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					North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS, 2009-2010

Senior Project: Crafting the Driving Question
(from Veriner James, Ian Taylor, and Barry McRaith

Good Driving Questions       are provocative are open-ended go to the heart of a topic are challenging are more specific than they are vague can arise from real world dilemmas that you find interesting

Sample Driving Questions: What is the American Dream and who has it? Why is Shakespeare still so popular? How does the place we live in affect how we live? How accurately do music videos portray America? What is “good writing”? What is the relationship between males and cars? Why do things cost so much? Why is there poverty? How safe is our water? How do we make peace? Are you really what you eat? What does it mean to “come of age”? How do we persuade others? Can we predict the weather? Why do people revolt? How can we stop the spread of infectious disease? What is the best design for a high school of the future? Can the use of nuclear weapons be justified? Will China be the next superpower? How can national economies compete and respect the environment at the same time? Was the American Revolution really a revolution? Is the American Civil War finished? Why do we make art? Music? Drama? Is art worth its price? What makes a good artist? A great one? What is the best form of government? How should criminals be treated? Should there be censorship? Do Americans have too much freedom? How do human actions modify the physical environment? How have our attitudes and experiences been shaped by the history of our community? How has reading changed for teenagers over the last thirty years? How does the design of a rocket influence its speed and maneuverability?

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