Monday                             Tuesday                      Wednesday                   Thursday                Friday
                                                                             What types of ice             How many scoops tall      Is ice cream kept in    What do you like on
Discussion                              What is ice cream?                   cream are there?                can it be? Why?              the fridge?          your sundae?
                                           Word Wall                          Ice Cream Stop                What Rhymes with
English                                  Sentence Wall                          (Silverstein)                       Ice?             Describe Ice Cream           Hippy Hop
Writing                                       Name Practice                        Letter Practice                Number Practice         Free Writing             Friday Stories
Skill(s)                                 Spelling/Reading                            Poetry                      Rhyming                 Adjectives                Syllables
                                                                                                             How Many Scoops?
Math                                   Our Favorite Flavors                    Scoop It Up! ws                      ffg               How Cold Is It?           Build a Sundae
Skill(s)                                    Graphing                             Patterning                    Rote Counting        Temperature/Graph           Die/Count/1-1
Science/Reasoning                                                                                                                   Where did the cold            Ice Cream
Problem Solving                       5 Ice Cream Cones fb                    Ice Cream Bingo                  Cold Versus Hot            go?                       Making
Skill(s)                                    Reasoning                           Observation                     Venn Diagram          Heat Transfer         Viscosity/Matter State
                                              Ice Cream                       Popsicle Painting               Ice Cream Cones            Ice Cream                  Sundaes
Craft/Fine Motor                                  Journal                             Painting                      Cut & Paste            Sculpture                  Cooking
Skill(s)                               Creative Expression                     Unusual Media                    Cutting Curves         Unusual Media         Following Directions
Gross Motor/                                                             How Do You Eat an Ice                                                                Ice Cream Boogie
                                                                                                                                                               (Shake Ice Cream Bags)
Dramatic Play                           Making Ice Cream                     Cream Cone?                          Eat Quickly!        Ice Cream Shop                Dance Party
Skill(s)                               Following Directions               Dramatic Interpret                                           Dramatic Play        Full Body Movement
Music/                                  5 Little Ice Cream                Take Me Out for Ice                                       Scream for Ice Cream    On Top of My Sundae
Finger Plays                                   Cones                             Cream                           Ice Cream                Instruments               Dance Party
                                        Ice Cream the Full                 Ice Cream (Older)                  Simply Delicious!       Ice Cream Larry       The Hokey Pokey Man
Library/Reading                          Scoop (Gibbons)                                                           (Mahy)               (Pinkwater)                (Kroll)

Other for Week

CIRCLE TIME includes: Pledge of Allegiance, name songs, manners song, alphabet song, days of the week song, months & seasons, shapes, Spanish 1-25/
colors/vocabulary new & review, word wall, sentence wall, sight words review, vowels, weather, money, time, ordinal count, math facts, odd/even song,
positional/relationship review, art discussion, share time, library reading, and child presentations.

ta-teacher’s aid, fb=flannel board, ffg=file folder game, dtd=dot-to-dot, ws=worksheet,*Item Owned

(LS) Little Stars original                                                              LITTLE STARS Childcare Learning Center                                                  7/15/2010
                                                                       We seperate the cream, we separate the cream
                                                                       Second thing to make ice cream, we seperate the
SONGS/FINGER PLAYS                                                     cream.
Five Little Ice Cream Cones (5 Little Ducks)
Five little ice cream cones standing in a row,                         We put it all in, we put it all in
Each has a scoop and an ice cream cone,                                Cream and milk and flavoring we put it all in.
Out came the sun and it shown all day,
One little ice cream cone melted away...                               We have to churn it up, we have to churn it up
and so on with 4-3-2-1 (Sarah Bear)                                    We have to make it cold and churn it all up.

Take Me Out For Ice Cream (Take Me…Ballgame)                           Now we have ice cream, now we have ice cream
Take me out for some ice cream,                                        Now we can eat it down because we have ice
Take me out to the store.                                              cream. (LS)
Buy me a triple scoop jumbo cone.
I won't share, I'll eat it alone!                                      How Do You Eat an Ice Cream Cone?
For its scoop, scoop ,scoop up the ice cream--                         Everyone does appropriate actions as you read this poem.
Give me three kinds I adore!                                           Some folks taste it daintily,
For it's one, two, three, scoops to go                                 Others gulp it down quick-ily.
At the ice cream store!                                                Some lick around and around,
                                                                       So it never, ever comes dripping down.
Ice Cream (Twinkle Twinkle)                                            Some shove the ice cream
Ice cream, ice cream it’s too cold                                     Down with their tongue,
It’s too cold for me to hold                                           So at the bottom of the cone,
So I put it in a cup                                                   You're left with some.
Then I eat it all up                                                   But some lick in just one place
Ice cream Ice cream it’s so good                                       So it gets sort of sloppy,
I’d eat it always if I could. (LS)                                     And the top plops off
                                                                       In a great big bloppy!
Scream for Ice Cream
Scream off by teams.                                                   Eat Quickly!
I scream you scream                                                    My ice cream cone is good to eat. (lick slowly)
We all scream for ice cream.                                           But I must lick it quickly (lick fast!)
                                                                       Or it will melt from the heat. (melt to the floor)
On Top of My Sundae (On Top of Spaghetti)                              And become quite sticky! (act like stuck to the floor)
On top of my sundae
All covered with sauce                                                 ACTIVITIES
I lost my poor cherry                                                  Journal- Your favorite flavor of ice cream, people eating
It really got lost.                                                    ice cream, making ice cream.

It rolled off the table                                                Painting- Provide popsicles in different colors and large
And onto the floor                                                     sheets of paper.
And then my poor cherry
It rolled out the door.                                                Cut and Paste- Have children place a white piece of
                                                                       paper over plastic canvas and rub with a brown crayon.
It rolled to the garden                                                Provide base paper, colored paper and tracers: triangle for
And under a bush                                                       cone, clouds or circles for scoops depending upon
And then my poor cherry                                                tracing/cutting ability. Have them glue pieces to base
It turned into mush.                                                   paper.

If you like your sundae                                                Sculpture- Provide a cheap large tub of ice cream to the
All covered with sauce                                                 sand and water table and have them go at it.
Hold onto your cherry
Or it will be lost.                                                    Cooking- Put:1/2 cup whole milk, 1T sugar, and 1 t
                                                                       vanilla into a sandwich bag. Seal this bag and then put it
                                                                       into a larger zip-log bag. Put rock salt and ice into the large
Making Ice Cream (Farmer in the Dell)
Everyone does appropriate actions as they sing.                        bag. Let your children make ice cream by shaking and
First we milk the cows, first we milk the cows                         rolling the bag (It usually take between 5 and 10 minutes
First thing to make ice cream, we have to milk the                     to make the ice cream.)

(LS) Little Stars original                        LITTLE STARS Childcare Learning Center                                          7/15/2010
                                                                                Ice cream is a dairy product
5 Ice Cream Cones
                                                                                Ice cream is a liquid and a solid
Place vanilla cones on flannel board and color words in a                       Heat exchanges between objects and air
corner or side of board. Give each child a colored scoop.                       Temperature is measured with a thermometer
When you get to the color, let the children come up with
which one it is. Let that child place the color scoop on top                    Describe the process of making ice cream
of the vanilla one and find the color word to put above it,                     Ice cream can be made into a variety of products
then use his/her name to finish the line.
                                                                                People have different taste preferences
Five ice cream cones at the ice cream shop,
But no one wanted to buy them with vanilla on top.
One little ice cream took some time to think.
He mixed in some bubblegum and turned himself to pink.
Little (student) came along,
And took that yummy ice cream home
1…all the colors/rainbow

Reasoning: Where is the vanilla ice cream?

Hippy Hop to the ice cream shop to buy an ice cream
soda. Which flavor would you like (Child's Name)?"

The child tells the flavor he wants and then the group
repeats and claps his choice in syllables. i.e. straw-ber-ry
is three claps. The group sings the song again for each
child's turn.

Ice Cream Stop
How Cold Is It? Using a digital thermometer, take the
temperature of the ice cream in the water table several
times through the session and record the time (1/2 hour or
hour only) and temperature. Before starting, have children
feel the air around the ice cream to see that it is colder.
(Teaches: 2 digit numbers, greater/less than, time,
graphing, prediction, procedure)

Where did the cold go? Before starting the sculpture
activity, have children feel the air around the ice cream to
see that it is colder. Afterward, discuss How Cold Is It?
And move into the science of heat transference at a
preschool level.

SUPPLIES (Unusual)
Tub of cheap ice cream


(LS) Little Stars original                        LITTLE STARS Childcare Learning Center                                 7/15/2010

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