; Work Breakdown for Semantic Web Final Report
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Work Breakdown for Semantic Web Final Report


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									Work Breakdown for Semantic Web Final Report

I tried to split the work evenly and to each of us who would best know the area when possible. I
know there are some parts that everyone probably won’t enjoy writing, but I think it’s fairly divided.

The estimates on the size of each section aren’t written in stone, but try to stay around that much
for each section unless you want to propose an updated breakdown and we will all look at it and

1. Abstract (1/2 page – Mani)
2. Introduction (1/2 page, take from proposal and rework/add to it – Daniel)
3. Background
       a. What is POSL (1/3 page - Hanin
       b. What is Defeasible Logic (1 page - Daniel
       c. What is d-POSL (1 page - Mani
       d. What is OO jDREW (1/2 page - Hanin
       e. Antlr (1/3 page - Mani
       f. Eclipse (1/3 page - Daniel
4. Objectives
       a. POSL 0.91 to 1.0 (1/3 page - Hanin
       b. d-POSL Grammar (1 page - Mani
       c. OO jDREW changes (1 page - Daniel
       d. Boley’s questions from the site: (1 page - Daniel
                  i. What problem area does the tool address?
                 ii. Exactly what does the tool do?
                iii. What are the characteristics of an ideal solution to problems in this area?
                iv. Does the tool offer an effective solution to such problems? Why? Why not?
                 v. Did the tool help you solve your chosen problem/task?
                vi. What other tools might have been applied?
               vii. What other work and ideas in the area are relevant?
              viii. What extensions to the tool might be worth considering?
5. Methodology
       a. d-POSL Grammar Generation
                  i. Creating the Grammar (1 page - Mani
                 ii. Testing the Grammar(1/2 page - Mani
                iii. Creating the stand alone app (1/2 page - Mani
       b. OO jDrew Converter Changes
                  i. System Analysis (1/2 page - Daniel
                 ii. System Design (1/2 page - Daniel
                iii. Implementation (1/2 page - Daniel
6. Examples
          a. d-POSL (1 page - Hanin
          b. OO jDREW (1 page - Hanin
7.    Complications (1/2 page - Mani
8.    Conclusion (3/4 page - Hanin
9.    Future Work (3/4 page - Hanin
10.   References (1 page - Everyone

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