Project Cost Summary Excel Template by varrie29


									                           Project Cost Summary
Use this template to analyze financial factors before undertaking a major project
and to track its performance after it is approved. The template calls for calculating
a set of financial evaluations that are not included in the file, but that you can find
in most financial management texts. The projected numbers are included so that
you can compare the estimates with actuals; either set of projected or actual
numbers can be entered without the other numbers. You may enter the data in the
template itself. The various analyses are intended to be entered as values.
To view the template, click the worksheet tab labeled Template at the bottom
of the screen or press Ctrl-PgDn. With the exception of data entry cells, all cells are
protected. Use the Tab key to move from one unprotected cell to the next.

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                                                        Project Cost Summary
                                                                               APPROPRIATION DETAIL
Project Title                                         Plant Manager                               Product Lines                     Cost Distribution

Project Number                                        Responsibility Center #                             Purpose of Request        Completion Date

                                                                                PROJECT DESCRIPTION

                                                                               PROJECT JUSTIFICATION

                                                                                INVESTMENT SUMMARY
                                                                  PROJECTED by YEAR                                                ACTUAL by YEAR
                           START UP          1             2              3           4            5        START UP     1     2         3            4      5
 Capital Investment
   Working Capital
  Total Investment
        Net Income
          Cash Flow
  Cum. Cash Flow

                 Discounted Return on Investment                                               Internal Rate of Return                    Payback in Years
                                Profitability Index                                   Modified Internal Rate of Return                 Discounted Payback

                                                                                           VP Finance
PREPARED BY                                           SIGNATURE                                                                                 SIGNATURE
VP RESPONSIBLE                                        SIGNATURE                                                                                 SIGNATURE
                   Date                                                                                          Date

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