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									 VOLUME 21, No. 2                                                                                                                                               April 1997

                                                             GeorgiaGain Completed!

                                                             Variable Pay Increases Based
                                                             On Performance Set For Oct. 1
                                                               The Georgia General Assembly          Expectations rating, and              final piece of GeorgiaGain and
                                                             has approved a $61.1 million              • 7 percent for a Far Exceeded      marks the completion of that ma-
                                                             appropriation recommended               Expectations rating.                  jor project, although as incoming
                                                             by Gov. Zell Miller to fund               State Merit System Interim Com-     Merit System Commissioner Dan
                                                             variable pay increases based on         missioner Dana Russell com-           Ebersole has indicated, we will
                                                             performance for state employees.        mended Gov. Miller for including      continue to review the effects of
                                                               On Oct. 1–the state’s new Com-        the variable pay component of the     GeorgiaGain and fine-tune it as
                                                             mon Increase Date–eligible employ-      GeorgiaGain project in his FY         necessary.”
                                                             ees will be awarded pay increases       1998 budget proposal.                   The General Assembly also ap-
                                                             linked to their performance rating on     “I think the fact that he recom-    proved Gov. Miller’s recommenda-
                                                             their annual performance appraisal:     mended it is an indication of his     tions for:
                                                               • 4 percent for a Met Expecta-        ongoing support for the concept of      • $5.1 million to provide condi-
                                                             tions rating,                           true pay for performance,” Russell    tional salary increases of 5 percent
                                                               • 5.5 percent for an Exceeded         said. “This funding represents the
                                                                                                                                           (See PAY INCREASE, page 2)

                                                                 Flexible Benefits Program Open Enrollment Scheduled
                                                                 April 17–May 16 With Enhanced Options Available
                                                                   Open Enrollment for the 1997-98 Flexible Ben-         This service can help ease the burden on an
                                                                 efits Program is April 17-May 16. The new ben-          employee’s beneficiaries during a particularly
Time To Celebrate!                                               efits year starts July 1, 1997. Enrollment materi-
                                                                 als soon will be available from your department
                                                                                                                         stressful time.
                                                                                                                           A new Long-term Care plan and a new insur-
  With a total of $2,345,534 (and 12 cents) pledged in the       or agency.                                              ance company, UNUM, will be offered. With a
                                                                   Employees will want to review their enrollment        change in long-term care insurance companies,
1996-97 State Charitable Contributions Program                   materials carefully, as several important benefit       any employee can enroll in the new plan this year
campaign drive—up from the prior year total of $2.2              programs have enhancements and improvements             without providing the medical underwriting re-
million—it's time to celebrate.                                  for 1997-98, most at no cost to employees.              quirements usually needed to have this cover-
                                                                   Employee premium rates for short-term and             age. Long-term care insurance is available to
  Shown in the Governor's Office with the two Governor's         long-term disability coverage will decrease in          State employees, their spouses, parents, and par-
Cup awards donated by BellSouth are State Merit System           1997-98, and better yet, new features improve           ents-in-law. Several recent studies on care giv-
Assistant Commissioner Mickey McGuire, left, who chairs          the value of this coverage. First, the salary cap       ers of the elderly in the U.S. have drawn atten-
the Policy Advisory Committee, and DHR Commissioner              for benefits has increased. Second, a special fea-      tion to the increasing importance for Americans
                                                                 ture increases benefits if the benefit recipient par-   to plan for long-term care financial needs.
Tommy Olmstead, who chaired this year's campaign.                ticipates in an approved rehabilitation program.          NurseCall 24, a new feature of the State Health
  One trophy will be awarded to the top state department         In addition, a temporary recovery benefit, added        Benefit Plan, offers a round-the-clock hotline
and the other to the top college/university, based on a          to the long-term disability plan, encourages em-        staffed by nurses to help SHBP members decide
performance formula which takes into account each                ployees to return to work, without endangering          whether to care for themselves at home, to see
                                                                 their benefits if they’re not able to maintain a        their doctor, or to visit a hospital emergency
organization's total contribution, number of employees           full-time effort.                                       room. NurseCall 24 also offers medical infor-
and average salary.                                                Life insurance benefits also are improved with        mation on over 400 subjects through pre-re-
  The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony            a new feature, SurvivorSupport, a financial plan-       corded messages. In addition, an excellent self-
                                                                 ning service that is offered to employees’ ben-         care health book is also available to SHBP mem-
scheduled April 30 at 10 a.m. in the Department of               eficiaries under the Flexible Benefits Program          bers free of charge through NurseCall 24.
Education Board Room (East Tower).                               Life Option. While SurvivorSupport is paid by             To learn more, employees can visit Benefit Fairs
  Funds generated through the campaign will support over         the insurance company for the life insurance plan,      or attend Flexible Benefit Program meetings of-
70 nonprofit organizations. See page 8 for a list of all         the financial advice is provided by Ayco, a well-       fered in their area. Read the State Personnel News
                                                                 known independent financial advisory company.           insert in this issue for more information.
the contributing departments and colleges/universities.
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Coming In July: Strategic Job                                                            PAY INCREASE (from page 1) for the Drugs and Narcotics facturing industries: textile, ap-
                                                                                                                                 Agency.                                 parel and carpet; food processing;
                                                                                         effective Oct. 1 for incumbents in
Market Information Services,                                                             the Correctional Officer job class
                                                                                         series working in high mission in-
                                                                                                                                   • $4.9 million to continue the
                                                                                                                                 modernization program to improve
                                                                                                                                                                         and pulp and paper.
                                                                                                                                                                           • $31 million in improvements
                                                                                                                                                                         to the Savannah harbor system and
Position Decision Coaching                                                               stitutions (security level V and VI).
                                                                                           • $1.5 million for a 5 percent
                                                                                                                                 the Department of Revenue’s man-
                                                                                                                                 agement and information systems.        terminals.
                                                                                         supplemental salary adjustment ef-      An additional $14.5 million was         Environment/Natural Resources
  The State Merit System's Classification and Compensation Division
has developed two new fee-based services—Strategic Job Market                            fective Oct. 1 for Department of        provided in the amended FY97              • $10 million in bonds for the
                                                                                         Corrections food service and main-      budget to implement the first phase     River Care 2000 program to ac-
Information Services and Position Decision Coaching—which will be
                                                                                         tenance workers directly supervis-      of the modernization effort.            quire and protect sensitive land
offered to customers beginning July 1.
  "We in the division are both pleased and excited to offer these two                    ing inmates.                              • $250,000 for a satellite imag-      along Georgia's river corridors.
services," Division Director Mary Gayle Ulm said. "They                                    • $1.6 million for supplemental       ery system to assist counties map         • $7.4 million for the Hazardous
were developed in response to customer requests and are the first in a                   salary adjustments and an addi-         forest changes to monitor compli-       Waste Trust Fund to finance the
line of services and products which will be developed to meet specific                   tional 5 percent salary increase        ance with the timber harvest tax.       cleanup of hazardous waste sites
customer needs."                                                                         effective Oct. 1 for Peace Officer        • $100,000 to provide funds for       not covered under federal hazard-
                                                                                         Standards Training (POST) certi-        the Youth Challenge Program in the      ous waste laws.
  Strategic Job Market Information Services will assist customers in                     fied personnel in the Youth Devel-      Department of Defense.                    Health Care/Human Services
making informed salary administration decisions and will give customers                  opment Worker and Facilities Po-          • $75,000 for the Georgia Coun-         • $213.3 million to eliminate the
the information needed to be competitive and to succeed in today’s                       lice job class series within the De-    cil for the Arts, $50,000 to increase   Aid to Families with Dependent
business environment.                                                                    partment of Children and Youth          state art grants to $3.9 million and    Children (AFDC) program and
  Classification & Compensation Market Data Specialists have over 40                     Services.                               $25,000 to increase the Humanities      implement Georgia's new program
years of collective experience in:                                                         • $60,541 for supplemental sal-       Grant to $175,000.                      called Temporary Assistance for
  • Conducting salary/benefit and other types of surveys for                             ary adjustments effective Oct. 1 for      • $1,185,678 to increase              Needy Families (TANF).
government unique jobs and evaluating the data.                                          administrative law judges in the        Governor’s Emergency Funds to             • $7.1 million to fund commu-
  • Collaborating with customers to meet business needs, including                       Office of State Administrative          $5,185,678.                             nity-based services for mentally
salary research.                                                                         Hearings to conform with mini-            • $700,000 to enhance eco-            retarded clients previously served
                                                                                         mum salary levels established by        nomic tax modeling systems to as-       at Brook Run.
 • Reporting findings consistent with industry standards.                                the GeorgiaGain project.                sist with tax policy and revenue            Public Safety (Corrections)
 • Conducting job evaluation studies.                                                            State Government                decision making.                          • $6 million to provide ad-
                                                                                           In addition to the pay increases,
  For more information, contact Denise Crowe at 404/657-0373 or Bill                                                               • $897,500 to provide an in-          vanced funding for three prisons in
                                                                                         the State Government portion of
Jackson at 404/657-0366.                                                                                                         crease in benefits for members of       Coffee, Wheeler and Charlton
                                                                                         Miller’s budget also includes:
                                                                                                                                 the Public School Employees Re-         counties that are being considered
   Position Decision Coaching will be offered as a part of the division's                  • $1,002,281 to begin the mod-        tirement System, which provides         for privatization.
Ongoing Position Decision Support Service. This coaching and ongoing                     ernization of the Personnel Ac-                                                              Railroads
                                                                                                                                 benefits for cafeteria workers and
support service will give agency personnel staff the tools and support                   counting and Control System             school bus drivers employed by            • $1.2 million in general obliga-
necessary for sound position-related decisions.                                          (PACS) computer system.                 local school systems.                   tion bonds to acquire the Midville
  As an introduction to the support service, subscribers will participate                  • $110,378 for a toxicologist
in small group coaching sessions designed to enhance classification skills.                                                        • $3 million in general obliga-       to Kirby line and $1.3 million to re-
                                                                                         ($70,378) and serotyping supplies       tion bonds for Americans with Dis-      habilitate the Fort Valley to Perry
After the coaching sessions, subscribers will receive position-related                   ($40,000) at the main Poultry Vet-      abilities Act modifications.            line and the Camilla Industrial rail
decision advice and assistance from experienced Classification &                         erinary Diagnostic Laboratory in
                                                                                                                                   • $100,000 in additional state        yard.
Compensation staff.                                                                      Oakwood.
  For more information, contact Merrimac Penman at 404/657-0372 or                                                               general funds for lease/purchase of       • $4 million in general obliga-
                                                                                           • $44,576 for a laboratory tech-      an aircraft to replace the jet, and     tion bonds to plan for passenger rail
Tim Evans at 404/657-0365
                                                                                         nician ($22,554) and specimen pro-      $64,046 in additional aircraft re-      service from Macon to Atlanta.
                                                                                         cessing and diagnostic equipment        ceipts to hire copilots.                       Roads and Highways
                                                                                         ($22,022) at the Athens Veterinary                                                • $125 million in general obli-
                                                                                                                                   • $5.9 million in general obliga-
       STATE PERSONNEL NEWS                                                              Diagnostic Laboratory.
                                                                                                                                 tion bonds for development of the       gation bonds for the Governor's
                                                                                           • $100,000 for a computer ana-        Georgia State Capitol Education         Road Improvement Program.
                                                                                         lyst, pathology resident and com-                                                   Technical/Adult Education
                       Volume 21, Number 2                                               puter equipment at the Tifton Vet-
                                                                                                                                 Center at Plaza Park.
                                                                                                                                   • $13.7 million in general obli-        • $9.5 million to provide for a 6
                                                                                         erinary Diagnostic Laboratory.
                                                                                                                                 gation bonds for renovations to the     percent salary increase for teach-
                       State Personnel Board                                               • $625,000 to establish and op-                                               ers with the Department of Tech-
                                                                                                                                 State Capitol.
                       Geri P. Thomas, Chair                                             erate the Special Insurance Fraud         A sampling of other budget items      nical and Adult Education effective
                     M. David Alalof, Vice Chair                                         Fund as enacted in House Bill 616       of general interest:                    Sept. 1, 1997.
                                                                                         of the 1995 General Assembly. The
                     Claybon Edwards, Member                                                                                                  Agriculture                  • $9.3 million to annualize the
                                                                                         total amount of this appropriation
                       Anne Kaiser, Member                                                                                         • $6 million in general obliga-       cost of opening 12 new facilities,
                                                                                         will be collected through assess-
                      Robert Wagner, Member                                                                                      tion bonds to build a new Veteri-       including nine satellites. These
                                                                                         ments levied on insurance compa-
                                                                                                                                 nary Diagnostic Laboratory in Ath-      costs include 234 new equivalent
                                                                                         nies during the first quarter of the
                                                                                                                                 ens on the UGA campus.                  full-time positions and operating
                          State Merit System                                             fiscal year.
                                                                                           • $20 million in bonds to con-            Children & Youth Services
             Dana Russell, Interim Commissioner                                                                                    • $5.1 million to provide funds         • $1 million to complete the
                                                                                         tinue the renovation of the 2
                           Martha E. Evans, Editor                                                                               for the opening of Emanuel Youth        phase-in of a plan to have at least
                                                                                         Peachtree Street Building, includ-
                                                                                                                                 Detention Center and McIntosh           one full-time adult literacy teacher
    The State Personnel News is published quarterly for state employees by the           ing the 2 Peachtree Street Annex
                                                                                                                                 Youth Detention Center.                 in each of Georgia's 159 counties.
    Commissioner's Office of the State Merit System. If you have comments or             for use by the Georgia State Uni-
                                                                                                                                                                         The final 26 teachers are added in
    questions, wish to submit material for publication, or need to correct a distribu-   versity School of Public Policy.              Economic Development
    tion problem/address, contact Martha Evans, Editor, State Personnel News, 200                                                                                        the FY98 budget.
    Piedmont Avenue, SE, Suite 504 West Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334, or call 404/
                                                                                           • $114,615 in the Office of Sec-        • $6.2 million in state funds and              Veterans Affairs
    656-2723. If you have a disability and need this material in an alternative          retary of State to fund two positions   $6.2 million in matching private
                                                                                                                                                                           • $198,871 to build a memorial
    format, notify the Editor at the above listed address, or for TDD Relay Service      to perform investigations of invest-    and federal funds to improve the
    only: 1-800-255-0056 (text telephone) or 1-800-255-0135 (voice).                                                                                                     to World War I veterans near the
                                                                                         ment advisors.                          competitiveness of Georgia's three
              The State Merit System is an Equal Opportunity Employer.                                                                                                   front entrance of the Floyd
                                                                                           • $45,000 to provide one agent        most important traditional manu-
                                                                                                                                                                         Veterans Memorial Building.
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Georgia Gets Its First Strategic Plan To Define Vision, Goals
  Governor Zell Miller's vision for      controlled and fear of crime           which encourages quality                 and fairly. While we must ensure        form a strong base for the creation
Georgia is outlined in the state's       becomes a relic of another time.       development and growth. To               that the judicial system protects the   of an environmentally sound state
first ever strategic plan, a document    Government will maintain effective     accomplish this, government must         rights of the accused, the system       in the future.
developed by the Office of the           law enforcement to protect the         work to deliver services to the          must also protect the rights of the      Efficient/Effective Government
Governor and the Office of               public and guarantee swift and         citizens in an efficient and effective   victim.                                   Delivering services to citizens in
Planning and Budget (OPB) with           assured punishment for those who       manner. An ineffective govern-                Economic Development               the most efficient and effective
input from the legislative               break the law. By continuing to        ment will drain our economic               Success in economic develop-          manner must be the primary
Budgetary Responsibility Over-           build a fair and effective judicial    strength and threaten our                ment in Georgia has come because        concern of every government
sight Committee.                         system, Georgia will create a          prosperity.                              we believe that cooperation             agency and every public employee.
  The plan fulfills the statutory        climate of respect for the law which     As we proceed along convergent         between government and business         Changing long-term operating
requirements for a state strategic       will help to break the cycle of        paths in all of these areas, a better    is crucial to long-term economic        procedures is difficult for any
plan as outlined in Code Section         violence found in parts of our         Georgia will emerge. Our state will      growth. Our goal is to maintain and     organization. The very nature of
45-12-73 and represents a                society.                               thrive in a climate of fiscal            increase Georgia’s economic             government makes this challenge
comprehensive vision for the future        A prosperous future will be based    responsibility and personal              growth rate which, in turn, will        even more difficult for govern-
of Georgia. As outlined in the State     on a strong state economy which        security. It will prosper with the       provide ongoing opportunities to        mental organizations.
of Georgia Budget Report for Fiscal      can compete successfully with the      strength of an educated, well-           Georgians. This goal will be              A primary goal is breaking
Year 1998, the strategic plan            nation and the world. Georgia’s        trained workforce and an                 achieved through a multifaceted         this mold and forcing state agencies
"provides a view of the Georgia of       economic growth must be protected      infrastructure unrivaled in the          strategy which attracts new             at all levels to look at their
tomorrow and the activities that are     by continuing a multifaceted           world.                                   industry, builds and supports           operations in new ways. As public
presently underway to move               strategy which attracts new               Strategic Agenda Priorities           existing industry, promotes Georgia     service providers, agencies must
toward that future. Additional           industry, strengthens existing           This first strategic plan focuses      and its products to the world, and      clearly identify their customers,
initiatives are identified that should   industry and provides the              on six primary issues which the          provides the foundation and             focus their commitment and
be undertaken to attain our vision.      foundation and infrastructure          Governor believes to be the top          infrastructure for new industries of    resources upon results, and be
Importantly, the plan sets forth         necessary to foster economic           priorities in setting the agenda for     the future.                             willing to measure their
results which are critical and must      growth.                                moving into the future. These six                  Human Services                performance and be accountable.
be accomplished so that Georgia            In developing industry, Georgia      major issues are:                          All Georgians want and strive for       These six major issue areas do not
can excel and be successful today        must also be careful to protect the                 Education                   a good quality of life for themselves   address every initiative or service
and in the next century."                very resources upon which our            Georgia’s future economic              and for their families. All children    that state government now provides
 Vision for the State of Georgia         prosperity is based.           Rich    growth and prosperity can be             should grow up in a safe and            or should provide. However, these
  Georgia is a land blessed with         agricultural areas, expansive          ensured only through the                 nurturing environment which             six areas are critical to setting the
natural resources and is fortunate       forests, and abundant water have       development of an educated and           allows them to develop to their         direction for state government as
to have residents who have been          helped to foster strong growth.        highly skilled workforce with the        fullest potential. We believe that      we begin to move into the changing
willing to work hard to support a        These resources must be protected      ability to change quickly to meet        public welfare should be used for       world of the twenty-first century.
dream for themselves and for their       in order to assure continued           shifting economic demands. Our           its original purpose: to offer short-   This plan represents an important
children. It is this dream of a better   prosperity in the future. By           goal must be the development of          term support to families in crisis or   road map for the citizens of Georgia
future that has been the driving         developing resources in an             an educational system which is           need. Georgia will achieve these        and state government.
force behind our state’s economic        ecologically sound manner,             inclusive, flexible and effective. To    goals by providing education,                         Summary
development in the last generation.      building upon the format               succeed, it must build on the current    training and support to people to         As Georgia state government
While we have made much                  established by Preservation 2000       policy which provides both               break the cycle of dependency.          moves forward in the imple-
progress toward meeting that goal,       and RiverCare 2000, Georgia can        opportunities to learn, such as the        Additionally, the health care         mentation of this plan, several
there is still work to be done.          ensure that it maintains the very      pre-kindergarten program, and            system in Georgia will provide          tools, including strategic planning,
  Achieving this goal of a brighter      resources which have created its       tangible rewards for hard work, as       access to quality health care in the    will be utilized by agencies to assist
future will require work and             current prosperity.                    provided by HOPE scholarships.           appropriate setting and in a cost-      the citizens in realizing this vision
perseverance. It will not simply           A good quality of life for           The skilled training for the jobs of     effective manner. This system will      for the future. With the advent
happen but will occur only if we         themselves and for their children      tomorrow must be made available          emphasize affordable basic health       of results-based budgeting,
take the necessary steps that are        have long been goals of all            for all Georgia citizens. We must        care coverage and increased             redirection (a budget tool for
required. These steps must be taken      Georgians. Adults as well as           continue to build private and public     individual responsibility for           creating efficiencies in state
concurrently in a variety of areas       children deserve a social              partnerships which will increase the     personal health. Georgia’s future       government), Quality Service
which, while important separately,       environment which allows them to       educational choices available to our     is a society which promotes a           Georgia and performance
together can create the dynamic          develop to their fullest potential.    citizens. Learning must be seen as       healthy and productive existence        management through Georgia
climate which will make Georgia          Human services must be guided by       a lifetime experience which              for its citizens.                       Gain, state government is poised to
a national leader.                       principles which encourage and         prepares the individual for                       The Environment                create a system of quality services
  Georgians deserve an educational       develop individual responsibility      constantly changing conditions.            Georgians are blessed to live in a    in which citizens are considered
system which will allow them to          and accountability. Special                 Crime and Public Safety             state with remarkable ecological        customers. All of these tools will
reach their full potential by giving     emphasis must be given to policies       All Georgians have a right to live     diversity. Creating a better            create a more responsive and
them the knowledge and skills            which strengthen the family unit,      in safe and secure communities.          environment in a rapidly growing        efficient state government and
needed for the new challenges of         because it is the breakdown of the     Government has a responsibility to       state is a major undertaking.           make this vision for Georgia a
tomorrow. It must provide both the       family that has created the most       provide for the public safety. To        Increasing population and               reality.
opportunity to learn, such as the        serious consequences affecting the     accomplish this, the state must          development place growing                 For our citizens and those
pre-kindergarten program, and            social and economic conditions in      maintain well-trained, effective law     pressure upon natural resources.        individuals in state government,
tangible rewards for hard work, as       which children are raised.             enforcement and guarantee swift          Georgia is making major progress        this plan will provide the direction
provided by HOPE scholarships.             In striving to create a better       and assured punishment for those         in the fight to preserve its            that will take the state into the next
In the future Georgians will see         future, state government cannot        who break the law. Juveniles who         environment. Through public-            century.
education as a lifetime experience       work alone. Because of limited         commit certain violent crimes will       private partnerships the amount of        Every citizen of Georgia has a
which prepares the individual for        resources government is just one of    be tried as adults and will serve        land placed in conservation has         stake in our state’s future. Through
the constantly changing conditions       many partners in the public and        adult sentences in special facilities.   been greatly increased. Significant     planning and sound management
of a world community.                    private sectors which must work          The Georgia judicial system must       steps are being taken to reduce         practices, with an eye on efficiency
  All Georgians also have the right      together if a better future is to be   be organized and staffed so that the     water and air pollution and to limit    and effectiveness, state government
to lead a life in a secure and safe      achieved. Our challenge is to keep     enforcement of Georgia’s laws can        soil and land erosion. Building on      will become a partner with citizens
community in which crime is              government as a good partner, one      be administered quickly, efficiently     existing effective programs will        in building a dynamic Georgia.
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Miller Lists Legislative Accomplishments For 1997
  The Office of the Governor re-        gible for up to 12 months of cash        disposed of before the person is         sional licenses, of anyone willfully   which time the allocation formula
leased the following list of Gover-     assistance.                              convicted.                               behind in child support payments.      becomes effective. If the federal
nor Miller's 1997 legislative              Those persons who fail to coop-         The Victims Compensation                 Governor Miller ended a seven-       commissioner disagrees, the com-
accomplishments:                        erate in establishing paternity or       Amendments, SB 90: Provides              year-old dispute this session over     pacts dissolve.
  HB 681, Georgia’s new DUI/            obtaining child support will be de-      that residents of Georgia who are        how to divide water from rivers          —If the states fail to agree on an
Teen Driving law, takes effect July     nied assistance or have their ben-       victims of international terrorism       that originate in Georgia and          allocation formula, the compacts
1, 1997. The new legislation puts       efits terminated. In addition, those     or mass violence while outside the       flow into Alabama and Florida,         dissolve by the end of 1998.
first time offenders behind bars for    found guilty of drug felonies or se-     territorial boundaries of the United     with passage of HB 148 and               —Each state will continue to
24 hours—young teens in juvenile        rious violent crimes will have their     States are eligible for compensa-        HB 149.                                manage its own waters, and no state
detention centers and adults in jail.   assistance terminated forever. Fail-     tion, extends the deadline for fil-        The bills establish two separate     water resource project or water per-
It seizes license plates of habitual    ure to comply with mandatory work        ing claims from 180 days to one          water compacts which cover the         mit decision is subject to Compact
DUI offenders and eliminates the        requirements will lead to a 25 per-      year, and permits residents of Geor-     Chattahoochee, Flint, Apalachi-        Commission approval.
effect a nolo plea has on drivers’      cent reduction in benefits for the       gia to receive victims’ compensa-        cola, Alabama, Coosa and Talla-          HB 167, Georgia’s Coastal Man-
license suspensions. (Currently a       first offense and termination of as-     tion in Georgia even if he/she re-       poosa River Basins.                    agement Act, gives Governor Miller
drunk driver can keep his or her        sistance for the second offense.         ceived compensation in another             The compacts do the following:       the authority to submit application
driver’s license by pleading nolo.)        Governor Miller’s $11.8 billion       state for the same crime. Current          —Establish a Compact Commis-         to become a member of the federal
  The law imposes a zero tolerance      fiscal year 1998 state budget            law prohibits payment to any vic-        sion composed of the Governors of      coastal zone management program.
policy on drivers under 21; a three-    includes:                                tim who has received similar com-        Georgia, Alabama and Florida, plus     As a federal member, Georgia would
stage graduated driver's license pro-      $249.5 million for a 6 percent pay    pensation from another state.            a fourth member appointed by the       receive technical assistance, funding
gram on teen drivers, delaying full     raise for all public school teachers       SB 15 provides two modifica-           President. Only the Governors can      ($1.5 million in FY97) and the au-
licensure until age 18; and a 1 a.m.-   and state university employees and       tions to Miller’s 1994 “Two Strikes      vote, and all votes must be            thority to review and approve fed-
5 a.m. curfew for drivers under 18.     a 4 percent pay raise for state paid     and You’re Out” law, which was           unanimous.                             eral activities which might impact
  SB 104, the Governor’s Welfare        school bus drivers and lunchroom         inadvertently changed last year with       —Require the states, working         Georgia’s natural resources.
Reform Plan, continues the focus        workers.                                 passage of SB 210. The new bill          with the U.S. Army Corps of Engi-        SB 81, which authorizes waivers
of previous welfare reforms. The           $6.2 million for expansion of the     reinstates the 10-year minimum           neers, to develop a water allocation   and variances to rules adopted un-
new effort requires more personal       HOPE Scholarship Program to in-          mandatory sentence for criminals         formula to equitably divide the        der the Administrative Procedure
responsibility and stresses the need    clude college students who main-         convicted of rape and aggravated         waters among the three states.         Act in limited circumstances, re-
for self-sufficiency and parental re-   tain a B average during their fresh-     sodomy. SB 15 also changes the sen-        The formula will be based on a       duces bureaucracy and provides an
sponsibility. The plan is designed to   man year. Currently, students must       tence for rape and aggravated sod-       five-year study scheduled to be        efficient way to change the unin-
continue toward its ultimate goal of    earn a B average for two years to        omy from one to 20 years imprison-       completed by December, 1997, that      tended impact of a rule and yet in-
employment for those willing to help    earn their way onto HOPE while           ment back to 10-20 years imprison-       uses computer models to project        sure compliance with state laws.
themselves and increases penalties      in college.                              ment, and includes language which        water needs through 2050.                HB 479 and HB 487, Revenue
for those who fail to comply.              $2.4 million for a major state-       provides minimum mandatory 10-             —Once the three states unani-        Changes to Titles 40 and 48,
  Welfare is no longer an entitle-      wide expansion of Governor               year sentences for first-time convic-    mously agree on a formula, the fed-    addresses the modernization efforts
ment under the new plan. The re-        Miller’s newborn screening pro-          tions of the seven serious violent       eral commissioner can agree, at        of the Department of Revenue.
ceipt of cash assistance is limited     gram. The Governor’s Children 1st        felonies and “Two Strikes” provi-
to a maximum of four years. Geor-       Program guarantees every child in        sions for repeat offenders.
gia will meet all federal work par-     Georgia will be screened at birth to       Passed as a constitutional amend-
ticipation guidelines for recipients,   identify special needs and provide       ment in November, 1994, the “Two                WHITE WATER STATE PROGRAM
who must engage in work activi-         whatever support services are nec-       Strikes” law mandates anyone con-                Sponsored by the State Personnel Council
ties shortly after assistance is        essary to ensure the child grows up      victed twice for murder, armed rob-
sought. In addition, current family     healthy and ready for school. Each
                                                                                                                          Discount Prices on Advance Ticket Purchases:
                                                                                 bery, kidnapping, aggravated child
cap provisions will be strengthened     at-risk child’s developmental suc-       molestation, rape, aggravated sod-       (Price includes admission to American Adventures)
so that families receiving assistance   cess will be tracked for his or her      omy or aggravated sexual battery         $18: Age eight and up.
for 10 or more months will receive      first three years, prior to entry into   must be sentenced to life without        $10.75: Age three to seven.
no increase in cash assistance for      the state’s voluntary pre-kindergar-     parole.                                  No charge: Children under age three.
the birth of additional children.       ten program.                               The Sexual Offender Registra-
  Most importantly, the plan em-           $6.5 million to hook up all of        tion Amendments, SB 105:
phasizes that education and train-      Georgia’s high schools and public        Changes the permissive authoriza-        Please send me:    _____tickets @ $15 $_________
ing are the long-term solutions for     libraries to the Internet.               tion of information to a mandatory                          _____tickets @ $10 $_________
ending the cycle of poverty that           $5.3 million for a prevention plan    release of information by the GBI                           _____Total         $_________
traps so many on welfare. The new       to combat teen pregnancy.                or any sheriff maintaining required
proposals require teen mothers re-         The Governor’s Drug Dealer            records of sexual offenders. This bill
ceiving assistance to stay in school,   Liability Act, SB 80: Permits a          brings Georgia into compliance with      Home Address___________________________________
adult recipients to ensure their mi-    parent, spouse, or child of a drug       “Megan’s Law,” a law requiring the       City/State/ZIP___________________________________
nor children attend school and par-     user, a child whose mother was an        release of relevant information nec-     Agency_________________________________________
ents to participate in parent-teacher   abuser while pregnant, an employer       essary to protect the public concern-    Business Telephone_______________________________
conferences. Assistance is also         of an abuser or medical facilities       ing a repeat sexual offender.
available for adults wishing to fin-    that provide treatment for the             Governor Miller’s Child Sup-
                                                                                                                          Home Telephone_________________________________
ish high school or work towards a       abuser to sue to recover damages         port Legislation, HB 284, brings
GED, with a special focus on per-       against a drug dealer who marketed       Georgia in line with federal guide-      Make checks and money orders payable to the State Personnel
sons between the ages of 20-26          illegal drugs in the area where the      lines and allows the state to collect    Council. Include SASE with payment.
with at least a 10th grade education.   abuser obtained or used the drugs.       nearly $51 million in federal fund-      Mail to: State Personnel Council, P. O. Box 347206, Atlanta,
  Families moving into Georgia          The drug abuser himself is not per-      ing. The new legislation contains        GA 30334-7206. Allow seven days for delivery.
will receive the same amount of         mitted to file such a suit.              provisions which allow the state to      Tickets cannot be purchased in person. No discounts at the gate.
assistance they would have re-             The Medicaid Fraud Forfeiture         seize bank accounts without going
ceived in their previous state of       Act, HB 377: Permits the state to                                                 Drop Box Locations:
                                                                                 to court; require genetic testing in
residence for a 12-month period, if     seize the property of a person           contested paternity cases; and sus-      Department of Education Credit Union, Room 466, Balcony Level,
lower than Georgia’s level of ben-      suspected of Medicaid fraud to pre-      pend the recreational licenses, in       East Tower, or DHR Personnel Office, Room 214-H, 47 Trinity Ave.
efits. Legal immigrants will be eli-    vent the property from being             addition to driver’s and profes-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 5

Ultimate Choice Video On Teen Pregnancy To Be Broadcast On April 24
  Georgia’s PeachStar Satellite Net-     came pregnant in 1995 and that teen     portunity to view Ultimate
work will transmit the video Ulti-       pregnancy costs the taxpayers of        Choice.”
mate Choice, a firsthand account of      Georgia more than a half-billion dol-     In addition to the PeachStar Sat-
teens and their parents who are strug-   lars each year in Medicaid, welfare     ellite Network transmission, the
gling to survive the difficult circum-   benefits and food stamps.               video has been aired on commer-
stances of teenage pregnancy, on           Ultimate Choice will make an im-      cial stations in all major TV mar-
Thursday, April 24, at 2 p.m.            pact on most viewers because it         kets in Georgia.
  The program will reach Georgia         puts faces on these statistics, Gov-      The video explores the complex
middle and high schools, technical       ernor Miller said.                      issues involved in this national epi-
institutions, and university system        The video was produced by             demic, the new state and federal
and public libraries.                    ImageMaster Productions Inc. for        laws affecting teenagers and their
  “Many teenagers are under the          the Governor’s Children and Youth       families, and provides firsthand ac-
false impression that they are un-       Coordinating Council with finan-        counts of teen parents who are
touchable and that teen pregnancy        cial support provided by                struggling to survive the difficult
could never happen to them,”             PROMINA Health System for its           circumstances teen parenthood pre-
 Governor Zell Miller said.              television debut.                       sents. Film crews traveled over the
   “I think the Ultimate Choice            “As the largest not-for-profit        entire state, visiting small towns,
video sends a very clear message,        health system in Georgia,               rural communities, and metropoli-
that it can happen to you, it can        PROMINA sees the tragedy of teen        tan areas to document the people
happen to anybody, and will hope-        pregnancy every day in hospitals        and issues involved.
fully make those same teenagers          and clinics,” CEO Bernie Brown            The new video is only one of the
think twice before becoming sexu-        said.                                   Governor’s latest efforts to crack
ally active.”                              “We were delighted to support the     down on teen pregnancy in Geor-
  Statistics show that 66 percent of     teenage pregnancy prevention            gia. The General Assembly ap-
Georgia’s high school students re-       project and to work with Governor       proved $5.3 million to fund a five-
port being sexually active, more than    Miller and the State of Georgia to      part prevention plan to combat teen     Celebrating at a kick-off luncheon at the Governor's Mansion to thank
29,000 teenage girls in Georgia be-      assure that every family has an op-     pregnancy in Georgia.                   sponsors and television stations are (L-R) Gov. Miller, Judy Neal,
                                                                                   The program includes three ini-       Executive Director of the Governor's Children and Youth Coordinating
                                                                                 tiatives that were launched earlier     Council, and Bernie Brown, CEO of the PROMINA Health System.
                                                                                 this year, funded by a $2.3 million
                                                                                 appropriation from the FY97          welfare caseloads. DeKalb and gusta, Cobb County, Columbus,
                                                                                 amended budget:                      Fulton counties will each get two Griffin, Gwinnett County, Macon,
                                                                                   • Opening 15 clinics in areas      clinics, and single clinics will be Rome, Savannah and Valdosta.
                                                                                 with both high teen pregnancy and    opened in Albany, Athens, Au-         • Expansion of family planning
                                                                                                                                                          services within county health
                                                                                                                                                          departments, with a major
                                                                                                                                                          emphasis in Albany, Augusta,
                                                                                                                                                          Columbus, Gainesville, LaGrange
                                                                                                                                                          and Macon.
                                                                                                                                                            • Expansion of a community-
                                                                                                                                                          based pregnancy prevention pro-
                                                                                                                                                          gram targeted at teenage males that
                                                                                          8 WEEKENDS: APRIL 19-JUNE 1, 1997                               is already operating in 15 Georgia
                                                                                             Plus Memorial Day, Monday, May 26                              Two additional initiatives will be
                                                                                                        10:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.                              added beginning July 1:
                                                                                               Sponsored by the State Personnel Council                     • Funding more outreach and
                                                                                                                                                          mentoring workers at the county
                                                                                 ADULTS:            Regularly $11.95 save $2.45                           level.
                                                                                                    No. of tickets_____x $9.50=_________                    • Expansion of Grady Hospital’s
                                                                                                                                                          successful abstinence-based pro-
                                                                                 CHILDREN:          Regularly $5.50, save 75 cents                        gram for teens called Postponing
                                                                                 Ages 6-15          No. of tickets_____x $4.75=_________                  Sexual Involvement.
                                                                                                                                                            “We are making progress here in
                                                                                 (Children under 6 Free!)                TOTAL_________                   Georgia through education and in-
                                                                                                                                                          tervention programs in the battle to
                                                                                 Mail orders to: Georgia Renaissance Festival, c/o State Personnel prevent teen pregnancy,” Governor
                                                                                 Council, P. O. Box 347206, Atlanta, GA 30334-7206                        Miller said. “I am proud of these
                                                                                 Drop Box at the following location: Department of Education Credit latest efforts and I encourage all
                                                                                                                                                          Georgians to stay in the fight.”
                                                                                 Union, Room 466, Balcony Level, East Tower
                                                                                                                                                            For information, contact Judy
                                                                                 Self-addressed, stamped envelopes must accompany all orders for Neal, Executive Director of the
                                                                                 return of tickets. Payment should be made by check or money order Governor’s Children and Youth Co-
                                                                                 payable to the State Personnel Council. Please do not mail cash. ordinating Council, 404/651-9027.
                                                                                 Allow 7 days to receive tickets. Deadline to order: May 23, 1997.
                                                                                 Name               _______________________________________                   The next edition of the State
                                                                                 Department         _______________________________________                   Personnel News will be dis-
                                                                                 Home Address       _______________________________________                   tributed in July. To submit in-
                                                                                 City, State, ZIP   _______________________________________                   formation, contact Editor
                                                                                 Business Telephone _______________________________________                   Martha Evans, 404/656-2723.
Page 6

Dick Grote On Discipline Without Punishment
  (Editor's Note:    Dick Grote       discipline model demands indi-
 developed the Discipline Without     vidual responsibility. That can be
Punishment system which will be       unpopular for two reasons. A lot of
implemented by several state          people don’t like to take individual
agencies in the coming months. A      responsibility. The other is that
human resources and performance       there are a lot of managers who feel
management systems specialist, he     more comfortable in punishing
developed his unique approach to      somebody than in taking a tougher
employee discipline while employed    stance of demanding individual
at Frito-Lay. He formed Dallas-       responsibility. This program takes
based Grote Consulting in 1977 to     more maturity.
promote the concept, which has
been implemented in both public       Q: Is this concept similar to
and private sector businesses.        tough love?
Grote also is an adjunct professor
of management at the University          A: Yes, it is. What I think is
of Dallas Graduate School of          important about tough love is that
Management.)                          yes, it is tough, but it’s done out of
                                      love for the person. You may get to
Q: Why did you choose to              the point you have to kick that
highlight the word discipline?        teenager out of the house. You do
What ideas resonate for you           it to force that individual to take
from that particular choice?          responsibility. With an alcoholic
Why not have zeroed in, for           intervention, everyone says, “Joe
example, on a word like responsi-     you are an alcoholic.”         We’re
bility, as in taking personal         doing the same here: “Joe, this is       Consultant Dick Grote, center, makes a point to members of the implementation team for the Department of
responsibility for one’s actions?     the problem. We’re not going to          Pardons and Paroles during a recent planning session in Decatur.
                                      punish you for it. Take responsi-
  A: For me, the answer is that we    bility for it. If you don’t, you just    Q: As you become more familiar          how do you, as a manager, react         appeals process is preventing
are talking about discipline and I    can’t work here.”                        with the work environment in            when an employee in effect says,        supervisors from suffering the
feel it’s important not to get away                                            state government here, have you         “Blow it off. I don’t care”? Can        consequence of doing something
from that—this is a discipline        Q: You indicated that Discipline         become aware of any distinctive         you maintain your integrity at that     stupid.
system.        Granted, the word      Without Punishment has been              differences from any other gov-         point? That’s where the concepts          On the one hand, I feel very
discipline can have a negative        implemented, and works, in both          ernment entity with which you           of Discipline Without Punishment        strongly that appeal procedures are
connotation, but it also can have a   private sector and public sector         have worked?      If so, what           come into play.                         appropriate, but there is that small
positive one. We like the idea of a   work environments.          What         implication is there for the              All B. J. did was invite me in as a   cadre of individuals who will do
well-disciplined person or a well-    differences do there tend to be in       success of Discipline Without           speaker at some GeorgiaGain             anything to make life difficult—
disciplined team—and this is a        the implementation models?               Punishment here?                        events. What happened was that          the attitude “Do anything to me,
system to bring about a well-                                                                                          we got enough interest from people      I’m going to go appeal it”—they
disciplined organization.               A: There are very, very few.             A: No, the government organi-         that the next step was some             want to make the supervisor so
  In any organization, you’ve         What I do see are the almost evenly      zations that have chosen to work        training programs and an executive      sorry that he took this action, that
always got roses, daisies and         split misconceptions that each           with me have a lot in common.           overview. Folks said, this seems to     he’ll leave the employee alone.
weeds.       Whenever there are       group has about the other. The           The only organizations—public or        make sense, and here we are. Why        The problem is not so much,
employee complaints, manage-          public sector tends to believe           private—that call me that are           hasn’t every organization seen the      should there be an appeals process,
ment should be looking at who is      managers can fire at will with no        interested in this are ones that have   light and implemented it? It is         but how to do it so it happens
complaining. If the roses aren’t      good reason at all, that the rewards     a real belief that individual           because this system requires a          rapidly and there’s minimal
happy, you need to take action, but   are significantly greater and that       responsibility is important, that the   major leap of faith, a move toward      disruption.
if the people who are complaining     politics do not exist. In the private    traditional way of handling disci-      believing in individual responsi-
are the ones making the smallest      sector, the belief is that public        pline, the way things were done in      bility and abandoning the need          Q: What regional differences do
contribution—the weeds—that’s         sector people have a free ride, very     the past, isn’t good enough.            to exact a pound of flesh as            you find in attitudes toward
an indication you’re doing some-      low expectations and that it’s             I think you have a critical mass      punishment.                             discipline?
thing right. I believe in holding     impossible to ever be terminated.        here, enough people with genuine
people to high standards. Demand      Now in both cases, that’s not            vision, for implementation to           Q: You are aware that the State           A: As far as regional differences,
better results and you get them.      correct, so I find the biggest           succeed. I think particularly about     of Georgia is in a period of            there are none that I have seen in
One of the reasons why we don’t       difference between the two is the        (former Merit System Commis-            transition, with a cadre of             this country. But with some of the
get better results is that we don’t   erroneous opinion one has about          sioner) Bobbie Jean Bennett, the        classified employees and an             work I have done in Southeast
set our expectations for employees    the other.                               vision she had to say this is worth     emerging group of unclassified          Asia, there are significant differ-
high enough.                            I can’t tell in a group whether I’m    taking a look at. She saw it as the     employees. Do you envision that         ences in the perception of the
  Is that an old-fashioned idea? Oh   in a public sector or private sector     missing link with GeorgiaGain           the Discipline Without Punish-          employment relationship. One of
yes, it goes back to the 1960s when   setting. The kinds of questions that     and your Performance Manage-            ment model will have to be              the things that makes this country
there was a fundamental shift         come up are identical. The real          ment Process (PMP).                     adapted to accommodate that             and western Europe different is
away from responsibility and          distinction is, what has the organi-       You had developed a process of        mix? If so, what might that             that for us the employment process
toward rights. Tom Wolfe called       zation done before? For example,         rewarding those performers who          adaptation look like?                   is very difficult, but the termina-
the ‘70s the me decade. What we       what is the organization’s atten-        do well, but you still didn’t have an                                           tion process is very easy. In other
have now is people whose sole         dance policy? We have to look at         equivalent system for taking care         A: Not in the system itself. The      countries, hiring is very easy, but
concern is, “What’s in it for me?”    how to bring past practices into         of people who are not meeting           only factor is the appeal process.      terminating somebody is very
  Look at the popularity of that      synch with what we’re going to be        expectations—and doing it in a          (Classified employees have the          difficult. In Singapore, I saw an
word codependency. What we are        doing. How do they fit into the          way that philosophically is in          right to appeal a termination.) I       advertisement for a stewardess,
doing is looking for excuses to       Discipline Without Punishment            synch with PMP. It’s easy to            believe in the appeals process.         not a flight attendant. Not only did
avoid taking responsibility. This     model?                                   manage the daisies and roses. But       What you’re really doing with an        (See GROTE, page 7)
                                                                                                                                                                                          Page 7
                                       months and months with Joe             attention and expect a positive the transaction. It’s important to             that was appropriate in any
GROTE (from page 6)                    getting full pay. What happens         change.                               realize what we are actually asking      organization.        The messianic
                                       there is the golden handshake. I                                             for. We only take action with            part—there definitely is that in
the ad require her to be between 24    say to Joe, "This isn’t working out.   Q: Are you personally more behavior that is unacceptable. We’re                me—when I talk about it some-
and 29 and have a certain kind of      If you will quit, I’ll give you        comfortable talking to managers not asking a person to become a                times when I feel like I’m in a
education, but the ad also said she    $6,000." They are astounded at the     or line employees?                    star, to become an exemplar for          group that I’m really resonating
had to be very pretty. Nobody          concept of employment at will.                                               excellent performance. All we’re         with, I will explain that, as part of
thought about age or sex discrimi-       Even though we have employ-             A:      I’m more comfortable asking Joe to do is to move to point           my work, in addition to providing
nation—that’s what they wanted.        ment at will, my experience with       dealing with managers because that is at least acceptable. That’s not          for family, I want to leave a legacy.
  On the other hand, in the            any kind of reasonably sophisti-       that where I’ve spent most of my unreasonable.                                   I remember when I was working
Philippines, I can’t fire you. I       cated organization is that just        time. But I worked my way                                                      at a General Electric plant in
suspend you with full pay and then     because you have the right to          through college loading boxcars.        Q: When you’re conducting              Rome, GA. Over a weekend, all
write a letter to the Ministry of      terminate doesn’t mean you are         I’ll put that job up against any job. these training workshops, you            the managers came into the plant
Labor and ask for a termination        going to do it. Are companies          I also was a card-carrying union sometimes seem almost messi-                  and took down the signs for the
certification. When they get my        required to have a discipline          member with the International anic about spreading the word                    white and colored restrooms. Our
request, they write you a letter and   system? No, they’re not. Any one       Paper Workers and Paper Makers, on Discipline Without Punish-                  country has transformed itself. We
say, “Dear Joe, we have a request      of any size will have one because it   and I was a first-line supervisor on ment. Has that always been the            have abandoned that segregated
for termination. Do you feel we        makes sense not to fire people at      the second shift at GE. So what I case?                                        America and good riddance.
should grant one?” Then it goes to     whim. It makes sense to bring a        say comes from direct experience,                                                I also worked as a stewardess
a hearing, so the process goes         person’s problems to that person’s     it’s not book learning, it’s talking    A:      It’s evolved over time         recruiter in 1968. At that time,
                                                                              with people, it’s being there.        because when I first developed the       women were hired as steward-
                                                                                 When I talk with employee system it was in response to a                    esses—not flight attendants, stew-
                                                                              groups, one of the messages I feel specific problem in a specific plant        ardesses—and they were hired as
                                                                              is important to bring is that with no thought that I would do                  nurses and they were hired as
                                                                              managers earn their pay and have a more than solve a particular                teachers, but that was all. And that
                                                                              very difficult job. I don’t think problem. What happened as a                  America’s gone and good riddance.
                                                                              until you’ve been in that job you result was seeing the effect that it           But we still have an America
                                                                              can understand the pressure and had there and seeing the response              where we apply criminal justice
                                                                              the demands. I think a lot of people of people to it and realizing what        procedures to people in the
   STATE EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION                                               see upper level managers—deputy we had done was apply some ideas               workplace who are not criminals.
                                                                              directors, people like that—in nice about individual responsibility,           If they are criminals, call 911.
            130 Memorial Drive · Atlanta, Georgia 30303
                                                                              carpeted offices, getting the perks. decision making in a very difficult         I believe that effective organiza-
   For information, call: 404/656-3748 Toll Free: 1/800/659-7328              That’s true, but what they don’t area, disciplinary action, that               tions do not operate on a criminal
                                                                              realize is the enormous demands transformed the workplace. Then                justice mentality. They operate on
                    State Employees Days                                      and stresses that people in those seeing that this approach worked             a personal responsibility mental-
         Sunday, May 25, through Friday, June 13                              positions face.                       not only in a situation where there      ity. How do you do that? I’m an
      (Saturday, May 31, and Saturday, June 7, not included)                                                        was a major morale problem, but          industrial engineer. The approach
                                                                              Q: Is the disciplinary process also in plants where employee                   I naturally gravitate toward is
Once again, the State Employees Credit Union has negotiated a fantastic       more difficult for the employee relations were very good, then                 changing policy, changing sys-
deal for state employees at Six Flags Over Georgia. The dates: Sunday,        or the manager?                       outside the factory situation, when      tems, creating systems that require
May 25, through Friday, June 13 (except for Saturdays, May 31,                                                      I put it into marketing, accounting,     managers to deal with people with
and June 7). That's a choice of 18 days to use this fantastic discount.          A: The manager is always under finance and it worked extremely              dignity and grace. With this
State employees and their families are all invited to participate in this     the most pressure because the well there, and then coming to                   system, you don’t have a choice.
tremendous benefit to state employees. Don’t miss this opportunity to         manager has to be the initiator of realize that this was an approach           You must.
save money, and enjoy Six Flags early in the season. The regular
admission price is $32 at the gate this year. Your price for this special
event is $17. This amounts to a $15 per ticket savings (almost 50%).          Discipline Without Punishment
Six Flags has announced the biggest concert of the year will be the
inimitable Wynona Judd on Friday, June 6, at 8 p.m. Concert tickets
will be available at the gate for an additional charge of $6 per ticket.
                                                                              5 Agencies Plan Implementation
                                                                                The Discipline Without Punish-      coordinators and Grote as agencies       plinary suspension are that it changes
                                                                              ment system developed by nation-      go through the process of building       the supervisor's role from adversary
               TICKET ORDER FORM                                              ally recognized management con-       their unique framework. Diane            to coach, eliminates money as an is-
                                                                              sultant Dick Grote will be imple-     Schlachter, Ed.D., director of the       sue, and reduces anger and hostility.
             State Employees Credit Union                                     mented in at least five state agen-   State Merit System’s Train-                Grote requires participating
           State Employees Days at Six Flags                                  cies this spring and summer: the      ing and Organization Development         agencies to train managers and su-
          Sunday, May 25, through Friday, June 13                             State Merit System, the Office of     Division, serves as project coordi-      pervisors on the management skills
                                                                              the Secretary of State, the State     nator for Discipline Without Pun-        needed to use this system effec-
            (Saturdays, May 31 and June 7, not included)                      Board of Pardons and Paroles, the     ishment implementation.                  tively prior to implementation.
                                                                              Department of Administrative             The disciplinary process is built       The system has been designed to
Send me _____ tickets at $17 each. Total Enclosed: $_____________             Services and the Georgia Forestry     on three levels: an oral reminder, a     streamline the discipline process by
Name:_________________________________SSN:____-___-____                       Commission.                           written reminder, and decision-mak-      training managers to use their
                                                                                Each participating agency has set   ing leave, a one-day disciplinary sus-   agency's policies and procedures
Address:_________________________________________________                     up its own implementation team        pension with pay. On that day, the       matrix as a guidebook for handling
City:_________________________________ST:____ ZIP:________                    headed by a project coordinator.      employee must decide to solve the        situations as they arise.
Home Telephone:__________________________________________                     These teams have been meeting         immediate problem and also commit          Another series of implementation
                                                                              with Grote on a regular basis as      to fully acceptable performance in       sessions with Grote likely will be
Office Telephone:__________________________________________
                                                                              they adapt the system he designed     every area of the job—or quit. Once      offered again in late summer
Please allow at least seven calendar days for processing and mailing.         to meet their agency’s needs—each     he makes this commitment, any em-        or early fall. For information,
Send order with check or money order and Stamped Envelope to:                 agency customizes policies and        ployee who fails to keep his com-        contact Schlachter at the State
State Employees Credit Union, 130 Memorial Dr., SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.        procedures to fit its culture.        mitment is terminated.                   Merit System Training and
             404/656-3748 Toll Free: 1/800/659-7328                             The State Merit System serves as      Among Grote's reasons for paying       Organization         Development
                                                                              the link between the agency project   the employee for the one-day disci-      Division, 404/371-7371.
Page 8

                                                                                                                                                         Support Staff
     Charitable Contributions Program Totals For 1996-97
                                                                    Public Safety                                            13,844.00
                      State Agencies                                Revenue                                                  50,409.76
  Agency                                     Contribution/Increase Satilla CSB                                                2,330.00                   Development
  Administrative Office of the Courts            3,363.04           State Merit System                                       14,345.63
  Administrative Services
                                                              22% Subsequent Injury Trust Fund
                                                                    Superior Courts
  Audits                                         2,306.00           Supreme Court                                             3,700.00       17%           The Training and Organization
  Banking and Finance                            5,418.00           Teachers Retirement System                                1,840.00       22%         Development Division of the State
  Children and Youth Services                  42,932.00      46% Technical and Adult Education                              82,811.78        5%         Merit System has two upcoming
  Coastal CSB                                    6,143.00     29% Transportation                                            142,889.92                   opportunities for professional
  Cobb/Douglas CSB                               1,001.00     89% Veterans Service                                            1,626.00                   development for support staff in
  Commission on Equal Opportunity                1,745.00     16% Worker’s Compensation                                       4,026.00       91%         state government.
  Community Affairs                            14,493.00      78% TOTAL State Agencies                                   $1,145,479.89                     The National Secretaries Day
  Corrections                                  88,208.09                                                                                                 Conference is scheduled for
                                                                                                                                                         Wednesday, April 23. The
  Court of Appeals
                                                                            University System                                                            conference will be hosted in four
  DeKalb CSB                                     1,800.00    145% College/University                                       Contribution/Increase         cities: Decatur, Augusta, Macon,
  East Central CSB                               1,958.00           Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College                       5,761.00    34%            and Savannah.
  Education                                    26,535.00            Albany State University                                  11,479.58     1%              Each conference includes a
  Employees’ Retirement System                   3,083.00           Armstrong Atlantic State University                      19,598.00    13%            morning seminar, a luncheon, and
  GA Building Authority                          4,040.00        * Atlanta Metropolitan College                               4,504.00                   the American Management
  GA Bureau of Investigation                   14,638.00            Augusta State University                                  7,992.00                   Association (AMA) satellite
  GA Forestry Commission                       11,988.00            Bainbridge College                                        5,490.00     7%            teleconference of the Tenth Annual
  GA Mountains CSB                               1,340.00      6% Board of Regents/Central Office                             5,086.00                   Briefing for Secretaries and
  GA Pines CSB                                   1,446.00        * Clayton College and State University                      14,129.00                   Administrative Assistants.
  GA Public Telecommunications Commission 4,222.72               * Coastal Georgia Community College                          4,805.00    11%              The conference will focus on the
  GA State Financing/Investment Commission         408.00           Columbus State University                                11,365.00    24%            competencies needed by secretaries
  GA Student Finance Commission                  6,196.78     91% Dalton College                                             10,833.00    17%            to do their jobs today, as well as
  GA World Congress Center Authority             4,623.00        * Darton College                                             2,134.50                   three years from now, including
  Gwinnett/Rockdale/Newton CSB                   3,689.00      6% DeKalb College                                             21,257.00    25%            self-development, communication
  Human Resources                             324,841.72       6% Floyd College                                               6,719.94                   skills, and organizational skills.
  Industry, Trade and Tourism                    6,184.00     14% Fort Valley State University                                4,927.04     8%              The registration fee is $30; the
  Insurance Commissioner’s Office                6,154.25           East Georgia College                                        670.00                   deadline for registration is April 15.
  Labor                                        70,647.48       6% Gainesville College                                         5,115.00                     The Seventh Annual Profes-
  Law                                            5,455.00     19% Georgia Institute of Technology                           252,463.18    19%            sional Development Conference
  Legislature                                    4,891.00     22% Georgia College and State University                       14,168.00                   for Support Staff will be held
  Lookout Mountain CSB                           2,136.00     62% Georgia Southern University                                33,420.00    11%            Oct. 8-10 at the Clarion Buccaneer,
  McIntosh Trail CSB                               395.00        * Georgia State University                                 120,749.85                   Jekyll Island.
  Medical Assistance                             8,158.00     24% Gordon College                                              2,304.00                     The conference is preceded by a
  Middle Flint CSB                                 300.00        * Kennesaw State University                                 24,224.20    40%            professional skills competition.
  Natural Resources                            45,499.92       5% Macon College                                               5,613.00    16%            There will be four events, includ-
  New Horizons CSB                                 219.00           Medical College of Georgia                              176,747.82                   ing typing and three other events
  Northeast Georgia CSB                          5,452.00           Middle Georgia College                                    3,676.00    36%            to be determined.
  Office of Consumer Affairs                     1,718.00     10% North Georgia College                                       5,018.00   339%              Preregistration is required for
  Office of Planning and Budget                  8,536.00           Savannah State University                                13,527.00                   both the conference and the
  Office of Secretary of State                   9,572.17           Skidaway Institute of Oceanography                        4,452.00    21%            professional skills competition. See
  Ogeechee CSB                                     522.00           South Georgia College                                     2,110.00   260%            the July edition of this publication
  Pardons and Paroles                            8,938.00           Southern Polytechnic State University                     7,818.00     3%            for details about this conference.
  Pathways CSB                                    501.00*           University of Georgia                                   369,923.16    10%              For more information on both
  Peachbelt CSB                                  2,228.00           Valdosta State University                                21,719.96    16%            these events, contact Venus Stone
  Pineland CSB                                   5,884.20           Waycross College                                            780.00    18%            at 404/371-7371.
  Public Service Commission                      2,035.00           TOTAL University System                              $1,200,580.23
                                      Indicates a new participant.* CAMPAIGN TOTAL                                    $2,345,534.12                      Quality Service Georgia
                                                                                                                                                         To Host Workshop,
                                                                                                                                                         Plans Oct. Conference
Gov. Miller Announces Holocaust Remembrance On May 6                                                                                                       • The Quality Service Georgia
  Gov. Zell Miller and the Georgia     our military forces who liberated    United States Holocaust Memorial       TV anchor Monica Kaufman will         Network will host a workshop on
Commission on the Holocaust will       the concentration camps."            Museum in Washington, D.C.             receive a humanitarian award for      Meetings that Work in Macon on
hold the State Remembrance of the        The Georgia Commission on the        Dr. Eliach is a pioneer scholar in   her contributions to Holocaust edu-   Friday, April 18, from 10 a.m.-2:30
Victims of the Holocaust on May 6      Holocaust will conduct the obser-    Holocaust Studies, founding the        cation in Georgia.                    p.m. Cost is $5 to cover lunch. For
at noon in the chamber of the Geor-    vance, which will include partici-   first Center of Holocaust Studies in     Middle and high school students     information, contact Ronda Britt at
gia House of Representatives.          pation by Georgia Holocaust          the United States. She was ap-         who placed first in the Art and       404/657-8422.
  "The Holocaust is one of the         survivors and concentration camp     pointed as a member of President       Writing Contest, "Anne Frank:           • Mark your calendar for the
darkest periods in the history of      liberators.                          Carter's Holocaust Commission          What Is She Saying To Us Today?"      Quality Service Georgia Network's
humankind," Gov. Miller said. "I         The keynote speaker for the pro-   and in 1995 was named Woman of         will be recognized.                   Third Annual Quality Conference,
encourage Georgians to remember        gram will be Professor Yaffa         the Year by CBS Television for the       For more information, contact       scheduled Oct. 8-9 in Atlanta. Britt
the victims of the Holocaust and the   Eliach, creator of the acclaimed     impact of her work on the public.      the Georgia Commission on the         and QSG staff member Danetta Hill
terror they faced, and to remember     "Tower of Life" Exhibit at the         As part of the observance, WSB-      Holocaust at 404/651-9273.            will coordinate the conference.

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