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									MACSA Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is the current financial status of MACSA? A. It has become clear that for the past several years MACSA’s expenses have outweighed its resources to the point where former administration utilized pension funds to cover operating expenses. While the primary reason for the misuse of these funds was due to a lack of revenue to meet operating expenses, MACSA hold itself fully accountable for rectifying the situation as well as ensuring that this practice has been stopped and will never occur again. To that end we have already begun the process of restructuring MACSA, focusing on operating as a sustainable organization going forward. It is important to state that the employees responsible for making these past fiscal decisions are no longer with the organization and a new management structure has been implemented. Q. What are the primary reasons behind MACSA’s current situation? A. The organization is currently going through a transition. MACSA’s new leadership team is in the discovery phase and while there are numerous contributing factors, the main problem is embedded within the lack of available operating revenue to meet its expenses over the past several years. Q. How will you overcome these financial challenges and rectify the findings in the County Office report? A. MACSA is exploring the liquidation of its assets to satisfy long term debt obligations. Operationally we have reduced workforce and associated expenses; the Board has authorized a new leadership team and new internal controls and fiscal oversight have been implemented. Q. How will MACSA’s programs and services be impacted? A. MACSA’s programs and services are instrumental to the overall well being of the Santa Clara County community. Through the continued support of MACSA’s funders, the agency is committed to providing these critical services. Q. Has there been a reduction in services? If so, which programs are affected? A. As of June 2009, MACSA is no longer operating its two charter schools or the Independent Living Program. MACSA is currently conducting an agency-wide programs and services analysis in order to ensure that the agency is able to meet the true costs and have necessary internal controls established for every service provided. Fortunately, we have also been successful in securing new partnerships and funding for our 2009/2010 fiscal year.


MACSA Frequently Asked Questions Q. Will there be a reduction in MACSA staff? A. MACSA has reduced its staff to fit the needs of its programs and services. The staff reduction is in alignment with the reduction in services. Q. What is the short-term strategy for transitioning the agency? A. MACSA has developed and launched an Agency Recovery Plan focused on stabilizing the current fiscal situation, revitalizing administrative oversight and strengthening programs. MACSA is currently assessing program portfolios to ensure that it is able to fund the true costs of each program. MACSA is also in the process of identifying an Interim Chief Financial Officer and working closely with funders, colleagues and supporters as its moves towards a necessary realignment of mission and service. Q. How will MACSA’s current budget be impacted? A. Due to the elimination of the two charter schools and reduction of grant funding for existing programs, MACSA’s budget has been reduced by 46%. Q. How will other local service providers help address the gap in services? A. MACSA is partnering with several organizations who are providing support and guidance including the City of San Jose, SCORE and QLBS. Q. Who is leading MACSA at present and what is the timeline for hiring a new permanent CEO? A. MACSA’s Board of Directors appointed Maria Elena De La Garza as Interim CEO on July 1st, 2009. Ms. De La Garza has been with the organization since 1991 most recently as the agency’s Deputy Director. She has over 17 years of non-profit management experience and is a trusted member of the community who successfully builds and leads community collaboratives. The Board of Directors is currently creating a selection process for a permanent CEO and MACSA expects to be ready to launch its CEO search in January 2010. Q. How is the Board of Directors managing the situation? A. MACSA’s board is committed to moving the organization forward. To that end the Board is looking at all aspects of its governance and fiscal oversight responsibilities and will continue to implement new polices and procedures to ensure effectiveness. Through this transition the Board is engaged in a cooperative and collaborative role with management and has assumed key aspects of the agency that need specific support. The Board is committed to stabilizing the agency, rebuilding and restructuring necessary processes and governing the organization as it moves forward into the future.


MACSA Frequently Asked Questions Q. Will MACSA’s mission change as a result of the crisis? A. The Board of Directors is conducting a strategic planning process in late September but does not expect a change in the agency mission at this time Q. How can the community and interested individuals help? A. MACSA needs the community’s support now more than ever. While the agency is currently facing challenges it is important to remember that it is still providing missioncritical services to over 10,000 youth, families and elders in the community. The Board and staff are committed to seeing MACSA through the challenges but it cannot be done without your support. • • • • Some of the ways we need assistance are: Immediate financial support; Introducing MACSA to friends who may be interested in supporting its work; Becoming a volunteer at one of the program locations; Recommending potential Board of Director candidates

If you have any questions about these FAQs or about MACSA please do not hesitate to contact Maria Garcia at 408-928-1122 ext. 1134 or at 408-210-5000


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