Constitution of the Baptist Collegiate Ministries by panniuniu


									                     Constitution of the Baptist Collegiate Ministries

                                      Article I - Name

Section 1- To motivate students to commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Section 2- To involve them in responsible church membership and in denominational

understanding and participation.

Section 3- To guide them in worship and devotional experiences.

Section 4- To involve them in the study of the Biblical faith and Christian life.

Section 5- To guide them in Christian witnessing.

Section 6- To involve them in Christian social life and recreation.

Section 7- To involve them in experiences of Christian community.

Section 8- To lead them to participate in Christian world missions.

Section 9- To lead them to accept and practice the principles of Christian stewardship.

Section 10- To lead them to examine academic disciplines from a Christian perspective.

Section 11- To enlist and train them for a life of Christian service in their vocation

Section 12- To provide opportunities for involvement in Christian social ministry.

Section 13- To serve as a combined ministry of area Southern Baptist churches to

Hanover College.

                                   Article III - Membership

Section 1- Any student regularly enrolled in Hanover College may become a member of

the Baptist Collegiate Ministry with voting and office-holding privileges. Membership in

the Baptist Collegiate Ministry shall be defined as "participation." A person who comes
to and/or participates in activities sponsored by the Baptist Collegiate Ministry shall be a


Section 2- Dues, because of the sponsorship of Southern Baptist churches in the area, are

not received by the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

                                 Article IV - Organization

Section 1- Executive Officers

The executive officers of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry shall consist of the members of

the Council.

Section 2- Council

The council of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry may include the following offices:

president, secretary, B.A.S.I.C coordinator, discipleship coordinator, community

connections coordinator, social and outreach coordinator, encouragement facilitator, and

other such elected officers deemed necessary to the activities of the Baptist Collegiate


Section 3- Committees

Each council member may create a committee as deemed necessary to assist in fulfilling

the said council member's responsibilities.

                                   Article V - Elections

Section 1- Prospective council members shall be nominated by the Baptist Collegiate

Ministry at large during the fourth week of April.
Section 2- Any student member is eligible for nomination as an officer of the Council

who: (a) is a Christian, (b) participates in religious functions which support the beliefs

and teachings of Jesus Christ, and (c) has a desire to minister to fellow students in the


Section 3- Members nominated for an office will be contacted by the Baptist Collegiate

Ministries director and will be interviewed by the director and/or the staff advisor. The

director ,the staff advisor, and senior council members will appoint the council from the

nominations and present the council to the members during the month of May.

Section 4- There will be a preparatory meeting for the newly elected members of council

during the final term of classes.

Section 5- The newly appointed council members shall fill their positions beginning the

first week of fall semester.

                                    Article VI - Amendments

All amendments to the constitution shall be approved by the Council. The proposed

amendment may be presented to members at any meeting, or may be presented over a

five day period to the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at large. The Council shall set a time to

vote, and a 2/3 majority shall pass the amendment. It shall be effective immediately.

                                     Article VII - By-Laws

By-laws, not inconsistent with this constitution, may be adopted or amended by 2/3 vote

of the regular members present at any regular or special meetings, providing the By-laws
are submitted in writing at least one week previously at either a regular or special

meeting of the general membership.

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