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					                          WKU-ISSS Fall-2011 Activities for International Students
  ISSS encourages international students to participate in these activities to come together to meet old friends and make new ones. It
  takes a lot of resources and preparations to schedule these events; therefore, there is limited number of seats available. Students
  interested in participating MUST stop by ISSS office to pay & register as early as possible. Here is a list of activities available so far.
  Please plan to join us for all of them! And stop by our office anytime this semester. We would love to chat with you!
 Bowling Green Hot Rods: Watch Bowling Green Hot Rods compete against the Great Lakes Loons; tour Bowling Green Ballpark,
                                                                                                           attend a group baseball instruction
       Date             Event         Time    Last day to        Location       Registration     # of      (Baseball 101), participate in
                                                register                             Fee      Students
                                                                                                           parade of flags & view spectacular
                                                                                                           fireworks after the game.
     Saturday,     BG Hot Rods 5:00pm -          Friday,      Bowling Green      $5 (Tickets     150
                                                                                                          International Club Barbeque:
    August 27        (Baseball)      9:30pm    August 26          Ballpark        at ISSS)
                                                                                                           Fun for all. Meet new & current
     Sunday,        International   3:00pm - No need to     Backyard of ISSS       Free to    Unlimited
    August 28        Club BBQ        6:00pm     register           House           attend
                                                                                                           International & American students,
                                                                                                           staff, friends & the BG community.
     Saturday,           BG         9:00am - Participants      Circus Square     $3 for non-  Unlimited
                                                                                                           And get involved!!!
  September 24 International         7:00pm    register at  Park, 601 State St. participants
                                                                                                          BG International Festival:
                       Festival                   ISSS
                                                                                                           One of the largest yearly events
    September       International    All week  No need to       Check OIP           Free      Unlimited
       26-30        Reach Week         long     register      website for info
                                                                                                           in Bowling Green. International
                                                                                                           Students set tables showcasing
      Friday,       WKU Soccer      5:00pm - No need to WKU Soccer Field          Free for    Unlimited their countries and get in free!
    October 7       International    8:00pm     register                        Students w/
                                                                                                           International Student Groups
                   Student Night                                                      ID
                                                                                                           can fundraise. More info:
     Saturday,     Louisville Zoo 8:00am -       Friday,       Van pick-up at        $10          28
    October 15     & Adventures      7:00pm   October 14           ISSS
                                                                                                          International Reach Week:
     Tuesday,      Thanksgiving 5:00pm - No need to           Fresh Foods in        Free      Unlimited
                                                                                                           Weeklong campus wide
   November 17         Dinner        8:00pm     register            DUC
                                                                                                           celebration with numerous
     Saturday,        Opryland       11:00am     Friday,       Bus pick-up at        $10          50
                                                                                                           events around campus.
   December 3         Hotel and     - 8:30pm December 2            ISSS
                   Rivergate Mall                                                                          Louisville Zoo: Come see the
                                                                                                           animals & have fun on the
Zipline & SkyTrail Adventure. Check it all out at www.louisvillezoo.org/.
    International Student Soccer Night: Watch WKU play against Florida International & be in the International parade of flags.
    Thanksgiving Dinner: Join us at Fresh Food court for the annual Thanksgiving meal!
    Trip to Nashville: We will visit Opryland Hotel to see over 2 million Christmas lights on display through the holiday season. Trip
      includes a stop at Rivergate Mall for shopping.

 * Student’s registration fee is not refundable and will be contributed towards the cost of the activity for which he/she has registered. If you do not show up for the
 activity, you will not be eligible to receive the refund. Please be aware that each event costs much more than students’ contributions and ISSS pays for the rest of
 the events’ costs to allow WKU international students benefit from the experience gained through the activities.

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