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					                                                                                                        Summer 2007 / Volume 17 / # 2

                           Orchard Village Viewpoint
                            A Residential and Vocational Training Community for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

             Record-Breaking Revenue at
              20th Annual Blossom Gala!
       What does it take to                                                                                  social networks. Jewel pro-
increase the revenue of                                                                                      vided flowers for the event,
the Blossom Gala by 42%                                                                                      featuring pale orange roses,
in just one year? If you                                                                                     birds of paradise and bold
asked the Orchard Village                                                                                    white hydrangeas.
Development department                                                                                               The breezy May
that question, they could                                                                                    evening launched excit-
answer it with confidence.                                                                                   ing landmarks for Orchard
They would tell you to start                                                                                 Village. Not only was it
with strategically increas-                                                                                  a celebration of 20 years
ing attendance at the event.                                                                                 hosting the Blossom Gala,
Then they would tell you                                                                                       but it also kicked off the
to add to the auction one-              The excitement in the room was multiplied with the live auction,       organization’s 35th year
                                                             led by Norm Andrews.
of-a-kind experiences that                                                                                     of serving people with
people can’t resist. Top it off with a new and luxurious                 developmental disabilities. Orchard Village decided to up-
venue and flawless execution, and you’ve got an event                    date its image in honor of its 35th year by revealing a new,
that raises $345,000 for Orchard Village.                                more youthful logo. To top off the revelation of a new
       The 20th Annual Blossom Gala was an overwhelm-                    logo, an announcement was made that Orchard Village
ing success. The Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling                  will open Orchard Academy this fall. The school will be
provided an excellent location for the May 5 auction-din-                dedicated to transitioning high school students in special
ner-dance. The Westin supplied beautiful accommodations                  education programs into life after school.
and food that people couldn’t stop raving about, including                      The evening held an energy that was almost pal-
                           a gnocchi action station where                pable, and that energy was multiplied with a live auction
                            Westin culinary staff prepared               bidding war. An unbelievable weekend getaway on a pri-
                            the potato dumplings topped                  vate jet to New York City for six people and accommoda-
                            with marinara, parmesan, and                 tions at the Waldorf Astoria sold for an amazing $13,000.
                            parsley for each guest at his/her            The
                            request. Guests were also wowed              luxurious
                            by the ahi tuna with a sesame                transpor-
                            seed flat bread served in martini            tation
                            glasses.                                     was do-
                                  The Westin Chicago North               nated to
                            Shore prepared Orchard Village’s             Orchard
                            recipe for Bruschetta in order to            Village
                            promote the Salubris™ program.               by Mudd
                            Salubris customers circulated the            Advertis-
                            room sharing their knowledge                 ing, the        The Mudd family donated its private jet for the live
Silent Auction Chairperson
  Kala Callahan keeps an
                            about healthy eating and how                 company auction, and Rob Mudd (far right) served as the
   eye on the bid sheets.   food contributes to increased                owned by Honorary Chairperson for the Gala.
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the family of the evening’s Honor-                                                         Advocacy Leadership Award. After
ary Chairperson, Rob Mudd. Mudd                                                            a touching acceptance speech about
Advertising also documented the                                                            the true beneficiaries of the Blossom
shopping experiences of the Brum-                                                          Gala – Orchard Village customers
mel and Henley Street homes, which                                                         – Bob received a standing ovation.
were made possible because of do-                                                                 The Blossom Gala is well on
nations from Walgreens and North                                                            its way to becoming a half million
Shore Community Bank to the Help          The gentlemen from the OV Henley Street home      dollar event. As Jim Vail expressed
Make A House A Home Appeal.               attended the event to thank donors for their new  after the guests had gone home and
The short documentary was shown                                                             the evening progressed into early
during the evening’s program and                                                            morning, “This is truly an event that
helped raise $15,000. That brought the total for the Help             has become second to none. Now people will look at us
Make a House a Home Appeal to $73,000.                                as an example of what they want their event to be. And of
      Long-time Orchard Village supporter and Golf                    course, we are so proud that all our efforts are for the hun-
Classic Chairperson, Bob Thrush, was honored with the                 dreds of people supported by Orchard Village.”

Change Is In The Air
Contributed by Jim Vail, Executive Director
      Spring is always an exciting time. Flowers and trees             ing about Orchard Village. We hope you feel as we do;
are blooming, and everything is changing…especially at                 that the new logo is warm, inviting and captures the es-
Orchard Village. New programs are starting, buildings and              sence of personal growth that is such a part of OV.
houses are undergoing refurbishing, and there are wonder-                    In addition, we adapted the mission statement of
ful additions to our staff.                                            Orchard Village. More and more, this agency is devoted
      Because Orchard Village is growing and taking on                 to designing unique programs that help the people we sup-
exciting new opportunities, we wondered if our marketing               port connect and contribute (in ways they feel appropri-
and image needed updating. We worked with a market-                    ate) to the communities of which they and all of us are a
ing design firm and asked their opinion. After talking to a            part. We think this new motto does a phenomenal job of
number of people who know us, the marketers told us not                exemplifying what we do best.
to change our name or our tagline or motto (Where People                     Thank you to those of you who helped us with this
Blossom). But they did suggest that we update our logo.                process and with the final results. If you have any ques-
After about a year of work, they created a new image that              tions, please feel free to contact Jim Vail at jim_vail@
we thought captured all that is fresh, innovative and excit- 

 Mission Statement:
 Orchard Village facilitates mutually beneficial and valued relationships between people with
 disabilities and their communities by supporting personal outcomes through innovative

      The Orchard Village Viewpoint is published three times per year by Orchard Village, 7670 Marmora Avenue, Skokie, Illinois
 60077. Phone: (847) 967-1800, Fax: (847) 967-9543, E-mail:, Website:

           PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD                       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                  VIEWPOINT EDITOR
                 Alan Drizd                                  Jim Vail                           Kelli Beckel

                 Orchard Village is a not-for-profit organization providing residential, vocational, respite and educational/activity
                 services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Orchard Village is a United Way agency, a member of the
                 Skokie and Morton Grove Chambers of Commerce, and the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities. We
                 are accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) for people with developmental disabilities – three
                 years with distinction.
       Spreading Knowledge And Saving Money
                    With Salubris™
      We are pleased that BMI rates con-                                                                           On March 1, Nancy Hirsch, Karen
tinue to decline for customers, even 18                                                                    Paulsen, Joyce Wright and Nadine Stone
months after Salubris™ was introduced                                                                      shared their Pineapple-Jicama Salsa with
into dinner and snack menus. Additionally,                                                                 over 400 people who attended the Taste of
our customers are happy and motivated                                                                      Morton Grove. Nancy, Karen and Joyce
that with successive reductions in their                                                                   won 2nd place for their salsa at the Bloom-
BMI, the chances of developing diabe-                                                                      ingdale’s Charity Culinary Challenge in
tes, hypertension, heart disease and early                                                                 2006. This was the first time they present-
death are lessening. They hold a growing                                                                   ed their salsa publicly since its award-win-
enthusiasm for sharing their stories of suc-                                                               ning debut.
cess and the strategies they are using to                                                                          Orchard Village considered par-
achieve their goals.                                                                                       ticipation in the Taste of Morton Grove
                                                          Joyce Wright serves Pineapple-Jicama
      Even more exciting perhaps, are our                     Salsa to guests at the Taste of              the perfect opportunity to begin spread-
recent findings that disprove a common                               Morton Grove.                         ing the word about the Salubris™ success
assumption – eating                                                                                                              with those outside of
more nutritious foods                                                  Daily Nutrition
                                                                                                                                 our organization and
costs more than an un-                                                                                                           supporters. Orchard
healthy diet previously      Carbohydrates
                                                     228                                                                         Village Executive
                                                                                           Before Salubris
followed. The per-per-                           86                                        Implementation                        Director Jim Vail said,
son food costs have
                                                                                           After Salubris
                                                                                                                                 “It is time that we
decreased from $4.78                  Fiber
                                              14                                           Implementation
                                                                                                                                 begin expanding our
per day before Salu-                                                                                                             knowledge and meth-
bris™ implementation            Cholesterol
                                                                                                                                 odologies so that other
to $4.58 per day while                                                                                                           people with disabilities
participating in the Sa-          Total Fat
                                               39                                                                                can benefit from im-
lubris™ program. We                                                                                            1926              proved health and lon-
have simultaneously                                                                                           1901
                                                                                                                                 ger life expectancies
reduced BMIs, im-                           0               500            1000           1500                 2000              the way our customers
proved nutrition and                                                                                                             are.”
lowered food costs by:                                                                                                                 The ladies did an
   •     Eliminating waste, so food in the proper                                  impressive job of enticing visitors to try out their salsa,
         amount is prepared.                                                       and then took that opportunity to tell them more about
   •     Substituting high-cost and calorie-laden                                  what the Salubris™ program means to them and to Or-
         protein and starch with fruits and vegetables                             chard Village. They also loved that they were able to try
         that have fiber and a lot of volume for just a                            so many other delicious dishes from restaurants around
                                                                                   the community. Nadine Stone capitalized on her booth’s
         small number of calories.
                                                                                   strategic location right next to the Fire Department and its
   •     Replacing highly-processed and costly snacks                              famous chili. While she made friends with the firemen, she
         with more nutritious offerings.                                           struggled because “that chili was too spicy for me, but it’s
   •     Focusing on nutritious, filling and inexpensive                           so good that I couldn’t stop eating it!”
         vegetables if customers want seconds.                                           Preparation for serving 400 people was no small
                                                                                   task. Charles Loiseau, alongside customers, staff and vol-
      Orchard Village customers realized that they should                          unteers, spent an entire afternoon chopping and combining
not be the only ones to benefit from their newly-acquired                          40 pounds of jicama, 50 limes, 20 pounds of red onions,
talent for healthy cooking, so they decided to take the Sa-                        100 jalapeños, 5 bunches of cilantro and 20 pounds of
lubris™ program to a new level. It was time to share it with                       diced pineapple. Julie Hagwood, Orchard Village Aux-
the world…or at least with Morton Grove.                                           iliary member, received the unfortunate job of chopping
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onions. “Whoever said putting onions in the refrigerator makes them hurt your eyes less is crazy! It certainly didn’t help
these onions!” In total, more than 80 pounds of salsa were prepared for the Taste of Morton Grove. The next day, Salu-
bris™ implementation homes learned how to make delicious taco salads, thanks to the leftovers!

                  Orchard Village To Open A
                    Transition High School
      It is no secret that Orchard Village prides itself on providing the most inno-
vative services available to the men, women, and children it supports. Our latest
project is no exception. In August, Orchard Village will open Orchard Acad-
emy, an Illinois State Board of Education-approved high school that will teach
the skills needed to transition successfully from high school to the “real world”
through an intensive curriculum of independent living, vocational, and social
      All high school graduates face a challenging time of transition when they
leave the classroom and must learn how to master tasks like taking the bus, fill-
ing out job applications, or caring for their first home. Students with disabilities
are no exception, but they often lack the resources that their peers have to learn
these life skills. Students in special education who have completed four to five
years of high school, but are still eligible for educational services until age 21,      The Bernie Saltzberg Center on the Orchard
will now have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to obtain and to keep        Village campus will house Orchard Academy
a job, care for their own home, and live a fulfilling life.                                       until the program expands.
      Orchard Academy will be located on Orchard Village’s campus in the
Saltzberg Building for its first year of operation. Future plans for the school include increasing the class size to as large as
50 and relocating off campus so that students will have better access to community resources such as public transporta-
      Orchard Academy will open the doors to a new generation of children with a wide variety of disabilities in need of
support. The school will be supervised by Vocational Director and Orchard Academy Director Timothy Bobrowski. For
more information, contact Tim at (847) 967-1800, ext. 130, or at
        Customers Dominate At Special
      While Chicago was fighting to win the 2016 Summer Olympics, 14 Orchard Village customers were competing
for their own medals at the 2007 Area 5 Special Olympics. From the softball throw to the wheelchair race, these athletes
know how to win!

Samantha Bell-Reed              1st Place       Softball Throw
Veronica Cuculich               1st Place       100M Walk
                                2nd Place       Tennis Ball Throw
Cathy Curley                    1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw
                                2nd Place       100M Walk
Steve Freeman                   1st Place       100M Walk
                                1st Place       Softball Throw
Tom Hunt                        1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw
                                3rd Place       25M Wheelchair Race
Leonard Koshiol                 1st Place       25M Assisted Walk
                                1st Place       Softball Throw
Richard Kroeger                 1st Place       100M Walk
                                                                    The athletes representing Orchard Village used the Special
                                3rd Place       Softball Throw       Olympics as one method of achieving important personal
Tuwuan Mitchell                 1st Place       100M Run            outcomes, including the realization of personal goals and
                                1st Place       Softball Throw          interaction with other members of the community.
Fred Morgan                     2nd Place       Softball Throw
Lewis Newson                    2nd Place       Softball Throw
Annette Owens                   1st Place       25M Wheelchair Race
                                1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw
Joe Rayner                      1st Place       100M Walk
                                1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw
Richard Rosentreter             1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw
                                3rd Place       100M Walk
Paul Ruback                     1st Place       Softball Throw
                                2Nd Place       100M Walk
Barry Saltzberg                 2nd Place       Softball Throw
Scott Shinsky                   1st Place       Softball Throw
                                2nd Place       100M Walk
Marcus Simpson                  2nd Place       Tennis Ball Throw
Polly Snide                     1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw                       Medals all around!
Celia Wilk                      3rd Place       100M Walk
Tom Williams                    3rd Place       Softball Throw
Jean Williams                   1st Place       Tennis Ball Throw

    Thank you to the following organizations and individuals that supported Orchard Village’s 3rd Annual
Cocktails for a Cause:
Advanced Resources, LLC                     Louis Glunz, Inc.                       Reserve
                                            Murphy’s Windows & Sunrooms
      Thank you to the following organizations and individuals that supported the Orchard Village 20th Annual
Blossom Gala:
Addressed to Sell                         Ms. Pat Cohen                         special thanks to Phill and Maryjane
Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant             ComedySportz Chicago                  Klein
John and Teresa Alcure                    Compass Investors                     Graziano’s Brick Oven Pizza
Amalfi Hotel Chicago                      Corner Chef                           Green Basil Thai Restaurant
Amanda and Dave Bradley Decorative        Crate and Barrel                      Greenbrier, with special thanks to Jack
Painting                                  Cubby Bear North                      & Alex Kleisner and Phill & Maryjane
American Airlines                         Curves                                Klein
Anthony Peter Hair Salon, Ltd.            Cy’s Crabhouse North                  Gridley’s Bar and Smokehouse Grill
Apelian Rug Co., with special thanks to   Da Vinci Group - Vinci & Adobo Grill  Gulliver’s Pizza
George and Bea Apelian                    Deborah Davis Day Salon               Hall’s Rental
Apollo Theatre                            DePaul University’s Merle Reskin      Hamilton Lakes Dentistry
Arlington Park Racecourse                 Theatre                               Harry Carey’s Restaurant
Armen & Esther Hirsch Foundation          Dinkel’s Bakery                       Hawthorn Lanes
ARS Viva Symphony Orchestra               Domicile                              Heavenly Massage
Artisan Shop and Gallery                  Don Roth’s Blackhawk                  Helzberg Diamonds
Athletico Ltd.                            Doubletree Guest Suites & Conference Holiday Inn Chicago - Elmhurst
Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt           Center Downers Grove                  The Home Depot
University                                Doubletree Hotel – O’Hare Rosemont    Hotel Hershey, with special thanks to
Avon, with special thanks to Greg         Dover Straits                         Jack Kleisner, Ted Kleisner and Phill &
Korak                                     Dr. Michael Harrison Dentistry        Maryjane Klein
Bahama Breeze                             DuPage Children’s Museum              Nells & Linda Howard
Bailey’s Restaurant                       Duxler Tire & Car Care Centers        Howard Street Inn
Barth Wind Elan Furs                      E.J.’s Place                          Huntley’s, Ltd.
Benihana                                  Edible Arrangements                   Hyatt Deerfield
Best Buy                                  Edward Fox Photography                International Museum of Surgical
Bill Bartholomay Foundation               Egg Harbor Café                       Science
Bloomingdale’s                            Eli’s Cheesecake Company              J. Gordon Designs, Ltd
Blue Stone                                Ellen Goode, Integrative Bodywork     Jacky’s Bistro
Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse                     Therapy                               Jameson’s Charhouse
Sharon Bobrowski                          Elwood Packaging                      Jeffrey Conroy Mosiacs
Bravo Restaurants/Edwardo’s Pizza         Emil & Pat Birkenheier                Jelly Belly Candy Company
Brigalante Estate, with special thanks to Enchanted Castle                      Jewel-Osco
John, Dayna Winke & Rebecca Winke         Entourage                             Jimmy’s Charhouse
Brunswick Zone Niles                      Erie Café                             Joe’s Sports Bar
Buca di Beppo                             Experience Salon and Spa              Joffrey Ballet
Burhop’s Seafoods                         Fireplace Inn                         John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc.
Cafe La Cave                              First Presbyterian Church of          John G. Shedd Aquarium
Dan & Kala Callahan                       Wilmette                              Kane County Cougars
Jack & Gayle Callahan                     Flamboyant Hotels & Villas            Kids Portraits by Picasso
Carlucci Hospitality Group                Flat Top Grill                        Kidsnips
Central Continental Bakery                Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine   Phill and Maryjane Klein
Central Rug & Carpet                      Bar                                   Kathy Knight
Charlie Trotter’s, with special thanks to The Freeman Family                    Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater
Dona-Lee Trotter                          Friends of Orchard Village, with      Chicago
Cheesecake Factory                        special thanks to Carol Fritz         Lambrecht’s Jewelers, Inc.
Chicago Avenue Salon                      Funjet Vacations                      Le Titi De Paris, with special thanks to
Chicago Bulls                             Geneva Inn                            Chef Michael Maddox
Chicago Children’s Museum                 George Salon                          Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago Cubs                              Gina G.                               Lollie
Chicago From The Lake, Ltd.               Glessner House Musuem                 Louis Glunz, Inc.
Chicago White Sox, with special thanks    Global Recruiters Network, Inc., with Lynfred Winery, Inc.
to Robin Robinson                         special thanks to Brad Baiocchi       Maggiano’s Little Italy
Classic Kids                              Grand Teton Lodge Company, with       Manning Silverman & Co.
Marriott Theatre                         Retro Bistro                          Turtle Wax Car Wash and Auto
Massage Envy                             Reuven Gitter Jewelers                Appearance Centers
Max and Benny’s Restaurant & Deli        Rob Mudd and Mudd Advertising,        USG
Jack & Colleen McAllister                with special thanks to the Mudd       Erika & Joe Vavrik
Medieval Times                           family                                The Waldorf-Astoria, with special
Metropolis Performing Arts Center        Robin Robinson                        thanks to Ted Kleisner, Jack Kleisner,
Miami Herald and Dave Barry              Mr. Saul Rosen                        Phill & Maryjane Klein
Mid-City Cellular                        Rosewood Restaurant                   Walgreens Corporation
Mighty Maids/Mighty Men                  Mr. John Rynes & Ms. Mary Lou         Wal-Mart
Mike’s Detailing                         Johns                                 Walt Disney World Company
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club          Schaefer’s Wines, Foods & Spirits     Judi Wehrmeister
Minasian Rug Corporation, with special   Sedona                                Sam & Susan Weiser
thanks to Carney Minasian                Shell Vacation Clubs, with special    Wente Vineyards
Mudd Advertising                         thanks to Paul Adreani and Walt       The Westin Chicago North Shore,
Mr. & Mrs. Marty & Barbara Mueller       Adreani                               with special thanks to Ron Tarson,
Naper Settlement                         Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers,    General Manager
NBC 5 Chicago                            with special thanks to Ron Tarson     Westin Michigan Avenue, with special
Neiman Marcus                            Mr. Joseph Shirley                    thanks to Ron Tarson
North Shore Community Bank               Six Flags Great America               Westin Chicago Northwest, with special
North Shore Gallery                      Ellie Snell                           thanks to Ron Tarson
Northlight Theatre                       Sofitel Water Tower - Cafe des        Westin Kierland Resort, with special
Osteria di Tramonto                      Architectes                           thanks to Ron Tarson
Outback Steakhouse                       Sola Restaurant                       Westin La Cantera Resort, with special
Pacific Cigars                           Sona Med Spa                          thanks to Ron Tarson
PapaSpiro’s                              Spa Martinique                        Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, with
Mr. Juan Carlos Perez                    Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies   special thanks to Ron Tarson
Philly G’s Restaurant                    Storybook Mom                         Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa,
Gary & Donna Pleason                     Ms. Dawn Subatich                     with special thanks to Ron Tarson
Poor Phil’s                              Spillin’ the Beans                    Westin O’Hare, with special thanks to
Prairie Bread Kitchen                    Stella                                Ron Tarson
Pretty Good Stuff                        Steppenwolf Theatre Company           Wildfire
Quartino Restaurant & Wine Bar           Kathleen Summerhill                   Windy City Fieldhouse
R.C. Danon Gallery                       Superior Optical                      Worthwear, with special thanks to Lori
Ram Restaurant & Brewery                 Sybaris Pool Suites of Downers        Diversey
Raven & Dove Antiques and Gifts          Grove                                 XSport Fitness
Sana Vita Studio                         Sybaris Pool Suites of Northbrook     Yanni’s Restaurant
Ravinia                                  Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa             Yellow Bird Stationary, Invitations &
Redhead Piano Bar                        Tiffany’s Restaurant                  Gifts
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino,       Howard & Cynthia Turner               Zanies Comedy Nite Club
with special thanks to Linda Lydon
     Thank you to the following organizations that supported Orchard Village over the past year:
Armen & Esther Hirsch Foundation         Helping Hand Sertoma Club             Skokie Valley Rotary
Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation             ITW Foundation                        Tom Russell Foundation
Ceres Foundation                         McMaster Carr Company                 Vail Family Foundation
Chicago Community Trust                  Michael Reese Health Trust            Village of Skokie CDBG Program
C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation         Morton Grove Foundation               Washington Square Health Foundation
Circle of Service Foundation             Motorola Foundation                   Wilmette Harbor Rota
City of Des Plaines CDBG Program         Parents and Friends of Orchard        Woman’s Club of Evanston
Cook County CDBG Program                 Village
Dr. Scholl Foundation                    Proud Photography, Inc.
Elick & Charlotte Lindon Foundation      Rebuilding Together of the Northern
First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette    Suburbs
George M. Eisenberg Foundation for       Rebuilding Together of the North-
Charities                                west Suburbs
                                                                                                           NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                             Springfield, IL
                                                                                                            Permit No. 364

7670 Marmora Avenue
Skokie,IL 60077

   Need Groceries?
      Please don’t forget an easy way to contribute to Orchard Village is to simply purchase
   groceries. The Orchard Village Auxiliary sells Grocery Dollars for Jewel, Dominicks and
   Whole Foods.
      It’s an even exchange! If you want to spend $100 on groceries simply write Orchard Vil-
   lage a check for $100, and we’ll give you the same value in gift certificates for any of the
   above participating stores. The Auxiliary will receive a 5 percent profit from all certificates
      Money for Grocery Dollars is collected monthly at the Auxiliary Committee meetings,
   which are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Your certificate will be available
                                                                                                        Committee members
   within 10 to 14 days after the meeting. Please make your check payable to Orchard Village
                                                                                                             needed for
   Auxiliary and send it along with your order form to: Orchard Village Auxiliary, 7670 Mar-               the following
   mora Avenue, Skokie, Illinois 60077. Grocery Dollars may be picked up at Orchard Village               Orchard Village
   as well.                                                                                                 committees:

    Grocery Dollars Order Form                                                                              Auxiliary
                                                                                                          Blossom Gala
    Yes, I would like to help Orchard Village by simply purchasing groceries. Enclosed                 Cocktails for a Cause
    is my check to Orchard Village Auxiliary for $_____________.                                           Golf Classic
    _____Jewel Grocery Dollars
    _____Dominicks Grocery Dollars                                                                       Human Rights
    _____Whole Foods Grocery Dollars                                                                  Consultants for Change

    Name:___________________________________________________________                                 If interested, please contact
                                                                                                            Erika Vavrik at
    Phone:_______________________ Email:______________________________                                       Erika_Vavrik
                                                                                                      (847) 967-1800, ext. 133.

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