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									                                            Student Volunteering
                                            SPRING EDITION

                                 Co-ordinator goes the extra mile for SVC!
                                                        Ed Ellis, co-ordinator of the Week-      from my time at Cardiff have
                                                        enders Project, ran the Bath Half        been from volunteering. I
                                                        Marathon earlier this month to           wanted to contribute something
                                                        raise money for Student Volun-           more to SVC before I graduated.’
                                                        teering Cardiff (SVC). After weeks                 Ed has been part of SVC
                                                        of training Ed took on the chal-         through volunteering on two pro-
                                                        lenge of his first half marathon         jects and co-ordinating the
                                                        and completed the course in less         Weekenders project this year.
                                                        than 2 hours.                            The money he raised will go to-
                                                                  Still smiling as he            wards the running of SVC’s pro-
                                                        crossed the finish line, Ed was          jects and improving the experi-
                                                        happy to have done it comment-           ence for volunteers. The whole
                                                        ing, ‘I really enjoyed it, it was        of the SVC team would like to
                                                        great fun and I’m glad all the           say a huge thank you to Ed for
                                                        training paid off! SVC is a charity I    everything he has done for the
                                                        have been involved in for 3 years        charity, and to wish him all the
                                                        and some of my best memories             best for the future.
          Ed, still smiling, at the end of the race
                                                          Chair, Rachel Payne,
                                                      reflects on SVC 2008-2009
       The year got off to a great start               over £800 in sponsorship,                         This year has been a
       with the co-ordinator training                  Speakeasy, a night of live music,        most successful and enjoyable
       weekend at Gregynog followed by                 DJs and dancers raised over              year for all those involved in SVC
       the annual Volunteers Fayre,                    £500. The Executive Committee            with the overwhelming commit-
       which was a very successful! In                 also organised many socials in-          ment and dedication of the volun-
       October, SVC gave a presentation                cluding the annual Winter Ball           teers, Co-ordinators, Executive
       to Assembly Members and mem-                    and many pub quizzes, which              Committee and team of staff. I
       bers of the wider community fo-                 were enjoyed by all. In total,           feel very lucky to have been part
       cusing on the valuable work of                  £1865 was raised in socials and          of such a successful Executive
       volunteers as well as the history               fundraisers this year, which will        Committee as well as enjoying a
       and positive impact of SVC. It was              contribute significantly to the          great year with SVC.
       a great opportunity to the raise                running of the SVC projects.
       the awareness of SVC in the com-
       munity. In December, the Execu-
       tive Committee entered a Student
       Enterprise competition and won
       the community award for their
       design, winning £200 for SVC.
                Throughout the year, SVC
       has enjoyed many successful
       fundraisers including a charity gift
       wrap, the Big Sleep Out and a
       Christmas Market stall as well as
       the Fun Run and Speakeasy dur-
       ing Student Volunteering Week in
       February. The Fun Run raised
Proudly sponsored by

                                                                                                                   The Exec, 2008—2009
SPRING EDITION                                                                     STUDENT VOLUNTEERING CARDIFF

                                       My Year Volunteering On Home and Away
                                                Home and Away in-            able to do on a regular basis. This
                                     stantly appealed to me as I would       helps to build self confidence and
                                     be able to interact with a child        communication skills.
                                     who has learning or physical diffi-               The opportunities Home
                                     culties in a recreational environ-      and Away can provide for children
                                     ment. I was placed with a 12 year       is only limited by the imagination
                                     old boy who had a physical dis-         of the volunteers who work on it
      Co-ordinators                  ability. So far we have been Ice        and the benefits of such a great
                                     Skating, Bowling, The Arcade,           project are clear, which is why I’ve
        Needed                       Swimming and countless Pizza            signed up for next year as well!
                                     Hut Trips, to name just a few!                              By Edd Gudgeon
 We still need Co-ordinators for                I can honestly say joining
 the following projects .            Home and Away this year was
                                     one of the best decisions I have
                                     made as I have had so much fun
 Cathays High, Fairwater Gar-        from day one. The best thing
 dening, WATCH, Wednesday            about the project is not the fact
 Club & The Hospice Buddy            that we get to go on great trips
 Scheme.                             throughout the Cardiff area
                                     (although this is a bonus), it is
                                     the fact that we truly make a dif-
   If you’re interested, visit the   ference to the children we work
             SVC office              with as we allow them to do ac-
    (3rd Floor, Students Union)      tivities that they would not be

        Wednesday Club                   How volunteering has helped my career
                                     Sophie Priestnall, an ex SVC volun-      A primary school.
 Wednesday Club is a fun             teer, discusses how her time at                    My ability to think
                                     SVC has helped her in her role as        quickly and use initiative was
 and action-packed after
                                     a Teaching Assistant:                    greatly improved by working with
 school club for 7-11 year                                                    a child on the Home and Away
 olds in Glan-yr-Afon Primary                 I feel that the main skill
                                                                              Project. I was often placed in
                                     that volunteering with SVC has
 School. Through fun activi-         provided me with is: ‘learning to
                                                                              challenging situations where I
 ties ranging from sports like                                                had to act quickly to maintain the
                                     think outside of the box’, which
                                                                              child’s safety, an experience
 bench ball and rounders to          admittedly is very cliché but never
                                                                              which also taught me to put the
 orienteering around the             the less true. When faced with a
                                                                              child’s needs first.
 school, the club is a hive of       child making a run for it at a swim-
                                                                                                  Both Primary
                                     ming pool (Home and Away) you
 energy. Alongside this the          quickly learn to think of a practical
                                                                              School Tutoring and Techniquest
 kids take part in a range of                                                 relate directly to my job and pro-
                                     but interesting solution to the
                                                                              vided me with excellent opportu-
 activities from a weekly            problems. I volunteered on Home
                                                                              nities to understand how to suc-
 quiz (with prizes!) to arts         and Away, Primary School Tutoring
                                                                              cessfully support the learning
 and crafts and they even go         and Techniquest at SVC. All of
                                                                              process and run a lesson. I feel
                                     which provided me with different
 on an all expenses paid end         but equally valuable skills, which
                                                                              that being able to confidently
 of year trip.                                                                draw on these skills and experi-
                                     are transferable to my current job
                                                                              ences in my interview definitely
         It allows kids to have      as a Teaching Assistant in
                                                                              helped me to secure the job and
 a great time in a safe,                                                      undoubtedly helps me on a day
 friendly and welcoming en-                                                   to day basis.
 vironment. Wednesday                                                                   For many students their
 Club, through its energetic                                                  volunteering may not relate so
                                                                              explicitly to their future jobs as
 and welcoming group of
                                                                              mine did. However, I do believe
 volunteers, has been a                                                       that the skills I have gained
 great addition to the local                                                  would be invaluable in any role
 community and Glan-yr-                                                       and in an increasingly competi-
 Afon Primary school.                                                         tive labour market.
SPRING EDITION                                                                           STUDENT VOLUNTEERING CARDIFF

  End of Year Home and Away Party                                     AGM and Award Ceremony
On Saturday 25th April,          being a particular favourite.
SVC held their end of year       Children were then treated
Home and Away party at           to party food, before an
Cathays Methodist church.        exciting game of pass the
Volunteers and children on       parcel.
the project came along for                 The party was a
the party, which was tropi-      huge success with all the
cal island themed.               children enjoying them-
         Children were kept      selves. It was also a great
entertained by a range of        opportunity for children
art and craft activities, in-    and volunteers to say good-     SVC Exec & staff with Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof.Peter Blood,
cluding pebble painting,         bye before the project fin-      Jenny Willott MP, Professor the Baroness Ilora Finlay, Jenny
snake making, t-shirt paint-     ished for another year.              Randerson AM & University Vice President Bill John.
ing, face painting and                     A big thank-you to
mask making. A games             everyone who helped with        Friday 24th April, was the                During the cere-
room was also set up, with       the party and the volun-        SVC AGM and award cere-         mony, Tim Banks, an ex-
the building blocks and          teers who gave up their         mony for this years co-         SVC volunteer gave a
giant snakes and ladders         time to attend.                 ordinators.                     speech on how his volun-
                                                                           The AGM wel-          teering had helped him in
                                                                 comed in next years Execu-      his current role, as a cen-
                                                                 tive Committee. Votes were      tre manager at Headway,
                                                                 taken for the contested         Cardiff, before Professor
                                                                 positions of Chair and Vice     the Baroness Finlay of
                                                                 Chair, with Edd Gudgeon         Llandaff, SVC’s Patron,
                                                                 being voted in as Chair and     gave an inspiring speech
                                                                 Martin Engel taking the         to co-ordinators about the
                                                                 place of Vice Chair.            importance of their volun-
                                                                                                 tary work to the Commu-
                                                                           Co-ordinators then
                                                                                                 nity . Rachel Payne, Chair
                                                                 attended an award cere-
                                                                                                 of SVC then closed the
                                                                 mony in which they were
                                                                                                 ceremony, thanking all co-
                                                                 presented with certificates
                                                                 for their dedication.

          Your New Executive Committee Chair, Edd Gudgeon
  On Friday 24th April, SVC        11 in an after school         unteer at St Monica’s
  members voted Edd Gud-           club. I then co-ordinated     every now and again
  geon in as their new Ex-         this, which really allowed    which has been great
  ecutive Committee Chair.         me to become more in-         fun and really reward-
  So heres just a bit more         volved in SVC.                ing.                This
  information about next                     This year I took    year I am running for
  years Chair.                     my SVC’ing to another         the position of Chair as
                                   level by joining the Ex-      I believe my experience
                                   ecutive Committee as          as an exec member will
  My name is Edward Gud-
                                   Social Secretary and I        come in really useful. I
  geon and I am studying
                                   have not looked back.         know the way SVC runs
  Physics with Medical Phys-
                                   Throughout the year I         and the time require-                  My aims for
  ics. I have been at Cardiff
                                   have organised many           ments and enthusiasm          next year are to help
  University for three years
                                   socials which have grown      needed to be an active        boost the growth of SVC,
  and the best thing about
                                   significantly compared to     exec member, of which         and build on its already
  my time here has most
                                   previous years thanks to      I am fully willing to give.   substantial reputation
  definitely been the work I
                                   the work of our co-           I believe my experi-          within the University and
  have done for SVC, which
                                   ordinators and the work       ences throughout my           the UK. I also hope to
  has given me so much.
                                   put in by the entire exec.    time at university will       further the success of
            In my first year I
                                             This year I have    help me deal with any         fundraising events and
  volunteered on the St
                                   also taken on a new pro-      difficulties that may         socials, which are vital
  Monica’s project which
                                   ject, Home and Away, as       face both SVC and the         both in strengthening
  involved working with kids
                                   a volunteer and still vol-    exec in the upcoming          SVC and the work we do
  between the ages of 8 and
                                                                 year.                         in the local community.

                 Visit: www.svcardiff.org for more information.

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