Auto Expense Report Excel Template by varrie29


									                           Auto Expense Report
Use this template to keep a record of your business-related auto expenses.
Shaded cells are data entry areas. The dates in the report are calculated from
the "Ending Date" field. Enter a date in this cell using a format Excel recognizes.
If you wish to use a period of time other than one week, you can unlock the
template and make individual entries in the date and odometer reading columns.
If you are not reimbursed for expenses, you may want to clear the signature
section at the bottom of the form. Enter the mileage reimbursement rate in the
cell below.
Reimbursement Rate                     $0.28
To view the template, click the worksheet tab labeled Template at the bottom
of the screen or press Ctrl-PgDn. With the exception of data entry cells, all cells are
protected. Use the Tab key to move from one unprotected cell to the next.

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Company name                                                                                           Auto Expense Report
Company motto
Street address
City, State and Zip
                                                                                                                      ENDING DATE:

                                                                                                       SALES OFFICE

        TERRITORY NO.                             BRANCH/REGION OR ZONE              PRODUCT LINE/SALES GROUP                    COMPANY CHARGE CARD NO.

                            ODOMETER                     REIMBURSED                                               PAYMENT METHOD
                             READING                     @ 28 CENTS       GAS &   PARKING/    REPAIR      COMPANY    EMPLOYEE                              DAILY
       DATE               START    STOP        MILEAGE    PER MILE         OIL     TOLLS      MAINT        CHARGE     CHARGE     CASH                     TOTALS


                                                                                                                             SUMMARY OF AUTO EXPENSES
                                                                                                         LESS CASH ADVANCE
                       PREPARER / TITLE                                   DATE                           LESS CHARGES TO COMPANY
                                                                                                         BALANCE DUE COMPANY
                                                                                                         BALANCE DUE EMPLOYEE
                      APPROVED BY / TITLE                                 DATE

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