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									              NORTH UIST MEDICAL PRACTICE                                                                    Issue 9

                      NEWSLETTER                                                                        December 2011
STAFF LEAVING                  NORTH UIST MEDICAL                            NEW GP
In July 2011 Dr Keiller has      PARTICIPATION
retired from the practice.
The staff of North Uist
                               It has proved to be very helpful for
Medical Practice treated       the Practice to have a PPG group. A
him to a meal in Langass       number of issues have been dealt
and presented him with a       with via the group. The minutes of                                 Doctors and staff at
few gifts. we all wish him     these meetings are available on the
                                                                                                  North Uist Medical
well.                          North Uist Medical Practice web site
                                                            Practice would like to
                               One of the agenda items was that                                   wish all our patients a
                               the PPG thought it would useful if
 CHRISTMAS/NEW                                                         Dr Woods has come          Merry Christmas and a
                               the public knew what services were
 YEAR HOLIDAYS                 available and how they could access     over from Glasgow          Happy New Year!
                               the services. We will be looking at     where she has been
      2011                     other services in future newsletters    working for the last few     NEW OUTSIDE LIGHT
                                  COMMUNITY NURSING                    years. She brings a
North Uist Medical                                                                                A new outside light has been fit-
                                      SERVICE                          wealth of experience to    ted at the practice. This is bene-
Practice will be closed                                                North Uist and has a       ficial to both patients and staff as
on the following dates         Services provided:                      special interest in res-   the car park was very dark and
                                                                                                  dangerous in the winter.
over Christmas and              Health Promotion                      piratory medicine.
new year:                       Long term management and sup-                                           WEAR IT PINK DAY
                                port for patients with chronic dis-
Friday 23rd—OPEN                eases.                                                            On Friday 28th October staff at
                                                                                                  North Uist Medical Practice took
Monday 26th—CLOSED              Wound assessment and treatment.           NEW NURSE                             part in “wear it
                                Participation of continence and                                                 pink day”. Staff
Tuesday 27th—CLOSED                                                                                             had a baking stall
                                assessment and treatment of in-
Wednesday 28th—OPEN             continence and prescription of                                                  and various other
                                continence aids                                                                fund raising events
                                                                                                               and raised a total of
                                Provision of palliative care.
                                                                                                               £125.47! Well done
Friday 30th—OPEN
                                End of life care and family be-                                             everyone!!
Monday 1st—CLOSED               reavement support.
                                                                                                        COUGHS AND COLDS
                                Administration of specific treat-
Tuesday 2nd—CLOSED
                                ments.                                                            Most of us will probably have a
Wednesday 3rd—OPEN              Surveillance and anticipatory care.                              cold this winter. The main symp-
                                                                                                  toms of winter bugs are coughing,
Please ensure that you          Carrying out carer assessments
                                                                       Jan Barker has been in     sneezing, blocked nose, sore
order you repeat pre-           and providing support, training                                   throat, headache and a slight
                                and advice as needed.                  post since July as our
scriptions in plenty of                                                                           temperature. If these are the
                                Holistic and clinical risk assess-
                                                                       new Practice Nurse.        only symptoms you have, it is
time, allowing 2 work-          ment.                                  Jan used to work in        unlikely that your GP will be able
ing days from when                                                     Uist & Barra Hospital.     to do anything. Try to rest and
                                Responsibility for the case man-
you order your medi-            agement of both the health and
                                                                                                  keep well hydrated. You could
                                                                                                  also take paracetamol to treat
cation to picking it up.        social care needs of the patients
                                                                                                  fever and pain, steam inhalation
                                who are on their caseload.
                                                                                                  helps clear a blocked nose.
                               Referrals can be made by:
 Members of the PPG             Other health care professionals.
 (North Uist Practice
                                Patients and their family or
 Patient Participation          friends.
                                                                                       FUN CORNER
                                Social work and Home Care ser-        Mum , can I have a dog for Christmas?
 Ms Sandi Humphrey—Sollas       vices.        Western Isles, Uist and Barra , St
                                                                       No, you can have turkey like everyone else!
Mrs Chrstina Dick—Lochmaddy     Brendans and mainland hospitals.
                               North District—North Uist circular,
 Mrs Isa Mackillop—Locheport
                               Lochmaddy, Sollas, Bayhead,
                                                                       Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas                                               party?
Mr Archie Campbell—Bayhead     Berneray.         Tel No: 01876 500309               He had no body to go with!
Mrs Theona Morrison—Grimsay    Clachan, Carinish, Trianaid, Grim-
 Mr John Maclean—Berneray      say District                                             What is special about the Christmas alphabet?
                                    Tel No: 01870602266

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