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                                                     Boy Scout Troop 22
                                                          Amherst, New Hampshire
                                                                        October 2002

        Notes from Parents’ Meeting                         Spring Calendar Review--Sue Birchard. The
             September 30, 2002                             draft for most of the spring of 2003 will be
                     by Nick Loy                            presented to the SPL.       The plan is for one
                                                            overnight and one day trip each month. Briefly the
Old Business                                                draft is:
Junior Leadership Training--Bill Birchard. Bill
once again requested parent support for this effort.        January     Klondike training and Derby;
In particular, support for the idea of coach and            February    Ski Trip and Ice Fishing Derby,
council.                                                                also X-country skiing at Lamson
Driver Information & Health Forms--Trudy Loy.                           Farm;
Trudy thanked the many people who had forwarded             March       End of Winter Camp-out (Grout
health forms and driver information. Trudy and                          Pond or ?) And the Hanscom Swim
Sue Birchard will be phoning the families who                           and History Day trip;
have not sent in health forms and or car insurance          April       Canoe Training and TBD;
information.                                                May         Canoe Trips;
Nashua Soup Kitchen--Sue Birchard. The Troop                June        Under discussion;
will serve and clean up at the Nashua Soup kitchen          Summer Trip Under discussion;
on the 3rd Tuesday of each month between 3:30               September   Kickoff trip under discussion.
and 6:30 p.m. The patrols will rotate the
responsibility.                                             Upcoming Events:
Youth Protection Training. At the moment,
apparently, Nick Loy is the only member of the              Oct. 4         Yard Sale set up starting at 3 or
troop who has current certification for youth                              maybe a bit earlier--we need strong
protection. Nick will ask council at the next                              backs and weak minds, and lots of
Round Table if our Troop can borrow the course                             tarps;
tape on youth protection.                                   Oct. 5         Yard Sale--Piyanai. We need good
                                                                           salespersons. There will be no
New Business                                                               bake sale this year. We also need
Parent involvement as assistant Scout masters                              cashiers for Saturday afternoon;
(ASM)--Dave Gagne. There is an immediate need               Oct. 6         Day hike Mt. Chocoria-- Birchard;
for one more ASM. In the long run, a number of              Oct. 8         PLC & Jr. Leadership Training;
ASM are due to retire in the next year and we need          Oct 19-20      Smarts Mountain Trip--Bob Kokko
replacements. It is great if you can bring some                            (let Bob know ASAP if you plan to
special skill to volunteering but don't let the lack of                    go. He absolutely must know by
special skills stop you. There is both-on-the-job                          Oct 7. Also, we urgently need an
training and training from council. Mike Campbell                          adult, volunteer to coordinate
will set up a meeting with the new parents                                 advancement training.
sometime in the next month.
Oct. 21         Blue Sky Night--Bill Birchard.           of hours. If no scout volunteers the scout pages
                Slide show of scouting adventures        will be merged into the main web site.
                and places like base camp at Mount
                Everest;                                 Nick Loy will become the TroopMaster Master
Oct. 28:                                                 (he will keep the merged master database). The
       Board of Review        C. Anderson                master database will be kept in a secure drive at
       Scouting for Food Routes B. DeSimone              Product Resources that is routinely (weekly)
       Wreath Orders C. Kolb .. see important            backed up. Chuck Anderson will be responsible
       discussion below.                                 for maintaining scout records with the help of
Nov. 2        Day Hike to Odiorne Point State            ASM. Nick is looking for 2-3 parents to help
              Park--Grassett / Locke. The troop          maintain the adult and business section of
              will hire a naturalist / guide for this    TroopMaster.
              trip. It should be great!
Nov 16-17     Bike Trip and Camping in the               Adult CPR or First Aid--Sue Birchard/Gwyn
              w a r m         s o u t h          o f     Grasset. Still in planning stage. It has been two
              Massachusetts–either Hingham or            years since we had the last CPR training.
              Cape Cod. Stay tuned for details!
              Partial toward Biking Merit badge           Troop T shirts for adults--Bill Birchard will email
              will be offered.                            you to ask if you want a T shirt (like those given
Dec. 13-14    Jette--Shooting at the Fish and             out at Blue Sky night.
              Game Club.
                                                          Permanent Patrol Assignments--Steve
Wreath Sale–Shannon Kolb.          It will be a bit       Workman. The "final" patrol assignments will be
different this year:                                      made within the mouth. The assignments will be
                                                          posted on the web. There will be a new varsity
          Sale Starts Oct. 21                             patrol as a compliment to the venture patrol.
          Sale ends Nov. 4
          Wreaths pickup Dec. 1                           Finance--Robin Julian. Closing balance for the
                                                          troop is $4,968.67. This is the second reading of
What's New? First–Many prizes from local                  the draft budget. Only minor changes. Mike has
merchants like EMS. (I can't believe Mrs. Kolb got        requested that Chris Kolb (Quartermaster) and
so many merchants to sign up!) Second–Some of             Nick Loy (Canoe quartermaster) give him a list of
the profits may help pay for the Ski Trip. Third--        expected expenses by the next meeting.
Some of the profit to be returned to the Scouts as        Troop membership fees have gone up slightly--
credit for any Scout activity.                            $40 per scout. Dues are due now! Make checks
                                                          payable to BSA Troop 22 Amherst and give to
Troop Web Site--Nick Loy. Some parts of the               Robin Julian.
Web site to be moved to Product Resources Web
site. They have offered us free space and some            Advancements--Chuck Anderson.
other server services. MV Communications has                   Court of Honor is Nov. 4th
given the Troop free web space for a number of
years. Our web site has become large and I don't          Eagle Required Merit Badge Training. Once
want to ask too much from MV. If any scout or             again Phyllis Quay will teach not one, not two, but
scouts would like to become next year's                   three Citizenship & Personal Management Merit
webmaster/ historian, Nick Loy will be glad to            badges. (Thank You, Phyllis!). The contact her at
train them. This involves a commitment for a lot

BSA Troop 22                                   October 2002                                        Page 2
After the meeting discussion--At the moment, only      so. If you haven't seen them, they are forest green
Jim Baldwin is a camping merit badge councilor.        polo shirts with "Amherst Troop 22" emblazoned
 He is very tied up with work related activities. A    on them in gold letters. If you're interested in a
number of the boys need their camping merit            shirt, email me your size (
badge. We need someone to step forward and help        Pricing and confirmation to follow.
and perhaps become a camping merit badge
councilor.                                                   More News from Mr. Birchard

                                                       Junior Leader Training–Thirteen Scouts played
        Next Parents’ Meeting                          Monster, Mergers and Moonball, and a number of
       Monday, October 28, 2002                        other games during a day-long workshop to learn
        Congregational Church                          the basics of leadership on September 22. The
                                                       workshop was held at Shieling State Forest in
                                                       Peterborough. It was attended by nearly all patrol
               Blue Sky Night                          leaders, assistant patrol leaders, senior patrol
                  by Bill Birchard                     leaders, and other Scouts recently in leadership
                                                       positions. The workshop was the Troop's first
        About 80 scouts, parents, and Webelos          annual Junior Leader Training day.
attended the most recent Blue Sky Night, a
presentation called Eyes on Owls, by naturalist                Congratulations to Jake Birchard, Nat Loy,
Marcia Wilson and her photographer husband             Graham Grassett, Tom Campbell, Jonathan Unger,
Mark Wilson. If you haven't seen the Milford           Sean Kolb, Travis Jette, Jacob Workman, Chris
Cabinet, be sure to read the article on the front      Kokko, Jeff Fasoli, Tim Bender, Tristan Baldwin
page of the second section. Reporter Peggy Miller      and Kye Birchard. They all earned "TRAINED"
aptly describes the slide show, hooting                patches for attending the workshop, and will be
demonstration, and up-close-and-personal look at       further honored at the next Court of Honor.
the six owls brought to the show by Marcia and
Mark.                                                           The highlight of the day was a quirky Boy
                                                        Scout video in which Tommy, a patrol leader in
        The next Blue Sky night is October 21.          perfect uniform, solves a series of problems in his
Our guest will be Bob Eaton, a life-long Scout,         Scout Troop - such as a dispute over who should
former marathon runner, and globe-trotting              get the water during the Troop camp-out. The
mountaineer. Bob will give a slide show of his          video was the centerpiece for many discussions
years in Scouting, from climbing in the White           about "shared leadership," one of the 11 principles
Mountains, to scaling Alaska's Mt. McKinley, to         of Junior Leader Training. The workshop also
crossing the Kumbu icefall at the base of Mt.           included zany skits, a big lunch, and a hike to a
Everest in Nepal. As with former Blue Sky Nights,       ledge for bouldering.
this one will be open to Scouts and Scout leaders
only. Bob is a high-energy leader who has lots of               Scouts who have not yet begun Junior
stories to tell. Don't miss him!                        Leader Training can look forward to a program of
                                                        fun and learning in future years. Junior Leader
Troop 22 Polo Shirts--How many Scouts and               Training is a part of every Patrol Leaders Council.
Scout leaders have admired the gift shirts we have      This year, advanced leadership training will be
presented to Blue Sky Night guests? Good news!          conducted during the leadership overnight on
The Troop will be submitting a group order for          November 23 & 24. Stay tuned to hear more. Talk
these official Troop 22 shirts in the next month or     to me if you have questions about the program.

BSA Troop 22                                 October 2002                                        Page 3
             Mt. Chocorua Day Hike                      hikers get wet.... we'll have a roof and do indoor
        Coming up fast is the day hike up Mt.
Chocorua on Sunday, October 6. Chocorua is one          NOTE: MUST HAVE SIGNED PERMISSION
of New Hampshire's finest mountains. It has a bare,     SLIPS TURNED IN AT THE 7 OCT MEETING
rocky top with 360-degree views. The hike will          !!!!
take place during peak foliage (at high elevations),
and should reward every Scout who attends and           Details on permission slip and at 7 OCT meeting.
climbs the 2,250 feet and 3.8 miles to the summit.      Also may contact me at 673-8649 or
All you need is a lunch, plenty of energy, and some
warm clothes. Mr. and Mrs. Birchard are the
leaders. Please phone them for more information -                               ***
and last-minute sign-up if you're interested. The
trip departs from the Brick School at 7 a.m.                      Please Take Care of Details
                                                                            by Trudy Loy

                                                                Just a reminder to parents that if you
                                                        haven't given me your son's health form or your
        Smarts Mountain/                                driver's information, please do so ASAP. Fax
                                                        number: 889-0881; 15 Willow Lane, Amherst, NH
 Dartmouth Cabin Hike, Oct. 19 & 20                     03031 or Questions? 882-6664.
                   by Bob Kokko

Need a break from HOMEWORK?!!!                                  The health form is the type three form
Have you been told lately to "TAKE A HIKE?!"            available on the troop's website. Forms are kept in
Want to "get ahead?" (Rank advancement that is...       a sealed envelope that is given to trip leaders to be
bring your own cranium!)                                opened only in case of emergency.

Have we got a "SMARTS" deal for you!                              The driver's information needed includes
                                                         Mom /Dad's driver's license, year, make and model
You have a choice of either:                             of vehicles, number of seat belts, and insurance
                                                         info., including liability coverage amounts for each
     A. A six-mile hike up to the top of beautiful       person, each accident, and property damage.
Smarts Mountain in Lyme, NH. Camp out                    Having this information available makes filling out
overnight on the summit (in the fire tower if you        council-required forms for trip permits quicker and
think you can!). Smarts has the only open sided          saves you a phone call from every trip leader every
outhouse (for the view!) sitting at an angle on the      time you drive.
side of the mountain ....complete with seatbelt!
Elevation = 3,238 - slightly lower at when sitting
down (2,300 foot vertical foot climb).                       Reminder: Troop 22 Web site and passwords:
                                                                           ID #1: Moose
         B. Thirty-minute hike up to a HUGE                             Password #1: River
Dartmouth Outing Club cabin we have reserved,                         ID#2: Troop22 (no space)
set 3/4 of the way up the Dartmouth Skyway just                         Password: Amherst
off the Appalachian Trail. We plan to concentrate
on rank advancement and ..... FUN !! (Let them

BSA Troop 22                                  October 2002                                        Page 4
             Merit Badge News                                         2002 Wreath Sale
                                                                          by Shanno n Ko lb
        Mrs. Quay is teaching four badges at
Souhegan High School, Room 107, from 2:15 PM                    This year's 2002 Wreath Sale will raise
- 4:30 PM on Thursdays, 10/17, 11/14, 12/19,            money for the Scouts of Troop 22 in two different
01/16, 02/13, 03/20, 04/17, 05/15, 06/19. The           ways. The consensus at the last Parent meeting
badges are Citizenship in the World, Citizenship        was to split all of the profit from the wreaths sold
in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, and        this year 50/50. Fifty percent of the profit each boy
Personal Management. Badge booklets are                 earns will go directly towards a credit for that
available through the Troop librarian and the Scout     Scout to be applied to a Troop activity within this
store. To sign up, email Mrs. Quay at                   calendar year. The other fifty percent each Scout                                    brings in will go towards our 2003 winter ski trip
                                                        to be equally distributed among the Scouts who
Art Merit Badge--Counselor: David Gagne. Of             attend the ski trip. This way part of the profit will
the seven requirements, two have been complete          help the entire Troop and part of the profit will
with a third (decorating patrol T-shirts) scheduled     help the individual Scout.
for an upcoming October meeting. The following
is an assignment the boys must do independently          Mark your calendars with these dates:
and present to me.
                                                                Wreath Sale packets distributed: 10/21
        Task: make a series of pictures to tell a               First turn in date of orders: 10/28.
story. Create them in pen and ink or pencil. Then               Deadline for all orders: 11/4
make one picture that tells the collective story but
do it in watercolor or pastels. Make sure your                  Wreath pickup: 12/1, 2-4 p.m. at the
name is on both pictures.                                       Kolbs (8 Taschereau Drive, Mont Vernon).
                                                                If you are unable to pickup at that time, call
(Editor’s note–the art badge info. applies to only              672-0456 in advance to make other
the boys currently working with Mr. Gagne on this               arrangements.
                       ***                                      Collected money due: 12/9

For your information...                                  Incentives: The top selling Scouts will receive
                                                         great prizes donated by local businesses and area
       Steve Workman ... Scout Master                    ski resorts. A preview of these prizes will be
       Mike Campbell ... Committee Chairman              available at the 10/21 sale kick-off. Prizes to be
       Robin Julian ... treasurer                        awarded at the close of the sale based on dollar
       Nick Loy ... Webmaster and Scout                  volume.
              Database Master and Secretary.
       Chuck Anderson ... Advancement Chair                     Patrols having 100% participation will earn
       Jackie Bower... Newsletter Editor                 a pizza party prior to the Troop 22 meeting on
Web Hint: Once you get to the Troop Roster or
the patrol list on the web site, you can download                To qualify for prizes, all orders must be
the file from your browser and place it on your          turned in by the November 4th deadline.
"desktop" for easy reference.
                                                         Any questions? Call Mr. or Mrs. Kolb, 672-0456.

BSA Troop 22                                  October 2002                                         Page 5
                         Here’s What’s Coming Up for Troop 22!

October 5             Yard Sale           Yard Sale                  Meeting Place
October 6             Mt. Chocorua Day Hike               Bill and Sue Birchard
October 8             PLC, Junior Leadership Training     Jake Birchard/Bill Birchard
October 15            Nashua Soup Kitchen                 Patrol to be assigned
October 19/20         Smarts Mtn. Backpack                Bob Kokko
October 21            Wreath Orders Collected (first day) Shannon Kolb
                      Blue Sky Night--Bill Birchard
October 28            Scouting for Food Routes Assigned     Bob Desimone
                      Board of Review--Chuck Anderson; Parents’ Meeting–Mike Campbell;
                      Deadline for Newletter
November 2            Odiorne State Park Daytrip           Gwyn Grassett/David Locke
November 4            Court of Honor                      Steve Workman/Chuck Anderson
November 5            PLC, Junior Leadership Training      Jake Birchard/Bill Birchard
         Troop 22 meets every Monday evening at 7 PM in the Amherst Congregational Church
                        unless schools are closed that day for whatever reason.

BSA Troop 22
c/o Bower
183 Mack Hill Road
Amherst, NH 03031
(Temporary address)

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