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					                          MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT
                          BREAKERS                                                                        EGB3015FFG, $645

                                                               Series G
l Small and Compact                                            Starts at
l 15 to 100 Amp Models Available
l Quality Thermal Magnetic
  Circuit Breakers
Series G molded case circuit breakers
provide increased performance in
                                                   The toggle handle snaps into the TRIPPED
considerably less space than standard circuit
                                                   position if the breaker is tripped by one of
breakers or comparable fusible devices. The
                                                   its overcurrent, short circuit, shunt or
“G” signifies global applications: Series G
                                                   undervoltage releases. Before the circuit
circuit breakers are marked with UL, CSA,
                                                   breaker can be reclosed following a trip-out,
CE, IEC and KEMA KEUR listings.
                                                   the toggle handle must be brought beyond
The EG frames are designed around space-           the OFF position (RESET). The circuit
saving footprints. Series G circuit breakers       breaker can then be reclosed.
meet applicable UL 489 and IEC 60947-2
                                                   As an additional switching position indicator
standards. The G family includes five frame
                                                   for EG- Frame circuit breakers, there are two
sizes in ratings from 15 to 100 amperes.
                                                   windows on the right and on the left of the
Series G interrupting capacity 15 to 18 kA at
                                                   toggle handle, in which the switching state is
415 and 480 Vac. Standard calibration is 40°C.
                                                   indicated by means of the colors red, green
The flexibility and outstanding performance        and white corresponding to the ON, OFF and
characteristics of the circuit breakers are        TRIPPED positions respectively.                            Shown smaller
made possible by the best contact designs in                                                                 than actual size.
circuit breaker history. Our technology            SPECIFICATION
creates a high-speed “blow-open” action            Number of Poles: 3                               Permissible Ambient Temperature:
using the electromechanical forces produced                                                         -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
                                                   BREAKER CAPACITY (KA RMS)
by high-level fault currents.                      AC 50 TO 60 HZ                                   PERMISSIBLE LOAD FOR VARIOUS
These circuit breakers are operated by a           NEMA, UL, CSA:                                   AMBIENT TEMPERATURES CLOSE TO
toggle-type mechanism that is mechanically           240 Vac: 25                                    THE CIRCUIT BREAKER, RELATED TO
trip-free from the handle so that the contacts       480 Vac: 18                                    THE RATED CURRENT OF THE CIRCUIT
cannot be held closed against short circuit        IEC60947-2:                                      BREAKER:
currents. Tripping due to overload or short          Icu 220 to 240 Vac: 25                         Circuit Breakers for Plant Protection:
circuits is clearly indicated by the position on     Icu 380 to 425 Vac: 18                            Thermal overload Thermal overload
                                                   Ampere Range: 15 to 100 A                           release set to the release set to the
the handle. This remarkably fast and
                                                   Trip Units: FT-FM (fixed thermal - fixed                lower value        upper value
dependable contact action is designed to                                                              At 40°C: 100%              100%
enhance safety.                                    Dimensions: 139.7 H x 76.2 W x 76                  At 50°C: 96%                92%
The quality, dependability and reliability of      mm D (5.5 x 3.0 x 2.9")                            At 55°C: 93%                87%
every circuit breaker is ensured by a              Weight: 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)                           At 60°C: 91%                83%
thorough program of in-plant testing. Two          Utilization Category: A                            At 70°C: 86%                73%
calibration tests are conducted on every pole      ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS                       Circuit Breakers for Starter
of every circuit breaker to verify the trip        Maximum Rated Current: 100 A                     Combinations and Isolating
mechanism, operating mechanism,                                                                     Circuit Breakers:
                                                   Rated Insulation Voltage U,
continuity and accuracy.                           According to IEC 60947-2:                          At 40°C: 100%
                                                   Main Conducting Paths: 690 Vac                     At 50°C: 100%
Circuit breakers are current limiting because                                                         At 55°C: 96%
of their high repulsion contact arrangement        Auxiliary Circuits: 690 Vac
                                                   Rated Impulse Withstand                            At 60°C: 91%
and use of state-of-the-art arc extinguishing                                                         At 70°C: 86%
                                                   Voltage Uimp:
                                                     Main Conducting Paths: 6 kV                    RATED SHORT CIRCUIT BREAKING
Circuit Breakers have a toggle handle                Auxiliary Circuits: 4 kV                       CAPACITY (DC) NOT FOR CIRCUIT
operating mechanism, which also serves             Rated Operational Voltage Ue:                    BREAKERS FOR MOTOR PROTECTION
as a switching position indicator. The               IEC: 690 Vac                                   (TIME CONSTANT = 10 RMS):
indicator shows the positions of: ON, OFF            NEMA: 600 Y/347 Vac                            2 Conducting Paths in Series:
and TRIPPED.                                       UL and CSA Listed: Yes                             For EG up to 250 Vdc: 10 kA Max
NEMA (Time Constant = 8 rms)                Tightening Torque for Bus Bar
2 Conducting Paths in Series:               Connection Pieces: 5.6 Nm
250 Vdc 10 kA Max                           CONDUCTOR CROSS SECTIONS FOR
Main Switch Characteristics According       AUXILIARY CIRCUITS WITH TERMINAL
to IEC 60947-2 in Combination with          CONNECTION OR TERMINAL STRIP
Lockable Rotary Drives: Yes                 Solid or Finely Stranded with End
Rated Short Circuit Breaking                Sleeve: 0.75 to 2.5 mm2
Capacity According to IEC 60947-2
(at AC 50/60 hz): Rated short circuit
breaking capacity
Endurance (Operating Cycles):
Maximum Switching Frequency:
300 1/h
Conductor Cross Sections and                                                                             EHMFS03, $575
Terminal Types for Main Conductors:                  All models
Box Terminals                                      shown smaller
                                                  than actual size.
Solid or Stranded: 2.5 to 95 mm2
Finely Stranded with End Sleeve:
2.5 to 50/70 mm2
Tightening Torque for Box Terminals:
5.6 Nm

       EHMVD12B, $105, attached
       to EG3015FFG, $645

 To Order (Specify Model Number)                                                      ALL MODELS AVAILABLE FOR FAST DELIVERY!
 MODEL NO.            PRICE         DESCRIPTION
 EGB3015FFG            $645         EG 3P 15 A 18kA @ 415 and 480V fixed thermal, fixed magnetic
 EGB3020FFG             645         EG 3P 20 A 18kA @ 415 and 480V fixed thermal, fixed magnetic
 EGB3030FFG             645         EG 3P 30 A 18kA @ 415 and 480V fixed thermal, fixed magnetic
 EGB3050FFG             645         EG 3P 50 A 18kA @ 415 and 480V fixed thermal, fixed magnetic
 EGB3060FFG             645         EG 3P 60 A 18kA @ 415 and 480V fixed thermal, fixed magnetic
 EGB3100FFG             765         EG 3P 100 A 18kA @ 415 and 480V fixed thermal, fixed magnetic

 MODEL NO.            PRICE          DESCRIPTION
 EHMFS03               $575          Frame flex shaft handle 0.91 m (3') NEMA 1, 3R
 EHMVD12B               105          Universal rotary handle 305 mm (12") black, NEMA 1, 12
Comes complete with operators manual.
Ordering Example: EG3015FFG, 15 A circuit breaker, EHMVD12B, variable depth handle, $645 + 105 = $750.

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