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					                                            UK ATHLETICS/ARC
                                                     Race Data sheet

Location (County where licence is issued)                            West Yorkshire

Leeds Half Marathon
PREVIOUS RACE NAME (IF APPLICABLE)                                   N/A

RACE DATE                           May 8th 2011                     DISTANCE               13.1 miles

DATE MEASURED                       Thursday, March 03, 2011         MEASURED BY            Ken Kaiser

PROMOTING CLUB/ORGANISATION                                      Leeds City Council
NAME AND ADDRESS OF RACE ORGANISER                               Paul Moseley
Sports Development Unit ,John Charles Sports Centre,Middleton Grove ,Leeds LS11 5DJ

Telephone         0113 3950155         Email
HEIGHT IN METRES ABOVE SEA LEVEL               START           43 M                         FINISH             53 M
GRID REFERENCE FOR START (2 letters, 6 digits) SE 299 337
DISTANCE IN A STRAIGHT LINE BETWEEN START & FINISH                                                            200 M

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF COURSE: (a) TERRAIN (Flat, Undulating, Hilly, Total Ascent, etc.)
                       (b) RACE SURFACE (City streets, Country Lanes, Paths etc.)
             (c ) COURSE CONFIGURATION (Single lap, Double lap, Point to Point, Out and Back)

Single lap ,city streets.Undulating.Rises to 140mtrs at 4.5 miles

MEASUREMENT DETAILS ( a ) the section of road available to runners on race day
    (Full width of road; up to central white line; nearside lane of dual carriageway etc. )
 ( b ) the line to be taken by runners e.g. at any right hand turns. Indicate on Map/Diagram if necessary

Left side of road except clockwise loop at West Park,where right side of road is used.Runners should be kept on road at left
turn top of Stonegate road,using marshalls and tape if needed,to avoid short cut across pavement.Full width allowed at two
right turns (Bentley Lane/Stainbeck Ave) at 3 miles
WHEELCHAIR COMPETITORS. Is the course suitable?                       Yes                  No

If not, state reasons

SIGNED                                                                                      DATE         #################

Please return the completed data sheet, Bicycle Calibration Sheet, Course Measurement Sheet and Maps/Diagrams
of the course to

            34 Delany Drive, Freckleton, Preston, PR4 1SJ. Email:
                                              UK ATHLETICS/ARC
                                               Bicycle calibration data sheet

Calibration Course Location           Skeltons Lane,Leedsx                Length                                         1 km

Name of Measurer                      Ken Kaiser                          Date of Calibration:     Not Known

Measurement method used to determine calibration course length                        E.D.M

1, Ride the calibration course 4 times, recording data as follows:

                  Start Count             Finish Count              Difference                     Pre - measurement
Ride 1      20000                     30295                   10295

Ride 2      30000                     40294                   10294                   Average Count            10295

Ride 3      40000                     50295                   10295                   Time of Day              9.00am

Ride 4      50000                     60296                   10296                   Temperature              4.5 °C

     Working Constant = Number of counts in km or 1 mile, calculated from the pre-measurement average count, and
                             multiplied by the short course prevention factor of 1.001.

Working Constant:                                         10305.00 Counts per                      KM
Working Constant:                                         16584.32 Counts per                      MILE
2, Measure the course, including all intermediate distances, using the Working Constant.
   Record all data on the Course Measurement Data Sheet.

3, Re-calibrate the cycle by riding the calibration course 4 times, recording data as follows:

                  Start Count             Finish Count              Difference                     Post - measurement
Ride 1                                                        0

Ride 2      SOLID                     TYRE                    USED                    Average Count            #VALUE!

Ride 3                                                        0                       Time of Day               am

Ride 4                                                        0                       Temperature               °C

 Finish Constant = Number of counts in 1 km or 1 mile, calculated from the post-measurement average count and multiplied
                                      by the short course prevention factor of 1.001
Finish Constant:                                                     Counts per          KM
Finish Constant:                                                0.00 Counts per          MILE
               Constant for the Day = Either the Working Constant or the Finish Constant whichever is the larger.

Constant for the Day:                                          16584.00 Counts per                 MILE
In some circumstances the smaller constant may be acceptable.

Give reasons if applicable
Remember, each day’s measurement must be preceded and followed by a calibration run. You may measure as much as you want in a day
provided that calibration precedes and follows it within the same 24-hour period. This is done to minimise error due to changes in tyre
pressure from thermal expansion or slow leakage. Frequent re- calibration protects the previous measurement.

Signed:                                                                   Date:                    Thursday, March 03, 2011
                                              UK ATHLETICS/ARC
                                             Course measurement data sheet

RACE NAME              Leeds Half Marathon

NAME OF MEASURER                                 Ken Kaiser                          DATE:
START TIME:                              11.00 AM                         TEMPERATURE                    4.5 °C

FINISH TIME:                                 1.15 PM                      TEMPERATURE                    5.5 °C

WORKING CONSTANT:                    16584.00 PER              MILE       (Pre. measurement )
The full course map is available online at

  ACCUMULATIVE         COUNTER          INCREMENT               TOTAL                        SITE   LOCATION
    DISTANCE           READING            COUNTS               COUNTS
                                                                          Note: A full description and location map is available
                                                                          also at :
START                       72000                          0           0 Opposite Art Gallery entrance.2nd bollard back from
                                                                         flower bed

1 Mile                      88584                      16584      16584 3 Mtrs before bus stop ,end of lay-by after Sheepscar

2 Miles                (1)05168                        16584      33168 Recycling sign Meanwood Rd. Level with No 403

3 Miles                     21752                      16584      49752 Opposite litter bin just before Stonegate Farm Close

4 Miles                     38336                      16584      66336

5 Miles                     54920                      16584      82920 LP 439 on right +LP 448(?) on left

6 Miles                     71504                      16584      99504 LP530 Just after junction Adel Lane

7Miles                      88088                      16584     116088 No parking sign Spen Road

8 Miles                (2)04672                        16584     132672 2nd tree back from entrance Woodside Tavern

9 Miles                     21256                      16584     149256 LP 93A5 at start of speed camera markings

10 Miles                    37840                      16584     165840 2mtrs past red door"Dos Amigos"

11 Miles                    54424                      16584     182424 Midway Woodside View/Terrace

12 Miles                    71008                      16584     199008 Opposite main door "Craven House"

13 Miles                    87592                      16584     215592 Level with entrance Radisson

FINISH                      89406                       1814     217406 Line of bollards ,Millenium Square

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