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					                               Strategic Technology Executive Committee
                                             Meeting Notes
                                           December 4, 2009

Attendees: Dale Billingsley, Richard Clover, Mike Curtin, John Drees, Priscilla Hancock, Marcia Hern,
Harrell Hurst, Jo Kaelin, Larry Owsley

    1. Review Meeting Minutes
            Minutes approved from last meeting

    2. Approval of Agenda
           Agenda approved

    3. Old Business
            Network Funding Model (Jo Kaelin)
                    i. Wireless will be funded by the VoIP savings. Funding has been approved by the
                       President and the Provost
                   ii. Pervasive wireless implementation (timelines are contingent upon facilities)
                            1. Phase I - Student Focused. Time line of 6 months
                            2. Phase II – Academic Focus. Time line of 12 – 15 months
                            3. Phase III – Administrative Focus. Timeline of 9 – 12 months
                            4. Jo Kaelin will work with Steve Michaels from facilities
            Security
                    i. IT is developing a communication plan to inform the university about VPN and
            Long Distance
                    i. IT is working with AT&T to reduce long distance costs and/or develop an RFP
                   ii. IT is researching opportunities for long distance VoIP offerings

    4. New Business
           Strategic Goals 09 – 12 (Priscilla Hancock)
                   i. Rave – there are currently 15,000 signed up for the UofL alert system
                  ii. Priscilla was asked to present the Network funding model to the Deans
                 iii. IT will check on BlackBoards own email issues
           eTransparency (Mike Curtin)
                   i. UofL is adding financial data to the state web site
                          1. Initially we are posting static reports
                          2. Our ultimate goal is an interactive UofL financial site

    5. Meeting adjourned at 8:36 am

    6. Future Items
   Stimulus Update – Feb 2010
   HR/SA Upgrade/Balanced Financial Management – Feb 2010
   IT Reorganization – Feb 2010
   Web Services with OCM – Feb 2010
   Novell Migration
   Copyright infringements
   Enterprise Project Dashboard
   NextGen Demo
   Phase II Research Cluster
   Technology in the Classrooms

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