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									PURVAG G. PATEL
                                                                                    1025 Autumn Point, Apt B, Carbondale, IL 62901
                                                                               (618) 559-5474 ∙ ∙
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL , USA.
Ph.D. in Computer Science, G.P.A. 4.0/4.0. Jan. 2010 – Present.
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL , USA.
Master of Science in Computer Science, G.P.A. 4.0/4.0. Aug. 2007 – Dec. 2009
L.D. College Of Engineering, Ahmadabad, India.
B.E Computer Engineering, Aggregate 64%. Aug. 2003 - June 2007
CWJess: Expert system shell for Computing with Words
     expert system shell build on top of Jess rule engine which implements CW inference system
     two components: the Java API and the CWJess library
     implementing fuzzy logic computational elements, such as fuzzy intersection, union, graph, etc. in Java
     integration of CWJess Library with Jess Rete library
     developing a GUI for end-users
Improving behavior Computer Gaming Bots
     implemented Q-Learning, a machine learning algorithm, to improve behavior computer gaming bots
     miniature simulation of a First-Person Shooter game in Java
     bots learn to shoot and plant the bomb in game scenario
     Fictitious play, a learning based algorithm, for video game bots
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, USA. (Aug 2011 - Present)
Graduate Assistant – Information Technology
       Groovy scripting for variety for various web services
       Implemented Reznet sales and delivery services
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, USA. ( Aug 2008 – Aug 2011)
I.T. Graduate Assistant – School of Social Work
       development , designing, and maintenance of website –
       on-site computer support including general troubleshooting, repairing, and maintenance of computers
       design of advertising material such as flyers, brochure, etc.
       local L.A.N administration
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, USA. ( Aug 2007 - Dec 2008)
Graduate Assistant - Institutional Research & Studies
       development and designing of website - using ASP.NET and Oracle
       job included generating dynamic graphical reports using crystal-reports from a large database
       build search facility for extracting data from huge iseg database
       dynamically exporting the search results and reports in various format viz. doc, excel, and pdf
Amba Tech., Adalaj, Gandhinagar, India. (Jan 2007 - May 2007)
Programmer trainee
       developed a comprehensive system for middle-sized hospital using VB.NET, C#,
       MS-SQL server, MS-Access and oracle developed a generic solution for the hospital form managing patients, employees,
         pharmacy, and OPD to managing doctors and theirs account
       developed a generic front end that can work on three major back-ends MS-SQL Server, oracle and MS-Access also
       generating reports with the help of crystal reports
Websites Maintained/Developed
       Developed various independent websites
       Nautam Vakil & Co. - , New World Store (Used furniture store)
       Personal Website -
Special interest in use Artificial intelligence in Computing with Words, Computer gaming, internet technologies, website
development, human computer interaction programming and GUI development
Tools/Packages:            Apache Tomcat, IIS 3.0, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver
Web technologies:          ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and ASP.NET
Languages:                 Intel 8085/8086 Assembly Language, COBOL, C, C++, J2SE, JEEE, VB, C# and VB.NET
Databases:                 MS-Access, Oracle 8i, MS SQL Server, MySql, and Oracle9i F1-training certificate
Hardware Certification for Hardware and Computer Management from ACT-Abad
1.   Ushma Patel, Purvag Patel, and Henry Hexmoor (2011). Improving Behavior of Computer Game Bots using Fictitious Play.
     International Journal of Automation and Computing(in print)
2.   Elham S. Khorasani, Shahram Rahimi, Purvag Patel and Daniel Houle (2011). CWJess: Implementation of an Expert System Shell
     for Computing with Words. Proceedings of the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, pp. 581–
3.   Purvag Patel, Norman Carver and Shahram Rahimi (2011). Tuning Computer Gaming Agents using Q-Learning Proceedings of the
     Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, pp. 33-39.
4.   Purvag Patel (2009). Improving Computer Game Bots' behavior using Q-Learning. Master’s Thesis.
5.   Purvag Patel and Henry Hexmoor (2009). Designing BOTs with BDI Agents. The 2009 International Symposium on Collaborative
     Technologies and Systems, pp. 180-186.
MISS (Management information system for promoting & nurturing sports)
Client:             Sport authority of Gujarat (IBM-GIL)
The objective of project was to provide an online as well as client management system to aid sport authority of Gujarat to manage
their scholarship schemes.
Technologies Used: Java, JSP, Tomcat-Apache, MYSQL
Revised DOS (Disk Operating System)
The objective of project was to develop a simulation of classic dos environment. In addition to regular text interface it provided an
enhanced graphical interface to create a good look and feel.
Technologies Used: C/C++
Online Merit List Generation
The objective of project was to develop an online system to generate merit list for admission committee. It also provided interface
for viewing results.
Technologies Used: JavaScript, HTML, Tomcat-Apache, MS-Access
Online College Admission
The objective of project was to provide an online management of admission in a commerce college which facilitates various jobs
from filling up of the forms to getting final admissions.
Technology Used: VBscript, ASP, IIS, MS-Access
Othello vs. computer
AI was implemented to let the user play with computer. It convincingly defeated human players.
Language: Java
Artificial Chat
The objective of this small project was to demonstrate Human Computer Interaction as a demonstration of my Seminar on HCI, It
simulated the artificial chat with the user and was designed such that it will learn new words like a baby learns new words.
Language: Java
Medical Store Management
The objective of project was to develop a MIS for medical store management and provide a user friendly interface for the user.
Tools/Language: Visual Studio 6.0, VB, MS-Access
Online results on Mobile
This project provides cell phone users to view their results on their cell phones. Given the seat number and class users will be
displayed their results.
Technologies used: WML, Nokia web browser, IIS, MS-Access

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