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					                        ICE MAIDEN/ ICEMAN WEB QUEST
                                                    Name: David McDonald

Directions: Use following sites in any combination to discover the following
information: -Death of the Iceman -NOVA Iceman’s Last Meal - Otzi links
- South Tyrol Museum - Ice MAIDEN virtual autopsy - Juanita links - NOVA Ice Maiden

1. Where was this mummy found? How old is it?
     Ötzi was found in the Ötztal region of the Alps, somewhere between Austria and

2. What do we know about this mummy's age, gender, religion, cause of death?
   Explain how scientists know this information.
   Based on the bone density of the mummy, he was in his 40’s at the time of death. He
   has tattoos on his back, which are most likely religious. Nothing was known about
   the mummy’s death until 2001 when they found an arrow lodged in his shoulder.
   They now believe that Ötzi was murdered, by someone who lived closed to where he

3. Describe the artifacts found with the mummy. What did they reveal?
   They found an axe, a cap, an unfinished bow, a quiver filled with bows, a fur cloak,
   and a flint hunting knife. Based on these discoveries, they concluded that he was
   from Pre- historic times, and that he was a hunter of animals.

4. Describe physical characteristics or marks on the mummy. What do they
   They found many marks on the mummy. They found a gash in Ötzi’s hand that
   exposed the bone, it may have been from another hunting knife. They also found
   several bruises on the side, as well as cracked ribs. The most likely conclusion is that
   he was in a huge struggle.

5. What other facts have archeologists concluded about this person's life or death?
   They think that his murderer may have been someone he knew, like a neighbor or

6. What has the mummy revealed about its society?
   Ötzi revealed that pre-historical people were very violent. They often got into feuds
   with each other over food and land.
7. What technology was used to study this mummy?
   Many scientists have used CAT scans, and microscopes on Ötzi and several of his

8. Describe the roles of the experts who study this mummy. (archaeologists,
   radiologists, pathologists, botanists, anthropologists)
   There were many occupations talked about in the film that I’ve never heard of. Such
   as a radiologist, who studies bodies using x-rays and CAT scans.

9. What questions remain unanswered?
   They still don’t know who Ötzi’s killer was, and they may never know.

10. What effects, if any, does the discovery have on today's society?
    It has given proof to the fact that pre-historic people were violent, as was recently

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