Transfer_Credit_Guide by nuhman10


									              Courses at Samford                                                                       Syllabus needed for substitution
NURG 515 Statistical Methods for Evidenced Based                Course description: Study of parametric and nonparametric inferential statistical tests with an emphasis
Practice (3 credits)                                            on the hypotheses testing process. Includes power analysis and graphing techniques. These statistics are
                                                                necessary to critique, utilize, and conduct nursing research to provide evidence for practice.

                                                                Please submit a syllabus for a statistics course at the 500 level or above. (3 credit hours with a B or better
                                                                is required)

NURG 516 Theory and Research Principles in                      Course description: Clinical Analysis of theory and research and their uses for advanced nursing practice.
Evidence Based Practice (3 credits)                             Various methods for gathering evidence-based data in developing scientific knowledge for practice also
                                                                examined. Content includes selected theories/models from nursing and related fields which serve as a
                                                                framework for research for advanced nursing practice. Theory and research methodologies will be used
                                                                as a basis for implementation and evaluation of selected quality improvement projects.

                                                                Please submit a syllabus for any Theory and Research course at the 500 level or above. (3 credit hours
                                                                with a B or better is required)

NURG 517 Policy, Organization, and Financing of                 Course description: Management and servant leadership theories are applied to the advanced practice
Health Care (3 credits)                                         nurse role. Economic theory and the financing of health care organizations, resource management,
                                                                analysis and monitoring of the financial impact of decisions are explored in the development of a
                                                                business/department specific to the student’s advance practice role. Ethical, legal, financial, and social
                                                                issues in policy and politics in the government, professional organizations, the community and the
                                                                workplace are reviewed.

                                                                Please submit a syllabus for a Policy, Organization and Finance course at the 500 level or above. (3 credit
                                                                hours with a grade of a B or better is required) At other universities, the content for this course may be
                                                                included in two separate courses.

NURG 533 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology                Course description: Study of physiologic concepts, adaptations, and alterations that occur in selected
(3 credits)                                                     disease processes using a systems approach. Building upon previously learned principles of physiology
                                                                and pathophysiology, knowledge gained in this course serves as a basis for understanding the rationale
                                                                for assessment and evaluation of therapeutic interventions learned in advanced clinical nursing courses.
                                                                ***Various Boards of Nursing have different requirements for this course.

                                                                Please submit at least one syllabus for Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology at the 500 level or
                                                                above. (3 credit hours with a grade of a B or better is required)

                                Student must turn in a syllabus from the semester and year it was taken as listed on his/her transcript.
             Each student must have his own packet of approved syllabi for each course substituted to accompany the certification exam.
             The content from the syllabus presented must be an exact match to the content in the Samford course or the student must take the entire course.

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