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					Language Arts 6
Of Mice and Men

                                   Of Mice and Men Webquest

You are about to embark on a webquest to discover what life was like in the 1930s. Of Mice and Men
is set in California during the Great Depression. It follows two migrant workers, George and Lennie,
as they struggle to fulfill their dreams. In order to better understand their plight, you will be
exploring several websites to increase your background knowledge before getting into the book. You
and a partner will be researching four of the six following topics and then creating a powerpoint
presentation of your findings:

1. Pulitzer Prize
2. Life of Steinbeck
3. Mercy Killings
4. Disabilities and Mental Retardation
5. Migrant Experiences
6. The Great Depression

The Process:
In your presentation, you must include a title page and information about four of the six topics. You
must include The Great Depression and The Life of Steinbeck, and two additional topics of your
choice. You and your partner (groups of TWO ONLY) should agree on how to split up the work to
make best use of your time in the computer lab. Your powerpoint should be AT LEAST five slides.
You can add more.

You will have two days in the computer lab to conduct research and create your presentation.
Each slide of the presentation is worth 10 points, for a total of 50 points. The five pages must
include (in no particular order):

1. Title Slide
2. Life of Steinbeck
3. The Great Depression
4. Topic of your choice (from the six provided)
5. Topic of your choice (from the six provided)
Your presentation will be graded according to the following criteria:

1. Content and appeal of each slide

     Does each slide include at least two paragraphs of researched information (not just a chunk
      of text “cut and pasted” from a website)?
     Does each slide have color and pictures?

2. Overall presentation

     Is the presentation neat, informative, and organized?
     Is the presentation visually appealing and professional?

Suggested Websites:
Dust Bowl/Great Depression:‐depression/story‐preface
Mercy Killings:
Mental Retardation:
Migrant Workers:
Use the entire hour to do your research, spending at least a few minutes at each website.
Migrant Workers:
Dust Bowl/Great Depression:‐depression/story‐preface
Salinas Valley, California:‐misc/farmland.html

Answer the following questions after using the websites to conduct your research in a Word
document or on your own sheet of paper. You should have a well‐developed paragraph response for
each question. For each question, you should reference at least two of the sources to get all of the

1. What are the geographical features of the Salinas Valley? What kinds of jobs are available there?
2. What were the main features of the Great Depression? (What are the basic, most important
3. What were some of the causes of the Great Depression?
4. How did the Dust Bowl/Great Depression affect California?
5. Who were migrant workers and how did the Great Depression affect them?
6. What were some of the struggles that migrant workers faced?

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