Accreditation by stariya


									                   15th ENGLISH ALPINE CHAMPIONSHIPS
                         20th – 25th February 2011

                      Acceptance of Responsibility
For all International and British calendared alpine races, it is now a safety requirement
that only people who have been accredited by the race organisation are allowed within
the competition area.

This applies to all coaches, trainers, photographers etc. Parents and other spectators
will normally be expected to watch the races from outside the defined competition area.

If you wish to be within the competition area at any time during the races, please
complete the attached Acceptance of Responsibility form and send it to the Race
Secretary: Andrea Grant 32 Oakwood Berkhamsted Herts HP4 3NQ, no later than
Monday 14th February 2011, or email Andrea at

Approved accreditations will be available from the Race Office at the start of the
                     15th ENGLISH ALPINE CHAMPIONSHIPS
                           20th – 25th February 2011
                        Acceptance of Responsibility
I hereby acknowledge that my acceptance of the accreditation for this event is my
agreement that I have read the directives published on the Notice Board, that I
understand them and that I will comply with the Competition Rules, Instructions issued
by the Jury and Organizer and that I accept responsibility for any actions within my

Je certifie par la présente qu’en acceptant l’accréditation pour cette manifestation, je
reconnais ma responsabilité et m’engage a lire et a comprendre les règles figurant au
tableau d’affichage officiel. Je respecterai les règles de compétition, les directives du
jury et de l’organisateur et j’accepterai la responsabilité pour nos tous mes agissements.

Ich bestätige hiermit, dass ich mit der Annahme der Akkreditierung für diese
Veranstaltung die Verantwortlichkeit anerkenne und die Regeln am offiziellen
Anschlagbrett lese und verstehe. Die Wettkampfregeln, die Weisungen der Jury und des
Organisators halte ich ein und bin bereit, für alle in meiner Kontrolle liegenden
Handlungen die Verantwortung zu übernehmen.

Signature/Signature/Unterschrift:        ______________________________

Printed Name/Nom en majuscle/Name in Blockschrift:       _________________

Affiliation/Affiliation/Zugehörigkeit:   _____________________________

Date/Date/Datum :               ___________________________________
Note the following regulations and “Observance of Rights”.
• He/she has to comply with the Jury’s instructions in the competition area
• Each accredited person may only enter the area he/she has been granted access to
• Accreditation has to be visible at all times and must be presented on request
• Failure to comply with this agreement may lead to the Jury or Organisers
with drawing the accreditation for several days or for the whole period of the

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