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Semantic reasoner


									    Semantic reasoner
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    A semantic reasoner, reasoning engine, rules engine, or simply a reasoner, is a piece of software
    able to infer logical consequences from a set of asserted facts or axioms. The notion of a semantic
    reasoner generalizes that of an inference engine, by providing a richer set of mechanisms to work with.
    The inference rules are commonly specified by means of an ontology language, and often a description
    language. Many reasoners use first-order predicate logic to perform reasoning; inference commonly
    proceeds by forward chaining and backward chaining. There are also examples of probabilistic
    reasoners, including Pei Wang's non-axiomatic reasoning system, Novamente's probabilistic logic
    network, which tip their hat to reasoning Bayesian networks, and Pronto - probabilistic description
    logic reasoner.


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    [edit]Semantic          reasoners, etc.

    Existing semantic reasoners and related software:

          Bossam (software), an RETE-based rule engine with native supports for reasoning over OWL
           ontologies, SWRL ontologies, and RuleML rules.
          DLog, Resolution based Description Logic ABox reasoner that translates to Prolog.
          FaCT, a description logic (DL) classifier.
          FaCT++, the new generation of FaCT OWL-DL reasoner.
          Hoolet, reasons over OWL-DL ontologies by translating them to full first-order logic and then applying
           a first-order theorem prover.
          Jena (framework), an open source semantic web framework for Java which includes a number of
           different semantic reasoning modules.
   KAON2 is an infrastructure for managing OWL-DL, SWRL, and F-Logic ontologies.
   OWLIM, a high-performance semantic repository developed in Java and available in two versions:
    free SwiftOWLIM and commercial BigOWLIM. Supports a subset of OWL-Lite semantics, which can
    be configured through rule-set definition and selection.
   Pellet, an open-source Java OWL DL reasoner.
   RacerPro, a semantic web reasoning system and information repository
   SHER, a scalable Pellet-backed OWL DL reasoner.
   SweetRules, an integrated set of tools for Semantic web rules and ontologies.
[edit]Reasoner      comparison
                                             Bossam    Hoolet        Pellet    KAON2        RacerPro        Jena        FaCT      FaCT++ Sw
                                                                                                        No complete
OWL-DL Entailment                            Unknown    Yes           Yes         Yes         Yes      included with     Yes        Yes
                                                                                                          varies by
Supported expressivity for reasoning         Unknown Unknown SROIQ(D)          SHIQ(D)      SHIQ(D-)                    SHIQ      SROIQ(D) U
                                                                                                       for nontrivial
                                              Rule-                            Resolution
Reasoning algorithm                                     order        Tableau                Tableau     Rule-based      Tableau   Tableau   Ru
                                              based                            & Datalog
                                                                                                       Incomplete for
Consistency checking                         Unknown    Yes           Yes      Unknown        Yes                        Yes        Yes
                                                                                                         OWL DL
DIG Support                                    No       No            Yes         Yes  Yes                  Yes Yes                 Yes
                                                                                   Yes (SWRL
                                                Yes                          Yes
                                                              Yes (SWRL            -- not fully                                             Ye
                                            (SWRL &     Yes               (SWRL --              Yes (Own rule
Rule Support                                                  -- DL Safe           supported)                    No                 No       R
                                             own rule (SWRL)               DL Safe                 format)
                                                                 Rules)            & own rule
                                              format)                       Rules)
Version                                       0.9b45 Unknown 2.0 RC7 Unknown 2.0 preview             2.5.4    Unknown              1.1.8
                                                              Free/ open-
                                                Free/   Free/  source &      Free/  Non-Free/                   Free/               Free/
                                                                                                 Free/ open-                                Fr
Licencing                                     closed-  open-   Non-Free/   closed-   closed-                   open-               open-
                                               source  source   closed-     source    source                   source              source

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