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					Project Summary
(Project Specification / Outline or Full Business Case) (Delete as appropriate)

 Project Name                                                                               Date:
 Project Description Short summary of scope                                            01/12/2011
 Version                                            Version Date

                                                          Approved Rejected Other / further
                                                            ( )      ( )    information
 Decision Authorise preparation of outline /
 required full business case      or
                Authorise implementation of the
                (Delete as appropriate)

 Benefits Summary                 At Business case stage, this should come from PBT and NPV
                                  calculations/financial appraisal
 Actual savings/                  Tangible £ savings that will be realised (without any the project
                                  is likely to be rejected).
 Business Value
                                  These can be removed from the benefiting service’s budget
                                  unless a separate case is made to ISPG.
                                  They should also be used to cover any recurrent costs for the
                                  projects; provide details.
 Efficiencies                     Time that will be freed for other activities
 Intangible                       Soft benefits, not easily quantifiable in £s, like an increase in
                                  staff morale

 Cost Summary
 Project Costs
 ISS                     Staff costs
                         Non-staff costs
 Business                Business Funded
 TOTAL Project Cost (incl all contingencies)

 Project Summary                             01/12/2011                                 Page 1
 Draft / Confirmed (delete as appropriate)
Recurrent Costs
Business area A
Business area B …
Total recurrent costs
Net Benefit
Net Benefit to Bus area A (B,C…)            eg £24k
Increased cost to ISS (and any              eg £6k
business areas)
Net Benefit to UoL                          eg £18k
Ongoing costs after implementation to support.
Provide details how recurrent costs are to be sourced:
can they be funded out of the benefits/savings realised and detailed above, by cessation of
something else, etc. as well as recurrent (eg yearly) costs for ongoing development.
If applicable, ISPG can then move funds from the benefiting service to fund ISS recurrent
Include ALL recurrent costs: ie ISS, Business units, Faculties etc.
Capital Replacement              For Hardware and Software replacements
                                 In £ks and occurrence every X years
Next phase costs                 The only options here are:
                                 Cost for (outline / full) Business Case prep
                                 in £s for this project.
                                 Cost for implementing this project in £s .

Major Risks (and Contingent Action)
These are risks/issues at University level only, eg any risks associated with this project that
affect the overall programme and risks that require action from ISPG members to resolve.
Avoid adding risks that can be managed within the project by the Steering Group, eg
resource availability will never be an ISPG level risk but a Steering Group level risk.
Any assumptions upon which the project is being progressed that ISPG need to be aware of.
VCEG Owner
Name of VCEG owner who supports this project

Project Summary                              01/12/2011                             Page 2
Draft / Confirmed (delete as appropriate)
Project Sponsor
Name of the Project Sponsor
Project Delivery Group
List Project Delivery Group members, including Finance manager responsible for NPV. This
should be known when business case is being prepared. If this relates to a specification
document, include if know otherwise delete.

Project Summary                             01/12/2011                        Page 3
Draft / Confirmed (delete as appropriate)

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