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RFP FY2011 Competitive FC 777-C ARRA Title II-D Technology


                                          DESIGN, DEVELOP, AND DELIVER (3 Ds) ONLINE COURSES

Applicant: ___________________________________________
                                                                                                              TOTAL SCORE:
Reviewer: ___________________________________________                                                         Date of Review: ______________
                                                                                                                  (Out of 100 Points)

                                Criteria                                    Not       Marginal   Acceptable    Very     Maximum      Points
                                                                         Acceptable                            Good     Points       Awarded:

      A. Need and Rationale for Design, Development, and Delivery                                                           20
         of the Course
               1. Identified the course (one of the courses listed in
                  Attachment A) that would be developed, piloted,
                  and delivered in partnership with WGBH
                  Educational Foundation.
               2. Described why the course was selected and how
                  the course would meet the needs of the applying
                  district, partnering districts, and other districts.

      B. Planning and Development of the Partnership                                                                        20
           1. Described the planning that took place with district
              staff, staff from partner districts, service providers.
              a. Provided the following information: dates of
                   planning meetings; names and roles of persons
                   involved and results and agreements.
              b. Provided an explanation if the project does not
                 partner with other districts or providers.
           2. Estimated the number of course participants from the
              applicant district and partnering districts; identified
              anticipated participants’ grade level(s) and content

C. Project Personnel                                                       20
     1. Identified members of a team to collaborate with
         WGBH and the Department on course design,
         development and implementation, including the
         following roles, at a minimum:

        a. Project Coordinator – This person will be
             responsible for coordinating the district’s activities,
             responding to information requests from WGBH
             and/or the Department, attending all scheduled
             meetings with the Department and WGBH, and
             administrating the budget.
        b. Lead Content Developer/Reviewer – This
             person will collaborate with the Department and
             WGBH during the development of the course. This
             may involve developing portions of the course
             content, reviewing course content created by
             WGBH and/or the Department, collecting
             comments on course content from other district
             personnel (as appropriate), and attending
             scheduled meetings with the Department and
        c. Additional content reviewers – These should
             include at least one person from each partnering
             district and may include additional educators from
             the lead district. These people will be responsible
             for reviewing and providing comments on course
             materials. They may attend the meetings with the
             Department and WGBH, but they are not required
             to do so.
     2. Listed the current position and contact information for
        all project personnel. Attached resumes for the Project
        Coordinator and Lead Content Developer.
     3. Indicated the number of hours per month that each
         person would devote to this project, if funded.

D. Project Activities and Timeline
      1. Described the process of recruiting and selecting
         participants to take the course. Also described how
         the project would ensure the commitment of
         participants in this project.
      2. Described how the district would ensure that
         participants would be able to access MassONE (the
         course(s) will be delivered in MassONE Moodle). Also
         identified possible instructors who have the level of
         content knowledge and technology skills to be able to
         effectively teach the course.
      3. Provided a detailed timeline and activity chart for this

E. Budget Description                                                   10
      1. Completed Part II - Budget Detail Pages (Include both
           pages) and the Budget Narrative Form
        2. Provided a detailed budget narrative that is aligned
           with the Part II - Budget Detail Pages. The budget is
           tied clearly to the scope and requirements of the
           project and is focused on expenses related to
           expanding participants’ knowledge, such as costs for
           instructors and instructional materials.

                                             PROPOSAL SUMMARY COMMENTS



Specific programmatic changes recommended:


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