knows who He is - we must Know Who He Is more than
      the enemy.

The Lord is speaking to us to walk in faith, to be of good courage, and
to be prepared to face the difficult times ahead of us as we proceed to
possess the land the Lord has promised us. We will rejoice in who He is
because He comes to conquer and win the battles of our lives.

I believe God wants to speak boldly to us through Joshua 2:10. We must
see that God defeated the Amorites who were on the other side of Jordan.

Who were the Amorites?

Why was it critical that they be utterly destroyed before crossing over?

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