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					     Issue 10 November – December 2004


                               Budget Update                                                Burning Ambition
                                                                                                     HSGG is looking at

 So Far, So Good N                                                                                   bringing in a new policy
                                                                                                     that may ban smoking in
                                                                                             all its premises.
                                                                                                  If agreed, the policy will put an
                                                             lasgow’s making headway

          G                                          faced.
                                                             on the biggest financial
                                                             challenge it has ever
                                                                                             end to us having to walk through a
                                                                                             sea of fag-ends and clouds of
                                                                                             smoke at the front doors of
                                                                                             hospitals and other premises. It
                                                         The announcement in Staff News      will also mean the outlawing of
                                                     in May this year that we had to find    patient smoking rooms in our
                                                     ways of making savings of £58m          acute hospitals.
                                                     had a major impact on all of us back         Early next year, NHS Greater
                                                     then.                                   Glasgow staff and patients will
                                                         But, now the first signs that it    have the chance to put forward
                                                     can be achieved are emerging.           their thoughts on this issue as part
                                                         Hundreds of NSHGG staff have        of our own consultation on
                                                     been involved in drafting up where      smoking.
                                                     the savings can be made and we’ve            Lisa Buck, Senior NHSGG
                                                     already identified ways of clawing      Health Promotion Officer and a
                                                     back £44m, leaving £14m of              Smoking Concerns frontperson,
                                                     savings still to be identified.         explained: “The Health Service in
                                                         So why was there a shortfall and    Glasgow is undergoing extensive
                                                     where have the savings been made        modernisation, so it makes sense
                                                     so far?                                 that our smoking regulations do
                                                         The reasons for the financial       too. There’s well documented
                                                     shortfall included a raft of pay        evidence that secondhand smoke
                                                     modernisation issues, increased         is dangerous to health and causes
                                                     prescription costs, extra recurrent     death and disease, so NHSGG has
                                                     funding costs due to Health Plan        a duty to protect its staff, visitors
                                                     investments, increased National         and patients. We can no longer
                                                     Insurance contributions and the         stand by and allow people to be
                                                     adverse financial allocation            exposed to tobacco smoke on NHS
                                                     consequences of a declining             premises.”
                                                     population.                                  So what stage is this policy
                                                         All Divisions and the Board set     revamp currently at and what does
                                                     about working – in close                it propose?
                                                     consultation with Partnership                A new draft smoking policy is
                                                     Forums – how best to achieve the
                                                     demanding target facing the local                    Continued on page 5
                                                     health system.
                                                         An overview of progress to date
                                                                                            Glasgow’s case that was more than
                                                     is a follows:
                                                                                            £12m leaving a target savings figure
                                                         • The Health Minister, in
                                                                                            of £46m;
    HOW THE SAVINGS                                  recognition of huge financial
                                                                                               • NHSGG provides significant
                                                     challenges facing NHS systems
    ARE BEING MADE                                   throughout Scotland, allocated extra   numbers of patients from other West
(Figures have been rounded to the nearest million)
                                                     funding for 2004/05 only – in                          Continued on page 5

Inside this issue
No job                                               Ian’s                                  Focus

losses                                               the new                                on
                                                     HR director                            Divisions

         page 2                                             page 5                          pages 8 & 8
                                Plus… The Endoscope • Article name • Article name
                                 Shared Services Briefing

No job losses as we
move towards shared
financial services
       AVING shared support                                                     redesigning financial services across

                                        function with smaller processing
       services – finance and           centres (spokes) located within the     Glasgow. This project is primarily
       payroll – will save              12 mainland health boards.              focused on single system working
NHSScotland up to £10million                The plan is likely to take up to    across all Divisions in Glasgow, but
annually (current estimate),            two years to implement and will         will also reflect the requirements of
money that can be put back into         have an impact on some 600              the National Shared Services
frontline services.                     finance and payroll staff across        proposals.”
    That’s the message from NHS         Scotland.                                    Mrs Hull said that the move to
National Services Scotland, the             A spokesperson for NHS National     single system will mean there will
common services agency for the          Services Scotland said that every       be fewer finance jobs in the future,
NHS in Scotland, which has just         possible effort will be made to         but that these would either be lost
completed an extensive review of        manage and mitigate the effect of
                                                                                through natural wastage or through
the finance, payroll and procurement    such a radical change on staff and
                                                                                redeployment of staff.
processes of every health board         that the changes could be made
                                                                                     For more information on the new
north of the border.                    without the need for redundancies,
                                        with staff numbers reducing through     arrangements, see our intranets:
    The review found that by having                                             http://hqictpo
shared support services, greater        natural wastage and coordinated
                                        management of staff turnover.                Another area NHS National
efficiencies can be created within                                              Services Scotland is looking at is
finance and payroll, saving millions                                            logistics.
of pounds each year.                    What will this mean for                      NHSScotland spends £1.2 billion
    At the end of the review,           Glasgow staff?                          annually on goods and services
proposals were worked up that were          In Glasgow, our payroll division    (excluding drugs) and has just
looked at by the Scottish               was centralised in May 2000 and         completed a review on the buying,
Partnership Forum. The preferred        moves are already afoot to bring our    storing and transporting of these
option for Single Shared Services       finance departments together.           products.
was to create a ‘hub and spoke              Wendy Hull, Director of Finance          The result of this review is that a
service’ for both finance and payroll   for NHSGG, said: “We’ve had a
                                                                                national logistics strategy has been
services – this means there would       project in existence for several
                                                                                put together which includes:
be a lead centre (the hub) for each     months now that involves staff in
                                                                                     • centralising the distribution
                                                                                system of NHS Scotland, making
                                                                                annual savings of up to £10milllion;

Shopping together                                                                    • the creation of a National
                                                                                Distribution Centre to supply
                                                                                products directly to wards and

saves millions                                                                  departments in every hospital; and
                                                                                     • the introduction of Ward
                                                                                Product Management in hospitals
      ealth Boards are now              paper from a single national supplier   consisting of a specialist team to

H     getting their stationery
      from a single national
supplier, bringing huge cost
                                        instead of dealing with close to 100
                                        suppliers, bringing more competitive
                                        prices on stationery and computer
                                                                                look after the supply and restocking
                                                                                requirements of clinical areas.
                                                                                     The new system won’t come into
                                        consumables with a potential saving     being overnight. Instead, health
savings to the service.
                                        of more than £1 million across          boards will start transferring into
    The move towards buying             Scotland.                               the new infrastructure from 2006.
collectively is part of NHSScotland’s       The Programme is now looking             So what happens to procurement
Best Procurement Implementation         at a broad range of commonly used       and logistics staff? The new
(BPI) Programme, which has              products, both Clinical and Non-        initiative is not expected to result in
targeted recurring savings of £50m      Clinical. Staff will be given           redundancies. Instead, there’s the
across the NHS in Scotland.             opportunities to help in reviewing      possibility of new posts being
    From now on, all Health Boards      products, agreeing what we require      created as well as redeployment and
in Scotland will get their pens and     and testing alternatives.               training opportunities for staff.

                                          Maternity Briefing

£100m for new
Children’s Hospital
       HSGG’s three medical               intention that the new hospital         appraisal of possible sites and to

N      directors last month
       welcomed the news that
the city is to receive
                                          should be on a site that also has
                                          adult and maternity services;
                                              • Recognised the clinical case
                                                                                  ensure there will be no diminution of
                                                                                  the quality of care available to
                                                                                  mothers and children up to the time
£100million to build a brand              for having paediatric services and a    the triple location service is
new children’s hospital on an             maternity unit on the same site and     operational.
adult acute hospital site.                the importance of maintaining the           Mr Kerr concluded his letter by
     Following receipt of a letter of     national service provided by the        praising the “hard work and
confirmation from Health Minister         Queen Mother’s and the Royal            responsible deliberation by members
Andy Kerr, Dr Brian Cowan (South          Hospital for Sick Children;
                                                                                  of the Greater Glasgow NHS Board”,
Division), Mr Morgan Jamieson                 • Recognised the Board’s
                                                                                  the “commitment of management
( Yorkhill Division) and Dr Bill          conclusions that maternity services
                                                                                  and staff involved” and the “valuable
Anderson (North Division) pledged to      should be on the same site as adult
                                          acute services and that Glasgow         contribution made by Professor
work together.
                                          could only sustain two maternity        Margaret Reid”.
     They said: “We welcome the
                                          units;                                      A full briefing has gone out to
Ministerial announcement about new
capital funding to deliver a                  •Set out the role of the advisory   NHSGG staff and should be on all
children’s hospital co-located with       group, which will be tasked with the    our intranets. A full copy of the
adult and maternity services. There       responsibility to monitor plans for     Health Minister’s letter is available
was a strong clinical consensus           the co-location of paediatric,          on: content/
during the consultation that this         maternity and adult clinical            mediaassets/ doc/
service arrangement was best for          services, to approve the option         se_maternity_letter_oct2004.doc
women and babies. Without the
extra resource this gold standard
was not an option for many years, so
this announcement is very good
                                           Car parking - the next steps
news for child and maternal health
services in Glasgow.”                      The four-month public consultation     Board in December.
     They welcomed the                     into the car parking policy for        Tom Divers, Chief Executive of NHS
announcement of the Advisory Group         hospitals in Greater Glasgow has       Greater Glasgow, said:” We would
and the continued involvement of           ended, but what happens now?           like to thank everyone who took
NHSGG clinicians in the                    Around two hundred submissions         the time and trouble to put forward
implementation phase of the new            have been received from staff and      their views and comments to the
hospital, particularly in helping                                                 consultation process. The Board
                                           public and over the course of
decide where the new children’s                                                   will consider the responses
hospital should be sited, adding: “It      October and November detailed
                                           work is being carried out looking      received before detailing the next
is now time to move on from the
                                           at all the comments received. The      steps.”
clinical division which characterised
the consultation process.”                 main points from all the               Whatever happens the Staff News
     So what did the Ministerial letter    submissions will be pulled together    will let you know in the next
say? It:                                   and a paper is likely to go to the     edition, so watch this space!!!!!
     • Set out the Ministerial

                                                Job Redesign

Change can                                                                                                       Amy chats to
                                                                                                               colleague Tricia
                                                                                                                Reid, a Senior

sometimes be
for the better
          e’ve talked a lot in

                                          imagine it would be a
          previous issues about           different story for people
          some of the changes that        who have been in the
are underway in NHS Greater               same place for twenty
Glasgow due to our drive to               years. Having said that,
modernise services – some                 this was a bigger change
planned for the near future and           than I was used to so I
other, longer-term proposals.             was a bit worried about
     In fact, change is happening all     it.”
the time and, for many of us, is               So, what was it like,
already a reality of our working lives.   then, to move somewhere
     Staff News talked to three           else?
members of staff, all from very                “Actually things are
different disciplines, about their        very different. Stobhill
experiences of change. In this            has always had a cottage                    a lot more confidence. I’ve broadened
edition, physiotherapist, Amy             hospital feel to it and is quite a close-   my skills and in the process I’ve
Montgomery, talks about what it was       knit community. The Royal is an             surprised myself by realising I’m
like to move from Stobhill to the         inner-city hospital and seems just so       someone who actually sees change as
Royal.                                    big when you have to find your way          an opportunity.”
     Amy Montgomery started work as       around and get to know people. I                In the next edition (Jan 2005),
a Physiotherapist at Stobhill Hospital    suppose, thinking about it, the             we’re featuring Rosie Little, and
in 2002. A number of departments          biggest challenge for me wasn’t             Annemargaret Black will follow in
that require physiotherapists as part     around the work – I’ve enjoyed that -       March.
of the clinical team have transferred     it was settling into the new                    If you’ve experienced change
from Stobhill and, four months ago,       environment.”                               (good or bad) in your job and would
Amy turned up for her first day of             And the work itself?                   like to tell your story, contact Staff
work at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.                “That’s been really good actually.    News today:
     Asked how she felt when she          I knew things would be different, but       or write to Olivia Cornacchia, Staff
learned she was to be rotated to GRI,     I’ve found being in the Orthopaedic         News, NHS Greater Glasgow, Dalian
Amy said: “Nervous. Which is natural      Department an excellent learning            House, 350 St Vincent Street,
I suppose. You get used to things         experience – to an extent I didn’t          Glasgow G3 8YZ.
where you are and suddenly you’re         expect. To be honest I think the
faced with the prospect of a different    move made me raise my game
hospital and new people. But, I was       because I found myself with a more           We’re all responsible
actually okay with it. As a physio, I’m   varied caseload and a new set of             for infection control
used to rotations and adapting to         challenges and the fact that I’ve
                                                                                              OU’VE probably heard by

different clinical areas of work. I       faced them successfully has given me
                                                                                              now that NHSGG is
                                                                                              launching a new high
SAVING FOR A RAINY DAY WITH THE NHS                                                    profile education and
                                                                                       awareness campaign to further
         est of Scotland NHS

                                          the opening of its own premises in           reduce the levels of healthcare
         Employees Credit Union           Paisley Road, Renfrew, performed by          associated infections (HAIs).
         has gone from strength-to-       Elinor Smith, Chairman of South                   The poster campaign starts in
strength since its humble                 Glasgow Division.                            the new year and is aimed at staff,
beginnings at the Southern                    Open to all NHSGG staff, the             patients and visitors. It will be
                                          Credit Union began life in November
General.                                                                               reinforced by a series of new, user-
                                          1998 with volunteers from the
    Originally a Credit Union for South                                                friendly information leaflets, a new
                                          Southern General Hospital, but now
Division staff, it has expanded to                                                     gold-standard infection control
                                          employs a full-time manager and four
include all NHSGG staff and those at                                                   manual, specially organised hand
NHS Argyll & Clyde, Ayrshire and                                                       hygiene workshops for staff
                                              For more information on becoming
Arran and Lanarkshire.                                                                 including doctors, and web-based
                                          a member or wish to volunteer
    And it celebrated another                                                          best practice teaching/information
                                          telephone 0141 886 7246 or visit -
                                                                                       modules for staff.
milestone in its history recently with    w w

                                                New Director

Ian takes on role as
new HR Director
       HSGG saw a familiar face

                                           HR Director within Primary Care. I
       take the helm of single             am, however, very much looking
       system Human Resources              forward to the challenges the new
(HR) recently in the shape of Ian          post offers.”
Reid.                                          Apart from single system                                            Ian Reid
    For Ian has been appointed as          working, these challenges include
the new Director of HR for the whole       issues raised through our drive to        changes that affect them and are
of NHSGG.                                  modernise. As this progresses, many       properly briefed and fully supported
    As former Chief Executive and          of us may find ourselves working on       when change comes.“
HR Director with the Primary Care          different sites or taking on new              And if that’s not keeping him
Division, Ian’s only too aware of the      ways of working – and that brings a       busy enough, Ian will also be greatly
challenges that face him in his new        whole raft of HR issues.                  involved in the continued
role……none more so that the                    And then there’s the huge             development of the new Community
issues raised during our move              amount of work being done in staff        Health Partnerships (CHPs) and the
towards single system working.             governance (how we meet our               continued development of the Joint
    Ian, who starts his new post in        statutory responsibilities and            Future agenda.
December 2004, said: “I’m delighted        standards) and Agenda for Change              He added: “There’s no doubt
to accept the new role of Director of      (the proposed new pay and grading         that this new position of Director of
Human Resources for NHS Greater            system).                                  HR comes at a critical time and I
Glasgow. The decision to accept the            Ian said: “All of these bring huge    look forward to working closely with
post was made with mixed feelings          challenges to NHSGG, particularly in      my HR colleagues and the
as I have very much enjoyed the role       terms of HR. We need to ensure our        Partnership Forums to take forward
of Chief Executive and previously as       staff are kept up-to-date with the        this busy agenda.”

Burning Ambition                           So Far, So Good                           deliver £5m worth of savings by
continued from page 1                      continued from page 1                     improvements to the efficiency of
currently being developed with a           of Scotland health systems with           prescribing costs;
working group representing NHSGG           specialist care. Until now the cross-          • Health Board headquarters
sites, patients and staff. As soon as      charging for those patient services       cost savings of £2m have been
it’s ready, Lisa and the team will be      has been calculated on an “average        identified (Health Promotion and
consulting staff and user groups           patient cost” basis despite the           Dalian House);
about their views and opinions on it.      complexity of the cases that are               • Single system efficiencies in
                                           referred to Glasgow. Working with         purchasing supplies removes
                                           neighbouring West of Scotland             duplication and delivers economies
Proposals include:
                                           Boards, a more realistic cross-           of scale to deliver a further £2m
    • Making all NHS Greater Glasgow
                                           charging system has been proposed         savings.
property - including buildings, vehicles
                                           that will deliver £10m toward our              The effect of not filling some
and grounds - smoke-free;
    • Having limited external              financial recovery plan leaving the       posts across the system has meant
designated smoking areas for staff,        remaining target saving at £36m.          the need for greater flexibility from
patients and visitors who still wish to        NHS Greater Glasgow’s                 staff across the system and re-
smoke;                                     Corporate Management Team (the            deployment in some cases.
    • Referring staff who want to stop     collective leads of four Divisions and         The conclusion so far is that
smoking to the Occupational Health         the Board) have identified a complex      major headway is being made to
team for smoking cessation                 range of initiatives that can deliver     identify where savings will be
information and support;                   savings totalling more than £22m          delivered but that it will take
    • Offering all patients who smoke      from current expenditure plans,           continued persistence throughout
easy access to smoking cessation           reducing the remaining target to be       NHS Greater Glasgow to deliver on
advice and (subject to their clinician’s   identified to around £14m.                current identified financial recovery
guidance) Nicotine Replacement                 Those financial recovery savings      projects…
Therapy (NRT).                             include the monitoring of the                  Even so NHSGG still needs to
    If Board approval is given, the        replacement of vacant posts and re-       identify ways of delivering further
consultation is expected to run from       deployment initiatives. It also details   initiatives to save around £14m.
January to March 2005, with the new        a raft of other initiatives including:         Staff News will continue to
rules expected to come into place              • Work led by Primary Care            update on progress on the financial
mid 2005.                                  Medical Director Ian Wallace will         recovery plan in future issues.

                                             AGM Special

Another AGM Success
        HSGG saw another               attending the event to put questions
        successful event when          directly to senior staff and many
        staff, patients and            took advantage of this opportunity.
interested groups flocked to the       We were delighted so many staff
Royal Concert Hall in October          were amongst the attendees and
for this year’s AGM.                   were able to take part in the very
     Brief presentations from senior   positive and constructive debate
staff and Board members were           that took place.”
followed by an open question and            Like last year, a number of
answer session to a panel that         health staff had stalls at the event         The Maternity Services stand at the AGM.
included our Chairman and Chief        highlighting some of the excellent
Executive, Professor Sir John          work being carried out across
Arbuthnott and Tom Divers.             NHSGG. Also there were stalls
     Also taking questions from the    supplied by other agencies including
floor were Ronnie Cleland (Chair,      Strathclyde Police, NHS24 and
North), Elinor Smith (Chair, South),   Greater Glasgow Health Council.
Andrew Robertson (Chair, PCD) and           Prior to the AGM, we held the
Cllr Jim Coleman (board member).       first in a series of events involving
     Sir John said: “We continue to    partner organisations, patient
encourage a high level of public       groups and other parties. The ‘Our
interest in the Board’s work. Again,   Health’ event at the same venue              The Diabetes stand at Our Health event.
our AGM was a resounding success       saw around 300 participants help
in achieving this with around 220      shape the future direction of NHSGG
people attending. The format was       through workshops and discussions
such that it allowed people            on a range of topics.

                                                                 Sir John takes
                                                                questions from
                                                                       the floor.

                                                                                    Isobel Neil from the Beatson chats to an AGM
                                                                                    attendee about the new cancer centre being
                                                                                    built at Gartnavel.

                                                                                    The girls from NHS24 stand.

       n NHS Greater Glasgow               The project – a review of                celebrated a second prize when

 A     health project is the joint
       winner of the Scottish
 Executive’s ‘Evidence into
                                       gynaecology outpatient services –
                                       was presented with a £10,000 first
                                       prize at a special ceremony held
                                                                                    Riverside Local Health Care Co-
                                                                                    operative’s (LHCCs) Pre-Five Family
                                                                                    Service was named as runner-up in
 Practice’ award for its work          during the Nursing Times Live event          the ‘Evidence into Practice’ award.
 with black and ethnic minority        at the SECC in Glasgow, recently.            The service won one of four £1,000
 women.                                    NHS Greater Glasgow also                 prizes.

              The diary that peers into the darkest recesses of the NHS

  The Endoscope
things that go bump in the night
      alloween may have been             In the interests of research, the       an article with a picture of Lawrence

H     and gone, and staff are
      now free to concentrate on
organising the Christmas Party,
                                      Endoscope spent the best part of a
                                      week surfing the web looking for
                                      weird stories of ghosties and
                                                                                 Peterkin, Health Board Chief Exec of
                                                                                 yore. But that was far too scary to
                                                                                 use here.
but the Endoscope felt unable to      ghoulies linked to Glasgow’s
pass up the chance of sending a       healthcare. Oddly, typing ‘Glasgow             Instead, the Endoscope presents
shiver up your spine without the      hospital ghost stories’ into the           you with a selection of the best from
aid of an epidural.                   search engine repeatedly threw up          the information superhighway.

WeEGIe BORED AT THE WesteRN Hospital’s hat of hellfire                                    19-year-old from

       Night Sister tells of a
       1975 encounter from
       beyond at the Western
                                      and the like) when a “tall silver-
                                      haired man wearing a blue dressing
                                      robe standing near the doorway”
                                      vanished. The Sister was very upset
                                                                                  A       Bishopbriggs claims his
                                                                                          Gran spotted the
                                                                                  apparition of a man in a white
                                                                                  Stetson and leather jacket
    She was “preparing a machine,     as she recognised the man as a              ascending the stairs of her
facing a well-lit corridor” (which,   “patient who had died two days              house.
assuming the nursing staff there      previously”. Which must have put                 As this was Bishopbriggs, the
haven’t changed much in the           them in a bit of a quandary as to           vision was not interpreted as an
intervening years, was probably       whether to take him off the waiting         errant line-dancer desperate for
dispensing ‘Aztec Bars’, ‘Yorkies’    list or not.                                the loo, but as being of
                                                                                  supernatural import. This
                                                                                  seemed proven a few days later
                                                                                  when another female relative in

STObHILL'S OWN WOMaN IN WHITE                                                     the household was rushed to a
                                                                                  ‘Glasgow hospital’ where she
                                                                                  “had bone marrow and blood and
      he same unfortunate                   wanted to send a warning about        all that kind of stuff taken out

T     Night Sister had a
      similar experience, this
time at Stobhill, in the 1950s
                                             the patient’s plight.
                                                It was so much easier in
                                           those days. Now there are 27
                                                                                  and put in” – which is the best
                                                                                  ever description of what they do
                                                                                  in Oncology that the Endoscope
as a student nurse.                             pages detailing the               has ever read!
    Spotting a woman in a                          conditions of service and           Naturally, the afflicted family
white uniform “slip into a                         allowance arrangements         came to the conclusion that the
side ward near the door”, the                       for staff who are dead on     man with the big hat was a ‘spirit
student assumed it was her                           duty. Under Agenda for       guide’. But the Endoscope is not
Ward Sister. She followed her                        Change, dead staff will      so sure – several senior clinical
in order to ask a question and                        have to match the           staff of these parts are known to
to her surprise found no-one                         national job profile.        do a passable rendition of ‘Achey,
in the ward but one patient                         However, dead specialist      Breakey Heart’ at social
who had lapsed into                               nurses want a higher level      occasions – quite
unconsciousness and                                of allowance than dead         often with the
needed immediate                                    nurses who haven’t re-        direct
assistance. Clearly, she                             trained. A séance will       assistance
deduced, this woman in                                be held in November in      of spirits.
white was a staff member                              order to ballot the dead
from the other side who                               staff-side reps!


In Case of E
      aking medics through the

T     deep dark tunnels of
      Glasgow’s underground,
testing out decontamination
                                                                                                        Alan Dorn

clothing and organising the
conversion of a Springburn train
into a three-coach ambulance
are all in a day’s work for
NHSGG Emergency Planning
Officer Alan Dorn.
    Alan, who is based at Dalian
House and has been with NHS
Greater Glasgow for more than 15
years, is living proof that there can
be more to working in an NHS office
than meets the eye.
    The dedicated emergency man -
who also Chairs the West of
Scotland Health Board Emergency
Co-ordination Group - told Staff
News: “My job as Emergency
Planning Officer can literally go from
one extreme to another within the
space of an hour. A day that starts
with paperwork at my desk could
see me being on the site of a city
bomb scare by lunchtime.”
    Working with emergency
planning officers from other
organisations, the former RAF flight
lieutenant has been involved in
putting together well-rehearsed
procedures to ensure all the
emergency services (including the
Police, Fire Service, Health Service,
Ambulance, Council) take a
coordinated approach to any
incidents that occur.
    This varied role can involve
arranging decontamination
procedures, casualty stand-by and
radiation protection, as well as
being part of the team co-ordinating
emergency services crews on              crews who carr y them out are         Infirmary. If actually used, this sort
disaster sites.
                                         physically tried and tested in case   of procedure would mean that the
    Another part of his job is helping
                                         disaster strikes in the future.       city’s ambulances wouldn’t be
to organise special events to allow
the emergency services to ‘practise’         “We’ve also tried out emergency   swamped with patients from one
dealing with disasters.                  plans like converting a diesel        incident, but instead nurses could
    Alan explained: “We often lead       sprinter train into a railway         use the train as a makeshift hospital
‘staged’ operations - such as getting    ambulance which took pretend          on the way to A&E.”
accident victims out of the Glasgow      casualties from a “major fire”             And the emergency man added
Underground - so that various            rehearsal in Springburn to Queen      that being ex-military makes his job
complicated procedures and the           Street station, near the Royal        a lot easier – not only in a practical

on Alan Dorn

  sense, but in a communications         Glasgow Green.

  sense.                                      “This sort of work involves
      He said: “I found that this sort   having hospitals well-staffed and
  of background really helped me         equipped (should the worst happen)

  when we were dealing with refugees     and having emergency health

  who were being flown into Glasgow      services and equipment on site. This
  airport from war-torn Kosovo in July   means I have to liase with Police,
  1999. My previous work made it         Fire and medical staff and also
  much easier to co-operate with         venue management and event
  military staff, which meant things     promoters.”
  ran more smoothly.”                         But what’s been the worst thing
                                                                                       Alan Dorn is the first
      And on a lighter note, Alan’s
  complex role has included him being
  involved in creating and regularly
                                         the Emergency Planning Officer has
                                         had to deal with while working for
                                         NHS Greater Glasgow?
                                                                                  ever health service
                                                                                  employee to chair the
  updating the event control                  Alan replied: “The Maryhill         Scottish branch of the
  guidelines for football games, which   disaster this year was the sort of       Emergency Planning
  the emergency services follow in       thing that we all wished would never
  order to have everything from          happen but, when it did, all our well-
                                                                                  Society. He gave the
  standby ambulances to procedures       rehearsed emergency plans were           group’s AGM an
  that deal with crowd crushes and       used quickly and efficiently.            interesting twist by
  violence between fans.                      “It was like seeing my 15 years     holding it on a ferry so
      Alan added: “I’m also the health   of effort being put into practice.       Shetland Island workers
  link for around 60 major crowd         Glasgow’s emergency services more        didn’t have to trek to the
  events each year. The interesting      than excelled in their work at that
  ones include Hogmanay at George        difficult time and did everything
                                                                                  big city;
  Square, the Women’s 10K run and        possible to deal with the accident
                                                                                       Before joining NHS
  the Download rock festival at          and its aftermath.”
                                                                                  Greater Glasgow, Alan was
                                                                                  with the Royal Air Force
                                                                                  for 20 years, specialising
                                                                                  in aviation distress;

                                                                                       Alan’s job with the Air
                                                                                  Force saw him spring into
                                                                                  action when Richard
                                                                                  Branson’s hot air balloon
                                                                                  was ripped from its
                                                                                  moorings, heading for the
                                                                                  flight paths of countless
                                                                                  international airlines;

                                                                                       Glasgow playing
                                                                                  host to the 2005 Special
                                                                                  Olympics means Alan will
                                                                                  have lots of advance
                                                                                  planning to do - as 3,000
                                                                                  people are expected to
                                                                                  flock to the city from
                                                                                  across the UK.

                                         Focus on North Division


The Clinical Case Manager

       he new role of Clinical               George Gentle, and Aileen Smith,
       Case Manager is                       both highly trained nursing
       transforming the patient              professionals – working in Medicine
journey within North Glasgow                 for the Elderly. They are based at
Division’s Department of                     Lightburn Hospital and Stobhill
Medicine for the Elderly.                    Hospital respectively.
    Since the new role was                        Their role is to oversee the care
introduced to the north-east in              of elderly patients and help reduce
2002, re-admission rates for elderly         unnecessary delays in treatment by
patients have fallen, length of stay         coordinating communication
decreased, incidence of complaints           between different disciplines such       interaction with patients and their
has fallen and feedback via                  as physiotherapy, speech and             relatives. It’s vital for relatives to
questionnaires distributed to staff          language therapy and occupational        have access to information,
and relatives were extremely                 therapy.                                 practical advice and support and, as
positive.                                         They are also responsible for       Clinical Case Managers, we are able
                                             maintaining communication with           to reassure and guide both relatives
So what are Clinical Case
                                             relatives and carers, ensuring that      and patients.”
Managers and what do they do?                the rehabilitation process is                The role of the Clinical Case
   North Glasgow Division currently          explained to all involved and that       Manager is just one new
has two Clinical Case Managers –             regular updates are provided             development designed to improve
                                             throughout the patient’s stay.           patient care within the Department
                                                  Another part of the role involves   of Medicine for Elderly in North
 PROTECTING                                  liaising closely with social services
                                             and other agencies to ensure that,
                                                                                      Glasgow. Others include the
                                                                                      introduction of patient and carer
 OUR STAFF                                   when the time’s right, the discharge     support groups and fora, a wide
 To further raise awareness of the           process goes smoothly.                   range of education and study day
 Division’s conflict management training,         Aileen Smith enjoys the             packages for nurses working in this
 violence and aggression policy and zero     supportive nature of this post: “I       area and the introduction of a
 tolerance campaign, a roadshow will         really enjoy the job, particularly the   patient and carer advocacy service.
 visit all North Glasgow sites during
 November and December 2004.
 The dates for the roadshows are (all         PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY
 from 11am to 2pm):                                   illian Farrell and Roberta

                                                                                      Auxiliary Nurse Roberta Tutty (left)
 Monday, November 15 -                                Tutty are looking forward
                                                                                      and Sister Gillian Farrell

 Dining Room, Queen Elizabeth Building,
                                                      to a very big adventure!
 Glasgow Royal Infirmary
                                                   In March next year, the OPD
 Friday, November 19 -
                                              Sister and nursing auxiliary from
 Entrance Area, Lightburn Hospital
                                              the Outpatients Department at the
 Friday, November 26 -
                                              Brownlee Centre, Gartnavel
 Canteen, Dental Hospital
 Monday, November 29 - The Chef’s Hat,        General, will be participating in a
 Dining Room, Stobhill Hospital               ten day charity expedition to
 Friday, December 3 -                         Vietnam.
 Dining Room, Blawarthill Hospital                 Gillian told Staff News: “We
                                              will be completing a six-day hike       and fundraising and hope to raise a
 Monday, December 6 -
 Dining Room, Level 3, Western Infirmary      as part of our trip, which will         total of £5000, all of which will go
 Friday, December 10 -                        certainly be tough going, but is in     towards a new Maggie’s Centre in
 Main Foyer, Ground Floor,                    aid of Maggie’s Centres around          Scotland.
 Gartnavel General Hospital                   Scotland. These centres provide              If you would like to sponsor
 Wednesday, December 15 - Centre              essential care for children with        Gillian and Rebecca or simply
 Block, Royal Infirmary                       cancer as well as giving much           make a donation to this very good
 Thursday, December 16 -                      needed support to their families        cause, make sure you give them a
 Dining Room, Drumchapel Hospital             and friends.”                           call on x51079. Please note any
                                                   Both Gillian and Roberta are       donations or sponsorship must be
 Information: Eileen Dalziel, Violence and    currently busy collecting donations     received by December 2004.
 Aggression Co-ordinator on x13681.

                                      Focus on North Division

World class cancer equipment
One of the new linear accelerators.                  deliver radiation for                   can treat tumours with more
                                                     cancer treatment) for                   accuracy and safety than ever
                                                     the new centre, also                    before. Tumours can move even in
                                                     known by its Sunday                     the short space of time between
                                                     name of the West of                     planning the treatment and carr ying
                                                     Scotland Cancer Centre.                 it out. With IGRT we can take
                                                         Moreover, the five                  further images of the patient’s
                                                     accelerators already in                 tumour to confirm they are in the
                                                     place at the Tom                        right place and adjust our treatment
                                                     Wheldon building are                    set-up if necessary.”
                                                     also to get an upgrade –                    In addition, we have been able to
                                                     bringing all our                        invest in extra technology in the
                                                     equipment up to the                     form of stereotactic radiosurgery
                                                     highest standard. In                    from a company called BrainLAB.
                                                     2006 a further three                    This will allow the Beatson to deliver
      he new Beatson – which is

                                        linear accelerators will be bought to                for the first time very small beams
      about to be built at              bring the total at the new West of                   of radiation to small areas of the
      Gartnavel – will be one of        Scotland Cancer Centre to 11.                        brain and the base of skull in
only a handful of cancer centres            To complement these new state-                   patients with a variety of malignant
throughout the world with a             of-science linear accelerators, we                   and benign tumours of these areas.
package of the very latest              have bought the best equipment                           The new Beatson will open in
equipment for delivering                that money can buy.                                  2007.
radiotherapy.                               Professor Alan Rodger, Medical
    An order worth more than            Director of the Beatson, explained:
£4million has just been placed for
three state-of-the-art Linear
Accelerators (the machines which
                                        “One of the highlights of our order
                                        includes new special image guided
                                        radiotherapy (IGRT) equipment that
                                                                                              a century
       NT staff in North Glasgow        together, caring for the population of                of care
E      were celebrating a move to
       a new Ear, Nose and Throat
Department recently.
                                        North Glasgow and a large part of
                                        Argyll and Clyde, extending as far
                                        north as Oban and as far west as                      This year, Stobhill of a
                                                                                                  celebrates its 100th
                                                                                              birthday and as a part
     The new facilities within Ward     the islands of Coll and Tiree!
2C in Gartnavel General were                Lead consultant, Mr Ken                           series of community and staff
officially opened in October and        MacKenzie is delighted with the new                   events to mark its centennial
bring together three inpatient units:   facility: “Centralising staff within                  year a special church service
the existing Gartnavel ENT and          this dedicated facility should provide                was held at Glasgow
those located at Glasgow Royal          excellent opportunities to                            Cathedral in September.
Infirmary and Stobhill Hospitals.       consolidate and develop clinical and                      The open service, led by
     Emergency services have also       academic activity in North                            Stobhill’s own chaplaincy team -
been centralised at the new             Glasgow.”                                             Reverend Ken Coulter, Reverend
department, with the                                                                          Iain Beaton and Father Stephen
provision of a modern and                                                                     Dunn – was attended by members
well-equipped treatment room                                                                  of staff, former patients and
adjacent to the ward.                                                                         members of the community who
However, outpatient clinics                                                                   jointly celebrated Stobhill’s rich
                                                                                              history and exciting future.
will still continue on the three
                                                                                                  Reverend Iain Beaton said:
original sites.
                                                                                              “The evening of worship at the
     In addition, the
                                                                                              cathedral was one of thanksgiving
department has its own
                                                                                              and praise to God for a century of
library, seminar room, surgical
                                                                                              an invaluable caring service to
skills room and clinical area,
                                                                                              the community. It was an
as well as consultant and
                                                                                              opportunity for the public to
secretarial offices and junior
                                                                                              gather to express their gratitude
staff rooms.                              (left to right) ENT consultants, Ameet Kishore,     to God, thanking him for the skill
     Staff with a wealth of ENT                Simon Morrissey, David Simpson, Fiona
                                            MacGregor, Brian O’Reilly, Lynn Cooke, Ken        and dedication of all involved in
experience – including the               Mackenzie, Iain Swan (Not pictured: Dale Carrick,    healthcare at Stobhill.”
consultants pictured – will now work       Neil Geddes, Brian Irvine and Gerry McGarry).

                          Focus on Primary Care Division

New facilities for
                                                                                   OLLEAGUES out in the

                                                                             C     East End were celebrating
                                                                                   the official opening of
                                                                             brand new facilities recently.
                                                                                 The newly upgraded and
                                                                             extended Easterhouse Community
                                                                             Health Centre was officially opened
                                                                             by new Health Minister Andy Kerr in
                                                                                 The £3.5 million Centre – which
                                                                             recently scooped a top design
                                                                             accolade at the Scottish Design
                                                                             Awards – has been completely
                                                                             transformed by the work carried out
                                                                             there. This includes the creation of:
                                                                                 • A new building which links to
                                                                             the existing Easterhouse Health
                                                                             Centre; and
                                                                                 • A new single entrance with
                                                                             automatic doors, making the
                                                                             complex more accessible to
                                                                             members of the public.
                                                                                 And it’s not just the building
                                                                             that’s seen things changing. Brand
                                                                             new services have been added to
                                                                             the existing ones already provided
                                                                             by centre staff.
                                                                                 The new services include men’s
STAFF ‘ON THE BALL’ TO                                                       health clinics, baby massage, dental
                                                                             care for special needs patients as
                                                                             well as new visiting services such
TACKLE STIGMA DURING                                                         as spirometry (which measures
                                                                             respiratory function) and anti-
MENTAL HEALTH WEEK                                                           coagulant clinics (which monitor the
                                                                             blood level of patients on Warfarin
       taff were out in force in       tournament, now in its seventh        medication).

S      October with a range of
       events and activities to
mark this year’s Mental Health
                                       successful year.
                                           Twenty-one teams – made up of
                                       health staff and service users -
                                                                                 Robert Peat, Eastern Local
                                                                             Health Care Co-operative General
                                                                             Manager, said; “We developed the
                                                                             new Centre very much in
Week.                                  from all over Scotland got together
     Joining forces with service                                             partnership with users of our
                                       to battle it out at the Power
users and community health                                                   services and this has been key to
                                       League in Hamilton. MSP Tommy         its success.”
projects, staff organised events       Sheridan brought a team along and
across the city.                       scooped the trophy for the second
     Ranging from workshops and
                                       year running.
displays to drama productions and
art exhibitions, they aimed to             Ronnie Orr, one of NHS Greater
showcase the range of services         Glasgow’s nurses who organised
available in Glasgow and to tackle     the tournament said: “This is a fun
the stigma associated with mental      and healthy way to celebrate
ill health.                            mental health week and it also
     And sporty types were given a     makes a serious point about the
chance to show off their ball skills   stigma faced by those who suffer
at the Annual Five-a-Side football     mental health problems.”
                                                                             Health Minister meets staff.

                            Focus on Primary Care Division

Staff welcome opening of new
specialist mum and baby unit
         ENTAL health and other            support mothers in caring for their      maternity hospitals and a system to

M        staff can now provide
         improved specialist
services to new mothers
                                           babies while they receive treatment.
                                                Karen Robertson, Nurse
                                           Consultant in Perinatal Medicine,
                                                                                    help midwives and health visitors
                                                                                    identify and manage women at risk
                                                                                    of perinatal mental illness.
suffering from perinatal mental            NHS Greater Glasgow Primary Care
illness.                                   Division said: “This new service will
    With the opening of a new              radically improve the quality of care
£1.3million Mother and Baby Mental         and treatment available to mothers
Health Unit at the Southern General,       who experience perinatal mental
staff can now provide specialist           illness, giving those in need access
care for mothers with illnesses such       to specialist support in an
as postnatal depression and                appropriate environment. Giving
puerperal psychosis (a more severe         mothers the opportunity to care for
form of postnatal mental illness).         their child while receiving treatment
    And the good thing about the           is critical to the wellbeing of both
unit – the first in Scotland - is that     mother and child and this is a
the babies can stay with their mums        significant step forward in providing
while they undergo treatment.              effective care that will be crucial in
    Providing care for women from          getting families back on their feet.”
across the West of Scotland, the                The development of the new
six-bedded unit is staffed by a team       Mother and Baby Mental Health
of 24 health professionals including       Unit is part of wider plans to
psychiatrists, mental health nurses,       improve care for women
nursery nurses, a health visitor,          suffering from perinatal illness
social worker, nursing assistants          which includes community
and administrative staff who will          treatment, advice and support to

      hree Glasgow dental                  Practice were presented with their       developed by NHS Greater Glasgow

T     practices are celebrating
      scooping the unique Quality
in Dental Practice Award.
                                           certificates by the Chief Dental
                                           Officer for Scotland, Ray Watkins, in
                                                                                    dental staff - seeks to improve quality
                                                                                    and encourage dentists to continually
                                                                                    improve care.
    Staff at Pat Brown’s Dental                This is good news for both                It’s currently being piloted in 16
Practice in Milton, Shawlands Dental       patients and staff as this awards        dental practices in the city and
Practice and Nitshill Road Dental          programme – which has been               participating staff receive individual
                                                                                    support from Scotland’s first two
                                                                                    Clinical Governance Advisers, George
                                                                                    Taylor and Billy Cameron, to progress
                                                                                    through a series of modules.
                                                                                         Dr Robert Broadfoot, Director of
                                                                                    Primary Dental Care, NHS Greater
                                                                                    Glasgow’s Primary Care Division, said:
                                                                                     “This is an exciting and innovative
                                                                                    initiative which drives up standards in
                                                                                    dental practices across Greater
                                                                                    Glasgow and ultimately improves
                                                                                    patient care.”
                                                                                         Catriona Galbraith, Practice
   From left to right: Billy Cameron, Clinical Governance Adviser, Gerard Boyle,    Manager of Shawlands Dental
    Dental Practitioner (Shawlands); Robert Broadfoot, Dental Director, George
     Taylor, Clinical Governance Adviser, NHS Greater Glasgow Primary Care
                                                                                    Practice, said: “We’re delighted that
    Division; Geraldine O’Donnell, Strategic Development Manager, Pat Brown,        we have achieved this milestone in
           Dental Practitioner (Milton); Ray Watkins, Chief Dental Officer.         the awards programme.”

                                 Focus on Yorkhill Division
Ward Rounds, Outpatient appointments,
Surgery… oh and a book launch!
         ost people wouldn’t think       defeat them…                                     editions of the book. The overall

M        a hospital would be
         someone’s first choice
for a book launch, but it was for
                                             Keith drew on his own
                                         experience in hospital as a child,
                                         and also that of his son, Daniel, who
                                                                                          winner also took home a Lee and
                                                                                          the Consul Mutants T-shirt.
                                                                                               The book was declared a
Keith A Charters and his new             spent time in Yorkhill a few years               success in one ward - when staff
children’s novel.                        back.                                            turned to see why the ward had
    Keith, who was born in Glasgow,          As part of the launch, Keith                 gone so quiet they found the
gave up his ‘proper job’ as a            spent the day touring the wards and              children lying quietly in bed, fingers
Marketing Director to become a           reading extracts of the book to the              on the first word of page 1!
writer and has claimed his first         children, as well as
                                                                      Keith reading to Laura Ewing and
success with the publication of “Lee     giving £1 for every book     Emily Bell in one of the wards.
and the Consul Mutants”, which he        he sold that day to the      Pic courtesy of Photonews Scotland
launched at Yorkhill in October this     Yorkhill MediCinema
year.                                    fund.
    The story is set in a children’s         He also ran a
hospital and centres on ten-year-old     competition for children
Lee, who discovers that the hospital     in the hospital to design
he’s been admitted to has been           a Consul Mutant
taken over by Consul Mutants             spaceship, with four
(Consultants to you and I!). Lee         lucky winners getting
hatches a plan to save the world         special VIP invitations to
from the supposed alien invaders,        the evening launch where
but he has only his intelligence to      they received signed first

 the Latest News from the Mound
 Accountability                          series of eleven standards to                 Infection
     New Health Minister Andy Kerr       support them in the challenging                    Tough new standards making
 announced important changes to          environment of modern primary care.           training on Healthcare Associated
 make decision-making in the NHS             The Framework for Nursing in              Infection (HAI) mandatory for NHS
 more open and accountable.              General Practice sets out standards
                                                                                       staff were announced in
     From now on he will hold            of best practice for recruitment and
                                         personal development to benefit the           September. All workers joining the
 annual performance review                                                             NHS will now be made aware of
 meetings for each Health Board in       nurse and ultimately patients.
                                             It can be viewed at:                      the dangers of HAI and what they
 Scotland and they will be held in                                                     can do to prevent it.
                                         w w
 public.                                                                                    The “Framework for Mandatory
     He said: “The National Health                                                     Induction Training in Healthcare
 Service is a public service and it is   Mental Health
                                             Bothwell House in Hamilton is             Associated Infection for Scotland” is
 vital that local communities can
                                         the headquarters of the new Mental            available at:
 find out how their own health
                                         Health Tribunal for Scotland.                 hai/ Resources/ mandatory%20
 service is performing. I want to
 see more openness in decision-              The new body will take and                training% 2004.pdf
 making about services and more          review decisions on long-term
 accountability in the way they are      compulsory care and treatment of              Nursing Care
 organised. That means hearing           people with a mental disorder.                    Figures on uptake over two
                                             Tribunals will be convened                years of free personal and nursing
 about all the improvements in the
                                         throughout Scotland in both hospital
 Health Service, but also about                                                        care and expenditure in the first
                                         and community settings. Panels with
 areas where provision needs to be                                                     nine months of the policy’s
                                         expertise in mental health law, care
 better.”                                and treatment and will comprise of            introduction were published by the
                                         three members - one legal (the                Scottish Executive in September.
 Practice Nurses                         convenor), one medical and one                The full Statistics Release is
    A new Framework for nurses           general member – and will make                available on the Scottish Executive
 working out of GP surgeries has         determinations on around 4000                 website at
 been launched which sets out a          cases each year.                              w w

                                  Focus on Yorkhill Division

And the winner is…
      he Yorkhill Telemedicine            ultrasounds

T     Project, which enables
      Yorkhill clinicians to make
routine as well as life-saving
                                          from newborn
                                          examining x-
decisions on how to treat a child         rays, as well as
in a hospital hundreds of miles           bringing
away, has been nominated for a            concerned
prestigious Health Service                parents and
Journal (HSJ) Award in the                children’s
‘Improving Care With E-                   specialists
Technology’ category.                     together to
    The state-of-the-art telemedicine     discuss a
network, made up of mobile cameras        child’s
and monitors, brings the expertise        treatment
of centralised paediatric specialists     ‘face-to-face’
at Yorkhill to the bedside of babies      whilst being
and children in hospitals all over the    miles apart.
country via high quality video and            Hazel
sound.                                    Archer, the
    Some of the uses of the new           Telemedicine Project Manager was                 Paediatric Cardiologist in making a
system include viewing heart              joined by colleague Dr Alan Houston,             presentation to the panel of HSJ
                                                                                               She said: “Being shortlisted has

 Leading the way…                                                                          been a major achievement for all of
                                                                                           us. From the outset, the project has
                                                                                           been a real team effort involving
         ne of NHS Greater                community know about Scotland’s

                                                                                           doctors, managers and technical
         Glasgow’s Better Blood           commitment to developing new                     staff at all of the hospitals involved,
         Transfusion Practitioners        training programmes for staff,                   not to mention the support and
 will be flew the flag for Scotland       rolling out best practice, and                   guidance given by team members
 last month when she travelled            ensuring that our patients have                  from the Scottish Executive.
 to Greece to inform an                   access to the safest transfusion                     “It is fantastic that the great
 international group of specialists       service available.”                              efforts made by all the team
 on the changing world of blood                The Congress extended this fully            members to ensure the success of
 transfusion in hospitals across          sponsored invitation as a follow-up              the project have been recognised by
 Scotland.                                to a talk delivered to them in 2001              such a distinguished panel of
      Yorkhill’s Elaine Harrison was up   when the Better Blood Transfusion                judges.”
 against colleagues from all over         Programme was being piloted in                       For Dr Alan Houston, the clinical
 Scotland when she submitted her          areas across Scotland.                           benefits of the project made
 presentation to a panel of judges             To find out more about the                  Telemedicine a very worthy
 from the Better Blood Transfusion        programme, visit
 Programme and Effective Use of           w w where you
                                                                                               He said: “I’m absolutely
 Blood Group.                             can link to the online Transfusion
                                                                                           delighted about our nomination and
      Elaine was delighted when her       Education programme.
                                                                                           look forward to the results in
 presentation secured her an
                                                                                           November. In a matter of minutes,
 invitation to represent the
                                                                                           with Telemedicine, we can make
 Better Blood Transfusion
 Programme in Scotland at                                                                  decisions about a child’s treatment
 the 3rd International                                                                     including whether they should
 Congress of the Hellenic                                                                  remain in their local hospital, be
 Blood Transfusion Society, a                                                              transferred urgently, or even
 collaboration between Greece                                                              transferred non-urgently the next
 and Finland, in October.                                                                  day.
      As you would expect,                                                                     “The network offers a high
 Elaine couldn’t wait to                                                                   standard of detail that is comparable
 highlight the work being                                                                  to actually being on-site with the
 carried out in Scottish                                                                   patient, and is a truly 21st century
                                          Elaine demonstrates the new online               way of allowing paediatricians to
 hospitals.                               Education programme she will be discussing
      She said: “It was an excellent      in her presentation to a group of staff in the   work together and make the best
 opportunity to let the international     Paediatric Department of the Queen               possible decisions for some of
                                          Mother’s Hospital
                                                                                           Scotland’s most ill children.”

                                   Focus on South Division

Top Award Prescribed for Pharmacy
       he Southern General

T      Pharmacy
       Department has won
Radio Clyde’s Best Place
to Work Award.
     The department scooped
the accolade after months of
frantic voting by the
station’s one million
     The pharmacy was
nominated by Claire
McDermott whose sister
Vicky works there as a
     Claire said: “I think the
Southern General Pharmacy
Department is the best
workplace. The staff there
are very friendly and
hardworking. I went there
for work experience in
October 2003. Everything I         Celebrating their win are Pharmacy Dept staff (left to right) Vicky
did there was a new and            McDermott, Louise Monaghan, Karen Findlay, Lindsay Anderson,
                                   Ruth Forres, Clyde 2 presenter Dean Park and Fiona Walker
enjoyable experience.”

A&E DOCTORS                                                                             HAPPY
FLY INTO ACTION                                                                         GANG VISIT
                                                   outh Division doctors are            SOUTHERN
                                          S        bringing the Emergency
                                                   Department resuscitation                    hildren’s TV favourites
                                          room direct to patients living in
                                          the remote areas by taking to
                                          the air.
                                               NHS Greater Glasgow in
                                                                                        C      the Happy Gang recently
                                                                                               dropped into the
                                                                                        Southern General to film an
                                                                                        episode for their latest
                                          conjunction with NHS Argyll and
                                                                                        television series.
                                          Clyde set up the service which
                                                                                            Theresa Clark from Accident
                                          swung into action in October. Teams
                                          from the Southern General and the             and Emergency met the trio on
                                          Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley           arrival, and filming took place
                                          provide the service on a weekly rota          during the late evening in
                                          basis while maintaining the usual             orthopaedic outpatients.
                                          services at both hospitals.                       Several ‘well kent Southern
                                               It is anticipated that the service       faces’ made cameo appearances
                                          will help save the lives of                   in the episode which was
The helicopter lands                      approximately 30 seriously injured            screened on BBC2 in October.
at the Southern
                                          patients per year.

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