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					         Project Proposal
        Insynergy Group

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        CBTC Webworks

Confidential   Page 1   12/1/2011
Property of CBTC Webworks                                                      Confidential

Project Plan Estimate:

Description                    Hours Estimate         Billable Rate          Total
                                                                      Total: $ 120.00

This estimate is a flat rate estimate. Total cost will be $120.00

What this quote does not provide:
   1. If there is no administrative section to the website, there will be an additional charge for
      creation of a password protected area to download the e-news system.
   2. Any configuration for MySQL database set up, etc.

Rates charged for items required but not provided: $40.00 / hour.

Confidential                               Page 2                                12/1/2011
Property of CBTC Webworks                                                        Confidential

   1. Add an e-news sign up system to a specific website (as yet un-named).
   2. Run a one time only email blast from the host server to an email list requesting that they
      sign up for future e-news announcements

Legal requirements
   1. Furnish an email address that is valid and is monitored to handle any complaints that the
      email blast may generate.

Content required
   1.   Body of email to be sent.
   2.   Graphic logo for HTML version of email, and e-news signup and thank you page.
   3.   Content for thank you page from e-news sign up.
   4.   Current email list provided in CSV format.
   5.   A listing of all datafields that the client wishes to be captured in the e-news sign up

Other information required
   1. FTP information for site.
   2. MySQL database access to establish e-news sign up table
   3. Access to the administrative section of the website to add the e-news signups retrieval.

Provided services
   1. E-news sign up page and thank you page.
   2. E-news download of new e-news sign ups, and a download of all e-news signups in a
      CSV file format.
   3. A one time execution of the current e-mail list for purposes of developing an e-news
      database that demonstrates the opt-in requirement of most e-news services.

Confidential                               Page 3                                  12/1/2011

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