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									               UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD
                          Annual External Examiner's Report

 Introduction:        This form is provided to external examiners in order to enable them to
                      make structured, evaluative comments on the academic standards
                      and quality of learning opportunities for all taught programmes in the
                      University and for the University to monitor the academic standards of
                      its awards. External Examiners are encouraged to make any
                      additional comments they wish either on the form or as a separate
                      report. The overall aim of the report is to ensure that high quality
                      teaching, learning and assessment are developed and maintained.
                      The University is grateful to external examiners for their assistance.

 Please return completed reports electronically by August 13 to assessments- If your report does not cover the full academic year of a
 programme (eg a postgraduate programme or a programme which started part way
 through the year) you are asked to complete Part A by 3 August and Part B at the end of
 the programme year.

Name of External Examiner                Professor Ian M Brook

Title of Programme(s)
for which appointed                      MSc Dental Implantology
(please indicate programmes offered
in collaboration with other providers)

Subject Area Examined                    Implantology

School                                   Health Care Professionals

Academic Year                            09-10

 N.B.                External examiners are referred to the document "Code
               of practice for the assurance of academic quality and
               standards in higher education Section 4: External Examining –
               August 2004” published by the Quality Assurance Agency for
               Higher Education. Use of this document is acknowledged in
               the construction of this form.

                                                         PART A

                                                Summary of findings

     Please indicate in the relevant boxes below whether you agree with the statements about the
     standards of the University of Salford’s awards, the standards of student performance and the
     conduct of the University’s assessment processes.

     You may wish to expand on any issues you mention here in the main body of the report.

Standards Set

‘In my view, the standards set for the awards are appropriate                         Yes                      No
for qualifications at this level, in this subject.’

If your answer is ‘no’, please provide a brief statement (bullet points) of the respect(s) in which they fall short.

Student performance

‘In my view, the standards of student performance are
comparable with similar programmes or subjects in other UK                       Yes              No              Not
institutions with which I am familiar.’
*Not applicable – if you are a practitioner and are not in a                      
position to assess national academic standards please indicate
in the appropriate box.

If your answer is ‘no’, please provide a brief statement (bullet points) of the respect(s) which they
fall short.

Conduct of processes

‘In my view, the processes for assessment, examination and                            Yes                       No
the determination of awards are sound and fairly conducted.’

If your answer is ‘no, please provide a brief statement (bullet points) of the respect(s) in which they fall short

                                     Preparation of External Examiners

1. What information have you been given about the programme content, its objectives and teaching
   methods? (eg prospectus, programme handbook, programme specifications assessment schedules)

        Was this information sufficient? yes

2.      Please comment on the extent to which you were briefed in the following areas:

           Methods of assessment

               Workload i.e. the scope of verification of assessment briefs and the sample for moderation
                and the schedule for receiving work and returning comments.


               Assessment criteria, grade descriptors and marking guides


               Institutional policies and information eg Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes, the
                Degree Classification system, unfair means, personal mitigating circumstances and
                penalties for late submission of work

                              Curriculum Content and Assessment Methods

3.      In what ways, if any, have you been involved in commenting and/or giving advice on the
        programme content, balance and structure of the programme(s) with which you are associated
        and the assessment procedures adopted?

        Course program is similar to that in other centres and meets the current guidance from the
        General Dental Council working group 2008

4.     Please comment on the programme content.

       Clear / appropriate

5.     Please comment on the following aspects of the assessment procedures:

              appropriateness of assessment methods in relation to the subject matter, the teaching and
               learning methods and the learning outcomes of the programme(s)

Appropriate and well suited given clinical limitations

              the students’ assessment workload


                                       Academic Standards and Quality

6.     Please comment on the following aspects of the assessment standards and quality of students'

              The extent to which the standards set are appropriate for the award or award element as
               described in the Programme Specification with reference to published national subject
               benchmarks, the national qualifications framework, professional body requirements (where
               appropriate) and any other relevant information.

           Similar to other centres I have first hand recent knowledge of Sheffield and Cardiff

              The standards of internal markers with respect to a) consistency, marking against
               assessment criteria and grade descriptors and b) whether there has been adherence to
               internal moderation processes

               Appear consistent

              Academic standards demonstrated by the students and, where possible, their performance
               in relation to students on comparable courses elsewhere

Satisfactory compare favourably

              The quality of teaching, learning and assessment methods as indicated by student

              The quality of feedback provided to students

              The conduct of Board of Examiners with respect to adherence to academic regulations and
               institutional policies and equity of treatment for students
7.     Any other evaluative comments which you might wish to make concerning teaching, learning
       and assessment would be welcome. Please highlight any particular strengths, innovative features
       and/or examples of good practice.

       See last year’s report re innovation / outreach teaching in practices

       If this is your final report we would welcome a general evaluative overview of the programme(s)
       with which you have been associated. (Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary).


8.    Have any suggestions for improvement or other issues that you have raised in previous
      discussions/reports been addressed by the School?


                                                   Collaborative Provision

The University of Salford defines a collaborative programme as one that is delivered wholly or
partially by staff in another institution ie not delivered on University of Salford premises.
Collaborative activity is a means of extending student opportunities and the quality of learning
available to students should be equivalent to that in the University.

9. If you have been appointed as an external examiner to a programme delivered partially or wholly
   elsewhere, please comment on issues relating specifically to collaborative provision or special features
   such as the work-based learning aspect of Foundation Degrees, which have not been addressed
   above. Please comment on the achievement of students studying in partner institutions, especially
   where there is more than one partner and/or when the programme is also delivered at the University of


       Name        Ian M Brook     . I. . . . .   . ............................................

       Date      28th July 2010      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

       Thank you for your assistance as an external examiner.


                                                            PART B

External examiners appointed to programmes which had not completed by the 13 August
submission date for the report (eg taught Masters programmes, programmes with
February intake) are asked to complete this part of the report after the relevant Board of
Examiners’ meeting

Please provide evaluative comments on the quality of the teaching, learning and
assessment opportunities for students and the standards of the student performance in
the latter part of the programme.

Please highlight any particular strengths, innovative features and/or examples of good


Name     Prof I M Brook    ....................................................

Date     28th July 2010   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

Thank you for your assistance as an external examiner.



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