ODC attracts nearly 6000 by dffhrtcv3


									May 2006                                                                                                                                                                                               Volume 12, Number 1

ODC attracts nearly 6,000
                                                                                                                                                                                       Under the theme of “Tapestry of a
Records fall by the wayside as                                                                                                                                                      Profession,” ODC 2006 was held April
                                                                                                                                                                                    6-8 at the Oregon Convention Center.
ODC charts phenomenal                                                                                                                                                               With more than 60 course and
growth in attendance                                                                                                                                                                workshop            ODC Attendance: 2000-2006
                                                                                                                                                                                    the confer-

     UST WHEN YOU THOUGHT the                                                                                                                                                       ence
     Oregon Dental Conference could                                                                                                                                                 covered
     not get any larger, ODC shat-                                                                                                                                                  virtually
     tered its previous attendance                                                                                                                                                  every
     record for the third year in a row.                                                                                                                                            aspect of
Preliminary counts show that more                                                                                                                                                   dental
than 5,800 attended ODC 2006, a 12                                                                                                                                                  practice.
percent increase over 2005.                                                                                                                                                         More than
                                                                                                                                                                                    200 vendors filled the Exhibit Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                    with the latest in dental products and
                                                                                                                                                                                       As in past years, ODA was joined by
                                                                                                                                                                                    its partner groups: the Oregon Society
                                                                                                                                                                                    of Periodontists, Oregon State Society
                                                                                                                                                                  FRED A. BREMNER
                                                                                                                                                                                    of Orthodontists, Oregon Dental
                                                             RECORD-BREAKING ATTENDANCE: Attendees look over the latest offerings from more                                         Assistants’ Association, Oregon
                                                             than 200 vendors in the Oregon Dental Conference tradeshow. Preliminary counts show
                                                             that more than 5,800 people attended ODC 2006—the third year in a row that ODC
                                                             has broken its previous year’s attendance record.                                                                                  Turn to ODC, page 14
                                     CHRISTOPHER S. HAWLEY

On the Web: Have you seen what’s new at www.oregondental.org?
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IF IT HAS BEEN AWHILE SINCE YOU                              on the left-hand side of the page,                        HOME: ODA’s Web site
pointed your Web browser to                                  ODA’s Web site has been reorganized                       has recently undergone
www.oregondental.org, you are likely                         into five major content areas:                            extensive renovation,
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missing out on some important new                            • About us                                                look for the home page,
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education, ODA’s Web site provides                           • Contact us                                              and other association
fast and convenient access to people,                           “When it comes to association Web                      publications, and a portal
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practices, and ideas.                                        sites, research shows that members                        Oregon. The new site also
                                                             and nonmembers usually have entirely                      employs “dynamic” Web
                                                                                                                       pages, meaning that
Home page                                                    different information needs,” said Julie                  graphics and certain news
When you visit www.oregondental.org,                         A. Steding, ODA managing director                         items change each time
the first thing you will notice is a                         of operations and finance, “so the                        the page is loaded,
                                                                                                                       ensuring the content stays
completely redesigned home page.                                                                                       fresh—even for repeat
Instead of a long “laundry list” of links                        Turn to ODA ON THE WEB, page 17                       visitors.

                                   July, 2005                December, 2005                                 February, 2006                                 April, 2006

   ODA                             Trustees approve
                                   construction of
                                   new association
                                                             ODA officers and
                                                             Executive Director
                                                             William E. Zepp,
                                                                                                            Workers begin
                                                                                                            placing roof
                                                                                                            trusses as the
                                                                                                                                                           A construction
                                                                                                                                                           worker inspects
                                                                                                                                                           the recently
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Architectural model
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    of new building

   building                        headquarters in
                                                             CAE officially
                                                             break ground
                                                                                                            second floor
                                                                                                            takes form
                                                                                                                                                           installed roof

   watch                                       November 2005
                                               ODA President
                                                                                             January 2006
                                                                                                                                             March 2006
   A pictorial update on the                   Weston W. Heringer,                           workers begin                                   complete the
                                               Jr., DMD makes the                            work on the                                                                                                         Anticipated occupancy:
   progress of ODA’s new                                                                                                                     exterior masonry
                                               “first cut” on the                            exterior frame of                                                                                                       Summer 2006
   Wilsonville headquar ters                                                                                                                 work
                                               property                                      the building

 ODA leadership                                              Dental news                 Foundation                    In your practice            Dental news                          Making headlines in ADA News

 President: Weston W. Heringer, Jr., DMD                     Next stop: Redmond          Innovative fund-raisers       Personnel files             It’s a revolution                    Read these stories and   more at: www.ada.org
 President-elect: Sean A. Benson, DDS                        ODS                         One lucky                     If you’re                   Boston                           New dental schools           Early childhood caries
 Vice President: Thomas D. Pollard, DMD                      has                         dentist                       confused                    plays                            proposed                     ADA urges parents to
 Secretary-Treasurer: Teri L. Barichello, DMD                an-                         has a new                     about what                  host this                        Two new dental schools       consult with their
 Speaker of the House: James C. Catt, DMD                    nounced plans to build a    set of                        should and should not       year to the ADA’s New            are in the works—one in      dentist regarding
 Editor: Fred A. Bremner, DMD                                new office and dental       wheels courtesy of            go in your employees’       Dentist Conference—              North Carolina and the       scheduling the child’s
                                                             education complex in        ODF’s BMW raffle. You’ll      personnel files, you’ll     and there’s still time to        other in Arizona—and         first dental visit within
 Executive Director: William E. Zepp, CAE
                                                             downtown Redmond.           find the complete story,      find help from an           register. You’ll find            recent developments          six months of eruption
 On the Web at: www.oregondental.org                         Read all the details in     plus other upcoming           Oregon employment           complete conference              suggest that both are        of the first tooth and no
                                                             the story on . . .          ODF events on . . .           attorney on . . .           details on . . .                 likely to become a           later than 12 months of
                                                                                Page 4                     Page 6                         Page 8                      Page 11       reality.                     age.
                                                        Finding common ground
                                                           The assumption seems to be that dentists are unable
                                                           or unwilling to help the underserved; therefore, there
                                                           must be some other group that is willing to do so . . .
           Fred A. Bremner, DMD

       N MY LAST FEW EDITORIALS,   I have               unwilling to help the underserved,                                        Figure 2                          at a loss—at least not for long.
                                                                                                                Number of patients treated by LAP hygienists
      suggested that access to care for                 there must be some other group that is                   in various practice settings in one month             We can tinker with the dental
      the underserved is a multifac-                    willing to do so: dental health aide                                                                        delivery system, we can create legions
      eted, complex problem. I have                     therapists, limited access permit                                                                           of auxiliary personnel at every con-
also pointed out that we need to                        hygienists, advanced dental hygiene                                                                         ceivable level of training, but neither
carefully parse the term “underserved”                  practitioners . . . the list goes on.                                                                       “solution” addresses the real problem:
before any meaningful discussion of                        The problem with this argument is                                                                        lack of adequate reimbursement.
access to care can take place. In other                 that these “other groups” may not                                                                              Meanwhile, as dentists and hygien-
words, we need to define specific                       have any easier a time reaching                                                                             ists debate whether and how the
underserved groups, determine                           underserved populations than den-                                                                           dental delivery system is broken, the
specific etiologies for the high inci-                  tists.                                                                                                      amount of funding for dental services
dence of dental disease in each group,                                                                                                                              gets smaller. Last month, Congress
and then design solutions that best fit                 Board of Dentistry survey                            residential care facilities (8 respon-                 happily gutted funding for numerous
each particular etiology. In other                      A recent informal survey of 41 limited               dents). None of the LAP hygienists                     programs vital to dentistry, including
words, “the underserved” are not a                      access permit dental hygienists by the               reported working in mental health                      the elimination of funding for general
homogeneous group that can have all                     Oregon Board of Dentistry suggests                   programs, facilities for the mentally                  practice and pediatric dental residen-
their dental issues addressed by a                      that LAP hygienists have had some                    disabled, or correctional facilities.                  cies, dental projects in the Maternal
simplistic, one-size-fits-all solution.                 impact on the overall problem of                     Several survey respondents cited lack                  Child Health Bureau, and state dental
  Judging from the e-mails I have                       access to care, but the amount of                    of reimbursement as a major impedi-                    projects in the Dental Health Improve-
received in response to these editori-                  impact may be less than anticipated.                 ment to practice outside the dental-                   ment Act. As this issue went to press,
als, some readers agree with my                            The results of the LAP Workforce                  office setting.                                        there were efforts underway to restore
conclusions; others have suggested                      Survey, which the board notes is “not                  Collectively, the 41 survey respon-                  some funding to these programs;
that I am perhaps fanning the flames                    a scientific                                         dents indicated that they treat an                     nonetheless, while we expend time
                                                                                  Figure 1
of a “turf war” between dentistry and                   study” and LAP hygienists’ place of practice         average total of 3,519 patients per                    and energy thinking up new ways to
dental hygiene. My response is that                     is “meant                                            month. Of this total, 2,258 patients                   slice the pie, we fail to notice the
some people probably do perceive this                   for mini-                                            (64 percent) are seen in an office-                    alarming number of policy makers
as a turf war; unfortunately, that                      mal                                                  based practice setting under the                       who have no problem watching the
perception plays right into the hands                   informa-                                             supervision of a dentist, while 1,261                  pie shrink.
of certain public policy makers who                     tional                                               patients (36 percent) are seen in a                       There are many things the dental
are attempting to dismantle the dental                  purposes only,” 1 show that almost                   variety of other settings, with nursery/               and dental hygiene professions can do
safety net.                                             two-thirds of LAP hygienists are                     daycare, teaching, and WIC programs                    together to solve the problem of access
                                                        continuing to work in office-based                   comprising the vast majority of the                    to care. We can begin by recognizing
No simple answers                                       practices under the general supervi-                 latter (fig. 2).2                                      that “the underserved” are actually
When faced with complex problems, I                     sion of a dentist (fig. 1). Based on the                                                                    many diverse groups and focus our
suppose it is human nature to look for                  self-reported average time and pa-                   Shrinking pie                                          efforts on identifying and eliminating
easy answers. Each election cycle                       tient-census estimates of the respon-                Those who view the access-to-care                      the etiologic factors unique to each
brings tidal waves of candidates who                    dents for one month, 26 LAP hygien-                  debate as a battle over turf may be                    group. We can examine the possibility
seem to have all the world’s problems                   ists indicated that they were continu-               tempted to use the results of this                     of creating entry-level dental aides to
solved in 30-second commercials.                        ing to work in a dental office, and 19               survey as evidence that the LAP-                       work with elderly patients who are no
  The same is true for access to care.                  of the 26 (73 percent) reported that                 hygienist model has failed. After all,                 longer able to care for their own teeth.
For some, the issue is syllogistic:                     they spent 90 percent or more of their               aren’t the vast majority of LAP                        We can expand programs in education
  Premise1 : Some people lack access to                 work time in that setting. The next                  hygienists still practicing in traditional             and prevention—teaching kids not
dental care.                                            most frequent settings for LAP                       fee-for-service settings?                              only how to be healthy, but why they
  Premise2 : Dentistry has failed to                    hygiene practice were nursing homes                     I think a more reasonable conclu-                   should want to be healthy.
serve these people.                                     (12 respondents), nurseries and day                  sion is that LAP hygienists are starting                  Above all, we can use our collective
  Conclusion: We need to change the                     care centers (9 respondents), and                    to see the same harsh economic reality                 political will to lobby for reasonable
way dental services are delivered.                                                                           that the dental profession has                         funding for dental services and for
  The implicit assumption is that,                        1
                                                                                                             struggled with for years. Underserved                  sensible public policies like commu-
                                                            Oregon Board of Dentistry, Minutes; January 6,
since dentists are supposedly unable or                 2006: p.3.
                                                                                                             populations get that way because                       nity water fluoridation. If Oregon’s
                                                                                                             there is no adequate reimbursement                     water supplies were optimally fluori-
                                                                                                             for services performed, let alone any                  dated and a livable reimbursement
                                      We’re listening…                                                       profit. It does not matter whether we                  provided for dental care, we would
                                                                                                             are talking about dentists or hygien-                  not even be having this discussion.
                                                        HOW TO REACH US                                      ists, no practitioner can afford to operate               Benjamin Franklin once warned
            Fred A. Bremner, DMD                        By mail:   Oregon Dental Association                                                                        that, “We must all hang together or
                                                                   Post Office Box 3710
    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                          Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-3710
                                                                                                                 House Bill 2426-A, passed by both houses of the    assuredly we shall all hang separately.”
    Letters to the editor are welcomed and should                                                            Oregon Legislature and signed into law by the          If there is consensus to be built here,
    be addressed to: Editor, Membership Matters,        By phone: Editor: 503-654-5405                       governor, authorizes limited access permit dental
    Oregon Dental Association, Post Office Box                    Central office: 503-620-3230               hygienists to provide dental hygiene services at
                                                                                                                                                                    now is the time to build it. Dentists
    3710, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-3710, or e-                   ODA toll-free: 800-452-5628                specified locations and populations, and allows the    and hygienists need to recognize their
    mail: fbremner@oregondental.org.                              Facsimile: 503-620-4169                    Board of Dentistry to add populations and locations    common ground.
      Brevity is appreciated; letters longer than 200
                                                                                                             as needed. Additional locations for practice are
    words may be edited for length at the editor’s
    discretion. All letters and other submissions to
                                                        E-mail:    Editor: fbremner@oregondental.org
                                                                                                             centered on schools and underserved populations.          And their common threat.
                                                                   Central office: info@oregondental.org
    this publication become the property of the                                                              The legislation allows LAP hygienists to write
    Oregon Dental Association.                          Web:       www.oregondental.org                      prescriptions for fluoride and sealants, but retains   Fred A. Bremner, DMD is editor of Membership
                                                                                                             the list of prohibited procedures such as local        Matters. He can be reached at 503-654-5405
                                                                                                             anesthesia, soft lines, and nitrous oxide.             or fbremner@oregondental.org.

2     Membership Matters         May 2006                                                                                                                                                   www.oregondental.org
                                           Membership Matters interview
                                             Just as the medical profession acknowledged a need
                                             for nurse practitioners . . . I believe dentistry will have
                                             to follow suit with comparable mid-level practitioners.
    Kristen Simmons, RDH, BS

        HIS MONTH’S EDITORIAL deals with the roles of dentistry and dental hygiene in solving the access-to-care problem. To provide a different perspective on this
        important issue, Membership Matters asked Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association President Kristen Simmons, RDH, BS to share her thoughts on the
        development of organized dental hygiene.

Congratulations on being elected           professional advancement in the            until I came to Portland. I was influ-    What is your perspective on ADHA’s
president of the Oregon Dental             AGD. I remember learning about Dr.         enced by Karla Girts, who helped me       proposal to create an advanced
Hygienists’ Association. Tell us a         Peter Dawson and other influential         to see that reading the journals is not   dental hygiene practitioner?
little bit about your education and        dentists at that time. This dentist        enough. She feels strongly about          Just as the medical profession ac-
experience. What ultimately led you        encouraged me to go beyond hygiene         education and encouraged me to go         knowledged a role and a need for
to choose dental hygiene as a              and to integrate my talents (I love        back to earn my baccalaureate degree.     nurse practitioners and physician
profession?                                periodontal literature) with the           I did not know she was a member of        assistants to address access and
Thank you for the invitation to share      restorative/surgical philosophies of his   the professional association at that      affordability issues in health care, I
my views. I am not a native Orego-         practice setting. We worked well as        time; Karla gave me courage to go to a    believe dentistry will have to follow
nian but I am proud that my two            collaborative health care profession-      meeting. I was impressed to see just      suit with comparable mid-level
children, 14-year-old Kylie and 11-        als. I also had an opportunity to work     how hard nonprofit associations work;     practitioners. With more structured
year-old Kasey, are! I gained my           for a periodontist. When we were in        that they were a collaborative group      education programs and advanced
education and early professional           Texas, I worked for a dentist who was      with a strong passion. I felt I should    training, dental hygienists should be
experience from two states. After I        very cosmetically focused and envi-        give my share back to my profession.      well prepared and positioned to
graduated from Parkland Community          ronmentally conscious. He authors a                                                  provide direct services to the commu-
College in Champaign, Illinois, my         restorative best-practices journal.        What motivated you to seek the            nity. Prevention and interventions to
husband David, who works in the               Finally, I found my way to Portland,    presidency of the Oregon Dental           stop the disease process are preferable
food distribution industry, was given      Oregon, and I have been employed at        Hygienists’ Association, with all of      to more costly and invasive restorative
an opportunity in Katy, Texas. We          Willamette Dental Group ever since,        the work and challenges that go with      work or to just plain neglect and the
were only in Texas a short while           first as a dental hygienist, then as a     that position?                            accompanying risk for more serious
before being transferred back to           lead dental hygienist and dental           I was encouraged by Lynn Ironside         health problems.
Illinois and then to Oregon.               hygiene trainer, and now as director of    and Debra James. They mentored me           In direct response to the health care
   To be honest, the reason I chose this   dental hygiene. Willamette allowed         and, to this day, we continue to help     crisis and the Surgeon General’s
profession is because I was too impa-      me to continue my professional             one another out. When I agreed to         national call to action, ADHA
tient—or perhaps too heart-                development and I earned my                accept a leadership role in ODHA, it      created the advanced dental hygiene
stricken—to be a social worker. That       bachelor’s degree from Eastern             was because I wanted to continue          practitioner to provide diagnostic,
was my first calling when I began          Washington University in 2003.             their legacy and the legacy of several    restorative, and therapeutic services
college at Illinois State University in                                               others who mentored and preceded          directly to the public. With more than
1981. I completed my education at          How did you first get started in the       me. I hope to set an example as           120,000 dental hygienists in the
Parkland College and was fortunate to      leadership of dental hygiene?              president and encourage more of our       United States, we foresee this new
have my first dental hygiene job with a    I was active in the association during     colleagues to get involved and to
dentist who was working on his own         my education, but was not a member         emerge as leaders in their own right.           Turn to INTERVIEW, page 20

Letters: Access for the elderly
Editor, Membership Matters:                this was a donated service that was
While I practiced in La Grande from        unsustainable duty—no funding for
1971 to 1988, I set up a dental care       services. People and dentists will only
program for the major nursing homes        do so much for free!
there. I purchased the old dental            Northwest Dental is organizing a
chairs we used at the dental school        proposed capitation program for
and castle lights. I designed the          nursing home patients—hopefully for
appropriate forms and enlisted all the     $3 - $5 per patient per month. The
dentists to visit the homes once           program would provide: 1) elimina-
monthly on a rotation basis to:            tion of infection; 2) a means to
1) see emergencies; 2) do new patient      masticate; 3) annual cancer screening;
exams; 3) do annual recalls;               4) annual prophylaxis and fluoride
4) provide staff training; 5) oversee      varnish application; and 5) staff
the marking of all partials and den-       training to do monthly fluoride
tures with the patients’ names; 6)         varnish application and daily fluoride
prescribe any needed treatment which       toothpaste brushing with a no-rinse
was reported to the responsible family     policy.
or party; and 7) facilitate transporta-      I believe that this program statewide
tion to the patient’s dentist for care—    would be the “fix.” It has always been
the bill to be paid by the responsible     my fantasy to be a dentist overseeing
party.                                     this program in my retirement.
  When I relocated to Hermiston, the                    — Dennis C. Turner, DMD
program stopped. It is my belief that                                 Hermiston

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                                   May 2006   Membership Matters   3
Dental executives’ association celebrates 10 years
                                             development and continuing educa-
                                             tion of dental administrative staff.
The Oregon Dental
Executives’ Association was                  Membership
                                             ODEA offers three types of member-
founded in 1996 to further the               ship in the association:
management skills of dental                  • Regular Member: individuals
                                                 employed in a management or
administrators                                   administrative position by a dentist
                                                 or dentists.
                                             • Associate Member: individuals

           HE  OREGON DENTAL EXECU-              representing a firm or corporation
            TIVES’ ASSOCIATION cel-              engaged in providing products or
            ebrated its 10th anniversary         services to the dental industry.
            in style this year with two      • Student Member: individuals
events at the Oregon Dental Confer-              currently enrolled in an institution
ence: a staff appreciation luncheon              of higher education and majoring
and a fashion show courtesy of                   in dental administration.
Chico’s. Both events were well                 For more information on ODEA,                                                                                        FRED A. BREMNER

attended and provided a welcome              visit www.oregondentalexecutives.org, or   DENTAL EXECUTIVES: Officers and board members of the Oregon Dental Executives’
                                                                                        Association gather at the ODA President’s Party. Back Row: Charlene Quandt, past
break from a busy conference sched-          contactinfo@oregondentalexecutives.org,    president; Margo Joseph, board member; Jean Tate, president; Judy Brink, board
ule. ODEA also sponsored several             or call 971-230-0118.                      member. Front Row: Janette Douglas, board member; Bethany Jackson, vice president;
courses at this year’s conference,                                                      Gabriella Fuka, board member. Sandy Steigleder, secretary, was unable to attend.
including two by Elizabeth Iverson,
Secrets to becoming a front office
superstar and Say it right the first time:
Communication skills that produce
extraordinary results. ODEA also
sponsored A health care collection
workshop with Bill and Ginnie Riddell;
Self-sabotage and creative procrastina-
tion and Calculated communication:
Engineering your message with Alyce
Cornyn-Selby; and Project planning for
technology integration in the dental
office: Doing it right the first time with
Michael Fetzer.

About ODEA
ODEA is dedicated to excellence in
dental management through the
development of personal and profes-
sional management skills that ensure
quality patient care, employer profit-
ability, and personal growth. ODEA
provides valuable resources for
administrative staff in dental offices
throughout the
  ODEA was
founded in
February 1996
by Sarah
Harwood of
Quandt of
Eugene, Cathy
Sams of
Corvallis, and
Judy Brink of
Eugene; all
dental office       A brochure with
                    more information
administra-         about ODEA is
tors.               available from the
  Study clubs       association’s Web
                    site, listed at the
for dental          end of this article.
office manag-
ers were a catalyst in the formation of
ODEA. Office managers felt the need
to pool their resources together to
form a professional association geared
to providing educational opportunities
for dental administrative staff. Today,
ODEA is nationally recognized as
dentistry’s model for the professional

4   Membership Matters   May 2006                                                                                                                        www.oregondental.org
ODS will open office, dental program in Redmond
                                       finalizing the details. While many                                                  delighted to work with the city of
                                       issues remain to be resolved, both                                                  Redmond and look forward to build-
Partnership with city of               parties are optimistic the project                                                  ing a lasting relationship with such a
Redmond will create as many            will move forward.                                                                  vibrant community.”
                                                                                                                             Redmond City Manager Michael
as 120 jobs                            Continuing expansion                                                                Patterson shares Gootee’s optimism
                                       The expansion marks the second time                                                 for the project.
by JENNIFER SCHOONARD                  the Portland-based company has             partnership spearheaded by ODS. The        “We’re very excited about the
                                       entered into partnership with local        mixed-use La Grande development          development and we believe it is a

           HEODS COMPANIES RE-         government.                                also includes a new public library,      critical step in the revitalization of our
          CENTLY ANNOUNCED plans to    This past                                  scheduled to open this summer.           downtown,” Patterson said. “Bringing
          build a new office complex   year, ODS                                    ODS expects to replicate the           100-plus jobs to our community will
          and establish a dental       celebrated                                 success of La Grande with its expan-     be a tremendous shot in the arm.”
education program in downtown          the grand                                  sion in Redmond.
Redmond, which will create as many     opening of a                                 “By expanding to Redmond, ODS is
                                                                                                                            Redmond quick facts
as 120 new jobs.                       new down-                                  fulfilling its mission to work closely
                                                      Aerial view of ODS office
  The project will be a mixed-use      town La                                    with Oregon communities that are            Population
                                                      and dental hygiene school
development in partnership with the    Grande         in downtown La Grande.      focused on improving their economies        2004 estimate:                  18,100
City of Redmond. ODS and the city of   complex                                    by working with employers to bring          2000 census:                    13,481
                                       that combines business operations          jobs to their downtown areas,” said         1990 census:                     7,165
Redmond currently are discussing how
the development will take shape and    with the ODS School of Dental              ODS President and Chief Executive           Annual city budget
will spend the next few months         Hygiene, a unique public-private           Officer Robert G. Gootee. “We are           2005-06:           $104,800,000
                                                                                                                              2001-02:            $59,218,577

                                                                                                                              Assessed valuation
                                                                                                                              2005-06:        $1,225,149,000
                                                                                                                              2001-02:           $747,047,717

                                                                                                                              Property tax rate per $1,000
                                                                                                                              2005:                     $17.84
                                                                                                                              2001:                     $18.86

                                                                                                                              Airport enplanements
                                                                                                                              2004:                         156,898
                                                                                                                              2000:                         161,680

                                                                                                                              Commercial building permits
                                                                                                                              2004:         (95) $20,297,819
                                                                                                                              2000:         (89) $10,270,148

                                                                                                                              Residential building permits
                                                                                                                              2004:        (791) $105,735,902
                                                                                                                              2000:        (428) $44,649,935
                                                                                                                              Source: City of Redmond Web site

                                                                                                                             ODS worked closely with the
                                                                                                                           Oregon Economic and Community
                                                                                                                           Development Department for the past
                                                                                                                           year to select one of five cities consid-
                                                                                                                           ered for the expansion.
                                                                                                                             “We appreciate the city of
                                                                                                                           Redmond’s enthusiasm for the project
                                                                                                                           and believe the city will provide an
                                                                                                                           excellent quality of life for employees,”
                                                                                                                           said Andrew Franklin, ODS senior
                                                                                                                           vice president and chief operating
                                                                                                                             Franklin noted that ODS, which
                                                                                                                           provides insurance and administrative
                                                                                                                           services to customers throughout
                                                                                                                           Oregon and Alaska, is committed to
                                                                                                                           geographic diversity. “ODS is not just
                                                                                                                           a Portland company, we are interested
                                                                                                                           in bringing jobs to other areas of the
                                                                                                                           state,” he said. “Our current focus is
                                                                                                                           going to be on Redmond, but at some
                                                                                                                           future date, the company may con-
                                                                                                                           sider an office in Grants Pass or
                                                                                                                           elsewhere in southern Oregon.”
                                                                                                                             ODS will own and occupy a signifi-
                                                                                                                           cant portion of the mixed-use devel-
                                                                                                                           opment. The company’s operations in
                                                                                                                           other locations will not change. ODS
                                                                                                                           has offices in Portland, Medford,
                                                                                                                           Milwaukie, and La Grande, Oregon,
                                                                                                                           and in Anchorage, Alaska.

                                                                                                                           Jennifer Schoonard is a communications
                                                                                                                           specialist with The ODS Companies. She can
                                                                                                                           be reached at schoonj@odscompanies.com.

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                               May 2006      Membership Matters      5
Innovative fund-raisers net $18,000 for foundation
                                                    pated, as well as the generous dona-
                                                    tions of wine we received, we were
From BMWs to Beaujolais,                            able to raise almost $4,000.”
the Oregon Dental Foundation
                                                    BMW raffle
proves that fund raising can                        Proving even more difficult to resist
still be fun                                        than the wine event was the opportu-
                                                    nity to win a shiny new 2006 BMW
                                                    Z4 3.0i roadster. For the price of a
by ALAN SHOEBRIDGE                                  $100 ticket, participants received a
                                                    one in 500

           HE  OREGON DENTAL F OUN-                 chance to
          DATION    increased its pres-             win the
            ence at this year’s Oregon              snazzy red
            Dental Conference by                    BMW. All
holding two exciting fundraisers, both              500 tickets
of which helped draw hundreds of                    for the raffle
visitors to the ODF booth during the                were sold,
three-day event.                                    with two
Wall of Wine                                        purchasing                                                                                                                           CHRISTOPHER S. HAWLEY

                                                                                                          HOT WHEELS: Beaverton pediatric dentist Eric A. Downey, DDS poses with his children
For the second year in a row, ODF                   10 tickets for                                        and fellow dentist Carolyn A. Muckerheide, DDS after winning a BMW Z4 3.0i roadster
held its popular “Wall of Wine” fund-               themselves                                            in the Oregon Dental Foundation raffle. The raffle was one of several innovative fund-
raiser.                                             and their                                             raising events sponsored by the foundation at this year’s Oregon Dental Conference.
For the                                             staff mem-
                                                                                                          in the months to come.                          visit www.oregondentalfoundation.org or
cost of a                                           bers.                         CHRISTOPHER S. HAWLEY

                                                                       AND THE WINNER IS:                    Donations to the foundation help             call 503-620-3230.
$20                                                 Beaverton
                                                                       Armed with a bottle of             fund emergency dental care, and
ticket,                                             pediatric          champagne for the                  support dental research and education           Alan Shoebridge is supervisor of corporate
partici-                                            dentist Eric       winner, ODF Executive                                                              communications for The ODS Companies. He
                                                                       Director Karleanne                 programs throughout the state. To
pants                                               A. Downey,                                                                                            can be reached at shoebra@odscompanies.com.
                                                                       Rogers announces that              find out more about donating to ODF,
received                                            DDS won            Eric A. Downey, DDS
a bottle                                            the car in a       has won the BMW
of wine                                             drawing held                                           Contributors to ODF fund-raisers
                                 RICKLAND G. ASAI
valued      “TOASTING” THE WINNER:                  on April 7. While he was not present
at          ODF President Patrick M.                at the drawing, Downey was able to                       The Oregon Dental Foundation expresses its sincere thanks to the following
any-        Nearing, DMD congratulates                                                                       individuals and organizations for their support of the foundation’s fund-raising
            Marnie Jett on winning a
                                                    pick up the car later that weekend at
                                                                                                             events at ODC 2006.
where       $450 bottle of Sauterne in              Kuni BMW.
from                                                                                                         Wall of Wine                                                Car raffle
            the foundation’s Wall of Wine              “The BMW giveaway created quite
            fund-raiser at ODC 2006.                                                                         Wineries                                                    Kuni BMW
$10 to                                              a buzz for our booth,” Rogers said.                      Argyle                          Stag Hollow Wines
$450. Approximately 250 bottles of                  “Not only did we raise money through                     Erath Vineyards Winery          Whistling Ridge             Golf game
wine were selected from the wall                    ticket sales, but we also got the                        Mt. Hood Brewing Company        Vineyards                   Chinook Winds
during the conference; most of the                  opportunity to talk to people who                        Patton Valley Vineyards         Willamette Valley             Casino Resort
wine was donated to the foundation.                 ordinarily might not have stopped by                                                                                 Eagle Crest Resort
                                                                                                                                                                         Indian Creek Golf Course
Marnie Jett of Clean Water Services                 our booth. Hopefully, we established                     Rickland G. Asai, DMD           Keith Lovett
                                                                                                                                                                         Mt. Hood Inn
was the big winner, taking home a                   some new relationships that will turn                    Kenneth R. Berg, DMD            Patrick M. Nearing, DMD
                                                                                                                                                                         Sunriver Motel and Resort
$450 bottle of Sauterne.                                                                                     Michael E. Biermann, DMD        Jill Price
                                                    into partnerships down the road.”                                                                                    Tualatin Island Greens
                                                                                                             Bob Fattor & Katie McClintock   Alanson M. Randol, DDS
   “The Wall of Wine was an excellent                  In all, the two fundraisers helped                    Mark E. Jensen, DMD             Robin Richardson
way to attract conference visitors to               the foundation raise approximately                       Gerald L. Kennedy, DMD          Karleanne Rogers
our booth,” said ODF Executive                      $18,000. According to Rogers, the                        Jan A. Kooning, DMD             William E. Zepp, CAE
Director Karleanne Rogers. “Thanks                  funds will be instrumental as new
to the many individuals who partici-                ODF grants are planned and allocated

ODF seeks nominations for
annual Awards of Excellence
                                                    • Healing Hands Award: The
ODF extends the nomination                            winner will be recognized for long
                                                      tenure, excellent professional
deadline to June 5 for its                            skills, and selfless service.
annual awards of excellence
                                                    Nomination procedure
                                                    Nominations must be made on the
THE OREGON DENTAL FOUNDATION has                    official nomination form and require
extended the nomination deadline to                 a narrative statement of no more
June 5 for its annual Awards of                     than two pages and one or more
Excellence. Awards will be given for:               letters of reference from persons or
• Outstanding Dental Program                        organizations familiar with the scope
   Achievement: The winner must                     and extent of activities for which the
   show innovation and creativity in                nomination is made.
   service design or delivery.                         Nomination forms can be down-
• Volunteer Dentist of the Year:                    loaded from the foundation’s Web
   The winner will be recognized for                site: www.oregondentalfoundation.org
   compassion, long-term service, and               or by calling Judy Edgerly at 503-
   volunteerism.                                    620-3230, ext. 112.

6   Membership Matters   May 2006                                                                                                                                       www.oregondentalfoundation.org
Former ODA President George Assael to chair OHSU oral and
R. Olfson, DDS passes away  maxillofacial surgery department
ODA PAST                                    regulation. In addition to serving as    LEON A. ASSAEL,                              chairman of the Council on Dental
PRESIDENT G EORGE                           ODA president in 1981, he also served    DMD has                                      Education of the American Dental
R. OLFSON, DDS,                             as chairman of the Western Regional      accepted the                                 Association. He will continue to serve
Grants Pass, died                           Examining Board, president of the        appointment as                               as the oral and maxillofacial surgery
on March 9 at the                           Oregon State Board of Dental Exam-       chairperson of                               residency director, a combined medi-
age of 76. Services                         iners, and chairman of ADA’s 11th        the department                               cal and oral surgery specialty six-year
were held on                                District Caucus.                         of oral and                                  education program.
March 11 at Eagle                             Olfson received many honors during     maxillofacial                                  Assael’s special interests include
Point National      George R. Olfson, DMD
                                            his distinguished career, being recog-   surgery at the         Leon A. Assael, DMD
                                                                                                                                  clinical surgical education, maxillofa-
Cemetery near             1930-2006         nized as a fellow of the ICD, AGD,       OHSU School of                               cial trauma, dental implants, facial
Medford.                                    and Pierre Fauchard Academy. The         Dentistry. In announcing the appoint-        pain and micro surgical repair of
  Olfson was born on April 1, 1930 in       Oregon Academy of General Dentistry      ment, Dean Jack W. Clinton, DMD              maxillofacial nerve injuries. He is the
Chicago, Illinois. He received his BS       voted him Dentist of the Year in 1972.   noted that Assael “brings a strong           author of several textbooks and over
and DDS degrees from Northwestern             He will be remembered by family        national and international reputation        one hundred peer reviewed contribu-
University and practiced general            and friends as a dedicated health care   as an oral surgeon, a dental educator,       tions to the scientific literature. He is
dentistry in Grants Pass for more than      professional, a good father, and a man   and an oral health care opinion              an alumnus of Columbia University,
40 years. He served his country in the      who was unfailingly cheerful to the      leader.”                                     Harvard University, Vanderbilt
U.S. Air Force from 1955 to 1957.           end of his life.                           Assael is certified by the Board of        University, and the University of
  He was devoted to his profession            He is survived by his wife Bennie,     Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, is           Kentucky. He was dean of the College
and strongly advocated for dentistry to     and his four sons, George III, Mark,     editor-in-chief of the Journal of Oral       of Dentistry at the University of
maintain its independence and self          Matthew, and James.                      and Maxillofacial Surgery, and past          Kentucky from 1997-2003.

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                                    May 2006    Membership Matters   PB
Understanding Oregon’s rules for personnel files
                                                     “ In Oregon, personnel records include all
An Oregon attorney offers
some helpful advice on what                            records used to determine the employee’s
should (and should not) be                             qualifications for employment, promotion,
kept in your employees’
personnel files
                                                       pay raises, termination, or other discipline.”
                                                     employer must comply. Presumably           still subject to inspection and copying    Investigation files
by KRISTINE CIENFUEGOS                               the employer may impose reasonable         if they meet the criteria in the person-   Keep records of investigations of
                                                     restrictions.                              nel records statute. The following         workplace accidents, employee

                O YOU KNOW WHAT SHOULD                 Under federal and state health and       types of information should be kept        misconduct, discrimination com-
            and should not be in-                    safety regulations, employees also         separate from personnel files.             plaints, wage claims, or other employ-
            cluded in a personnel file?              have the right to request copies of                                                   ment-related incidents in confidential
            If an employee (or the                   their work-related medical and             Medical records                            files separate from the personnel file.
employee’s attorney) asks for a copy of              exposure records, such as exposure to      The federal Americans with Disabili-       These records may include items such
his or her personnel file, do you know               bloodborne pathogens and X-rays.           ties Act (ADA) requires medical            as employee interviews, investigators’
what records you must disclose? The                  The rules on accessing medical and         records to be kept in a confidential       notes, photographs, and reports. If you
following overview will help you                     exposure records are very specific; for    medical file, separate from the person-    determine that an employee commit-
understand what to do with records                   more information, consult with a           nel file. For example, if you require an   ted some type of misconduct, you
regarding hiring, job history, perfor-               qualified safety professional.             employee to undergo a post-job-offer       should put the disciplinary record (for
mance, safety, discipline, termination,                                                         medical exam to determine his or her       example, the written warning) in the
and other employee information.                      What are “personnel records”?              ability to perform the job, these          employee’s personnel file with a
                                                     Oregon has a very specific definition      records should not be placed in the        reference to the separate investigation
What information                                     of “personnel records” that may not        personnel file. However, they should       file. If the investigation is later ques-
must be disclosed?                                   line up with traditional conceptions.      be disclosed if the employee (or his or    tioned, you will have access to all the
Upon request, an Oregon employer                     In Oregon, personnel records include       her attorney) requests personnel files,    background information without
must provide the employee a reason-                  all records used to determine the          because they were used to determine        keeping all of it in the personnel file.
able opportunity to inspect his or her               employee’s qualifications for employ-      the employee’s qualification for
personnel file at the place of employ-               ment, promotion, pay raises, termina-      employment. Even if you are not            Payroll/financial information
ment. Only those records that are                    tion or other discipline. Records that     subject to the ADA (meaning you            You may keep payroll information
considered “personnel records” under                 relate to confidential reports from        employ fewer than 15 employees), it is     (salary, W-4, payroll deduction
the law need to be disclosed (see                    previous employers or to criminal          still advisable to store medical records   authorizations, wage withholding
below). The employer must also give                  convictions, arrests, or investigations    separately from the personnel file to      orders, etc.) in a personnel file, but
the employee a certified copy† of the                are not considered “personnel              ensure privacy of the information.         only if you restrict access to it. Where
personnel records upon request.                      records” and therefore do need not be                                                 possible, it is best to keep it in a
  When issuing a copy of the person-                 disclosed, even if you relied upon         Form I-9                                   separate file to maintain confidential-
nel file, the employer may charge a                  them in determining the employee’s         You should have a completed I-9 form       ity. Do not release payroll information
reasonable amount to recover the                     qualification for employment. How-         on file for all current employees hired    unless authorized to do so by a court
actual cost of providing copies of these             ever, “personnel records” can include      on or after November 7, 1986. You          order, judicial or administrative
records. Oregon law does not specify                 items that are not part of the actual      must also retain I-9s for one year after   process, a specific provision of state or
how often an employee has a right to                 personnel file, such as a supervisor’s     termination or three years after the       federal law, or specific written authori-
inspect or copy the file, nor does it                notes on discipline or performance, or     form was completed, whichever is           zation from the employee.
specify a time frame within which the                items that are stored in separate files.   longer. These forms should be kept in         If an employee asks to view his or
                                                                                                a separate file so that, in the event of   her personnel file or requests a copy,
                                                     What records should not                    an immigration audit, you can specifi-     remember that you may need to pull
   A cover letter signed by a human resources        be in the personnel file?                  cally limit the amount of information      together information from several
representative and included with the personnel
records should be sufficient to “certify” that the   Certain items should not be placed in      to which government investigators          different files to compile the
records are true copies.                             the personnel file, although they are      have access.                               employee’s complete record.

8       Membership Matters      May 2006                                                                                                                         www.oregondental.org
Disclosure following
termination of employment
When an employee is terminated, an
                                                      • Who is in charge of monitoring
                                                         and maintaining personnel records?
                                                      • To whom should personnel file
                                                                                                            Training key to effective use of
Oregon employer must keep the
personnel records for at least 60 days,
                                                         requests be directed?
                                                      • Will you permit employees to place
                                                                                                            computer, other technologies
during which time the former em-                         information in their own files?
ployee is entitled to receive a certified             • Create a list of records that should                COMPUTERS AND ADVANCED TECHNOLO-
copy of the records upon request.                        be placed in the personnel file.                   GIES such as digital imaging are
After the 60-day period, the indi-                    • Create a list of records that should                indispensable tools in dental offices.
vidual continues to have a right to a                    not be placed in the personnel file.               However, Craig Wilson, CEO of
certified copy of the records for as                  • Where will the records be stored?                   Compudent Systems, warns in the
long as the employer keeps them.                      • How will you maintain confidenti-                   winter issue of Dental Practice Manage-
                                                         ality of information?                              ment that the untrained use of tech-
Retention                                             • How will you keep information                       nology can, in a worst-case scenario,
You should discuss with your legal                       current?                                           harm the user or the practice.
counsel how long to retain personnel                  • How long will you retain records                      It is in an employer’s best interests,
records. Oregon state law allows                         after termination of employment?                   Wilson maintains, to see that both         continual use of e-mail and the Web.
employees up to six years to file a                     Good recordkeeping is essential for                 longtime staff and new hires receive          Dentists who want their practices to
wage claim, so you may want to                        businesses of all sizes. Taking the time              up-to-date training on technology in       thrive should make computer and
consider a seven-year retention policy                now to make sure your practice’s                      the office—both computer programs          technology training part of their
for most personnel records. If you                    personnel records are in order could                  and high-tech diagnostic tools.            business costs. “It is most important
have medical records relating to an                   save you much time and effort in the                    Because dental offices turn over         that a dental practice recognize that it
employee’s on-the-job exposure to a                   event you are called upon to produce                  their computer equipment every three       is always in a state of ongoing skill
toxic substance or harmful physical                   personnel documentation.                              to five years, Wilson suggests giving      development, and that staff are
agent (such as an employee’s eye                                                                            the old equipment to staff to ensure       required to upgrade their skills
being splashed with a patient’s blood),               ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                      that they are working on similar tools     routinely,” Wilson writes. “Training is
                                                      Kristine Cienfuegos is a
the general rule is that you must                                                                           at home. Employers should encourage        not something that is performed once
                                                      staff attorney with TOC
retain the records for the duration of                Management Services,                                  staff to be online at home, to ensure      and then checked off the list.”
employment plus 30 years. There are                   an employers’
                                                      association based in
some limited exceptions and addi-                     Tigard, Oregon,
tional requirements that may apply, so                specializing in human
make sure you get specific guidance.                  resources, safety, and
                                                      employee benefits. She
                                                      holds a BS in biology, cum laude, from Pacific
Implementation                                        Lutheran University, and a JD from Lewis &
Consider implementing written                         Clark Law School, where she was an articles
                                                      editor for the Journal of Small and Emerging
policies or procedures on                             Business Law and an associate editor for
recordkeeping. Your policies should                   Animal Law. For more information, visit TOC’s
address the following issues:                         Web site: www.toc.org.

Information in this feature is provided for general purposes only and should not be construed as
legal, financial, or tax advice on particular circumstances. The Oregon Dental Association urges you
to consult your own legal, financial, or other professional advisors for advice regarding your situation.

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                                                          May 2006    Membership Matters   9
ADA Member Advantage: Managing credit card fees
                                            practice, as the                                                                          transactions to obtain high-speed
                                            amount of the dis-                                                                        connectivity, rather than dial-up.
Paymentech, ADA’s selected                  puted charge is                                                                           Internet connectivity via a digital
provider for credit card                    refunded to the                                                                           subscriber line (DSL) is quite practi-
                                            consumer and is not                                                                       cal, and can save money by eliminat-
processing, offers advice on                                                                                                          ing multiple phone lines. Your proces-
                                            credited to your bank
controlling transaction costs               account.                                                                                  sor can help you decide if this is a
                                              Chargebacks begin                                                                       cost-effective option for your practice.
                                            as something called

                HETHER IT ’S A CO-          “retrievals.” Be sure to MODERN NECESSITY: Most dental offices consider credit            Look closely at your statements
                                                                        cards to be an essential business tool, but high processing
                 PAYMENT for a sched-       respond promptly to         fees and chargebacks can trap the unwary.                     Do you know how to read your
                 uled cleaning or a         all retrievals, which                                                                     statements? Knowing what is on your
                 commitment for major       come as a request from the issuing           notification becomes a “chargeback,”         statement can make you aware of
surgery, dentists across the country        bank. Retrievals are the first step          and is a loss to your business.              problems or inconsistencies that are
agree that allowing patients to pay         taken when a consumer disputes a               Your payment processor can help            costing you money. If you don’t
with plastic is no longer an option; it’s   charge.                                      you understand how to respond to             understand something, ask your
a requirement. Major credit cards             If your practice receives a retrieval      retrievals and avoid chargebacks             processor to explain it.
come with built-in protections against      notification, it is extremely important      whenever possible.                             Paymentech is ADA Member
fraud; however, credit card acceptance      to send in all requested documenta-                                                       Advantage’s selected provider for
also carries a price: transaction           tion regarding the transaction, and to       To dial, or not to dial?                     payment processing. To learn more
processing fees. The good news is that      do so promptly. After the deadline           New products make it possible even           about Paymentech services, or to sign
there are some ways to control the          (specified in your retrieval notice), the for businesses with relatively few              up, please call 1-800-618-1666.
costs of payment acceptance. Make
sure everyone handling payments in
your practice is up-to-date on these
basic best-practices recommendations.
  Every transaction processed for your
practice is categorized. To qualify for
the lowest rate, the transaction itself
must meet certain guidelines, which
are established by the card companies.
Here are some good rules of thumb to
make sure you get the lowest possible
transaction processing rate.

Always swipe cards
When the patient hands you the card,
always swipe it through the terminal if
possible. Card numbers that are
manually entered (such as when they
cannot be read by the terminal) are
called “downgrades.” Fees charged to
process a downgraded transaction are
higher, as the transaction has been
shifted to a different “category.”
  Call your help number (located on
your terminal) if the terminal is not
able to “read” the magnetic stripe on
any cards. The terminal may be dirty
or in need of service.

Settle batches daily
Make sure that your “batch” (group of
daily transactions) is transmitted and
settled every day, and make sure that
you are in balance. Batches that are
not settled promptly can result in
downgrades and unnecessary fees.

Reconcile statements monthly
Reconcile the monthly statement you
receive from your credit card proces-
sor against your bank statement every
month. Compare the amount of
patient charges, refunds, etc. to the
amount that is funded in your
practice’s bank account.

Avoiding chargebacks
Paymentech offers several easy-to-use
reporting tools, accessible online, that
can help you avoid unnecessary
transaction fees by tracking transac-
tion data, including “chargebacks”
(disputed card transactions) that are
about to expire. An expired
chargeback reflects as a loss to your

10   Membership Matters   May 2006                                                                                                                          www.oregondental.org
New Dentist Conference comes to Boston in June
                                          Barichello, DMD, chair of                                                         Creating endodontic excellence
                                          the ADA Committee on                                                              Cliff Ruddle, DDS
Annual conference to be held              the New Dentist. “We have                                                         This presentation will address the
at the Boston Seaport Hotel,              another top-notch CE                                                              elements of endodontic success
                                          program this year, and                                                            including pupal breakdown, root canal
June 22-24                                networking opportunities                                                          system anatomy, access cavities,
                                          offer new dentists and                                                            irrigants, working length, new instru-

           HE AMERICAN DENTAL             students a chance to speak                                                        ment designs, and cleaning and
           ASSOCIATION invites new        with ADA officers and trustees,” she    treatments of temporomandibular           shaping strategies. Ruddle will show a
           dentists to attend the 20th    added.                                  disorders will also be discussed.         technologically advanced obturation
           New Dentist Conference:          The two-day program offers up to                                                device and present an easy technique
Revolutionary Dentistry. This year’s      nine hours of continuing education on   Practice management issues from a         for filling root canal systems.
conference will be held June 22–24 at     a wide range of topics, including:      dental CPA’s perspective
the Seaport Hotel in Boston, Massa-                                               Allen Schiff, CPA                         Grand slam: The early years of
chusetts. Conference attendees will       A contemporary look at                  This course is designed to teach          private practice
spend two days networking with their      temporomandibular disorders             attendees to recognize the Key            Mark Hyman, DDS
peers and learning from experts in the    Jeffrey Okeson, DMD                     Performance Indicators (KPI) in their     Enjoy a fast-paced, humorous review
dental profession.                        This presentation will provide infor-   practices and how to identify areas for   of 60 of the “greatest hits” of practice
  “All dentists will find something to    mation that will be useful in under-    improvement. Course attendees will        management and leadership advice.
love at this conference, especially new   standing the types of temporoman-       also learn how to identify which          Doctors and teams can use this
dentists, recent graduates, residents,    dibular disorders that are best man-    retirement plan works best for their      information at any stage of a career to
and dental students,” said Teri L.        aged in the dental office. Specific     situation.                                guide their practices into the world of
                                                                                                                            lower-stress and higher-productivity
                                                                                                                            dentistry. Discover the critical issues
                                                                                                                            involved in successful handling of the
                                                                                                                            new patient. Make certain the time
                                                                                                                            you devote to the new patient is
                                                                                                                            worthwhile and productive. Learn
                                                                                                                            new techniques for keeping your team
                                                                                                                            focused and enthused-even when
                                                                                                                            things go wrong. Learn how to capital-
                                                                                                                            ize on the individual skills of each
                                                                                                                            dental team member and how these
                                                                                                                            skills can improve the productivity of
                                                                                                                            your practice and the quality of the
                                                                                                                            service your practice provides.

                                                                                                                            Registration and lodging
                                                                                                                            Conference materials and registration
                                                                                                                            forms are available at www.ada.org/
                                                                                                                            goto/newdentconf. For more informa-
                                                                                                                            tion, e-mail newdentist@ada.org.
                                                                                                                              Conference attendees are required
                                                                                                                            to make their own hotel reservations.
                                                                                                                            The Boston Seaport Hotel is located
                                                                                                                            in Boston’s
                                                                                                                            bustling new
                                                                                                                            Seaport District,
                                                                                                                            just minutes
                                                                                                                            away from the
                                                                                                                            heart of down-
                                                                                                                            town. Special
                                                                                                                            conference rates
                                                                                                                            are offered at
                                                                                                                            $219 plus tax
                                                                                                                            per night for
                                                                                                                            single or double
                                                                                                                            room accommo-
                                                                                                                            dations. Please
                                                                                                                            call Seaport
                                                                                                                            Hotel reserva-        Boston Seaport Hotel
                                                                                                                            tions at 877-
                                                                                                                            SEAPORT and be sure to mention
                                                                                                                            that you are attending the New
                                                                                                                            Dentist Conference. Hotel reserva-
                                                                                                                            tions must be made by May 21. Rooms
                                                                                                                            may not be available at the conference
                                                                                                                            rate after that date.
                                                                                                                              Mentadent/Arm & Hammer
                                                                                                                            continues as the sole corporate
                                                                                                                            sponsor since the conference’s incep-
                                                                                                                            tion. The event is also supported by
                                                                                                                            the Massachusetts Dental Society, the
                                                                                                                            South Shore District Dental Society,
                                                                                                                            the Valley District Dental Society, the
                                                                                                                            Connecticut State Dental Association
                                                                                                                            and the Maine Dental Association.

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                              May 2006    Membership Matters   11
‘PACing’ in the dough: A brief overview of political action
committees and campaign finance
                                                                   a single, separate political fund, and               example of a state PAC. Ac-
                                                                   then use the monies to support                       cording to the Oregon Secre-
PACs are a powerful force in                                       candidates who were sympathetic to                   tary of State, there are 297
American politics—and they                                         CIO’s causes.3 Except for their phe-                 state-level PACs registered in
                                                                   nomenal growth and stepped-up                        Oregon.4
can also a way for citizens to                                     regulation, today’s PACs have pretty
make their voices heard                                            much the same structure and charac-                  What is DOPAC?
                                                                   teristics as they did 63 years ago.                   DOPAC is a nonpartisan organiza-
                                                                                                                        tion that offers campaign assistance
by CHRISTOPHER S. HAWLEY                                           Types of PACs                                        to candidates who understand the
                                                                   At the federal level, political action               important issues facing dentistry.

                      ONEY IS THE MOTHER’S                         committees are typically divided into                When you contribute money to
                                  said the
                      MILK OF POLITICS,                            two distinct types: separate segregated              DOPAC, your contribution will
               late Jesse Unruh, former                            funds and nonconnected committees.                   be used to present dental issues to
               Speaker of the Califor-                             Separate segregated funds are political              candidates for state elected office
nia State Assembly. Indeed, no matter                              committees established and adminis-                  and then support those candi-
how intelligent, qualified, and likable                            tered by corporations, labor unions,
a candidate may be, he or she cannot                               membership organizations, or trade                     4
                                                                                                                            This figure refers to “open” PACs, i.e., commit-   dates who share ODA’S vision of what
win an election without money.                                     associations. These committees can                   tees who are registered with the Oregon Secretary      quality oral health care is—and
                                                                                                                        of State but may not be necessarily be active in a
  Lots of money.                                                   only solicit contributions from indi-                particular election cycle.                             should be.
  According to the Oregon Secretary                                viduals associated with the sponsoring
of State, the average combined cost of                             organization. ADPAC, the American
a primary and general campaign for                                 Dental Association’s political action
the Oregon State Senate grew from                                  committee, is an example of this type
$29,504 in 1982 to $186,050 in 2002.1                              of committee. Nonconnected commit-
At the Congressional level, matters                                tees—as their name suggests—are not
are even worse. During the 2001-02                                 sponsored by or connected to any of
campaign, each winning candidate for                               the aforementioned entities and are
the U.S. House of Representatives                                  free to solicit contributions from the
raised an average of $967,000 for his                              general public.
or her campaign. Amortized over the                                  For purposes of this article, we
two-year term that House members                                   should note one other important
serve, this means that the average                                 distinction between political action
member of Congress has to raise                                    committees: federal and state. When
$1,325 per day, just to wage a credible                            you make a contribution to a federal
campaign.2                                                         PAC, that contribution can only be
  Even for the well-connected, raising                             used to support federal issues or
that kind of money can be a daunting                               candidates for federal office—most
task. Candidates’ ever-increasing                                  often the U.S. House of Representa-
thirst for money, coupled with the rise                            tives or U.S. Senate. When you make
of “single-issue” politics, are probably                           a contribution to a state PAC, your
the two biggest reasons why political                              contribution can only be used for
action committees have become such                                 candidates and measures within that
a powerful force in American politics.                             state. The Dentists of Oregon Political
                                                                   Action Committee (DOPAC) is an
Phenomenal growth
Loved by some, reviled by others,                                    3
                                                                       Corrado, A., et al. Campaign finance reform: A
                                                                   sourcebook. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution
political action committees are                                    Press; 1997: 123.
probably the most visible symbol of
the post-Watergate campaign reforms.
While PACs have actually been
around since the 1940s, they did not
really begin to make their influence
felt until the late 1970s and early
1980s. In the first counting in 1974,
there were 608 PACs registered with
the Federal Election Commission; by
the year 2000, that number had
mushroomed to 3,835.
  The first American PAC was
founded in 1943 as a political arm of
the Congress of Industrial Organiza-
tions, largely in response to Congress’s
outlawing of direct campaign contri-
butions from labor union treasuries.
Known simply as “the Political Action
Committee,” its purpose was to raise
money in voluntary individual contri-
butions, pool those contributions into

  1 Oregon Secretary of State. Summary Reports of Campaign

Contributions and Expenditures. Salem, Oregon: Office of
the Secretary of State; 2004: i. Available at: http://
    Horn, GM. Political parties, interest groups, and the media.
Milwaukie, WI: World Almanac Library; 2004: 23.

12      Membership Matters              May 2006                                                                                                                                                  www.oregondental.org
Why join DOPAC?                                     candidates it will support in a given
Oregon dentistry needs lawmakers                    election. These include:
who understand the importance of
oral health and will listen to our
                                                    • comments from local dentists and
                                                       DOPAC members about candi-
                                                                                                                   Have you joined DOPAC?
concerns. DOPAC has an enviable                        dates;                                                ALL ODA MEMBERS should have received a bro-
record of supporting winners through-               • analysis of legislative districts and                  chure from the Dentists of Oregon Political Action
out the state. On average, nearly 90                   partisan strength;                                    Committee (see illustration at right). The self-
percent of successful legislative                   • comments from ODA’s lobbyist                           mailing brochure makes it easier than ever to be
campaigns have received DOPAC                          about the voting record and level                     involved in the legislative process.
funds.5                                                of support from incumbents;                              DOPAC is a nonpartisan organization that offers
   DOPAC often matches up to $100                   • legislative leadership roles on                        campaign assistance to candidates who under-
in individual member contributions to                  committees that affect dentistry;                     stand the important issues facing dentistry. In
candidates (with a limit of $500 in                 • the candidate’s interest in high-                      joining DOPAC, your contribution will be used to
total matches to any one candidate).                   quality health care for Oregonians.                   present dental issues to candidates for state
If you are a DOPAC member and                                                                                elected office and then support those candidates
know of a candidate who is worthy of                How do I contribute to DOPAC?                            who share organized dentistry’s vision of quality
support from the dental community,                  DOPAC accepts voluntary contribu-                        oral health care.
make a contribution to that candidate               tions from individuals and for-profit                       The brochure contains a membership applica-
and let DOPAC know.                                 corporations. The suggested contribu-                    tion and self-addressed, stamped envelope,
                                                    tion is $140, although contributions of                  making it easier
How does DOPAC choose which                         any amount are welcome.6 In making                       than ever to join
candidates to support?                              your contribution, consider becoming                     your colleagues
DOPAC relies on several different                                                                            in supporting
sources of input to determine which                                                                          dentistry’s
                                                        Oregon law requires political action committees
                                                    to collect and report the name, address, and
                                                                                                             issues. Basic
    DOPAC allocates 70 percent of its funds to      occupation of any individual whose contributions         membership is
candidates and 30 percent of its funds to issues.   exceed $100 in one election.                             only $140,
                                                                                                             although contribu-
                                                                                                             tions of any
                                                                                                             amount are welcome. If you would like additional copies of the bro-
                                                                                                             chure, contact Brett W. Hamilton, managing director of public and
                                                                                                             professional education, 503-620-3230/800-452-5628, ext. 101, or
                                                                                                             bhamilton@oregondental.org. You can also join DOPAC online at ODA’s
                                                                                                             Web site: www.oregondental.org.

                                                                                                          a sustaining member of DOPAC by          information on the work of ADPAC,
                                                                                                          joining one of the elite giving clubs:   visit: http://www.ada.org/members/
                                                                                                          • Capitol Club ($250)                    advocacy/adpac/adpac.asp.
                                                                                                          • Leadership Club ($500)
                                                                                                          • President’s Club ($1,000)              Show your support
                                                                                                            Unless otherwise specified, a          The general election is scheduled for
                                                                                                          contribution of $40 will automatically   November 7, 2006; time is of the
                                                                                                          be sent to ADPAC, ADA’s political        essence. In order for DOPAC to be
                                                                                                          action committee, to assist congres-     successful, your help is needed now. In
                                                                                                          sional candidates who support            July, Membership Matters will publish a
                                                                                                          dentistry’s national agenda.             list of members who have contributed
                                                                                                            ADPAC is a critical component in       to DOPAC. Join your colleagues and
                                                                                                          organized dentistry’s strategy in        show your support today.
                                                                                                          Washington. By pooling their re-         Christopher S. Hawley is the publications
                                                                                                          sources into ADPAC, individual           consultant to the Oregon Dental Association. In
                                                                                                          dentists across the country can have a   a previous life, he was an instructor in political
                                                                                                                                                   science and communication at Boise State
                                                                                                          significant impact on the political      University and the University of Idaho. He can
                                                                                                          forces that affect them. For more        be reached at cshawley@comcast.net.

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                                                       May 2006      Membership Matters       13
ODC:                                                                                                                                       2007. She stressed the importance of
                                                                                                                                           dentists running a solid “ground
Danko speaks on The                                                                                                                        campaign” if the legislation is to pass,
Millionaire Next Door                                                                                                                      indicating that the formation of “close
                                                                                                                                           personal relationships” through
                                                                                                                                           frequent and personal contact with
Continued from Page 1                                                                                                                      legislators is the key to success. Brown
                                                                                                                                           also fielded a variety of questions from
Dental Executives’ Association,                                                                                                            the audience on everything from tax
Oregon Society of Oral and Maxillofa-                                                                                                      reform to mandatory health care
cial Surgeons, Oregon Academy of                                                                                                           access for children.
Pediatric Dentistry, and Oregon
Academy of General Dentistry. Many                                                                                                         Social events
of these groups held their annual                                                                                                          The President’s Party on Friday
meetings concurrently with the                                                                                                             evening featured entertainment by
Oregon Dental Conference.                                                                                                                  Design, who performed a wide variety
                                                                                                                                           of music that ranged from standards
Opening session                                                                                                                            by Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong
ODC’s opening session began on                                                                                                             to classic rock and disco.
April 7 at 7:30 am with a keynote                                                                                                            Saturday’s events began in the early
address by William D. Danko, PhD,                                                                                                          morning with the President’s Sunrise
co-author of the best-selling book,                                                                                      FRED A. BREMNER   Stride, followed by the Eye-Opener
The Millionaire Next Door.                THE SUGAR FIX NEXT DOOR? ODC keynote speaker and best-selling co-author William                  Breakfast with Uche Odiatu, DMD,
  Danko discussed the surprising          D. Danko, PhD is surprised to learn how much sugar is contained in popular soft drinks           CPT, and Kary Odiatu, CPT. The
                                          and snacks. Danko is shown here visiting the Healthy Smiles Coalition booth on Friday
results of his research into the funda-   morning, following a presentation based on his book, The Millionaire Next Door. Danko is         Odiatus spoke on Fit for the LOVE of it
mental qualities of people with a net     associate professor and chair of the department of marketing at the State University of          in addition to presenting an afternoon
worth of at least $1 million—qualities    New York at Albany. His book has sold more than 2.5 million copies.                              course, Fitness and your bottom line.
that are diametrically opposed to         Clark College. She teaches at Portland
today’s earn-and-consume culture.         State University and practices family
  Borrowing frequently from Ben-          and juvenile law.
jamin Franklin, one of his favorite          Brown spoke at some length about
philosophers, Danko told the audi-        HB 2025-A, the statewide fluoridation
ence that the keys to financial success   measure that successfully passed the
are:                                      house in 2005 but stalled in the
• living below your means;                Senate Environment and Land Use
• allocating funds efficiently in ways    Committee. Brown indicated she is an
   that build wealth;                     ardent supporter of community water
• ignoring conspicuous consumption;       fluoridation and she looks forward to
• being proficient in targeting           the bill being reintroduced when the
   marketing opportunities; and           Legislature reconvenes in January of
• choosing the “right” occupation.
  After years of studying and inter-
viewing the affluent, Danko and his
co-author discovered that most of the
wealthiest households were not
located in the most upscale neighbor-
hoods. According to Danko, wealthy
people don’t dine out much, are likely
to drive four-year-old Buicks, and own
very few Armani suits. Conversely
many households in the posh areas
have little real wealth. Although these
“high-livers” frequently enjoy elevated
household incomes, they tend to be
avid consumers with minimal savings
and investments.
  Danko’s presentation was sponsored
by the National Dental Foundation
for Asset Protection. The foundation
also sponsored a course given by G.
Kent Mangelson, Improved patient care
through dental malpractice protection.

DOPAC luncheon
The Dentists of Oregon Political
Action Committee held its annual
luncheon on Friday. DOPAC Chair-
man James P Fratzke, DMD noted
that Membership Matters Editor Fred
A. Bremner, DMD had announced his
candidacy for the Oregon House of
Representatives. ODA lobbyist Jane
B. Myers introduced the luncheon’s
keynote speaker, Senate Majority
Leader Kate Brown (D-Portland). A
member of the Oregon Legislature
since 1991, Brown holds a bachelor’s
degree in environmental conservation
from the University of Colorado at
Boulder and a law degree from North-
western School of Law at Lewis and

14   Membership Matters   May 2006                                                                                                                               www.oregondental.org
                                                        FRED A. BREMNER                                                         FRED A. BREMNER                                    FRED A. BREMNER

STUDENT CLINICIAN: Dental student Paul McAllister receives the            ART SHOW: Red Guitar by Keith R. Berg, DMD took the prizes for          DOPAC: Senate Majority Leader Kate
first place prize in the Student Clinician Competition from Ruben         Best Oil and Best of Show in the ODA-Member Art Show. The               Brown (D-Portland) responds to a question
Chavarria, regional manager for Dentsply Professional.                    competition was sponsored by Artisan Dental Lab.                        during the DOPAC luncheon.

Table clinics                               applications and techniques or basic               year student, for Current bleaching                Art Show
ODA and Dentsply sponsored the              science and research. This year’s first            techniques and post-treatment staining.            The Art Show, sponsored by Artisan
firth annual Student Clinician Com-         place award went to Paul McAllister, a             The third-place winner was second-                 Dental Lab, continues to be one of the
petition in which OHSU dental               third-year dental student, for Bioactive           year student Jared Ward, who pre-                  most popular events. This year’s
students entered tabletop demonstra-        glass-ionomer cement. Second place                 sented What do patients think about                winners included:
tions focusing either on clinical           went to John Delplanche, a second-                 tooth whitening?                                   • Best Acrylic
                                                                                                                                                     Donald A. Griffith, DMD
                                                                                                                                                     Monday Morning
                                                                                                                                                  • Best Oil
                                                                                                                                                     Keith R. Berg, DMD
                                                                                                                                                     Red Guitar
                                                                                                                                                  • Best photography
                                                                                                                                                     David R. Burton, DMD
                                                                                                                                                     Zebra Teeth
                                                                                                                                                  • Best Ink/Pencil Drawing
                                                                                                                                                     Donald A. Griffith, DMD
                                                                                                                                                     Apache Weaver
                                                                                                                                                  • Best Sculpture
                                                                                                                                                     E. Robert Quinn, Jr., DMD
                                                                                                                                                     Red Neck Duck – Drake
                                                                                                                                                  • Best Watercolor
                                                                                                                                                     Michael L. Hill, DMD
                                                                                                                                                     American Classic
                                                                                                                                                  • Best of Show
                                                                                                                                                     Keith R. Berg, DMD
                                                                                                                                                     Red Guitar

                                                                                                                                                  Prizes galore
                                                                                                                                                  This year’s conference offered a wider-
                                                                                                                                                  than-ever variety of door and raffle
                                                                                                                                                  prizes. Winners included:
                                                                                                                                                  • Trade Show Grand Opening
                                                                                                                                                     Reception Drawing
                                                                                                                                                     Daniel Kaylin, DDS, Jacksonville
                                                                                                                                                     Trip for two to New York City
                                                                                                                                                     including airfare, hotel stay, and two
                                                                                                                                                     tickets to two different Broadway
                                                                                                                                                  • Oregon Dental Foundation raffle
                                                                                                                                                     Eric A. Downey, DDS, Beaverton
                                                                                                                                                     BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i;
                                                                                                                                                  • Art Show Ballot Drawing
                                                                                                                                                     Kenneth R. Johnson, DMD,
                                                                                                                                                     $500 gift certificate to Amazon.com,
                                                                                                                                                     courtesy of Artisan Dental Lab;
                                                                                                                                                  • 9-Hole Game of Golf Card Raffle
                                                                                                                                                     • Richard Armanasco, Portland
                                                                                                                                                        Two nights at Eagle Crest Resort;
                                                                                                                                                     • Diane Bower, Oakland
                                                                                                                                                        One night lodging at Wheeler on
                                                                                                                                                        the Bay along with a $50 Jax
                                                                                                                                                        restaurant certificate and a $20 Le
                                                                                                                                                        Bistro Montage certificate;
                                                                                                                                                     • Ryan Chan, Portland
                                                                                                                                                        Wildhorse Resort & Casino
                                                                                                                                                        getaway package;
                                                                                                                                                     • Heidi Fisch, Eugene
                                                                                                                                                        One-night deluxe accommodation

                                                                                                                                                            Turn to ODC, page 16

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                                                    May 2006    Membership Matters       15
ODC:                                              for two at Skamania Lodge;
                                                • Angie Stinnett, Winston
Door and raffle prizes                             wo
                                                  T nights in an oceanfront beach
abound at conference                              house at Glen Eden.

                                              Raffle prize donations
Continued from Page 15
                                              ODA sincerely thanks the following
                                              companies for sponsoring raffle prizes:
       at the Portland Marriott Downtown • Artisan Dental Lab
       Waterfront and a $100 restaurant         www.artisandental.com
       gift certificate;                      • Avalon Hotel
     • Cathy Heintzman, Boise, Idaho            www.avalonhotelandspa.com                                                                                              FRED A. BREMNER

                                                                                        NEITHER RAIN, NOR SLEET . . . could deter these intrepid ODC attendees from joining
       One night stay at The Ocean Lodge • Eagle Crest Resort                           in the President’s Sunrise Stride on Saturday morning.
       and a one night stay at the Inn at       www.eagle-crest.com
       Cannon Beach;                          • Gary’s Vacuflo                            montage.citysearch.com?cslink=            • Portland Spirit, www.portlandspirit.com
     • Vickie Maskal, Eugene                    www.garysvacuflo.com                      profile_info_website_cust                 • Shilo Inns, www.shiloinns.com
       One-night stay at Avalon Hotel         • Inn at Cannon Beach                     • The Ocean Lodge                           • Skamania Lodge, www.skamania.com
       and a Portland Spirit dinner cruise;     www.atcannonbeach.com                     www.theoceanlodge.com                     • Wheeler on the Bay
     • Carol MacDougall, Bend                 • Jax, www.jaxbar.com                     • Portland Marriott Downtown                  www.wheeleronthebay.com
       One night lodging at any Shilo Inn, • Le Bistro Montage                            www.marriott.com/property/propertypage/   • Wildhorse Resort & Casino
       plus 18 holes of golf, including cart,                                             PDXOR                                       www.wildhorseresort.com

                                              Thank you ODC sponsors
     The Oregon Dental Association expresses its sincere thanks to the following businesses for their generous sponsorship of ODC 2006.

           The ODS Companies                             Burkhart Dental                         Patterson Dental Supply                     Hu-Friedy Manufacturing

                   Kerr                          Dental Systems Integrators, Inc.                 Dentsply Professional                        Artisan Dental Lab

                 Brasseler                                      DBIC                                      Schick                            National Dental Foundation

16    Membership Matters   May 2006                                                                                                                        www.oregondental.org
                       ODA on the Web:                            About us
                                                                   • Leadership
                       New Web site                                • Mission
                       facilitates information                     • The ODS Companies
                                                                   • Oregon Dental Foundation
                       access for members                          • Wilsonville update
                       and the public
                                                                  Member resources
                                                                   • DOPAC
                       Continued from Page 1
                                                                   • Governance
                                                                   • Member Directory
                       first decision a visitor has to make at     • Membership Matters
                       the site is the easiest one of all: ‘Are    • Professional resources
                       you a member of the association or a        • Resource guide
                       member of the public?’ From there,          • Services
                       the site presents the visitor with the      • Student activities
                       most common information needs
                       specific to each group,” Steding           Public resources
                       added.                                      • Government affairs
                                                                   • Press room
                       Logical sequence                            • Consumer education
                       Clicking on one of the five major           • Component dental societies
                       content buttons activates a fly-out         • Find a dentist
                       menu with a series of further choices       • Dental careers
                       related to that content. The site is        • Dental links
                       organized as follows:
                                                                  Oregon Dental Conference
                                                                   • Preregistration
                                                                   • Preview program
                                                                   • Speakers
                                                                   • Exhibit Hall
                                                                   • Sponsors

                                                                  Contact ODA

                                                                     One of the biggest changes visitors
                                                                  will find on the new Web site is the
                                                                  section devoted to Membership
                                                                  Matters. Instead of HTML text files,
                                                                  readers may now download full-color
                                                                  Adobe Portable Document Format
                                                                  (PDF) files of each section—or the
                                                                  entire issue, if desired. PDF allows
                                                                  readers to view Membership Matters in
                                                                  its original published format, complete
                                                                  with full-color photographs, graphics,
                                                                  tables, and advertisements. ODA
                                                                  recommends Version 6.0 or later of
                                                                  Adobe Reader, available for free
                                                                  download at: www.adobe.com/products/

                                                                  More to come
                                                                  Membership Matters is only one of
                                                                  many changes that are part of ODA’s
                                                                  new Web site. The association ulti-
                                                                  mately hopes to expand its e-com-
                                                                  merce and conference registration
                                                                  facilities, as well as offer real-time
                                                                  legislative information to enhance its
                                                                  grassroots lobbying.
                                                                    “ODA’s work is not always carried
                                                                  on between 9:00 and 5:00,” Steding
                                                                  noted. “We ultimately hope to de-
                                                                  velop www.oregondental.org into a
                                                                  virtual central office where members
                                                                  and the public can get immediate
                                                                  answers to their questions, 24/7.”
                                                                    Despite the changes to the Web site,
                                                                  Steding stressed that personal atten-
                                                                  tion will always be a hallmark of
                                                                  ODA. “Unlike some banks, we’re not
                                                                  going to be ‘pushing’ people onto the
                                                                  Web,” Steding said. “We are making
                                                                  more Web-based services available for
                                                                  those who want them, but we will
                                                                  always welcome phone calls and
                                                                  personal inquiries.”
                                                                    “It’s all about meeting people’s
                                                                  needs in the manner most convenient
                                                                  for them,” she added.

www.oregondental.org                                                    May 2006   Membership Matters   17
ODA-approved courses in risk
management, 2005-2007
ODA REQUIRES MEMBERS TO COMPLETE                      To verify whether a course meets
THREE HOURS of approved risk manage-                ODA requirements, or to obtain
ment education. The current report-                 course approval, contact Beryl
ing period is January 1, 2005 to                    Fletcher, bfletcher@oregondental.org or
December 31, 2007.                                  503-620-3230/800-452-5628, ext 103.
  The DBIC courses listed below meet                  To verify whether you have met the
ODA requirements, although other                    requirement for this reporting period,
courses may also be approved. Check                 or to find out if a specific course has
with your malpractice carrier for                   been approved, contact Julie Marten,
dividend qualification requirements.                jmarten@oregondental.org or 503-620-
                                                    3230/800-452-5628, ext 104.
 ODA-approved DBIC courses

     • October 20, 2006: DBIC – Corvallis. Sponsored by the
       Southern Willamette Dental Society. Call Dr. Scott
       Travelstead at 541-754-6400 for information.
     • November 14, 2006: DBIC – Sponsored by the Washing-
       ton County Dental Society. Call WCDS at 503-848-5605
       for information.
     • April 14, 2007: DBIC – Oregon Convention Center,
       Portland; 2:00-5:00 pm. Sponsored by the Oregon                       You’ll also find a listing
       Dental Association.                                                   of courses on page 99
                                                                              of your 2005-06 ODA
     • December 7, 2007: DBIC – Portland. Sponsored by the                   Membership Directory.
       Multnomah Dental Society. Call MDS at 503-513-5010
       for information.
     • December 14, 2007: DBIC – Sponsored by the Central Oregon Dental
       Society. Call Dr. Catherine Quas at 541-382-0410 for information.

Welcome new members!
THE OREGON DENTAL ASSOCIATION extends a warm welcome to the
following dentists who have recently joined organized dentistry.

• Timothy J. Boehm, DMD, MS                      • Mamiko Kuriya, DDS
  Marion-Polk-Yamhill                              Marion-Polk-Yamhill
• Tyler L. Bryan, DMD                            • William D. Morrell, DDS
  Southern Willamette                              Central Oregon
• Travis M. Cochell, DMD                         • Peter D. Nguyen, DDS
  Lane County                                      Marion-Polk-Yamhill
• Bryce O. Evans, DMD                            • Gary F. Schoonover, DMD
  Clatsop County                                   Marion-Polk-Yamhill
• Fadi B. Ibsies, DMD                            • Jay Vaikuntam, BDS
  Clackamas County                                 Lane County
• Sheida Kharrazi, DMD
  Washington County

     Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule give parents the right to see
     their children’s medical records?
     Yes, the Privacy Rule generally allows a parent to have
     access to the medical records about his or her child–as the
     child’s personal representative–when such access is not
     inconsistent with state or other law. There are three
     situations when the parent would not be the minor’s
     personal representative:
     • when the minor is the one who consents to care and the
       consent of the parent is not required under State or other
       applicable law;
     • when the minor obtains care at the direction of a court or
       a person appointed by the court; and
     • when, and to the extent that, the parent agrees that the
       minor and the health care provider may have a confidential relationship.
        Even in these situations, the parent may still access the medical records of the
     minor when state or other applicable law requires or permits such parental access. A
     provider may choose not to treat a parent as a personal representative when the
     provider reasonably believes that the child has been or may be subjected to domestic
     violence, abuse or neglect, or that treating the parent as the child’s personal
     representative could endanger the child.
        In Oregon, minors 15 years of age and older may give consent for their own
     treatment. If a provider wishes to have a parent pay the bill for services (or bill the
     parent’s insurance), they should have the patient sign a consent to allow parental
     access to the records. A note in the office financial policy is also advisable.

     Information in this feature is provided for general purposes only and should not be
     construed as legal advice or opinion on particular facts or circumstances. You are urged
     to consult your attorney if you have specific legal questions. For more information on
     HIPAA compliance, contact ODA Director of Professional Affairs Beryl B. Fletcher, 503-
     620-3230, ext. 103, e-mail: bfletcher@oregondental.org.

18     Membership Matters      May 2006                                                                   www.oregondental.org
  Classified advertising                        Opportunities cont’d                            Practices for sale cont’d                       Practices for sale cont’d
  ODA MEMBERS                                  duties. Newly equipped modern office with       to mentor. In addition, there is a two-room     BEAVERTON PRACTICE FOR SALE—
  $30 minimum for the first 30 words of        excellent staff and lab services provided.      dental lab with a burnout oven, casting         Established Beaverton general dentistry
  each ad, then 65 cents per word.             If you are bright, energetic with a desire to   machine, porcelain ovens, and lab               practice has three-year average production
  Confidential box numbers are available       be productive, very personable, and             equipment that can be purchased at an           of $700,000. This five-operatory practice
  for $5 per issue. You may box your ad        people oriented, and have great general         additional price. For more information,         is highly visible with signage on
                                               and specialty clinical skills, fax resume to    please contact Dr. Oksana Gorka at 503-         Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. There are
  for $30 per insertion.
                                               425-401-9925 or write to: Dr. Hanssen,          313-3724.                                       approximately 850 active patients and
  NON-ODA MEMBERS                              5006 136 th Place S.E., Bellevue, WA                                                            three days a week of hygiene. The practice
  $50 minimum for the first 30 words of        98006.                                          NORTH OREGON COAST—Wheeler, in                  was completely remodeled and new
  each ad, then 65 cents per word.                                                             medical complex. Established practice           equipment purchased in September of
  Confidential box numbers available for       GROUP PRACTICE IN ALASKA—Group                  with low overhead, assumable lease,             2004, including digital X-ray and comput-
                                               practice seeking dentists at all levels to      unique opportunity, inquire at                  ers in all operatories. This practice
  $10 per issue. You may box your ad for
                                               staff our locations in Anchorage, Alaska.       lternus@hotmail.com or 503-680-8660.            concentrates on restorative and cosmetic
  $40 per insertion.                                                                                                                           dentistry. The dentist also does endo and
                                               Those interested please e-mail:
  TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD                     Alnettafmdc@aol.com or phone: 907-333-          EASTERN OREGON—Want to work for                 simple extractions. Please call Josh at
  Visit www.oregondental.org, select the       1211, ext. 105.                                 yourself? Want to be very busy from the         503-515-9335.
                                                                                               outset? A great opportunity to take over a
  Membership Matters link, then the
                                               TEMPORARY COVERAGE—Experienced                  thriving practice with a wonderful staff.       COLUMBIA GORGE, OR PRACTICE—Real
  Classifieds link, and download the
                                               dentists needed to cover local vacation,        Doctor will cut back or retire depending on     estate included in this clean and profit-
  submission form. You may also have a         disability and maternity leaves. No cost,       your wishes. Wonderful Eastern Oregon           able solo practice. Seller retiring after 25+
  form faxed or mailed to you by               strings or obligations – ever! Simply name      location with hunting for deer, elk, and        year history. Receivables stable at
  contacting Julie Marten at 503-620-          your fee. Doctors Per Diem, Inc.                turkeys; fine trout and steelhead fishing.      $500k/yr with earnings at $230k. Contact
  3230 (800-452-5628), ext. 104, or e-         www.doctorsperdiem.com. 800-600-0963.           For a great start on your own practice, call    Exit Strategies, Inc. for details. 503-577-
  mail: jmarten@oregondental.org.                                                              Ken at 541-575-0772.                            5649 or info@perfectexit.com.
                                               ASSOCIATE DENTIST WANTED—General
  DISCOUNTS                                    dentistr y practice in Madras, Oregon.          NEW PRACTICE FOR SALE! Downtown
  Multiple ad insertion discounts are          Three to four days per week. Generous           Portland, Tigard, Hillsboro (Perio), Sisters,
  available. Contact ODA for details.          compensation. Buy-in or purchase                Bend & Southern Oregon. No commission            Equipment
                                               available. Excellent fee-for-service, high      involved, accurately valued, and fairly
                                               profit-margin practice. 541-419-0435.           priced for new doctor’s success. Doctors        MICROSCOPE FOR SALE—Seilor SSI-102,
  Classified ad copy is due by the 10th                                                        and staff willing to help through transition.   good introductory microscope. Has mobile
  day of the month prior to the month of                                                       Contact Jon Schatz, Schatz & Company,           base or can be chair mounted. Asking
  publication (e.g., to publish an ad in                                                       visit our Web site: SchatzandCompany.com.       $1,000. Contact: ryamada3@comcast.net.
  the February issue, final ad copy is due      Space available                                Office: 503-628-7251 or cell 503-349-
  by January 10). All classified ads must                                                      1600.
  be prepaid. ODA reserves the right to        LEASE OR LEASE/OWN—West Portland,
  refuse any ad.                               117th SW Barnes Road building con-              DENTIST RETIRING AFTER 68 YEARS—                 Vacation rentals
                                               structed for dental/medical practices.          Take over beautiful, growing Medford-area
  SEND FORMS AND PAYMENT TO:                   Great parking, view space available,            practice from retiree. Smaller practice in      SUNRIVER—Cozy cabin with hot tub and
  Oregon Dental Association                    growing area, lots of new housing. Only         nice office. Ideal for full-or part-time        European charm! 3 bedroom, 2 bath,
  Attention: Anna Chavis                       four suites left! 503-522-0603.                 practitioner. Seller willing to consider        sleeps 10-12, fireplace, 3 TVs/DVDs,
  Post Office Box 3710                                                                         various options for purchase. Office: 541-      bikes. Romantic but family friendly too!
  Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-3710               DENTAL SPACE AVAILABLE—New office               772-5174; home: 541-857-6525.                   Quiet cul-de-sac near mall and lodge.
                                               building at Sunnyside Road and Valley                                                           $150/$175 night. 541-752-1400.
  Submission forms containing credit           View Terrace (SE 112th) to be built for         PRACTICE ACQUISITION FINANCING—
  card information for payment may be          occupancy this summer. Interior tailored        Dedicated to ser ving the needs of doctors      SUNRIVER – 4 BR, 2.5 BA, Sleeps 10. Hot
  faxed to 503-620-4169.                       to your needs. Up to 3,000 sq. ft. Contact      for practice acquisition. US Bancorp Health     tub, pool table, 4 TVs, 2 VCRs, 2 DVDs,
                                               Tom Sears, 503-257-9168.                        Services providing financial solutions for      canoe, bikes. Decks with golf course and
                                                                                               the past twenty-five years. Contact Charlie     meadow views. No smoking/pets. $225/
                                               MEDFORD DENTAL OFFICE READY TO                  Boos, US Bank, 503-491-2207.                    $250 night. 541-276-1865. (DCCA 129).
  Display advertising                          GO; GREAT LOCATION!—Lease space
                                               available with little needed to start. 1,100
  Looking for an                               sq. ft., three operatories. Recent remodel
                                               of front office, waiting room, and patient
  effective way to reach
  the dental market-                           bathroom. Next to Providence Hospital;                                   Lawsuits happen to good people.
                                               plenty of parking. Contact: David Allen at
  place? Membership                                                                                                     If you’ve been sued or threatened with a lawsuit,
                                               541-779-8694, 8 am - 5 pm (work); 541-
  Matters puts you in
                                               608-7122 (home).                                                         ODA’s Committee on Litigation Stress offers
  front of more than
  2,000 Oregon dental                                                                                                   support by putting you in touch with colleagues
                                               PRIME DOWNTOWN DENTAL SUITES FOR
  professionals 11 times                       LEASE—860 sq. ft.–9,000 sq. ft. Fantas-
                                                                                                                        who have been through similar experiences. Call
  a year. For current                          tic views, access, location & parking. Join                              Margaret Torgeson at 503-620-3230 (800-452-
  rates and information on display             the premier dentistry groups in the                                      5628), ext. 117, or mtorgeson@oregondental.org.
  advertising, contact Carol Harris at         Portland Medical Center. Call Barry
  LLM Publications, 503-445-2227.              Menashe, 503-221-4040.
                                                                                                                               ODA is here to help you.
                                               PRACTICE SALES—Practice transitions,
                                               practice valuations, practice mergers,
 Opportunities                                 associate buy-ins, buyer representation,
                                               partnership negotiations and associate-
ASSOCIATE NEEDED IN BEAVERTON—                 ships available. Visit our Web site:
Established general dental practice in         SchatzandCompany.com Get on our e-mail
Beaverton is looking for an associate          notification list! Office: 503-628-7251.
three days a week. Start immediately. Buy-
in and ownership available. Inquiries
please call Josh at 503-515-9335.
                                                Practices for sale
                                               FOREST GROVE, OREGON—Practice for
Specialist satellite location. New state-of-
                                               sale in a growing area in Forest Grove.
the-art building in Newberg, Oregon.
                                               Well established cosmetic and restorative
Currently no endodontist, periodontist,
                                               practice produces over $375,000 a year
pedodontist, or oral surgeon in town. New
                                               with the dentist working only three days
Providence Hospital to open summer of
                                               per week at a relaxed pace. This is a full
2006. To inquire, fax 503-538-1255 or
                                               fee-for-service: no PPO or managed care
e-mail: ltidwell@verizon.net.
                                               plans. The dentist sees six to eight
                                               patients a day, focusing on cosmetic and
SOUTHERN OREGON DENTAL SOCIETY                 restorative cases: crowns, bridges,
PRESENTS—07-21-06: Dr. Howard Farran,          veneers, partials, and dentures. Most root
six CE hours available. Call Deanna at         canal therapy, oral surgery and pedo are
541-830-1539 for further details and           referred out; however, the practice does
registration information.                      have a rotary endo system. The three-
                                               operatory practice is fully remodeled and
NORTHWEST WASHINGTON—Seeking                   is equipped with intraoral cameras, X-ray
Experienced Dentist for busy, established,     units, computers, and LCD monitors. The
rapidly growing, fee for service dental        A-dec chairs and delivery units are two
practice. Excellent immediate income           years old. The staff is highly motivated to
opportunity ($180,000 to $375,000 + per        deliver excellent patient care and are
year) depending on productive ability and      involved in the community. The current
hrs worked. Secure long term position.         owner is relocating to another state for
You can concentrate on optimum patient         family reasons. The asking price is
treatment without practice management          $295,000. The selling dentist is willing

www.oregondental.org                                                                                                                                  May 2006     Membership Matters    19
                                     Interview:                                  “[I]f we cannot come together
                                                                                 complementing and supporting
                                     Simmons reflects                            another—each profession, dentistry
                                     on proposed changes                         and dental hygiene—how can we be
                                                                                 an inspiration to helping humanity in
                                     in dental hygiene                           all its diverse masses?”
                                     profession                                How do you think the dental and
                                                                               dental hygiene professions can best
                                                                               come together?
                                     Continued from Page 3
                                                                               In my opinion, advancing education,
                                                                               establishing incentives for completion
                                     position breaking restrictive barriers    of a baccalaureate degree versus an
                                     currently obstructing direct preven-      associate degree, and developing
                                     tive care and increasing restorative      various educational levels for entry
                                     services. Dental hygienists can detect    into the profession should be a
                                     symptoms of many life-threatening         common agenda for both associations
                                     diseases, educate patients to develop     [ODA and ODHA]. In addition there
                                     oral health care treatment plans, and     is an acute shortage of dental hygiene
                                     serve as an invaluable pipeline for       faculty with the necessary credentials
                                     referring those who need the care of a    to teach. This should be a priority
                                     dentist.                                  along with building a scientific and
                                                                               research agenda to study evidence-
                                     Thank you for your letter to the editor   based outcomes and the dental
                                     that we published in the May 2005         profession’s role in total health. As
                                     issue of Membership Matters. In that      part of the health care delivery team,
                                     letter you wrote:                         our joint efforts should be to this end.

                                                                               Tell us a little about yourself. What’s
                                                                               on your reading table at the moment?
                                                                               How do you relax and have fun?
                                                                               I love camping and bike riding.
                                                                               Oregon has some of the most breath-
                                                                               taking viewpoints I have ever seen,
                                                                               and sharing this experience with my
                                                                               family is a real joy. I also love reading
                                                                               about ancient civilizations and how
                                                                               people lived.
                                                                                  My real passion is helping others
                                                                               and this is the common purpose both
                                                                               associations share.

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