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					Service Level Agreements                                               Appendix

Client                     Provider                                    Responsible Officer
Education and Skills       SPT                                         Mark Armstrong/Stewart Murdoch

                           North Ayrshire Leisure Ltd                  Jim Leckie

                           Ayrshire Archives                           Audrey Sutton

                           Ayrshire Technician Service                 Mark Armstrong

                           Audiology/Hearing Impairment Service        Mary Docherty

                           CLD - Community Assoc SLA Payments
                           Redburn; Vineburgh; Fullerton; West Kilbride Jim Leckie/John McKnight

                           PPP Leisure Arrangements                    Mark Armstrong/Robin Knox

                           PPP Unitary Payments for schools            Mark Armstrong/Robin Knox

                           IT Managed Service (Schools/Libraries)      Mark Armstrong

                           SEEMIS Group                                Mark Armstrong/Peter Carlin

                           Gateway                                     Mary Docherty/David Carracher

                           Private & Voluntary Nursery Places          Mary Docherty/Frances Rodman

                           Day Places                                  Mary Docherty/David Carracher
                           Residential Places                          Mary Docherty/David Carracher
Client                 Provider                              Responsible Officer

Education and Skills   Rathbones                             Mary Docherty/David Carracher

                       Main Council Contracts
                       Cleaning                              Mark Armstrong
                       Catering                              Mark Armstrong
                       Janitor                               Mark Armstrong
                       Eglington Café                        Jim Leckie/Jacqueline Miller

                       Scholar - Heriott Watt University     Mary Docherty/A McLean

                       Tapestry - TLC                        Mary Docherty

                       Children 1st
                       CLD - Advocacy                        Jim Leckie/John McKnight
                       Educ/Social Services                  Mary Docherty

                       Teenscene                             Mary Docherty/David Carracher

                       Work Experience/Chamber of Commerce   David Carracher/Laura Cook

                       Kilwinning Sports Clubs               Jim Leckie/John McKnight

                       Auchrannie Swimming                   Jim Leckie
Client                           Provider                                   Responsible Officer

Social Services and Health       NHS Community Health Addictions            Jim McCrae Criminal Justice

                                 Ayrshire Council on Alcohol                Jim McCrae Criminal Justice

                                 Legal Services                             Housing Service

                                 Human Resources                            Ainsley Young

Irvine Bay Urban Regeneration Company
                                 Human Resources                            Ainsley Young

North Ayrshire Leisure           Human Resources                            Ainsley Young

Economic Development             VisitScotland                              Alex Anderson Econ Dev Manager
                                 Highlands & Islands European Partnership   Alex Anderson Econ Dev Manager

South West Scotland Community Justice Authority
                                Corporate Services                          Ainsley Young

Legal                            Glasgow Scientific Services                Environmental Health

Revenues and Benefits            Customer Services - Council Tax            Esther Gunn
                                 Customer Services - Benefits               Esther Gunn

Chief Executive's                North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service     Alastair Osborne Policy
                                 North Ayrshire Volunteer Centre            Alastair Osborne Policy

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