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					Reviewer        Arlene Bartlett   Author                 Heather D
                                  1                      2                     3                  4                  Score
Overall Wiki

                                  Not same on all        Not same on all       Same on all        Same on all
                                  pages, may not be      pages, may not be     pages, may not     pages, is
                                  inviting to the        inviting to the       be inviting to     inviting to the
                Theme, color      viewer and not age     viewer or age         the viewer or      viewer, and age
                scheme            appropriate            appropriate           age appropriate    appropriate            4
                                                         Design is not         Design simple,
                Simple                                   professional and is   but does not       Simple,
                Professional      Complicated            somewhat difficult    look               professional
                Design            design                 to navigage           professional       design                 4
                Digital Images    Image on 1 or no       Images on at least    Images on at       Images on at
                on all pages      pages                  2 pages               least 3 pages      least 4 pages
Total Overall                                                                                                            4
Home Page
                Name              Does   not   include                                            Included               4
                Grade Level       Does   not   include                                            Included               4
                Email Link        Does   not   include                                            Included               4
                Wiki Rules        Does   not   include                                            Included               4
                Other Info        Does   not   include                                            Included               4
Total Home                                                                                                               4
Parent Page

                                                                               useful to parent   Information
                                                                               but will not       useful to parent
                                                                               cause parent to    and will cause
                Usefulness of     Information not        Information Not       peruse site        parent to peruse
                Information       included               Useful to parent      again              site often             3
                                                         Information           Slighly
                                                         disorganized and      disorganized       Well organized
                                                         not easy to           which makes        and easy to
                Organization      No information         understand            difficult to use   understand             4
Total Parent                                                                                                           3.5
Project Page
                Age                                      Not age               Somewhat age
                Appropriate       No project             appropriate           appropriate        Age appropriate        4
                                                                        Project idea
                                                     Hard to understand understood but Project clear
                Use easily                           project's intended input of student and student
                understood      No project           use                content unclear input clear                 3
                                                                         Project            Project
                                                                         relevance to       relevance to
                                                     Project idea has no student learning   student learning
                                                     relevance and use clear or shows       clear and shows
                                                     of wiki platform is good use of wiki   good use of wiki
                Project Idea    No project           minimal             platform           platform                3
Total Project                                                                                                  3.3333
Final Page
                Age                                  Not age            Somewhat age
                Appropriate     No page              appropriate        appropriate         Age appropriate         4
                                                                        Page idea
                                                                        understood but      Project clear
                                                     Hard to understand connection to       and connection
                                                     page's intended    classroom           to classroom
                Use of page     No page              use                unclear             clear                   4
Total Final                                                                                                         4

Total Wiki                                                                                                     3.7667
Grade                                                                                                          94.167

Three things you like about the Wiki
1                                                                                        Like the design of the pages
2                                                 I liked how you told your parent what to look for on the wiki pages.
3                     Parents will love you give them so much wonderful information and letting them know what is

Three Areas that could be improved
1                                                                       The media box I didn't really understand it.
2                                                                                              To have a fun page.
3                                                                                               Needs a final page.

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