UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO Audiology and Speech by gegeshandong


									                                 UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO
                                Audiology and Speech Language Sciences
                                 College of Health and Human Services
                                           Greeley, CO 80639


Area of Study: Audiology (Au.D.) _________________
                Speech-Language Pathology (M.A.) ____________________

Date:__________________________ Beginning:____________________________________________

Name of Applicant:_____________________________________________________________________
                      Last                       First                      Middle

Current Address:_________________________________ Current Phone:_________________________


Permanent Address:_______________________________ Permanent Phone:_____________________


U.S. Citizen: Yes____ No____ If no, Status:_______________________________________________
State of Residency:_________________________

Please list names of departmental financial aid awards for which you are applying, specifying your
preference, if any, in rank order (1-2-3-4), below. This information is important in helping us as we
award assistantships.


Have you applied for any other financial assistance or scholarship? If so, please explain your status.
Yes____ No____

On the back of this form please provide any other information that would be helpful in evaluating your
needs or suitability for the various awards.
                            FINANCIAL ASSISSTANCE AVAILABLE TO

Full-time, regularly-enrolled students seeking the M.A. degree in either Speech-Language Pathology or
the Au.D. in Audiology can apply for financial aid. Financial aid is made available on a semester basis and
renewal is contingent upon quality work performance (if applicable) and academic eligibility (3.0 or
higher GPA for most awards). The amount of work required (if any) and the stipend associated with
each award are indicated below.

1.     Graduate School Diversity Fellowship

        Factors considered include regular admission, diversity (from a group currently under-
        represented in graduate education or specific discipline at UNC by ethnicity, gender, disability or
        national origin). Need may also be considered. Awards are available for summers. Requires full-
        time enrollment and successful completion of 9 hours per semester.

2.     Graduate (Research) Assistant

        Recipients of a Graduate Assistantship will be required to work approximately 120 hours per
        academic semester (.20 FTE). The position requires the recipient to participate in the teaching
        and/or research activities of faculty or staff members. Specific duties may include instructional
        materials; grading; coordinating training and use of instrumentation; maintaining laboratory
        equipment, etc.

        The recipients of this award must:

        a.     Hold an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university,
        b.     Maintain full-time graduate status in good standing (enroll for a minimum of nine
                credit hours per semester)
        c.     Perform satisfactorily the specific duties associated with the position.

The compensation is based upon current tuition rates per semester.
The University has established a standard base salary schedule setting a minimum level of pay for
all TA/GA/GRA positions, one at the master’s level (students does not have a master’s degree or
does not have at least 30 hours of graduate work) and one at the doctoral level.
TA, GA and GRA appointments of 16 – 20 hours a week during a semester receive full tuition
assistance during that semester. Those appointed 8 – 15 hours a week receive one-half tuition
assistance and those appointed for 3 – 7 hours a week are not eligible for tuition assistance during
that semester. Tuition is based on a per credit hour basis. The Graduate School will pay tuition from
3-10 credit hours per semester. Over 10 hours will be the responsibility of the student. Eligible
students will receive non-resident tuition for their first year of enrollment only. For subsequent
years, only in-state tuition assistance will be given. Any exceptions to this policy must be requested
in writing and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. For more specific information, see the
Graduate School website.
3. Graduate Dean’s Scholarship Program (GDSP)

      The Graduate Dean’s Scholarship Program (GDSP) provides a flat amount to Master’s and Doctoral
     students each fall, spring and summer semesters. The awards are between $250 and $1,000 per
     term depending on the number of credits a student is taking. To be eligible students must be new
     graduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.2.

4.      Other Assistantships

Other assistantships may be available. Typical responsibilities include assisting grant coordinators,
working in the Clinic or Department office assisting with speech-language diagnostics in the local school
district, participating in home language intervention programs, etc.

In addition, students should check the Graduate School website for other financial opportunities.
Students should complete the Graduate Universal Scholarship Application available at:

5.      Student Loan Program and Work-Study

These programs are administered through the Office of Student Financial Resources. The Free
Application for Federal Student Aid must be submitted by February 15. Further information regarding
financial aid can be found at

The University of Northern Colorado is an AAEO employer and is committed to fostering diversity in
its student body, faculty and staff.

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