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             Joshua 2: 3-9, 15-16, 22-24 (Devotional Reading: James 2: 18-25)
                       “Knowing Whom to Trust” (key verse #24)
                                       June 19, 2011
      Adapted from: “Adult Bible Quarterly”, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., June-August
         1.    No matter how impossible it looks, God can and does deliver on His promises..
         2.    Adjusting to changing circumstances is sometimes required to carry out God’s plan.

Discussion Topic(s):
                    “Do we really believe that God can and does have control over… obstinate
                    Recall an impossible situation that you knew it could only be God.

Biblical Journey--- *Students Should Know That:
I. The Spies Hidden by Rahab                                                       Joshua 2: 3-7
(* The spies that Joshua sent went to a harlot’s (whore’s) house; and this worked out because seeing
strange men coming in and out would not be a big surprise. The 2 spies’ presence was reported to the King
of Jericho who sent his soldiers looking for them. Rehab lied, hid the spies in the flax on her roof and
misdirected the soldiers.)

II. Rahab’s Motives                                                               Joshua 2: 8-9
(* Rehab had heard about the many victories God gave to Israel, and knew Jericho was next. She told the
spies that the city was trembling in fear about their upcoming defeat. The victory had already been won!
She then asked them to returned the favor that she had shown them and to save herself and her family.
They agreed as long as she kept the secret.)
III. The Spies Escape                                                             Joshua 2: 15-16
(* Rabab’s house was located on top of the 2 walls with a window to the outside. She let the 2 spies down
with a rope. She told them to go to the mountains first for 3 days before returning east to their camp, as the
search party of soldiers from the city was still hunting for them.)

IV. The Spies’ Report                                                              Joshua 2: 22-24
(* The spies didn’t bring back a war report about strategy. It was a different report about what God had
already done. The city was in fear; God had already given them the victory. They knew that God had kept
His promise.)
      1.       What happened to the 2 spies that were sent to Jericho? (vs. 3-7)
      2.      Why did Rahab the harlot help the spies; and what were her motives? (vs. 8,9)
      3.      How did the spies escape; and what advice were they given? (vs. 15, 16)
      4.      How was the spies’ report different? (vs. 22-24)
      5.      What did the Holy Spirit reveal to you through this lesson?

I learned that:
We must continue to pray to God to strengthen our faith and that of those around us,
because many times God has given us the victory in situations that seemed impossible to

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