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Project Overview


An editable word document so that you can fill in your answers.

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									Defining Purpose
(Ask the question of ‘Why’, i.e. ‘Why do you want to do this project?’)
State the purpose to know and to be clear about the undertaking.
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(Complete statements like ‘I would give others totally free rein to do this as long as they…’; it can be
completed by such statements like ‘stayed within budget’, ‘satisfied the client’, ‘ensured a healthy team’,
‘promoted a positive image’)
It is the standards and values you hold. If Purpose provides the juice and the direction then principles
define the parameters of action and the criteria for excellence of behavior.
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Vision Outcome
(Ask the question ‘What’, i.e. ‘What will this project or situation really be like when it successfully
appears in the world?’)
In order most productively to access the conscious and unconscious resources available to you, you
must have a clear picture in your mind of what success would look, sound, and feel like.
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(Use a mindmap or create a list that will bring you to your vision)
Follow Brainstorming Keys:
       Don’t judge, challenge, evaluate, or criticize
       Go for quantity of your ideas, not quality.
       Put analysis and organization in the background (but don’t toss it out!)
It is filling the gaps to attain your vision outcome.
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(Ask these guide questions, ‘What are the things that must occur to create the final result?’, ‘In what
order they must occur?’, ‘What is the most important element to ensure the success of the project?’)
The Basics of Organizing
       Identify the significant pieces.
       Sort by (one or more):
       Components
       Sequences
       Priorities
       Detail to the required degree.
It is the identification of components and subcomponents, sequences or events, and/or priorities.
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Next Actions
(Ask this question, ‘What are the next actions?’)
The Basics
     Decide on next actions for each of the current moving parts of the project.
     Decide on the next action in the planning process, if necessary.
Next Actions should not be included in a project overview as these are actions that are performed by an
individual or group.

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