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Installing the Adobe Acrobat Viewer by gegeshandong


									                                     Installing the Adobe Acrobat Viewer

We use Adobe Acrobat 5 to create forms and other documents that you can download and view
on your computer. BCWSA and WaterSki Canada also distribute documents in this format. If you
don't have Adobe Acrobat 5 (most people won't), then you need to install the Adobe Acrobat

A few people experienced problems installing the Acrobat Reader, so here are some instructions
for downloading and starting the install process in Windows. Hopefully this will make it easier for
you. If you're using a Mac or other operating system the steps should be similar.

1.      With your web browser, go to

2.      Near the bottom of that page, fill in the contents of the box entitled Step 1 with:

        Language: English
        Platform: (whatever you're using, probably Win 95, Win 98, or Win ME)
        Location nearest you: USA
        Leave the checkbox for searching PDF files unchecked for faster downloads

3.      Ignore the Step 2 box, and in the box entitled Step 3 press the red DOWNLOAD button.

4.      If you're prompted what to do with the file (like open, execute, download, etc), choose

5.      You should see a dialog box appear. A filename like 'ar505enu.exe' should show up in
        the 'File name' field near the bottom (this name may vary, depending on the operating
        system you chose). In the 'Save In' combo box, press the down arrow key to select
        'Desktop'. Press the Save button, and the download should begin. It's between 8 and 9
        megabytes, so could take a fair amount of time to download if you're using a dialup

6.      After the download is complete, look on your Windows desktop screen. The file with the
        name like 'ar505enu.exe' should be there. Double click on it, and follow the instructions
        for installing it. If you're unsure of anything then just use the defaults provided.

7.      Reboot your computer if instructed to do so.

8.      You can test whether the installation worked by attempting to look at this image with your

9.      Once you have successfully installed the program, then select the 'ar505enu.exe' on your
        desktop and press the delete key to delete it.

If you have any questions just email Ian Harder at or call him at
604-730-4827, and he can give you help or walk you through it.

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