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Published December 1, 2011

Motorsports Marketing Forum: Travis Pastrana
Sits For One-On-One Interview

Pastrana believes sponsorship consistency is key to getting and keeping fans

Travis Pastrana sat for a featured one-on-one interview during day two of the Motorsports Marketing
Forum in Las Vegas. Pastrana noted his recovery process from a broken ankle, which delayed his
NASCAR career, saying, “I actually became a bigger fan and feel I learned a lot by watching on
television.” Asked about the biggest adjustment to NASCAR, he said, “The biggest adjustment, to
me, is that the rider and the driver is the biggest factor. In Rally, if you want to make up time, you
can take chances to jump up further. In NASCAR, you really have to not only know what the car is
doing, but how to relate that. I was like, ‘The car is really loose!’ And they would say, ‘How loose?’
And I was like, ‘Really loose! Fix it.’ So that is going to come with experience and time. I will have to
learn how to adjust the car.” On partnering with sponsors: “I would love to keep the same sponsor all
the way through. Let’s say to fans, ‘These are the products we believe in, and let’s get fans to
understand what these products are about and why we believe in these products.” He thinks
sponsorship consistency is key: “It’s best to really rally around that, rather than have a sponsor one
week and another the week that you don’t know anything about.”

* On the biggest cultural change in coming to NASCAR: “In NASCAR, if you wear a flat-brimmed hat,
you get killed. They don’t like flat-brimmed hats in NASCAR!”
* On his goals for next year: “I want to drive as many different cars, as much as I can. And hopefully
I can learn how to adjust to the car so I can help the team, and explain to them about how I need to
work in order for me to drive the car.” 

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