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									Chapter 1 -

       What characteristic of word processing software would make it a
     1 local application?

     2 Why do servers often contain duplicate or redundant parts?

       What measurement is commonly associated with computer
     3 processing speed?

       A user plans to run multiple applications simultaneously on a
       computer. Which computer component is essential to accomplish
     4 this?

       Which adapter enables a computer system to exchange
     5 information with other systems on a local network?
  What is the main storage drive used by servers, desktops, and
6 laptops?

  Which component is designed to remove high-voltage spikes and
  surges from a power line so that they do not damage a computer
7 system?

  Which computer component is considered the nerve center of the
  computer system and is responsible for processing all of the data
8 within the machine?

9 What can be used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD)?
       In newer operating systems, how are system resources assigned
    10 by default when components are installed?

    11 How is a server different from a workstation computer?

       Administrators at a multicampus college need access to their
       schedules wherever the administrators go. Which computing
    12 device would be the most appropriate?

    13 How many unique values are possible using a single binary digit?

CCNA Discovery Chapter 2

14 Which method of interacting with an operating system involves typing
    commands at a command prompt?

   An operating system is severely damaged. All data on the partition
   needs to be deleted, and all application software must be reinstalled.
15 Which installation method should be used to correct the problem?

   Which Windows file system is more likely to be used in an
16 enterprise-level environment?

   What occurs when computers are configured to receive their network
17 configurations dynamically?

18 What is the purpose of a default gateway?
   Which statement is true about installing an operating system on
19 computers in a networked environment?

   Which Windows XP Automatic Update option allows you to select the
20 time when a Windows update is executed?

   Which operating system patch installation method is used when a
   user is notified of a security update for remotely accessing a
21 computer, but wishes not to install this patch?

   The Lesson TaskMaster application from ChalkBoard has a problem.
   Every time the software is installed and loaded on a Windows XP-
   based Dell computer, and the moment something is typed followed
   by a tab, two tabs are inserted instead of one. What would be the
22 best solution to this problem?

   What Explorer menu option is used to determine the Windows XP
23 version installed on a computer?
   Windows XP has a known problem with specific Intel processors.
24 What is the best course of action to take in this situation?

   A computer in the Advanced Technology Center computer room on
   the second floor, room number 217, has the computer name
25 ATC_217_7. What fact is true about the computer name?

  Chapter 3 -

     Which term is used to describe the process of placing one
  26 message format into another format so that the message can be
     delivered across the appropriate medium?

       What does the 100 mean when referencing the 100BASE-T
       Ethernet standard?
     Which address does an NIC use when deciding whether to accept
     a frame?

29 Which type of address is used in an Ethernet frame header?

30 What is the function of the FCS field in an Ethernet frame?

31 What is the purpose of logical addresses in an IP network?

     Which device accepts a message on one port and always
     forwards the message to all other ports?

     Host A needs to learn the MAC address of Host B, which is on the
     same LAN segment. A message has been sent to all the hosts on
     the segment asking for the MAC address of Host B. Host B
     responds with its MAC address and all other hosts disregard the
     request. What protocol was used in this scenario?

   A switch receives a frame with a destination MAC address that is
34 currently not in the MAC table. What action does the switch

35 What is a benefit of having a router within the distribution layer?

     Which table does a router use to make decisions about the
     interface through which a data packet is to be sent?

Chapter 4 -

37 Which definition describes the term Internet?
38 What type of connection point is a point of presence (POP)?

   What is the term for the group of high-speed data links that
39 interconnect ISPs?

   Which device can act as a router, switch, and wireless access
40 point in one package?

41 What is a major characteristic of asymmetric Internet service?

   What term describes each router through which a packet travels
42 when moving between source and destination networks?

43 What does the tracert command test?
   What type of end-user connectivity requires that an ISP have a
44 DSLAM device in their network?

45 Why would an ISP require a CMTS device on their network?

46 What does adherence to cabling standards ensure?

   What connector is used to terminate Ethernet unshielded twisted
47 pair (UTP) cabling?

Chapter 5 -

48 How large are IPv4 addresses?
   Which part of an IP address identifies a specific device on a
49 network?

   A host with the IP address and a default mask belongs
50 to what network?

51 Which default subnet mask provides the most host bits?

   How many bits are available for Class B host IP addresses using a
52 default subnet mask?

   How many usable hosts are available given a Class C IP address
53 with the default subnet mask?

54 Assuming a default mask, which portion of the IP address represents the host?

55 What destination IP address is used in a unicast packet?

56 What is the destination MAC address in a multicast Ethernet frame?

   Yvonne is talking to her friend on the phone. What type of message
57 is this?

   What information must be included within a unicast message for it to
58 be delivered on an Ethernet network?

   A PC obtains its IP address from a DHCP server. If the PC is taken
   off the network for repair, what happens to the IP address
59 configuration?
60 Which type of server dynamically assigns an IP address to a host?

61 Which statement is true concerning private IP addresses?

62 What is one of the purposes of NAT?

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