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									                               MID DAY MEAL PROGRAMME

            ANNUAL WORK PLAN AND BUDGET 2010-2011


1.1      Brief history: The scheme was implemented in Manipur with effect from November,
      1995. Further in compliance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court orders passed on 20-
      4-2004 in W.P(C ) No. 196 of 2001 the State Government took up steps to provide
      cooked food to all the schools of primary stage (Govt. / Aided) w.e.f. 14-11-2004.
      Initially the scheme was extended to 548 Upper Primary attached with Primary
      classes of Manipur w.e.f. 1st August, 2008 onwards and later 166 Upper Primary
      schools without primary classes were also covered from April 2009 onwards.

1.2.      Process of Plan formulation:

                                             State Govt.

                                       Directorate of Edn./S

       Zonal/District Education Officer/Chief Executive Officer of the District/Zone concerned

                            Sub-Divisional/Block level Officers (DIs/AIs)

                                      Headmaster concerned

                                         SMDC concerned

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 2.1. Regularity and wholesomeness of Mid-Day-Meals served to children; reasons for
 programme interruptions, if any and planning to minimize them:

        The programme is implemented continuously but sometimes due to certain
unavoidable conditions the release of food grains and conversion cost is not
simultaneous and as a result, the utilization of food grains is not coterminous with the
utilization of conversion cost.

      Another reason which causes mismatch in utilization of food grain and
conversion cost is that the release of food grains is controlled by DC concerned while
money is released from Administrative Department with concurrence of Finance
Department subject however to the availability of funds.

       One major interruption during the period under review (2009-10) especially in the
valley area of the State was due to an agitation launched by some students’ organization
along with some Civil Society Organizations which lasted for about 4(four) months.

        In order to ensure continuous implementation of the Scheme without any obstacle
efforts are being made to convince the NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, local populace
to spare the school going students from any kind of protest/agitation so that the future
pillars of the nation may continue to grow and develop in the interest of the future of the

 2.2.   Food grains management, including adequacy of allocation, timeliness of lifting,
        transportation and distribution, and suitability of storage at different levels. Challenges
        faced and plan to overcome them.

At present the following is the system of allocation and release of food grains to the
Schools implementing MDM Scheme in this State.

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                                FOOD GRAIN FLOW CHART


                                Dy. Commissioner concerned

                       Zonal Education Officer/Chief Executive Officer

                         Sub-Divisional/Block level Officers (DIs/AIs)

                                   Headmaster concerned

Till date the allocation of food grains are as per prescribed scale and no in adequacy of
the food grains has occurred till now. Regarding the timeliness of lifting, transportation
and distribution of food grains, at present some difficulties are faced in ensuring speedy
and smooth release as well as distribution of food grains due to prevailing law and order
situation and difficult terrain. However, necessary steps have been taken up to ensure
speedy lifting of food grains by the concerned authorities.

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 2.3.    System for release of funds provided under cooking costs (Central and State). Please
         indicate the dates when the fund was released to the Directorate/ State Authority,
         District/Block/Gram Panchayat and finally to the cooking agency/School.

Following is the system under which fund has been released to the appropriate

                                   FUND FLOW-CHART

                                 State Govt. (Commissioner Edn./S)

                                         Director (Edn./S)

           SMDC concerned                                           Dy. Commissioner concerned

           (Conversion Cost)                                           (Transportation Cost)

Till date the following funds have been sanctioned and released.

            Amount                                 Date of release &
Sl.No.                          Share                                           Remarks
              (Rs.)                                   Authority

  1        9,90,10,000         Central
                                                        State Govt.

  2        4,39,27,000          State                        -do-

  3        3,46,06,000         Central
                                                        State Govt.

  4        8,78,53,000          State
                                                        State Govt.

  5        1,00,51,000         Central
                                                        State Govt.

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2.4. System for procuring cooking ingredients (pulses, vegetables including leafy ones, salt,
condiments, oil and fuel etc.), commodities, which are centrally purchased and supplied to
schools or locally purchased at School level.

   As on date there are no such commodities which are centrally purchased and
supplied to schools. All the cooking ingredients are procured at the local level by the
SMDC concerned.

2.5. System for cooking, serving and supervising Mid-Day-Meals in the School and measures to
prevent any untoward happening.

     Cooks appointed on payment of honorarium (Rs.1500/-) are entrusted with cooking
of meals and the same were served to the students under the supervision of the available
teachers of the school concerned.

2.6. Procedure for getting Kitchen Shed constructed:

     The Construction of Kitchen Shed is being taken up by the National Mission on
Bamboo Application under the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

2.7 Procedure of procurement of Kitchen devices from (i) Funds released under the Mid- Day-
Meal Programme, (ii) other sources.

       Kitchen devices which include water container, water filter and meal plate are
centrally procured and distributed directly to the schools concerned through district

2.8. Capacity building and training conducted for different categories of persons involved in the
Mid-Day-Meal Programme.

       Huge Media Campaign, Sensitisation programs involving implementing agencies,
establishment of Helpline distribution of information booklets etc are taken up.

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2.9. Management Information System at School, Village/Gram Panchayat, Block, District and
State Level.

        Efforts are being made to develop an MIS Cell in the Directorate level and district
level for collection of data and to facilitate active monitoring of the implementation of
MDM Scheme through out the State.

2.10. Systems to ensure transparency and openness in all aspects of programme
implementation, including inter alia, food grains management, ingredients procurement, cooking
and serving, appointment of cooking staff, construction of kitchen sheds, procurement of
cooking devices.

       All notifications/instructions/directions issued to the concerned authorities from
the State Govt. as well as Directorate are notified through the Departmental website for
information of all concerned to ensure transparency and openness. Further, plans are
being made to upload in the Departmental website the particulars of all those involved in
the implementation of the MDM scheme including those of the cooks.

2.11. Measures taken to rectify

       a) Inter District low and uneven utilization of food grains and cooking cost.

              Timely release of allocation and continuous monitoring of the

       lifting of the food grains and constant checking in the schools.

       b) Intra District mismatch in utilization of food grains and cooking cost.

              Simultaneous release of food grains allocation and cooking cost

       is being attempted.

       c) Delay in delivering cooking cost at school level.

          Efforts are on to ensure timely release by the Govt.

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2.12. Details of evaluation studies conducted and summary of its findings.

       Manipur University has taken up a brief evaluation study of the scheme recently.

               Findings are yet to be submitted by the studying team.

2.13 Brief write up on best practices followed in the State.

               a) Honorarium of the cooks has been significantly increased by higher
                  allocation from the State share.

               b) Release of fund has been made to the school concerned directly.

               c) Construction of Kitchen sheds are being planned keeping in view
                  environmental cost.

2.14. Instances of unhygienic food served, children falling ill, sub-standard supplies,
    diversion/misuse of resources, social discrimination and safety measures adopted to avoid
    recurrence of such incidents.

       No such instances till date.

2.15. Extent of involvement of NGO’s and Civic Body Organization (CBOs)/PRIs in the
    implementation and monitoring of the Scheme.

              At the school level MDM programme is implemented by a special
       committee        consisting   of   representative  from    NGOs/Gram
       Panchayat/Municipalities with the concerned Headmaster as the member
       secretary of the committee.

               Constructions of Kitchen sheds are being carried out through an NGO.

              Health check-ups of the school children were conducted with the
       assistance of NGOs.

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2.16. Status of School Health Programme with special focus on provision of micro- nutrients,
    Vitamin-A. De-worming medicine, Iron and Folic acid, Zinc and recording of height, weight

              With assistance of NGOs and in co-ordination with the related Departments
        school heath programme are being implemented.

2.17.   Steps taken to strengthen the monitoring mechanism in the Village, Black, District and
        State Level and status of constitution of SMCs at these levels. Status of formation on
        Standing Committee at the Village/School/Cooking Agency level.

               Mass awareness campaign through hoardings and audio-visual campaign
        in the electronic and print media were held while continuous efforts are made to
        encourage large scale involvement of local organizations.

2.18.   Arrangement for official inspections to MDM centers and percentage of schools
        inspected and summary of findings and remedial measures.

              Routine inspections by the Department’s Officials are carried out regularly
        and necessary actions are taken up to rectify the short comings found in the

2.19.   Feedback/comments in respect of report of Monitoring Institutions designated for your
        State/UT to monitor implementation of MDM and action taken thereon.

               Reports are being analyzed to take up remedial measures.

2.20.   Overall assessment of the manner in which implementation of the programme is
        contributing to the programme objectives and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses
        of the programme implementation.

               Despite the existence of insurgency problems, the scheme is implemented
        as far as practicable in accordance with the existing guide lines. One major
        weakness in the implementation of the scheme is lack of means for speedy
        communication between the implementing centers (i.e. schools) and supervising
        authorities. However, steps are being taken up to develop communication through
        electronic devices with solar energy under the ICT Development Programme.

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