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                       * * Become an APCRP BOOSTER! * *
             Providing DIGNITY, RESPECT and HONOR to Arizona Heritage
As defined by some states; a Pioneer Cemetery is one with less than six burials in the past 50 years.
APCRP is currently working on 38 pioneer cemeteries. Most are in dire need of restoration, preservation
and maintenance. Plagued by ravages of time, decay and neglect, our historic pioneer burial sites are
being destroyed. Become an Arizona Pioneer Cemetery Research Project Booster and you can do
something to assist in the restoration of these cemeteries and the history they represent of our pioneer
founders. Booster’s names will appear on the APCRP web page for that calendar year.
                            APCRP - BOOSTER – ANNUAL DONATION
                     $10.00 = Individual
                      $5.00 = Family Member of Individual Booster (Per Family Member)
                     $25.00 = Club/Association/Group
                    $100.00 = Business Booster
                    $200.00 = Silver Booster
                    $350.00 = Gold Booster
                    $500.00 = Platinum Booster

                                               PLEASE PRINT
                                               PLEASE PRINT
CITY:                                               TOWNSHIP:

STATE:                            ZIP:                               PHONE: (        )      -

E-MAIL:                                                       Add to APCRP Mailing List: ___Y ___N

ASSISTANCE: No matter what your age or physical status, each of us has a talent or gift that can be
maximized for the benefit of Arizona heritage - we are requesting you share your expertise.
                            - PLEASE CIRCLE ALL AREAS THAT APPLY -
1. Brush/weed/tree removal, mowing, trimming.        7. Photograph and write articles at work sites.
2. Give presentations to promote APCRP.              8. Consultation/Research of cemeteries.
3. Tombstone restoration.                            9. Attend Seminars, take notes for APCRP
4. Promotion of Booster Memberships by               10. Preparation of food and/or seeking donations
   contacting: FFA, 4-H, Boy/Girl Scouts,                of food for clean-up days/crews.
   Churches, Business’s, Youth Groups, etc.
5. Man informational booths to promote APCRP         11. Pick up & deliver food/materials to/from work
   at local/state events.                                 sites.
6. Tools, equipment, truck, front end loader etc.    12. Other:

             Please make checks payable to:Neal Du Shane             - Treasurer, APCRP
                            10729 W. Cinnebar Ave. Sun City, AZ 85351-4610

                      APCRP is NOT-FOR-PROFIT. All funds raised will be used
                 for Arizona pioneer cemetery research, preservation and restorations.

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